Ben Quayle’s Conservative Values as Non-Existent as His Rent-a-Family

Ben Quayle Shames His Father's Already Tarnished Legacy
Ben Quayle Shames His Father's Already Tarnished Legacy

“I know I have a big target on my back.” – Ben Quayle

Apparently you can rent values. Ben Quayle has already shown you can rent a family.

Let’s face it. Jokes abound. This latest Right-wing Family Values scandal comes to us via the son of one of the biggest gaffsters in Republican history, Dan Quayle. Ben is a chip off the old block.

In fact, at just 33-years-of-age, he has already surpassed daddy.

Ben wants voters in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District to send him to Congress. He would seem to be in the right state. So far, so good.

He wants it so badly he’s willing to call out President Obama, because as we all know, nothing fires up the conservative masses like attacks on the President. Especially in Arizona. In his new ad he says that “Barack Obama is the worst president in history,” and pausing for effect, he adds, “And my generation will inherit a weakened country.”

Yes, young Ben hates Obama so much that he can’t wait for those rabid Arizona Republicans to send him east so he can “knock the hell out of Washington.”

Crack! Knock it outta the park, Ben!

Ooops! Not so fast…

Ben has a problem. He probably can’t find his way there.

By his own admission (after initial denials), writing as Brock Landers for what is now, Ben bragged, “my moral compass is so broken I can barely find the parking lot.”

You probably can’t find Washington D.C. then either, Ben.

Of course, that’s far from Ben’s only problem. A few days before this scandal broke, his campaign sent out a mailer showing Ben and his wife – and their two young girls. The caption read: “We are going to raise our family here.”

The fly in the buttermilk is that Ben and his wife don’t have any daughters – no children at all. The girls were his nieces.

His rent-a-family, as rival Vernon Parker quipped.

One of Ben’s ads shows him saying, “I grew up watching my dad fight for conservative values.”

Yes, but you apparently didn’t learn much, Ben. Your dad, for all his many faults, didn’t write for outfits like rating women’s bodies and bragging about broken moral compasses. And he didn’t compare himself to one of Michelangelo’s works on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The primary is August 24 and early voters are already casting their ballots. This isn’t good timing for Ben, who is a lawyer, but who apparently skipped Ethics 101 while he was in school.

He’s been caught out as a liar – repeatedly – in the space of just a few days. He apparently wants to see how far he can shove his foot into his own mouth.

So far, so good. Let’s see how far you can get it in there, Ben.

Daddy went down in flames in 1992. It’s looking like Ben’s may burn down before it even gets off the ground. After all, he has never held public office before.

He probably never will.

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9 Replies to “Ben Quayle’s Conservative Values as Non-Existent as His Rent-a-Family”

  1. It seems being a liar is a pre-requisite for the modern day hater — er, Republican. This must be why they keep getting all these nutters. After all, to be willing to campaign on hate, to be willing to lie cheat and steal to get where you want to be, precludes having a moral compass. So the Republicans weed them out thusly; in the end all they have left are the super nuts, liars and cheats.

  2. The fact that the hypocrite called Obama the worst president in the world, but rented a family for a campaign ad, so that he could be a values conservative, when not demeaning women by posting their pictures on a website, and judging their hotness tells me that Republicans value having a name candidate that can raise money over any of the so called values that they campaign on. Quayle’s criticisms of Obama were as credible as his Rent-a-Kids,but yet he is leading the primary there.

  3. I should be shocked by the complete lack of morals and ethics of a GOPer running for office but I am not. they talk a lot about family values, they just don’t have any.

  4. Ben is now on the attack to try and deflect from all his negative publicity. I got another e-mail today (like the 900th one this week) blasting another candidate for more made up lies. It is beyond proven, nothing coming from the Quayle camp is true, they realized they are losing and are now going the way of Vernon Parker (attack and smear). They are out of money and are attacking the only way they can now, with internet attacks.

    Ben- You and you team will read this and we all know you are lying with every press release and article. Good luck on your lying today!

