Obama Forcefully Calls the Republican Deficit Bluff

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President Barack Obama held a press conference at the conclusion of the G 20 Summit in Toronto this evening, and the highlight came at the very end when he called out the GOP rhetoric on the deficit. Obama said, “I hope some of these folks hollering about deficit and debt step up, because I am calling their bluff.”

The most interesting part of the press conference came during the last question about the United States’ ability to meet their deficit reduction goals. After describing the steps that can be taken, and the challenges, Obama said, “One of the most interesting things that’s happened over the last 18 months as president is for some reason people keep being surprised when I do what I said I was going to do. So I say I’m going to reform our healthcare system and people think, well gosh, that’s not smart politics, maybe we should hold off, or I say we’re going to move forward on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and somehow people say you know, well, why are you doing that I’m not sure it’s good politics.”

The President continued and later blasted the Republicans and called out the GOP rhetoric, “I’m doing because I said I was going to do it and it’s the right thing to do, and people should learn that lesson about me, because next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope people who are hollering about deficits and debt start stepping up, because I’m calling their bluff and we’ll see how much of that, how much of the political arguments they’re making right now are real and how much of it was just policies.”

Once again, Obama is three steps ahead of the GOP. He is warning them what is coming, but they will still not be ready for what is about to hit them when he steps up and challenges them to join him and cut spending in order to trim the deficit. In an earlier portion of the press conference Obama made mention of cutting programs that don’t work, including military programs. Military contracts are one of Congress’ and especially the right wing deficit cutters favorite sources of pork, disguised as national security spending, so you can expect cries of national security as soon as Obama tries to shave a penny or remove a bloated contract.

If Obama does try to trim the fat, you can expect both Democrats and Republicans in Congress to engage in a collective chorus of wails. The dirty little secret of Congress is everyone talks about reducing the deficit, but they all love to spend. Republicans definitely have no credibility on this issue, as the tax cut and spend policies of the Bush administration and the Republican run Congress had, within five years, managed to take a surplus and turn it into a herculean deficit.

By July of 2006, before the Democrats took control of Congress, George W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress managed to turn a $284 billion surplus into a trillion dollar deficit. At the time, Bush and the GOP owned four of the five highest yearly deficits in US history. The political reality is that Republicans have little interest in cutting spending and absolutely no interest in helping Obama, so I can already tell you how this will go. Obama will try. Republicans will obstruct, and Obama will reap the political benefits. However, it s clear that Obama is done playing games with the GOP and is now ready to challenge them to put their money where there mouths are, so to speak, and the Republican leopard will most definitely reveal its true spots.

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  1. What kills me (and probably most other typical Americans) is that we have had to cut back and “tighten the belt” for YEARS, but Congress hasn’t made any progress at all in this direction and it’s not even with their money!! WTF is SO difficult, CONGRESS???

  2. sure cuts are coming.

    obama is looking for massive cuts to SS and the end of medicare.

    he wont touch the military at all.

    these massive cuts will ALL be on the backs of the middle class and will lose the democrats both houses and the presidency.

    if you follow international news you know even though our media never shows it, that the EU is coming apart and civil unrest and rioting is spreading throughout europe.
    that is because of the cuts made to the working class to pay more money to the banks.

    obama plans the same thing to the working class here.

    we are at the beginning of the total collapse of america.
    we will end up a police state resembling the dark ages with 40% unemployment and only the rich will have security and the essentials.

    thats what is coming and nothing will prevent it.

  3. Great article! I’m glad to see him speaking out more forecfully. I wish all Democrats would speak loudly and forcefully over and over again. The GOP does this and they all use the same soundbytes. They are so annoying but their message gets out.

  4. This is fantastic news. I love how Obama sits back and allows them to set themselves up.

    Sadly, they never learn and they continue to count on fooling Americans as they have with their Rovian spin on reality.

  5. Yes that’s why he gave 95% of the people tax cuts. And he is already vetoing military projects that are unnecessary according to Bob Gates.

    Dont you hate it when you use innuendo for an argument?

  6. This is what I wanted him to do on the oil spill. Come out, put his boots on the BP supporting republicans and make people know in no uncertain terms was he going to allow sloppy business like BP’s reaction plans again

  7. The Party of No is in the throes of insanity. That’s why they keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result, as Einstein would say. Just when I think they can’t sink any lower, they unpleasantly surprise me by doing horrible things like voting against extending unemployment benefits. Their whole purpose is to make Obama fail so they can get back in power. But Americans would be even more insane to vote them back in, as they have no intention of solving the complex problems that are plaguing this country. Obama needs to keep doing this, and other Democrats need to keep reminding the public exactly who the people are that are impeding this country’s progress.

  8. What are you talking about he can’t cut entitlement spending. Entitlements like Social Security and Medicare are not within Obama’s budgetary authority. I think you need to stop watching so much Glenn Beck. Obama specifically mentioned the military as a target for cuts in his answer, so I think you are a bit off base.

  9. Yes, I’d like to see Ben Nelson called out for his baloney about the deficit as his excuse for not voting for unemployment benefit extensions.

