President Obama’s Approval Rating Jumps To A 2 Year High After Big Week Of Success

President Obama’s Approval Rating Jumps To A 2 Year High After Big Week Of Success


A new CNN/ORC poll has found that President Obama’s approval rating has jumped to a two-year high after a big week that saw two Supreme Court rulings go his way, legislative success, and a stirring eulogy in Charleston.

According to CNN, “The new poll shows Obama’s approval rating up five points since a May survey, when just 45% approved of the job he was doing as president and 52% disapproved. The poll marks the first time his approval rating has been at 50% or higher since May, 2013, and only the second time in that stretch that his disapproval rating has fallen below 50%. It currently stands at 47%.”

Obama approval rating on handling the economy has jumped six points from 46% to 52%, and his handling of race relations has risen from 50% to 55%. The President’s approval rating is likely to increase even more after he has taken executive action to boost overtime wages for millions of Americans.

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Obama’s rise is makings Republicans look completely out of touch with reality as dozens of GOP candidates are running for president based on a claim that America is falling apart and in need of repair. Contrary to Republican claims, President Obama appears to be laying a foundation for the next president to have a great deal of success.

After the Clinton years, voters made a mistake when they sort-of elected George W. Bush. Republicans undid the successes of the Clinton presidency, and the economy tanked. Voters are unlikely to make the same mistake in 2016 because there is no Obama scandal for Republican candidates to use to distract the country.

President Obama is soaring, and for those who believe in presidential approval ratings as a predictor of future party success, this outstanding news as voters slowly begin to shift into 2016 mode.

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