The Conservative Woodstock Involves Heckler Beat Downs

content/common/images/oops-image-not-found.png" alt="The Conservative Woodstock Involves Heckler Beat Downs" title="Tea-Party-Slavery" width="150" height="150" class="alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-9612" />Leave it to the tea party to turn the original intent of Woodstock, peace, love, and music into an excuse to beat down dissent. According to MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer the tea partiers in Mesa, NV got rough with hecklers, as one heckler was drug out by the arm, and another by the hair, because nothing says freedom like beating down dissent.

Here is some video of a heckler being mistreated in Mesa courtesy of Mediaite:

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer has posted to her Facebook page these updates, “Mesa crowd getting rough with hecklers: one guy grabbed the heckler by the hair.” Brewer also posted, Sarah Palin to heckler: Young man, stick around. Maybe you’ll learn something. Then other citizens dragged him out by his arms.” Nothing says real America to the tea party like physically beating down any voices of dissent in the room.

The radical right is now displaying its full colors. They aren’t protesting taxes, the size of government or health care. What we have here is a small group of angry conspiracy theorists, homophobes, and racists, who can’t accept the fact that the United States of America elected a black Democratic president in 2008. These fringe elements of our political discourse could only hide the true sources of their rage for so long.

They are not a silent majority. They are an ugly angry minority which has corrupted the concept of libertarian freedoms in order to bash non-whites, gays, and anyone else who disagrees with them. Instead of embracing it, Republicans should be ashamed of such behavior. The tea partiers are the fascists that they claim Obama and the Democrats to be. This version of the tea party is not a movement for America’s future, but an ugly return to its dark past.

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  1. Mark is correct about the location, but not that it is weak. The treatment of the young protester was over-the-top violence, including at least one sucker punch. This was at the campaign stop for McCain. I don’t think Palin has arrived in Searchlight yet.

  2. @Mark, The video is from Mesa, but it does make the point. Just so there is no more confusion, I will add that detail to the post.

  3. @the problem child, Fixed it, I saw that it was from Mesa but forgot to add it the description. We’ll call it a case of Saturday brain.

  4. I messed that one up. The story is from Mesa and the post has been changed to reflect the proper location. I apologize for the error. The post on Searchlight will be coming soon.

  5. The problem has nothing to do with the location it is the fact that these people want to hurt those who disagree with them. This maddness has to stop, the party with NO ideas, is only the party of NO and now violence.

  6. This violence is scary and Sarah Palin does her best to encourage it. When the crazy people shoot a window of someone who votes the way they don’t like and her followers treat people like this who voice disagreement, just imagine what would happen if she got into political power. It is up to all to vote and make sure it doesn’t happen. I can’t believe people like her. I know my son watches her videos to get a laugh but maybe they count people who think she is funny as people who are following her? Surely there can’t be that many crazy people around who think she would be a good leader? She can’t even pick a newspaper to read. Seriously it is scary!

  7. That was not a tea party. It was a campaign rally for John McCain, and it was security who took the guy out after he refused to quit heckling.

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