McCain Loses Key Clinton Supporter Over Palin

ImageThe Page blog is reporting that Democratic activist and Hillary Clinton supporter Reba Shimansky has withdrawn her support of John McCain over his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Shimansky said in a statement, “The Palin selection may have energized the GOP base but it hurts him with independents. I would have voted for McCain if he made a sensible choice for VP like Ridge which would have shown that he was willing to stand up to the rightwing crackpots in his party. Therefore I will be sitting out the 2008 presidential election.” The fact that she used the word crackpots to describe the majority of the Republican Party is evidence that she should not have been supporting McCain in the first place.

Back in June Shimansky announced that she was supporting McCain because she was upset with the way the Democratic Party had treated Hillary Clinton, “The Democratic professionals wanted to please Obama more than Hillary because they valued his supporters more than Hillary’s. I have said that I would do anything in my limited capacity to destroy Obama’s candidacy (who I do not like because of his trashing of Bill Clinton and his accomplishments as president) and the best way to do that is to vote for McCain. It is an emotional not rational vote. My loyalty is to Hillary not the Democratic Party.”

If we can put aside the fact that she was supporting McCain only out of bitterness over Clinton’s defeat, she seems like the kind of supporter that Palin selection was meant to target. This defection is not a good omen for the McCain campaign’s argument to women that Palin’s selection allows women to still make history. Early polling has shown that while voters like Palin, a majority of them don’t believe that she is ready to be president, and so far she has not swung female voters away from Obama.

The Palin pick was a cynical one. It has motivated the Republican base and brought a degree of freshness to his campaign, but many Clinton supporters are insulted by this pick, and they are even more motivated to help Obama. Notice that Shimansky didn’t stick with McCain once she that he had picked a fringe right winger. This may come as a shock to McCain, but women base their votes on the issues too. Palin will get loads of support from Republican women, but they were going to support McCain anyway. I don’t think she swings many female votes away from Obama.

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  1. Shimansky is like some other Hillary followers, outraged because the selection of Palin hightlights the Democrats snubbing of Hillary. Besides, Hillary’s followers are much like Obama’s followers, they are following a deity, not supporting a political candidate.

  2. The point is that the McCain camp picked as her an attempt to lure Clinton supporters. It is not going to work. The comment above is correct, Clinton supporters are Hillary followers who didn’t back her solely due to gender.

  3. Hilliary and Bill Clinton have a sense of
    entitlement which turned many off and they
    were not mistreated, in my opinion. The
    national pasttime has been bashing President
    Bush and he is not whining. The CLintons
    should grow up.

  4. My family all tends to be more or less independent. It probably stems from my mom raising us that way. In this case, my mother and I planned to vote McCain, while my younger brother was leaning towards Obama. With the selection of Palin however, both my mother and I are now planning on voting Obama. I can’t speak for everyone, but in my limited experience, this seems like a horrible pick for McCain.

    Shimansky picked up on the main reason for my voting reversal. I like McCain because he is willing to be independent and work with either party and to stand up for what he believes in. However, in this case, it feels he chose Palin in order to appease the right-wing GOP. In running for President, it appears he has lost those qualities which made him special. More damning than Palin herself is what her selection says about McCain.

  5. And what has McCain done to garner your support? What has Palin done, period, except LIE on national stage while idiots like you swoon and ignore her lying ways? You are worried you just MIGHT make more than $$250,000 this year because then you won’t qualify for an Obama tax break.

  6. And those who follow a candidate who thinks it takes $5 million/year income to be called “rich” want to talk about entitlement??

  7. Is it true that Governor Palin and her husband wanted to secede Alaska from the lower forty-eight? There are pictures on You Tube.Also is it true her minister is prejudice?

  8. It’s hard to believe a person when after introducing herself she lies, Never said what they wanted to do about our economy,health insurance, jobs.You are spot on.

  9. I am offended by Palin. Her choice indicates McCain is capable of horrendous bad judgement. The woman is unqualified. If McCain wanted to promote and give the VP spot to a woman he could have offered it to a woman who had put in the time and had a good education, decent qualifications, vetting and a family life that didn’t qualify for a stint on Jerry Springer. Women like Kay Baily Hutcinson, Carley Fiorino or Elizabeth Dole come to mind. Just cynically picking a “babe with boobs” is infuriating. McCain is a sexist of the worst sort. He doesn’t know there is a difference between competent women and frauds.

