The Phony Right Wing Outrage over Obama Cutting Food Stamps

Obama frown 2 Glenn Beck, Fox News, and the Right Wing media have jumped all over the Democrats and Obama cutting aid to the food stamp program. Many of these same people who refer to Social Security as a Ponzi scheme and unemployment benefits as welfare are expressing phony outrage over a benefit cut that will not occur until 2014.

Glenn Beck, Fox News, and the Right Wing media have jumped all over the Democrats and Obama cutting aid to the food stamp program. Many of these same people who refer to Social Security as a Ponzi scheme and unemployment benefits as welfare are expressing phony outrage over a benefit cut that will not occur until 2014.

Here is the audio of Beck courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck was weaving an Obama conspiracy theory, where the President is trying to incite left wing violence in the streets by attacking them, when he said, “So on the same night that Robert Gibbs comes out and says hey by the way the people on the Left, you stink. Shave your armpits ladies, or whatever he said, and he went after them with an anvil. Why would you do that? When Van Jones and everybody else is trying to heal, he goes and do that. Now it could be that he is stupid. Now on the same day, they go after the food stamp program, which is a scam by the way, but they go after the food stamp program.”

After listening to Beck’s comments I read several conservative blog posts and stories, and including one on the Fox News website, but they all left one important detail from their stories. According to Democracy Now! “To advance the bill, Democratic leaders agreed to cut $12 billion in spending on food stamps. The Food Research and Action Center says the cuts will impact some 40 million people when they take effect in 2014. A family of four that receives food stamps stands to lose $59 in monthly benefits.”

According to Beck, Obama is out to provoke wing violence by cutting food stamp benefits four years from now. Wow, that ought to really get some blood on the streets in 2014, when people remember that Obama signed a cut in food stamp benefits in 2010. CBS News, and Politico mentioned that the cuts don’t kick in until 2014, but Human Events didn’t mention it. Fox News dedicated six paragraphs to the Democratic outrage over the cuts before mentioning that they won’t occur until 2014. (Mentioning the cuts any sooner would have taken the drama out of the story and destroyed the Fox narrative).

I am sure that there are countless other examples of blogs on the Right who are leaving out that small but critical detail. The political reality is that Congress was playing a budgetary shell game. I would bet anything that the funding will be restored to the food stamp program long before 2014 rolls around. Congress was juggling some numbers so that it looked like the $26 billion in aid to states was paid for.

Glenn Beck can keep peddling his nonsense about Obama, “going after food stamps,” but the truth is that cut was nothing more than election year stunt designed to make Congress look like they care about spending and the deficit. Obama and Congress are banking on the idea that by 2014 the economy will be robust again, and there will be less demand for the food stamp program, with fewer recipients in the program, funding will fall, so what looks like a cut during the recession, will really be a return to the funding level of regular economic times.

If the Right really believes that food stamps are a scam, along with Social Security, unemployment benefits, and school lunches, then why aren’t they praising Obama for these cuts? Isn’t it a good thing that Obama is getting rid of this “scam?” Everyone knows that the program itself is not a scam, but with Republicans out to divide America along class and racial lines, and with the poor being the easiest targets, people like Glenn Beck see a benefit in attacking the most defenseless people in our society. Beneath the fake outrage is an attempt to further divide America. It is a cynical ploy to win votes in November. Such is the current dynamic that shapes conservative political thought.

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  1. I’m aware that the food stamp program is to be cut in 2014 but haven’t followed it even though I am now enjoying my first month of being in the program. I’m long-term unemployed, so far haven’t had the extended unemployment benefits start back up and the program contacted me so I took advantage of it. That wasn’t easy to do since I’ve never been on any kind of relief or welfare before but I needed the help. I’m a widow so I’m the only person in my household. I get $29 per month in food stamps — divide that by 30 days and it’s 96 cents per day. Am I worried about losing a certain percentage of that 96 cents per day? No, not a bit. Not saying it doesn’t help, not saying I don’t appreciate getting it, just saying if 4 years from now if money is still that tight, then I’m in trouble anyway. It’s not an issue.

    Oh, remember the old “Welfare Queen” story about the lady with “7 kids, living on food stamps, walking out of the store and getting in her brand-new red cadillac”… nobody at the agency said a word about a new Caddie. I just don’t think I’ll get one. :(

  2. This is rich coming from people who strain at the “gnat” that is extending unemployment benefits for people who would have nothing otherwise, and swallow whole the “camel” that is the act of keeping or extending the tax cuts for the very wealthy. They are some of the most compassionless robots in this country, and their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  3. You would think that at some point the screwballs who take Beck seriously would start scratching their heads at his obvious contradictions (and frank bullsh*t).

    Yeah. You would think that — but you would be wrong.

  4. Huh, the whole transcript makes it seem as if Beck was saying the cuts to food stamps was a scam. Not that the food stamps program is a scam as indicated by Media Matters and Mr. Easley. Context please Gentleman, Context.

  5. What Obama needs to do is to cut back on his family spending our hard earned tax dollars to take unneeded trips/vacations with his his family and to cut back on his wife spending money. They need to think of the people of The United States of America instead of themselfs going on trips all over the world .Their are people in this county that are haveing a hard time makeing ends met and putting food on their table for their children .So they dont have to beg borrow and steal just to have something to eat or to help pay bills ‘
    We the people poor of the United States are the ones that have to suffer .While they are sitting in the White House(democrates and republicans) and eatting high on the hog and spending money that they could be helping the poor to poorer people out here in the United States.
    The Social Security cuts and food Stamps cut will hurt the Untied Sateas more than they think . Or are they even thinking of the people who will and are suffering now

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