Rush Limbaugh Accuses President Obama of Using the “Black Dialect”

In case anybody forgot, Rush Limbaugh reminded his audience that the President of the United States is in fact black. Today on his radio show, Limbaugh accused Obama of using the black dialect while addressing the National Governors Association today at the White House. Limbaugh said, “Obama can turn on that black dialect and turn it off.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

After playing a snippet of audio where Obama mispronounced the word ask this morning, Limbaugh said, “This is what Harry Reid was talking about. Obama can turn on that black dialect and turn it off.” Later Limbaugh managed to get even more racist, “If I used the word axe for the rest of the day, am I going to get beat up and creamed for making fun of this clean, crisp, calm, cool, new articulate president? Maybe we should do it and see what happens?”

Limbaugh actually told his listeners not to pay attention to the content of what Obama was saying in order to pick up his slip up. This attitude in a nutshell sums up how the critics of Obama handle his message. They ignore it, and seize on a slip to remind their terrified white audience that Barack Obama is black.

Rush’s initial statement was bad, but he added to it by calling Obama clean and articulate. Not only was Rush Limbaugh once again trying fan the flames of racism, but he is criticized Obama while he spent eight years gushing over the most inarticulate president in the modern era, George W. Bush. Limbaugh also needs to understand that saying axe instead of asks, isn’t just an African-American thing. I have known white people who did it too, so someone needs to tell Limbaugh that his Klan hood is showing again.

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3 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Accuses President Obama of Using the “Black Dialect””

  1. Jason Easley,

    This shows your liberal slant and your obvious Obama worship.

    Clearly, if anyone knows black dialect, it’s Rush Limbaugh. Rush may be an old, curmudgeonly white man, but he is super smart, even more intellectual than Obama, and Rush knows the black dialect when he done sees it. Besides, what is Obama doing addressing the governor’s association? Doesn’t he know there are white folk there? There goes Obama being uppity again, i don’t care how articulate and well spoken he is–and for a black man, boy is he well-spoken–he’s still uppity when he decides he can address white people any time he wants.

    Next time, before you randomly challenge Rush, please axe yourself why you even bother since Rush is way, WAY above your intellectual pay grade.

  2. Well, now that “Conservative Heart” has established that they use multiple names, I’d like to address something. I’m from the midwest, grew up in the south side of St. Louis where there’s a mix of not only black people and white people but there’s bosnians too so fortunately I got to grow up in a mixed environment–probably unlike Conservative Heart. There are sooo many great, articulate and well respected black people not only in my city but all over the nation and overseas…but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bad “ghetto” black people who refuse to clean up their act. This is the SAME for white people. There’s the good people, the bad people, the white trash and the heartless conservatives. Why? Because people can either be bad or good, it has absolutely nothing to do with what you look like on the outside because we’re all of color. We’re all the same on the inside, we have the same amount of chromosomes, same amount of organs and bones so all these racists need to get over themselves. Maybe it’s because I am young that I still don’t understand why older people are like this, but it’s just ridiculous. Oh, and even I say AXE rather than asks sometimes and I’m a pale Irish kid! It just depends on how fast I’m talking. I also have a tendency to say words with long vowel sounds rather than the way it’s “supposed” to be pronounced, it’s all about where you grew up.

    What I think I should emphasize about my generation is that we WILL overcome this bullcrap discrimination over what color you are and gay people nationwide will have the same rights. PLUS, sex ed will be taught in all schools, and women will have their reproductive rights. Get over it or move out of the country if you don’t like it.

  3. Obo likely mispronounced his teleprompter (having recently enunciated the word, “access”. But that said, only morons use the term “ax” in place of “ask” and it has nothing to do with where you grew up. Proper speech is one thing that distinguishes us from the common animal. And your second post confirms that you too, are a moron, every time you mispronounce “ask”.

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