  10. The country wasn’t at war under the Clintons. We had a surplus not a deficit. The rest of the world actually liked and respected us. Wake up.

  11. The thing is you can’t please everyone no matter who McCain picks,but I see a freshness about her and I think she would even be a better president than obama.You have to love this country first to be a good president!!

  12. There is a long list of Republican women who would have been better choices than Palin. I would think that if a campaign is running on experience, then they would pick a running mate that either has experience or a speciality in a policy area, but to pick someone who looks the part over others in the party who have better qualifications says a great deal about what the neocons value, and just how much of his soul John McCain has sold to get the nomination. I really understand why McCain felt the need to break out of the GOP mold, but picking someone for reasons other than their own merits, has to raise questions about how a President McCain would govern.

  13. The patriotism argument is moronic for this reason. Everybody who gets into public service regardless of party affiliation loves their country. The truth is that public service is thankless. No matter what you do, someone is going to hate you for it, and if you are a terrible public servant like W, you ruin your reputation and legacy. Even though I disagree with 99% of what Bush has done, I don’t question his love of country. Palin may love her country, but just like W. this trait does not make her qualified to be a competent public servant. Obama loves his country just as much as anyone else, so don’t even try to play the patriotism card here.

  14. Don’t forget that it was LIES that got us into war. Lies that got Bush re-elected (Swift Boat). All they ever do is Lie, knowing that Americans don’t read below the TV 60sec spots, or newspaper headlines. They feed us lies over and over hoping we’ll think it’s ‘truth’. Now McCain says he’s bringing a ‘maverick” to shake up
    Washington, while the truth is he is appealing to the conservative base in his party and hoping to get Hiliary Supporters to WIN. He could care less about the American people. His objective is to WIN. And how do you think our foreign counterparts will feel about this new Lying unknown female who just got a passport in 2007. Does she know History….geography, the names of world leaders and what they stand for ?? Are we stupid enough to give her the reigns. Look how Obama was received in Europe ?? With Palin, they would laugh us off the world stage. But after she serves their agenda, they will deep-six her like Cheney & Rumsfeld. Americans, wake up !!

  15. If you still miss the Ed Sullivan show and Perry Como, you’ll love the new McCain/Palin illusion act!

  16. If McCain was intending to pick a female v.p. candidate to appeal to the Hillary voters, he should have picked a pro-choice Republican woman with a lot of experience, like Olympia Snow or Susan Collins. Hillary people are not going to vote for a ticket with a very reactionary, anti-choice woman like Palin.

  17. First, let me say as an intelligent woman who is concerned about the issues I am highly insulted that McClain thinks American women are that STUPID!!! Does he really believe just because he picked a women out of nowhere with a resume all of one page could possible be a pick for the 2nd most important position in the country. I mean GET REAL!!!! It scares me to no end just the thought of her running the United States of America when she can’t even run her own family. Oh, please people wake up and smell the coffee. Come on now, are you not tired of the entire world laughing at us already because of George Bush. Now, they really can’t stop laughing at us. No way on this God’s green earth is this person right for running a country that has so many problems as it does now. I am an independent and no way will I vote for McCain. Just his choice of Palin has already justified the fact that he is not fit to run this country. Come on people it’s time to give this country back to the people.!!!

  18. She helps McCain hold the Rep base voters…but not much else…
    So where will the Reagan Dems go this time…

    This is going to be very close!!!

  19. These two are a perfect pair. He lies about his P.O.W. years (check out all the Veterans websites that are against him, including men who served with him and some who were P.O.W.’s with him, too.) The man is a fraud, not a hero. Palin is a religious zealot who is anti-sex education and anti-abortion but vetoed a bill to aid unwed teenage mothers needing a places to live; tried to ban books from the library; is suing Congress to stop an act to protect polar bears; kills wolves from airplanes & pays hunters $150 for each wolf leg they bring her; has the worst environmental record of any governor; took more earmarks from Congress than any other state per capita; and has had several lawsuits filed against her and her husband, not even counting the one still pending.

