MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Calls Arizona Immigration Law Totalitarian

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Calls Arizona Immigration Law Totalitarian
Legal Hispanics in Arizona Are Having Their Rights Trampled.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, Republican Joe Scarborough put the new Arizona immigration law into context by talking about the totalitarian nature of this law. He said, “For every 10 illegal immigrants that they catch and send back home, what about that one American citizen who is a Hispanic who now every time that he goes to the grocery store has to be worried that he is going to be stopped…”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Scarborough said, “You know the thing is there are so many politicians who have looked the other way while illegal immigrants have flooded into this country, and it has become a great crisis in this country, but the idea that police officers can stop anybody and ask for papers to see who they are seems really frightening to me… Why don’t you check illegal immigrants at the place where it matters? Why don’t you check at work, because right now it’s pretty obvious where illegal immigrants are, but to stop people on the streets where they aren’t committing a crime, again this seems to be a great overreach.”

He later added, “And I’ve got to say, For every 10 illegal immigrants that they catch and send back home, what about that one American citizen who is a Hispanic who now every time that he goes to the grocery store has to be worried that he is going to be stopped by a police office because he is driving while being a person of color…and again, I was against the McCain/Kennedy bill, I called it amnesty because guess what it was amnesty. Anytime you tell 13 million people come to America, you broke the law, and we’re going to let you in, but to go the other direction, and say we’re going to stop all Americans who are Hispanic, that’s offensive. That is offensive.”

This law should be offensive to anyone who cares about personal liberty and freedom, no matter what color your skin color might be. The idea that this police can stop anyone of a certain race and demand papers is textbook totalitarian behavior. Scarborough is the first Republican that I have heard address the discrimination that American Hispanics are now going to be subjected to under this new law. The hypocrisy is that many of the same conservatives who protest for a smaller less involved government are in favor of this ultimate Big Brother behavior.

If you are a liberal who abhors discrimination, stand up. If you are a conservative who believes in smaller government with less involvement in your daily lives then you should be appalled by this law, because if it is allowed to stand, then legalized discrimination has a precedent. What is to stop a future a future local, state, or federal government from deciding that those who criticize the ruling party are also a threat and must carry papers? Anyone who thinks that this is simply a problem for Arizona Hispanics is being naïve. The Arizona law is too broad, and it represents an assault on the liberties of legal Hispanic American citizens. It is for this reason that this law must be protested, challenged, and struck down.

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  1. what about the single Hispanic who has to worry about getting stopped? You are comparing that to the 10 that got sent back? That certainly doesn’t make any sense. I would send the 10 back any day of the week.

    Anyone in the United States can get pulled over for any reason. you are required to give information when you’re pulled over no matter what. You cannot handcuff the police.

    We know this law isn’t going to stand anyways, even though the majority of Arizona citizens want it. Maybe the president and his administration is forgetting what happened when Gen. George Custer Bush wanted to provide amnesty in his own party stood up and said absolutely not. And if you just plain ignore illegals who are here that’s what you are doing. You’re giving them amnesty. And amnesty never solves anything because you have to give it and give it and give it. Amnesty stops now. It has to.

  2. I have lived for 20 years where latino gang crime,is running rampant and extensive entitlement use by illigeal have destroyed hospitals, school quality is destroyed due to bi lingualism and you in your ivory tower states I do no not have the right to enquire if someone is illegally in my state using up all its resources. The government refuses to control the border. Get off your ass and walk through some of our neighborhoods. If you get to frightened by the second day of your tour i will come down and hold your hand.

  3. @ted weirauch, That’s not the point. The point is that this law is infringing on the rights of legal Hispanic people in the state. I agree we need to do something about illegal immigration, but creating a police state is not the answer.

  4. @Shiva, “Anyone in the United States can get pulled over for any reason. you are required to give information when you’re pulled over no matter what. You cannot handcuff the police.” AH no you are only giving proof that you are legally able to drive you have the right to say that whe nyou hand over the information if you do not then they have hte right to look you up on the computer which, gives outstanding warrents and your credit score not kidding on he last one. But you have the right to say that all the officer is allowed ot look up is that you are able to drive. The difference here is that when I get pulld over i do not need ot prove that I am a citzen of the united states that is something that teh Gremans did with Hitler.

  5. @ted weirauch, Bullshit on you, you never lived in AZ I have known people who actually have, and I have family who live in Las Vegas and latinos gangs were never a problem white hate groups bashing in latino heads were.

  6. @Oldsun, No, you have to prove who you are, not that you can drive. You dont need immigration papers but you still have to prove you are who you are.

    This is not hitler stuff. This is a crisis.

  7. This does not only affect Hispanics. I’m of German/Irish ancestry, short and of dark complexion. When I’m in Texas or Mexico, everyone assumes I’m Mexican. In Florida, they assume I’m Cuban or South American. I can only assume I’ll be subject to the same profiling as any other person who “looks Mexican” when in Arizona.

  8. @Shiva, No you do not I learn that from a PSP trooper all they are doing is to see if you have the privilege to drive and proper insurance. So I will trust some one who does this for a living.

  9. I dont know what a PSP trooper is, but I know he is not telling you the truth. they check on wants and warrants that may be out for you, they check your license plates, they check your prior arrest record etc. And if you are not driving and they check your ID, they are not checking for your driving record. Its all about are you wanted or criminal history. They ony check your insurance from the insurance papers you give them, that is not on their files.

  10. Yep no way this law can be enforced without profiling or affecting someones constitutional right. There was a Puerto rican who was detained, after he showed his drivers license, it was not enough! he was detained for 3 days! and he is american and was about to get deported to MEXICO!

  11. It’s scary how the US has devolved into a totalitarian police state right under our noses.

    “As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a
    twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such a twilight that we must be aware of the change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”

    Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

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