  5. To say I am bitterly disappointed with the most recent Quayle for congress ad is putting it exceedingly light. Number one. His use of foul language, as part of his latest political ad, is disgusting. Ben Quayle being of the “moral” republican party which instructs us( rightly so) to teach out children foul language never solves anything. So for him to use such language IN PUBLIC on a recurring tv ad is an disburbing.
    I am an independant well right of center, I had great prospects in seeing another Quayle in D.C..Ben, you have irrevocably lost my vote, based on your latest ad, you have absolutely no class. AT ALL. I’m not looking for someone to go to Washington and “blow the hell out of the place.” I’m sure you’ve heard the old rumor “politics is the art of compromise.” Everyone has core values that are non negociable. Ben, however seems to be an idiolog unwilling to reach out to the other party, for the sake of the people of the state of Arizona. I base that conclusion on the fact that the beginning of his latest ad hits me as a rank amateur who has no decency. In that Ben Quayle, with no tact at all, calls President Obama the worst president in American history. That may well be true but for him to publicly make that claim, not in “off the cuff remarks,” but as part of an ad campaign, to me, is classless. That is what caused my vote and support for Ben Qualye to literally vanish. He sounds like a disgruntled five year old who starts calling names, because he can’t get his way. Make no mistake about it. Though I supported Obama in 2008, after MIke Hukabee, former governor of Arkansas, lost the republican nomination. I IN NO WAY SUPPORT him for re election in 2012, primarily because of his apparent hostility towards Israel and his willingness to chummy up to America’s enemies, at the expense of Israel. Though Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama made a decent effort to hide it, at their last meeting, the damage has already been done and neither is willing to compromise! In my opinion, the only way to undo that damage to to elect another president of The United States. Also the man is pro abortion rights, as are most democrates. Also Obama keeps getting on the wrong side of the will of The American people. First with this monstrocity called health care and now pitting himself in the middle of the debate regarding the building of that mosque in lower Manhattan.

    Back to Mr. Quayle, You’d think, being the son of the former Vice President of The UNited States, he would have learned atleast a little something about polital tack. Like him or not, Obama is The President. I am offended greatly to hear my president derided for any reason. If Obama fails we all fail. 2012 will be here soon enough. Then we can get rid of him and hopefully elect a new president DEM or GOP who will reflect the will of The American people. What Ben Quayle needs to realize is we elect Senators and Representatives to do the asme thing. The last thing we need in Washington is another child prodigy who either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about how to get things done in Washington. “Blowing the hell out of the place just doesn’t do it for me. It suggests he is “The Lone Ranger” and that he can get the job done all by himself! I’M TIRED OF GRIDLOCK in Washington. It seems to me that Quayle will only add to the problem.

    J W Ivey
    Phoenix, Az

  6. JW just to respond to a small part of your post, I believe what all of them are doing is trying to emulate the tea party stance so that they can look like they are part of the group.

    I have a senator, Lamar Alexander who in the past has been a wonderful senator in my opinion. He is Republican. His always been fair and while he generally votes with the Republicans he has no qualms about voting against them if required to. Of recent years been sending out newsletters acting like he is a tea party enforcer. He wasn’t going to vote for Ms.Kagan because she’s so aggressively tried to stop the military recruiters on college. When that wasn’t the truth at all and he knows it. But his little newsletter spawned the lies just like Sean Hannity. I think it’s too bad because it is destroying the Republican party. Just my opinion

  7. Part of the problem is that the Republican party does not possess the capabilities of losing gracefully . They seem to believe that the way back into the good graces of the electorate is to “NO” the other party to death. But what of their own constituents ? Do they not perceive the inevitable negative outcome of this approach ? The lemmings cascade one after another over the cliff led by one of their own species. Ben Quayle has just jumped on the same bandwagon that both in the past and in the present is led by individuals like Tom DeLay, Rick Santorum, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity. If this kind of mud slinging is acceptable to the Republican party and their followers than we are in for a lot of trouble. The “kind” that is reminiscent of the bully out of control in the playground. Moral, ethical issues are trampled underfoot by charlatans in designer garb who in most cases are not really interested in the well being of the country. These are individuals who wll engage in the most virulent kinds of language to further there own ambitions. For the most part that’s all they really have to offer. How tragic.

  8. Watching this for the first time I truly believed that it was some sort of video from one of those youtube morons. I thought it was a joke. – Now that I’ve looked into it, I realize that yes, this Ben Quayle guy is an absolute joke.

    There is absolutely no way I could believe the good people from the state of Arizona would vote for this filth. The only explanation at all that I could give for him having more than 1 vote (the vote from himself) come election time would be because many voters are EXTREMELY uneducated in politics/economics/world issues..etc. They only vote for the party they have always voted for and it Arizona that tradition is with the Republican party.

    Voters need to be more responsible in this country. I could write a book about that, but to sum it up I’d say two things to American voters. 1. PAY ATTENTION! And only to facts! You cannot get carried away with believing propaganda. You look really stupid sometimes (stupid like Ben Quayle). 2. American people need to realize the complexity of the world! There is absolutely no simple answer for anything with a world population of nearly 7 billion! Life is not easy for government officials, they cannot tackle every issue at the same time.

  9. Well you tried, I guess people are really sick of the crap the liberals gag us with that even he can get elected. Now if we can just get rid of the rest of you liberals in government maybe we can get back to work!

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