  20. Vote on issues – McCain has NONE….Too little too late for me!
    Signed –
    A Republican for OBAMA-BIDEN

  21. Yes. Yes. Answer to your questions. And there is more to all her firings of influential political constituents. She is a predator who “Uses” you until she no longer needs you and then you are “a castaway”. Read about her in the Alaskan newspapers on the internet for everyone to see. People will NOT speak against her for fear of what “Her Power in Government” will do to retaliate. The people who spoke up are no longer in their former government held positions. She turned them lose! But there are a few who are speaking out!

    I am someone with “Friends in Alaska”

  22. OMG! Do you REALLY think that Palin LOVEs this Country as much as she LOVES HERSELF! Please! She is a Predator (Barracuda in her own words!) She “Uses” people to GET WHAT SHE WANTS FOR HERSELF and HER CAREER (If that is what you call it…a career of bashing people and stripping people of their dignity, which she has none! Real women will vote for OBAMA-BIDEN…and see through the shallow person PALIN really is. Sorry, if I in anyway, offended your choice. But, I am a strong defender of the Issues as Obama has laid them out over and over, issues on Social Security, Healthcare, Education, the Right to Choose, etc. McCain has not told us anything except PALIN would bring reform to Congress. I worry about her kind of Reform.

  23. OMG! Do you REALLY think that Palin LOVEs this Country as much as she LOVES HERSELF! Please! She is a Predator (Barracuda in her own words!) She “Uses” people to GET WHAT SHE WANTS FOR HERSELF and HER CAREER (If that is what you call it…a career of bashing people and stripping people of their dignity, which she has none! Real women will vote for OBAMA-BIDEN…and see through the shallow person PALIN really is. Sorry, if I in anyway, offended your choice. But, I am a strong defender of the Issues as Obama has laid them out over and over, issues on Social Security, Healthcare, Education, the Right to Choose, etc. McCain has not told us anything except PALIN would bring reform to Congress. I worry about her kind of Reform.

  24. We should have been at war under the Clintons for the first bombing of the wtc may be then today it would still be standing and 3000 people would still be alive. And he got the surplus from taking a Trillon Dollars from Social Security.At least under Bush we havent had another attack.That should mean more then anything.

  25. You wrote: “The fact that she used the word crackpots to describe the majority of the Republican Party is evidence that she should not have been supporting McCain in the first place.”

    Nowhere in the quote does it say that Reba Shimansky believes that the rightwing nutjobs are the majority of the Republican party. Do your job and report, instead of trying to put words/thoughts/ideals into other people’s heads!!!

  26. This Palin woman has been caught in enough lies already to be able to join the “old boy” clique which has been leading us down the garden path for 8 years. As an independent I had considered giving my vote to McCain. His constant references of his time in Hanoi (was he the only one there? I think not!), his voting record and his sidekicks, ie. Lieberman and Graham, were giving me doubts that he is a “reformer”. With his selection of Palin he has shown political expediency ahead of the national good. As a woman I feel the choice was insulting! So many more qualified women around! I will vote Obama! So far his campaign seems to indicate at the very least he has the competence to surround himself with people who know what they are doing. After GW and his merry band of loyalists Obama hopefully will have the acumen to look for competence over loyalty when he picks those who will lead us into the next decade.

  27. Hey, gee, I know,,,, lets find only people that don’t like Sarah Palin (or don’t know anything about the real her) and then we can make believe we are non-biased Dems or reporters doing serious articles and or reporting the “real” news.

    So many of you leftist liberals and over the top Dems want Pailn to be guilty of something. But too bad, all the overblown hype is melting away because it is what it is, nothing more than innuendo, one-sided opinion used for fact, over exaggeration and down right lies…

    I bet you are the same ones who backed John Edwards and Bill Clinton when he was cheating on his wife in the White House and then lied to the public (and also technically broke the law too). At least Pailn did not.

    How about Hillary Clinton when all those missing FBI files showed up in her office and she had “no idea they were there”. Sure, boxes of files are such a small and easy thing to miss in your own office,,,, NOT!

    But the ones that claim to be for woman and then attack Sarah Palin personally and her family too. You are the worst. Only your idea and kind of woman need apply? Not very inclusive or diverse of you or American either.

