Bernie Sanders Sets A 2016 Record By Drawing A Huge Overflow Crowd In Iowa

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Saturday, July, 4th, 2015, 10:59 am


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders set a new record in Iowa by drawing an overflow crowd of 2,600 to a venue that only had 2,300 chairs.

The biggest Iowa crowd so far for any presidential candidate turned out on a Friday night in Council Bluffs to hear Bernie Sanders ask them to join a new American political revolution to reclaim the government of the United States from the billionaire class.

At least 2,600 people filled the 2,300 chairs at the Mid-America Convention Center and stood at the rear of the cavernous convention hall.

It was a remarkable turnout on the eve of Saturday’s Fourth of July celebration as the Bernie called on them to join a mass movement to restore the once-great American middle class.

They cheered when he called for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. They applauded when he said it’s time to break up the big banks on Wall Street. They shouted approval when he credited Pope Francis for his call for bold action to prevent catastrophic climate change. They rose to their feet when he said the United States should join every other major country and provide health care as a right of citizenship.

The recent Quinnipiac Poll that showed Sanders gaining on Hillary Clinton in Iowa looks like it was no fluke.

Bernie Sanders is setting attendance records where ever he goes. Sen. Sanders has more grassroots enthusiasm for his campaign than any Republican candidate, yet the media continues to give airtime to clowns and controversy mongers like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee.

At some point, the press must be forced to wake up and realize that the issues that Bernie Sanders is talking about are the ones that matter to the American people. When the media ignores Bernie Sanders, they are ignoring the concerns of hard-working Americans.

By filling up arena and venues around the country when Sanders comes to their towns, the American people are forcing the corporate owned media to pay attention.

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