  10. Hello, don’t you realize that they just cut medicare by 500 billion? Where have you been? He won’t cut entitlement spending, with the exception of the elderly because they account for 80% of the costs. That’s where the real savings comes from–cutting services. The bill outlines it, there will be rationing. I think you need to open your eyes.

  11. What is this Fox News noise you are spewing? “They” didn’t just cut medicare by $500 billion. You are completely and absolutely 100% wrong. No current benefits or spending were cut by the healthcare bill. The $500 billion that you speak of is a reduction in future spending over 10 years, or $50 billion a year. The total amount of medicare spending as 2008 was $600 billion. The change that you are fear mongering about amounts to less than 10% of total medicare spending.

    Perhaps,it is not me, but you who needs to turn off Fox News and open your eyes. I know you think you are being informed, but you are really being misinformed by the sources that you are trusting.

  12. FYI: Obama can’t cut entitlement spending. That is part of the budgetary authority of legislative branch.

  13. One last point, it is amazing that so many people who hate Obama have absolutely no clue about how their own government works.

  14. It never fails — ask someone why they hate him (left or right) and they will go on about stuff that isn’t in his authority, which is really a byproduct of both these pundits who fail to clarify convenient Republican talking points (which the left then loves to adopt as their own personal hammer against Obama) and the failure of our public school systems.

  15. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has a few Party of No enablers like Senator Nelson, Senator Lincoln of Arkansas, and Senator Begich of Alaska. They have been willing enablers and supporters of the Party of No’s destructive stupidity. I don’t like Senator Lincoln, but she seems to be the lesser of the 2 evils in her state. Whenever and wherever we can, we need to vote out enablers like these in favor of more progressive Democrats. One man, namely the president, cannot do it alone. That’s why all elections are vitally important.

  16. And while we sit back and wait for elections to get these folks out of office, the unemployed will be homeless because we have been sitting back, living high on the hog on our unemployment benefits, taking drugs and getting drunk, because we feel “entitled” and don’t want to look for jobs!

    I am tired of being treated like a deadbeat by the Republican Senate, who use the deficit as an excuse not to take care of our Country’s formerly productive members of society!

  17. You might want to point out that people who are in the prescription doughnut hole just received checks totaling 250.00 as well.

    Thats not a cut

  18. I was shocked when that moronic Republican Congressman wanted to drug test the unemployed. The one people in this country who can’t afford drugs are the ones who are unemployed. The ones who can afford drugs in this country are Republican Congressman on Congressman’s salary’s and who are making the most abhorrent decisions that could be made. I am curious why we are not demanding drug test of everyone in the Congress. They work for us, they do not demand that we get drug tests it’s the other way around

  19. All right Chicken little that’s enough of your doom and gloom. Who do you think really wants to put the burden on the working class? Who wants to see the top 1% benefit over others? You seem bias and you’re not looking at history to understand the present.

  20. I was under the understanding that all federal employees must submit to drug testing. How do they get an exemption?

  21. Im sure they submit upon getting the job, but Im also very sure congressmen are not drug tested. They are above reproach and would never do anything wrong.

    I dont think government people have to do anything other than hioring and random drug testing. I kno a guy in the post office that has never been tested

  22. Didn’t anyone read between the lines?

    Medicare payments to healthcare providers was just cut 21% as of NOW not over ten years. Providers are refusing new medicare patients NOW. Pharmacies like Bartells will no longer fill Rx’s for medicaid.

    When the Democratic congress returns after the elections, if they still hold a majority, will follow the European example and raise your personal taxes, like Canada with an “added value tax”, taxes on the people who provide you with a paycheck.

    The riots in Spain, Greece, France, etc. are unionized workers demanding their wages as is, NO cuts, and more benefits, irregardless of the economy.

    BUT THEN; you left wing parrots don’t want to hear any of this. Or that the tax cuts created more jobs for “Main Street” than the union bailout by the Obama congress.

    Yes!!! Union bailout. Most of the “stimulus didn’t just bailout banks but union pension fund holders and jobs for union work, schools, roads, teachers, government employees, oh! and interstate highway charging stations for electric cars 100 miles apart was stimulus money. I didn’t know E-cars would go that far and people will sit there for 8 hours while they charge?

  23. Anthony,

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Here’s a link that debunks your first misinformed statement:

    On to your second stupid point, until a VAT is actually enacted, there is nothing to talk about. Please, just keep your ridiculous doom and gloom speak to yourself.

    Yes, they are rioting in Europe, so what? Can you supply us with any evidence that the current administration has any intention of implementing European socialistic policies here in the US?

    BUT THEN, you right wingers don’t want to hear any of this. Or the tax cut that only benefited the super wealthy, destroyed the middle class and created a trillion dollar deficit out of a Clinton era surplus.

    There was no union bailout. Do you have one shred of evidence to support your claim? If so, PLEASE post it here. My guess is we will never hear from your again.

  24. I was under the understanding that all federal employees must submit to drug testing. How do they get an exemption?

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