    What hypocrites you all are.

    As far as experience, what is that really about? Obama (who wants to be president I might add) has No Executive Experience At All. So being a state Governor and more seems ok to me for VP.

    If you aren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, if you rase family and have a huband who works a normal job and you don’t wear pants all the time, you are not a good enough woman? BULL!!! Maybe we will have some good old common sense back in national government now. It’s about time.

  28. Brian in typical WingNut fashion writes “We SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT WAR” since the first bombing of the WTC centers back in 1993.

    OH – so THAT is why Bush and Cheney did NOTHING to avenge the attack on the USS Cole in October of 2000 – at a time, mind you, when Texas Gov. George W. Bush was SURROUNDED by all his “foreign policy ‘experts'” including former Secretaries of War Rumsfeld and Cheney, and of course Colin Powell was a Bush advisor in October of 2000 as well.
    The FACTS are, that Cheney and Rumsfeld (much less clueless Bush) DID NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING to avenge the suicide bomb attack on the USS Cole in that Yemen Harbor in October 2000, and then Bush and Cheny spent the next 8 months of 2001 IGNORING _ALL_ the CIA, FBI, NSA, Mossad (Israel secret police), Egyptian, Italian, and other intel saying that “AL QAIDA HAS NOT BEEN PUNISHED for the Cole attack, THEY ARE NOW PLANNING SOMETHING BIGGER and MORE SPECTACULAR, probably here in America, THEY ALREADY HAVE CELLS HERE.”

    By comparison, using COOPERATIVE POLICE WORK, the Clinton administration PROSECUTED the 1993 attack masterminds, and Cheney’s national security team STOPPED the “Milenium bomb plot” vs LA airport in December 2000, simply by ALERTING all airport, customs, border, and law enforcement officials to be on the alert.

    Cheney and Bush did exactly ONE thing when THEY WERE WARNED, REPEATEDLY, “Al Qaida terrorists planning to attack in America, probably by attacking or hijacking US airliners” –

    THEY GAVE ATTORNEY GENERAL ASHCROFT his own private airliner, so he would be out of the line of fire….. LEAVING AMERICAN AIRCREWS and flying PUBLIC EXPOSED to that deadly threat, WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A WARNING!
    Brian, your comment is a textbook example of Republican whinning and Right-Wing PROJECTION – you accuse Democrats and “liberals’ of EXACTLY your own leader’s dastardly policies and horrendous flaws!

  29. I believed Clinton was the person who could win the election more easily against the right wing establishment that seems to have taken root in our system like a cancer! The Reb. need to go away now, Obama will do the job, too! He inspires people in a new way and we need fresh inspiration. Hilary Will be involved and help make the government work in concert with Obama. He’s a smart guy and he will include her in places of great importance. Palin is a woman against women! Vote for Obama our she could be our next President. McCain is old, that is too scary of a propostion to sit this one out!


    Here is the letter circulating the internet by an Alaska resident who once supported then Wacilla mayor Sarah Palin, but a lady who can no longer support Gov. Palin due to Palin’s vengeful, abusive, vendetta style bullying, theological bais (that, for example, seeks to deprive teenagers of good sex education classes) and abuse of power.

    Sarah Palin got her power within Alaska’s Republican Party by running the PAC (political action committee) to fund Alaska Repub. Senator Ted Stevens’ legal defense – Stevens is the textbook example of corruption and graft in the US senate, a very powerful US senator who could get away with anything, shaking down congress for “pork” for Alaska, because of his built-up seniority. After getting to know Alaska lobbyists, oil men, developers, and other politically active Republicans leading Sen. Stevens’ legal defense PAC, the camera-friendly Palin had the “party insider” connections to win the Repub nomination for governor, and she won that Governor’s race because by comparison with the incumbent, she looked like a fresh outsider.

    Indeed, Alaska, a state with less than a million residents, having TWO SENATORS, and one congressman, while Washington DC residents, with far more than a million residents, don’t even have a single voting Representative, is a text-book example of RURAL OVER-REPRESENTATION in the US Congress.

    This leads to SOCIALISM FOR “Red” (Republican voting) rural states! Even though of course “Red state Republicans” cry that it is urban cities in “blue” states that are the welfare queens.

