The Cat is Out of the Bag: Obama Picks Biden

ImageIt has been reported by CNN and MSNBC that Barack Obama’s running mate will be Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware. The choice is not a surprise as momentum had been building towards a Biden selection for the past two weeks.

Biden is the sixth longest serving member of the United States Senate, and is currently the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He also was a candidate for the 2008 Democratic nomination, but Biden dropped out of the race after a poor performance in the Iowa caucuses. Biden serves on several other committees in the Senate including the Judiciary Committee. He has crafted several crime bills while on this committee including the famous Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 a.k.a. the Biden Crime Law.

He brings a serious policy presence to the ticket with Obama, as not many members of Congress are as well versed in policy making as Joe Biden. The senator is also a blue collar Catholic who will likely help ease concerns with voters about Obama’s inexperience. Biden has a compelling personal story as he lost his first wife and infant daughter to an auto accident just after he was elected to the Senate in 1972.

Biden is one of the few members of the Senate who is not personally wealthy. He brings toughness and debating skill to a ticket that critics have called soft and vague. Biden is not without skeletons though. His national political career was derailed twenty years ago when he was accused of plagiarizing a speech by then British Labor Party Leader Neil Kinnock.

All in all, Biden is a very safe choice. He won’t help Obama tip a red state into his column like a Bayh or Kaine would have, but he addresses two of the campaign’s weakest areas, foreign policy and experience. He certainly won’t cost Obama any votes, and he is a nationally known name, who can lend a steady policy hand to a presidential candidate who seems to think most in big conceptual terms. Biden will not generate enthusiasm, but Democrats already have plenty of that anyway. However, this is a choice that most Democrats will be happy with.

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  1. I’m certainly happy it’s Biden. But I’m also very enthusiastic. When it looked like it would be Biden a week ago, I felt pretty good. Then Bayh’s name came in, and later Chet Edwards. It just didn’t feel right. I would have been majorly disappointed if it had been someone else.

    Of the folks left on the list, Biden is by far, the best choice Obama could have made. I think he is head and shoulders above Bayh, Kaine, Edwards or Sebelius.

    Way to go Barack! Now take the gloves off, stop being nice and above the fray, and go kick John McCain’s ass!

  2. The Obama camp kept the secret all week, and came so very close to pulling off their text message announcement later today. They have been building this for a week and cable news blew it up at the last minute, and they wonder why politicians hate the media.

  3. He said on Thursday his choice had been made. He could have announced it then, instead of waiting so he could collect text IDs and cell phone numbers for one more day. Because I found it somewhat annoying that they knew but were playing keepsies with the secret, I have little compassion for their secret being leaked. Plus, honestly, how could they not have known the media would find out? They were camped out at the homes of everyone on the “short list” and knew what signs to look for (ie a secret service detail).

  4. Yep–I agree, Biden shouldn’t cost him any votes from his pool of supporters. The question is: will it earn him enough new supporters to win this election?

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