Scott Walker Crumbles When Asked Why Obama’s Wisconsin Approval Rating Is Higher Than His

Scott Walker Crumbles When Asked Why Obama’s Wisconsin Approval Rating Is Higher Than His

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During an interview on Meet The Press, Gov. Scott Walker crumbled and couldn’t explain why President Obama has higher approval ratings in his home state of Wisconsin than he does.


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Transcript via Meet The Press:

CHUCK TODD: New poll that was out this week in your home state. You’re at 39% job approval. Barack Obama’s at 48%. Why does he have a higher job rating in Wisconsin than you do?

GOV. SCOTT WALKER: Well, you know, four years ago, I was so low in the polls they called me “Dead Man Walker,” because back then, we were pushing big, bold reforms, kind of like the big, bold reforms, again, we push in this latest budget. A year later, I won the recall with a higher percentage of votes, a higher number of votes.

Why? Because our reforms worked. For all the hype and hysteria of the 100,000 protestors, our schools are better. In fact, ACT scores, again, are second best in the country. Our graduation rates are up. Our third-grade reading scores are up.

The same thing will hold true here when people see that, for students like my son, who’s a junior at The University of Wisconsin, the reforms are going to work there, as well. Property taxes continue to go down. When people see the benefits of our reforms, just like they did four years ago, I think our numbers will go up again.

Walker couldn’t answer the question because an honest answer would have forced him to admit that his policies have made him unpopular in his home state. Later, in the same interview Walker also fumbled a question about why Minnesota has economically outperformed Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is failing as a presidential candidate because his positions are often contradictory and inconsistent. Walker is unpopular in Wisconsin, and he looks like a candidate that is in way over his head on the national stage.

The idea that the people of Wisconsin will begin liking Scott Walker is almost as delusional as Chris Christie’s claim that his approval ratings are bad because the people of New Jersey are mad at him for running for president. Three of the currently Republican governors who are also presidential candidates have horrible approval ratings in their states.

Govs. Bobby Jindal (R-LA), Chris Christie (R-NJ), and Scott Walker (R-WI) have all tried to implement the Koch agenda, and the result has been awful approval ratings. In contrast, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio has watched his approval rating skyrocket after he moved to away from the far right and more towards the middle.

The people of Wisconsin are rejecting Scott Walker and his Koch puppet agenda. The bad news for Wisconsin is that they are likely to get Walker back as their governor because his presidential campaign is going nowhere fast.

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