    Sarah Palin is cut from the same cloth as Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. NO particular competence except propping up Republican insider graft and abuse of power, with a SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT to wreck government programs which help American citizens, on behalf of lobbyists who can never get enough tax breaks and unlimited insider no-bid contracts that (in case of post-Katrina reconstruction and Iraq war contracts), don’t even do the job, while looting the US treasury from inside out.

  31. I decided this year to vote for Obama/Biden 08. I have always voted republican -well except once when I voted for Ross Perot — who by the way happened to be right about NAFTA and the giant sucking sound it would make if we did NAFTA that way.

    I think Obama/Biden are a great team and will be great leaders. They do love the country and that is why they don’t want to see what has been happening continue on its path.

    We have to make the country stronger.

    Don’t get me wrong – I admire John McCain and his service to the country, I don’t know of anyone that does not respect that. But, at this time we do need a change to try and move things along and that is not going to happen with GOP in office this election.

    I can also tell you that just because GOP put Palin on the ticket – you are right that has not changed minds of any females I have talked with.

  32. Spoken like a true fool, who is jealous of people who make more money! Funny how jealous Obama supporters are and how bitter they are of other people. Socialism is for losers who know they can never make it and just want a free ride from the government. Obama supporters you are all truly pathetic!

  33. I would love to have all the liberals who posted their dribble on this site to take an IQ test and then everyone who reads this can see how intelligent the people who wrote these commments are. I guarantee you that republicans have a collective IQ far superior to you foolish liberals!

  34. New flash! You are not intelligent at all and if you took an IQ test I think you would come to a sad realization that you are not nearly as intelligent as you think you are. Sadly many women who support obama for some reason think they are intelligent and it is time for you to take an IQ test so that you can see that you are not NEARLY as smart as you think are. Time to wake up and realize that having a college degree does not mean that you are that intelligent. Think back to your SAT scores and maybe that will help you realize your not that intelligent. Of course most of you “intelligent” obama supporters think you are just “bad” test takers and still really smart, right?

  35. Newsflash you idiot dems…Palin isn’t going for the “femi-nazi, abortion loving closet lesbians…she doesn’t WANT that vote!! McCain was SO smart to chose a real woman of substance that middle america, both men and women, will identify with. Clinton was not a real woman to me..she is and was a desperate woman who hasn’t accomplished anything but elevate herself to a position which she does not deserve..she’s a pushover…Palin has bigger balls than ANY man in Washington and dems are scared sh*tless….McCain/Palin 08!!!!

  36. Nobama and his getto wife are elitest snobs who HATE white people…I’ve lived in Chiago 10 years and I will tell you NObama (an Noprah) are NOT respected by anyone of substance…can you imagine these monkeys in the white house? nobama is like O.J Simpson….he doesn’t want anything to do with white people…you shoud hear how his camp talks when the camera aren’t on…I wouldn’t let the nobamas clean my toilet..they aren’t worthy!

  37. How dare you little faggot attack John McCains heroic efforts! When you get on your knees, instead of sucking it, why don’t you pray for forgiveness for yor lies..

  38. What’s a faggot?? What are you sucking?? Do you think this inflamatory language makes your statement more powerful?? SURPRISE…it doesn’t!!!


  40. No capability of discussing real issues, just character assassination.

    And this, my friends, is the ignorance that is the present day Republican party and what it represents.

    They will not be deciding my fate in 2008 or anywhere beyond.

    Obama/Biden/THE PEOPLE ’08

  41. No capability of discussing real issues, just character assassination.

    And this, my friends, is the ignorance that is the present day Republican party and what it represents.

    They will not be deciding my fate in 2008 or anywhere beyond.

    Obama/Biden/THE PEOPLE ’08

  42. Yes! Women can be sexist as well as men. Their philosophies & policies will put women back in their ‘rightful place’ – BARE FOOT & PREGNANT!
    Any male or female that wants to ban abortion & sex education & who cuts aid to pregnant teenage girls is an enemy of women. They want to see women reduced in status as well as returning them to the old ways of financial dependance on males.

    Until all males are dead, or until they are turned to castrated, women must have access to sex education & abortion.

    Males have 5 minutes of fun, women are condemned to disgrace & poverty for that 5 minutes.

