Palin Flops with Bombed Out Wine and Spirit Crowd

Liquorista Sarah Palin Bombs in Vegas

Queen of BItters

Palin gives keynote address to Wine And Spirit Wholesalers- Leaves Attendees Bored and Insulted

I don’t think Dominionists are supposed to be hanging out in Vegas, hawking wine and booze, with the elites — but our girl Sarah never let’s ethics get in her way when there’s pay involved. That’s that Good Old American Spirit, girl!

Yup. Sarah pimped for the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America convention today. The convention runs April 6-8 at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. The strip? Did anyone call Steele! Oh, I kid. I kid. This is all legal and family-ish. Except for the booze and evangelical thing, but as the Republicans have been trying so hard to demonstrate, no one is perfect.

Thing is, I guess no one gave her any palm notes before she spoke, cuz the ex-candidate-for-something-turned-reality-TV-bomb apparently thought she was at a political rally.

I can totally understand how the girl got confused, after all, continent is to country as booze is to campaign.

Anyway, you know how it is when you want something so bad, but the entire country makes fun of you for not knowing stupid things like the job description of the job you’re applying for? People are so mean in the un-Real parts of this here Merika. And then Evil Katie Couric dares to show the world that you….Well, you don’t read. I so hate that.

Those few of you elitists who can read should follow along the Twitter Feed of an attendee to today’s event – oh, and try not to get uncomfortable when you realize that Palin had no idea where she was; it happens to the best of us. The good thing is after her performance goes through the Palin Entourage Spin, she will be Bestest Speaker Ever, So Much Better Than That Usurper and Evil-Doer with the Dark Skin! tweets his experience:

#Palin only spoke abt fostering #entrepreneurship in Alaska. Didn’t talk abt it’s fiscal problems

(if you don’t talk about ‘em, they don’t exist! Duh!)

Palin didn’t talk abt the #liquor business…it was only a political speech…most attendees at #WSWA were disappointed.

(so it ain’t so, Joe!)

Sarah #Palin just thanked former Pres. George W. #Bush for keeping out country safe. She seems very bitter about #Obama winning.

(um, except for that 911 thingy and the anthrax and the war on a lie, but um….Go, George! oh, and pass me some more bitters, puh-leeze)

#SarahPalin has over 1 mil fans on Facebook, but doesn’t know #. Social media can get truth out & not rely on big media firms with agendas.

(er, also, you can win Politifact’s Lie of the Year award cuz on Facebook, there aren’t any evil doers like Charlie Gibson askin’ dumb questions about facts, also too. There again. For the troops! )

Sarah #Palin just said she is happy she is not working in a restaurant and bar like she did in college. Does she know who this audience is?

(I hope no one asks about the bar stool in Wasilly that has my name on it…or why we had to come home early from that Hawaii trip…drinkin’ and druggin’, it’s the American way!)

#Palin didn’t talk abt anything regarding the #Wine & #Spirits biz. All #Obama bashing.

(I keep saying ‘pallin’ around with terrists’, but no one’s yelling, “Off with his head!” what’s wrong with these people? and y’all don’t know how to spell, that’s whine with a h)

#Palin says #Republicans will win more seats in congress becuz of the #TeaParty movement.

(But I’m gonna go all roguey on the Tea Partiers and support that Maverick John McCain as he runs against the real conservative! Rogue Diva, my ass!)

May we always be happy and let our enemies know it… #Palin is now taking questions that were pre-screened.

(my courage is unacknowledged by the lamestream media)

Sarah #Palin says USA needs to start using domestic resources and stop using foreign energy. More Americans need to get involved.

(it’s not the same thing as me giving Canada rigged bid pipeline project, so get off my case! No questions!)

Sarah #Palin says politicians lecture too much and does not listen to #entrepreneurs.

(did I mean to say do not? Well, that’s not what my palm says. Damn it’s hot in here)

Sarah #Palin talking abt federal govt overspending w/ unlimited funds with no budget discipline.

(and I oughta know! Leaving Alaska with a 70% debt-to-GDP ratio, and California is only 40%! Bigger is better, right?)

That’s all from Vegas. Keep it clean in Real Amerika and drink up some bitters, folks.

10 Replies to “Palin Flops with Bombed Out Wine and Spirit Crowd”

  1. OMG thats hilarious!

    I hope they didn’t pay Palin, as this is more proof she has no idea where she is at any given time.

  2. Oh its a good thing she’s goin’ around talin’ and waving her hands around, getting money for her legal defense fund…oops! Kiddin’! lol!
    Well gee, I wonder if she took Willow with her? Perfect spring break and all and who wants to go to cabo when your Ma’s talkin’ to Rill ‘merikan’s at a likkor festival in Vegas…! Hey, you know that ain’t Wasilly!!! Now that ma has cooled the heat…Willow can enjoy spring break… :D

  3. I wonder if she were paid her $100,000+ fee doubled provided she speaks well and truthfully about President Obama and took questions with someone who had the facts about her lies and illegal and/or unethical behavior would she do it? And provide medical proof of her number one lie who is the mother of Trigg.

    Her love of money is great, but she seems to be incapable to speak a kind word about anyone other than her enablers and if she didn’t lie she wouldn’t have anything to say. Since she can continue to make money with lies and hate this is one time she would turn the money down, another would be to debate someone with facts on their side.

    Lord how I wish this woman had never been released on us. America and the world would be a better place if she had never been in public service or allowed to speak publicly. I pray her reign of terror ends soon.

  4. Jo, I don’t think she would…losin’ the President race…well it was as bad a losin’ a pagent race..way back when…and you know it was her against Obama, all her fans say so?
    She will never get over, LOSING! And she will never stop being a LIAR, its in her DNA…
    It even seems she has lied about the passel of kids she has, like “who is the daddy?” Not surprised…!
    But I like you pray for her reign of terror to end soon, and it think pretty soon…pretty soon…

  5. @crystalwolf aka caligrl, The best thing that could happen is that wins the GOP nomination in 2012, and gets absolutely buried by Obama. No one, except Fox News, will care what also ran who virtually destroyed the Republican Party with her leadership will care what she has to say. She will become as relevant as Mike Dukakis.

  6. She was alone. She flew in on an Alaska flite from Seattle – she rode the tram like regular people and had no one with her.

    She had her trademark clubbed baby seal purse with her.

  7. @Basheert,

    Oh my gosh– that was hysterical and also heartbreaking ; “her trademark clubbed baby seal purse.”

    So sad. I think that purse sums up everything.

  8. The baby seal purse lined with wolf fur, right?

    She’s such a blazinfg idiot. I’m guessing Dancing with the Stars will be her next stop.

    Then I see a faltering career and 5 or 10 years down the road an expose “What happened to Sarah Palin?” Broke, bankrupt, living in a rusty trailor and serving fries through a window. It’d suit her perfectly, but watch out, I hear she spits in the food.

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