    Women of all parties please have the balls to stand up & defend women against this attack.

  43. No capability of discussing real issues, just character assassination.

    And this, my friends, is the ignorance that is the present day Republican party and what it represents.

    They will not be deciding my fate in 2008 or anywhere beyond.

    Obama/Biden/THE PEOPLE ’08

  44. I think the issue is trivial – I think that the word “majority” was an editorial comment.

    I think the effusive and 1930’s (Germany) style of speech and outpouring of support for this non-entitiestic Palin showed the majority of the delegates to be right wing.

    The logic is simple – She referred to the right wing crackpots in the party, these crackpots form the majority of the party, therefore she used the word “crackpot” to describe the majority of the Republican Party!

    Besides, even if the statement were incorrect, what’s that compared to all the lies, slander, and libel that roll of the Republican Powers every minute of the day, every day of the week, every week of the year?

  45. Hillary Clinton has said that Obama is not ready to be president (but now she supports him because she lost and wants a democrat to win). Even Obama says that Palin is a “skillful politician”. McCain has the actual experience of being in a war. So that says it all. McCain and Palin is the best choice for the country.

  46. This political race is for the birds, I lose all respect for those who have to paint a bad picture of their opponants just to win. They (both partys) build such a false platform and spend 2 years trying to tell the biggest lies possible. God bless you. We don’t have honest poltitians

  47. I was thinking about voting for McCain. My support was originally for Hillary. I became disillusioned with the Democratic Party and the press because of the treatment that Hillary received. BUT NOW…since McCain has chosen a right-wing, inexperienced, gun toting, wolf killing bimbo, I will have to cast a vote against the Palin/McCain ticket and vote for inexperienced Obama and his very experienced VP Joe Biden.

  48. No matter how high the aggregate IQ of a group is it is of no use with out education and experience. I note that studies show the blue states to be more highly educated than those that are red. I think this will refute your notion of mental superiority among Repbs. If that doesn’t then having elected G.W. Bush to a second term should make the case that Repbs are not the brightest bulbs in the lamp.

  49. I have to laugh at some of the stuff you right wing people pull out your bag. With that comment you just proved my theory that Repubs are not the brightest bulbs in the lamp. Thank you so much for making my case. Your shrieking desperation comes across clearly. The words you chose are very good for causing more people to swing to Obama. No body wants to be associated with physcotic ranting and insults like you post. That being the case I will most happily vote for Obama/Biden on election day. I’m sure many others will do the same. Middle america is tired of the failed policies and lies of the last eight years.

  50. national level to merit being a VP candidate. John McCain is in his 70s. Heaven forbid he could become seriously ill, or die and we would end up with a president with only limited experience as a state government of one of the least populated states in America. How can people not realize the importance of an extensive knowledge base of national and world politics, economics and cultures, especially with todays global issues. It mystifies me why McCain did this to himself. I will not be voting for someone who would pick a running mate of such limited national experience. It makes no sense and is how we ended up with George W. Bush.

  51. Okay McCain has been to war. So have many many other individuals in the country. That doesn’t qualify him to lead the nation any more than all of the other service men and women who have also been to war. I respect McCain’s service in our military and the fact that he was a POW. It is still not a qualification. I also do not think Palin’s experience qualifies her for the Vice-Persidency. The fact that McCain picked her almost sight unseen makes me question if he will use such poor judgement in the White House.

  52. I think Republicans posting on this site trying to compare IQs should pause a moment and take stock of who their “hero president” has been for the last eight years. Then they can come and try to talk about IQs.

  53. We have been Hijacked when Hillary lost number 1 spot and then he had all that time to pick his VP. He had plenty of time to show us what he is made of for his first executive decision and he picks Joe Biden. I am sorry sister’s I have never been a Republican. It’s like a Jew for Jesus. Well my thinking says go full circle and if it weren’t for Christmas we all would be Jewish. Time not to be a Martyr for the Democrats and Carolyn Kennedy is no master mind.
    They would rather have a Black male make history than a more qualified women. I think Sarah Palin will turn more heads create so many oil jobs. Lower the price of energy for our homes and cars. We going to be saying Santa Sarah HO HO HO.

    While Obama will be looking at a map saying I thought Georgia had peaches, Lucy explain it to me. Ladies, Women, sister’s Sarah needs us to show just how smart women are! Are you coming over with me..Let’s Go! Those days of stand by your man holds us back and for what.

  54. Demo for Mc Caine/ All protestor and pacifies ready or not go and hide the enemy is coming and America no longer has a military, and we gave all our money away to people in foreclosure to buy mo snaekers. Our Pres is a toasted marshmellow, Why didn’t I listen to Rev. Wright message and think the man is dangerous/Democrate for Mc Caine

  55. You can banter back and forth all day but you are ignoring the real truth:
    We got where we are because of both parties.
    IF you are a student of history you can easily see the progression of criminal, treasonous acts by the people that we pay to represent us.
    Choose which ever side you wish, Our current criminal has enacted new laws bypassing our bill of rights and the constitution, clinton with nafta and dealings with China, Bush senior with his war profiteering, mining agreements,
    Reagan with his private wars…this is but a limited history of our criminals in chief working with our criminals in congress.

  56. Replying to “pa(l)in selection:
    Very faulty logic from an independent!
    Why would you care “as a woman” that McCain chose a woman, independent implies, as I am, open to voting on the issues!
    Did you take into account that those other more experienced women would not accept / do not want to be the Vice Pres?! So that’s that — Sarah Palin is not perfect, choice… but remember your vote is for McCain or Obama.
    Did you take into account that Obama would be the Pres, the one who “leads into the future” not his choice(s) for VP or cabinet? Obama, who said he love(d) his Pastor Wright for over 20 years,like a brother, then disconnected from him “publicly” for expedience, but surely he has not fooled me, privately still loves the philosophy espoused by Pastor Wright, very bitter about our nation, not good for the USA.

  57. Wow…so much that’s so important to so many. Global warming is real, is imminent, and is getting no coverage by anyone. The fear is, I guess, that most are unwilling to sacrifice for the global common good. Can’t bring this up during an election, though. Half the population doesn’t even believe in the validity of science, so it’s probably a valid fear. Corporate interests and power junkies have taken over our country. When Exxon mobile can subsidize a half a dozen second rate scientists to successfully counter the consensus of the Union of Concerned Scientists (about 1600 of them), we are in desperate trouble. Our population is growing at an exponential rate and about half of our population isn’t into math or conservation. Our international reputation is in the toilet.

    The race is tied, the schism is clear. I believe that many of us on both sides of the divide are in denial, in a state of overwhelm when they really pull back the curtain of daily living and see all that’s festering behind it. As a liberal (I guess), I AM scared. And I am very, very pissed.

    It has become clear to me that social segments in our country have evolved emotionally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually at different rates. I believe that some ARE more “elite” than others, and thank God for it! Some are more studious, more reverent, more sincere, more introspective, more truly “pro-life”, and just plain wiser. These are those who should lead us. We really, really do not have much time to waste.

  58. Bull, ask Sarah why Todd Palin was a part of a group, that wanted to secede from the USA. Why don’t you check it out for yourself. They wanted Alaska to remove itself from the Union. So how can you say something about love of country? What country?

  59. You can’t be serious.
    I thought Hillary ran a damn good campaign, but she just didn’t make it. Obama is the choice., and I’m for him. Maybe Hillary didn’t get tapped for Obama’s VP because the RNC and the tight-assed Americans would have trashed the combo into oblivion. They would have spent more time defending their race and gender than dealing with the REAL ISSUES that are crippling this country.
    I’m a working mother also, and I see Sarah Palin as a token pick, aimed at “sisters” like you who like to think they progressively feminist, but are actually just as sexist as the ol’ boys are. The fact that you would rather endorse a person SIMPLY because of gender, while ignoring the issues that are effecting the nation as a whole, shows a lack of understanding. Ms. Palin will do nothing to help out my family’s medical care crisis. My wages aren’t going to be rocketing upward. In fact, I may not even have a job tomorrow. And you think picking a candidate on the basis of gender is going to make a real change? Are you really serious?


  61. You speak like a true fool, your blinded by money.At the rate our economy is dropping due to war mongering and an elementary economic policy.All this money you think you have will be worth less than the dirt we stand on. But who am I to tell you who to vote for. Your party needs more politically ignorant people like you they can spoon feed their lie’s to you on fox news.

    PS: you wanna hear a joke?


    enjoy your worthless money 8 )

  62. Anonymous,
    You are the pathetic one! All the lies that have come out of the mouths of McCain and Palin and you still vote for them? What is the matter with you people. I used to like McCain. Now I am so dissapointed in him. He wants to be President so bad that he will do anything to get there. I would be willing to bet that he and lipstick on a pig will lose. The American people are not stupid, rich or poor.

  63. I agree with you absolutely. McCain’s choice of Palin shows profound poor judgment and incredible irresponsibility. In fact, the thought of Palin as president is horrifying! Palin would be nothing more than a puppet for the greedy-corrupt Washington insiders, and the fat cats on Wall street will be unable able to contain their unmitigated glee, as they behave more recklessly and shamelessly than ever, while robbing and raping the U.S. treasury. Moreover, this country would be immobilized and prostrate by enormous debt, giving China the courage, impetus, and opportunity it needs invade and conquer the country. McCain/Palin presidency would be a nightmare of epidemic proportions: Doomsday!!

  64. I am truley sicken by the events that have taken place by the McCain campain. They are spreading hate and insiting unrest in there events where Palin is in charge. That is just the way I see it, Palin is in charge, she is a radical,creating a american divide. Taking us back 60 years. I by the way am a sixty year old white woman whom would never vote for a person with this much hate in her so call christian heart. A true christain woman wound never insite rioting in which she gets sheer pleasure from. I will vote for a Obama. His wife Michelle will make a lovely first lady with a lot of class.

  65. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Mc Cain also saw a “Freshness” about her. There were many other more qualified candidates to choose from. Why Palin? This is a disgrace to the Republicans. I changed my mind, I am voting for Obama. Maybe there is truth in why McCain defended his running mate. I am taking a closer look in why I didn’t like Obama in the first place. But, as I look further, I am sorry to say it was because he is a Black Man….. I looked at Race! I am sorry for looking at the color of his skin! I rather have a Harvard Law graduate as president of the United States than…….God forbid Palin as President! People wake up and smell the coffee! We want change not more of the same. Go to the polls and vote Obama/Biden. A much better team!

  66. Simply put, if McCain doesn’t have the ability to surround himself with campaign resources that will be on the same page as him, support him and push him towards success, do their homework and make sure that Palin and McCain are reading from the same book and most importantly, suggest and push him towards selecting a VP running mate that is worthy, qualified and not a blundering fool – how then can we trust him to make good decisions for our country? Heck, he can’t manage his campaign resources and the decisions centered around the campaign – I don’t want him making national decisions.

    Then we have the results from the “Republican” investigation into Palin where it clearly states she abused her authority. Right, wrong or indifferent – that is what it says. How then does she stand in front of the Americans and say that she is relieved that there is no hint of wrongdoing? Are they withholding all the memos from Sarah – she is consistently on a different page.

    I pondered feeling sorry for her that she is making such a fool of herself, but then I ask the question – would I apply for a job or represent myself when clearly I’m not qualified? The answer would be no! I’m not that pig-headed, money hungry or self-centered to need that type of attention at the sake of my own integrity and I certainly wouldn’t embarrass my family by making a complete idiot out of myself in the national media. Since she doesn’t care enough about her own image, one would hope that as a “so-called” government official she would care more about the Americans than to attempt to sell herself as qualified – she is way out of her league.

    One suggestion for Sarah – if Alaska will take you back, take off running.

  67. we should send this fool to Iraq.

    you are the sad pathetic Mccain supporter.

    Go vote for THe old SAddle Sore and for that airhead lier bimbo.. and see what other crap they will do for this nation just like your good buddy bush.

    Go fly a kite you weak pathetic fool.!!


  68. all you smart folks who think McCain is a good choice for presidency..I have the following to say..


    I can’t believe we have such morons that even exist!!

    all you republicans say hello to your NEW PRESIDENT: OBAMA.



  69. Absolutely! You should vote for this Right wing nut who will help you lose any right over your own body, keep your pay low and show all women that substance has little to do with it, you just need a great set of gams!

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