Sarah Palin Calls Dr. Laura’s Resignation Unfair and Un-American

Sarah Palin took to her Twitter account to let the world know that she thinks it is very unfair that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is ending her radio show at the end of the year due to the fall out from her racist n-word rant on the air last week. Palin wrote Dr. Laura’s resignation “isn’t American, not fair.”

Here is Palin’s Tweet via Media Matters:

Compare Palin’s tweet on Dr. Laura to her feelings last month on the community center, “Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand. Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in the interest of healing. So let me see if I have this straight, according to Sarah Palin, American citizens who happen to be Muslims and wish to build a community center six blocks from Ground Zero have no constitutional protections, but Dr. Laura is allowed to use the word nigger 11 times in a rant on the radio?

Why in Sarah Palin’s mind does a conservative white woman get constitutional protections, but Muslims do not? It must be pointed out that Palin’s blame of liberal activists for trying to silence Dr. Laura is a pure manifestation of her own paranoia along with the classic Right Wing persecution complex. By the way, the activists that Palin claims are trying to silence Dr. Laura include Media Matters, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), Women’s Media Center, and UNITY Journalists of Color. I don’t know about you, but except for GLAAD and Media Matters, I am not overly familiar with these organizations.

Palin’s two tweets on the “Ground Zero Mosque” and Dr. Laura speak volumes about her true character, and the politics that she is practicing. Sarah Palin is running a strictly whites only operation. One only has to look at all the lily white female faces in her SarahPAC’s Mama Grizzly video for proof of that. Much like the GOP, Palin’s entire political strategy is to divide the nation by race. She wants 2012 to be White vs. Black and with herself as the flag bearer for the white cause.

Palin’s lack of basic constitutional knowledge along with her special education teenage girl tweeting skills alone should disqualify her from the White House, but apparently Sarah doesn’t think that she has made her racism clear enough, so in the belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity, Palin has ambulanced chased her way to the defense of Dr. Laura. Sarah Palin has become a consistent defender of racism and discrimination.

When she chose to frame Park51 in the politics of fear and intolerance she was discriminating against a group of innocent Americans who only want to practice their freedom of religion, and as she ran to Dr. Laura’s aid, she was defending the type of ugly racism that every use of the word nigger revives. If Barack Obama represented the hope of what America could be in 2008, Sarah Palin and her potential 2012 bid represent the ugliness that America has been, and if we aren’t careful could once again become.

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  1. Sarah Palin & “Dr”Laura…2 racist bitches who need to STFU! People are sick and tired of hearing them. I’m glad “Dr” Laura got fired, its about time! Now if we could fire palin…

  2. OMG, when will someone call this loser out on her desperate housewife of Wasilla party crashing on our country?

  3. The First Amendment guarantees that the government won’t infringe in our freedom of speech. It says nothing about other citizens, sponsors, or radio affiliates. I can somewhat understand Dr. Laura not realizing this discrepancy. However, Sarah Palin could have been our Vice President and should know better.

  4. Excellent post, Jason.

    Palin’s nasty little niche consists of attaching herself to the latest “outrage du jour” as a means of harvesting the associated publicity for herself. She rides the outrage until its depleted in the news cycle, and then moves on to the next one. She’s a parasite, in other words.

    As you pointed out, she typically defends the indefensible — and protests the moral and legal. With politicians like Palin, who needs external enemies to attack our country and Constitution. Palin’s doing it effectively as an internal parasite.

  5. On CNN interview Dr Laura completely denied that she did anything wrong with the caller. Very defensive and rude. She also said she was going to leave after her contract was up anyway.

  6. Because the American way is to endorse and support racism and bigotry. Yep, you betcha! That’s what any “real” American would do!

    Here’s the deal: You have the right to say something offensive. Listeners have a right to be offended. And you have to be intelligent enough to know that there will be consequences for what you said.

  7. paylin took offence at R. Emanuel saying retard or something, while in a conversation at the White House and she stuck her nose in that. Just another example of the”mean girl from middle school” tactics she practices. It’s so childish, but instead of reporting what she tweets and facebooks, we should designate one place where everyone who wants to reply to her and her only, can and will. Maybe a facebook or a web site, but just something simple.

  8. Sarah’s latest tweet?

    “Dr.Laura=even more powerful & effective w/out the shackles, so watch out Constitutional obstructionists. And b thankful 4 her voice,America!”

    “Shackles” to defend a woman who used the n word repeatedly????

    And Sarah Palin calls herself a Christian? Wow.

  9. “Constitutional obstructionists”?
    first about Sarah, I wonder how she’s going to feel if she ever gets her way about the Constitution. it does not say that the United States can spend money on foreign aid. All of her precious aid to Israel will have to go away. I’m sure the Constitution will be amended at that point. Sarah is just a few slices short of a bologna sandwich

    On the subject of Dr. Laura. I don’t see what the issue is here. The context in which she said the N-word is completely valid. She made the point that black people use the N-word constantly and they do. And their music and comedy that is always present there. It’s used on the streets. But God forbid a white person say it.

    don’t rack me up as a bigot because I have no problems with black people. But it’s just a plain fact that white people cannot say the N-word and black people can say it constantly. and I understand the context in which black people say it.

    Either it’s a good word or a bad word. If part of society can use it in the other part can’t is that right or wrong?

    She could have used the word less to get her point across but still in all she said it in the context of a conversation in which she was making a point.

  10. Palin’s interpretation of the Constitution is extremely selective. On one hand she takes issue with Rahm Emmanuel and a character on Family Guy saying the R word, but makes a lame excuse for Limbaugh’s use of the same word. She claims there is no racism among Tea Partiers in spite of patently racist words and signs that have been found among them, yet the NAACP should apologize for making truthful observations
    about the Tea Partiers. Dr. Laura should get a pass for using the N word, but American Muslims, many of whom suffered enormous losses on 9-11 along with other Americans, are “stabbing Americans in the heart” by exercising their right to build a mosque 2 blocks from the former site of the World Trade Center. I would like nothing better than to see the 2010 and 2012 elections become partly a referendum on her, in which any influence she has would be greatly diminished if not eliminated.

    As a black woman, I don’t like the N word even when some of us use it. I don’t look at it as a term of endearment, and there is no way anyone can put a positive spin on it for me. The fact that Dr. Laura apologized for it should have been enough, but of course Palin has to stick her nose in everything. The word “ambulance chaser” aptly describes her, because she has a way of making a bad situation even worse by injecting herself. Her narcissism compels her to do this kind of thing. Palin is one of the main contributors to this phony controversy about the mosque in New York City
    She is anything but a “patriot,” because she thrives on controversy and division.

  11. Sarah Palin is no patriot. She wants Alaska “the portal” for end times to secede from the nation. How is that patriotic?

  12. Palin says something incredibly stupid just about every time she opens her mouth yet so many cannot see what she’s all about. Dr. Laura and Rush get free passes to say anything they please. Why did she have to say anything about Dr. Laura? Fact is she butts in on everything as if she has the answers to everything going on in the world.
    This nonsense with her going around endorsing candidates is done for making more CASH for HER. She is a proven idiot and there is absolutely no way possible for her to know the issues in all the states where she endorses a candidate nor can she possible even know these candidates background or even know them at all. How anyone can take her seriously is baffling!

  13. Can anybody narrow down the times Sarah Palin “tweeted” this yesterday? I attended the Ted Stevens funeral services yesterday and say behind the goofy Mrs. Palin and her lovely husband Toad. If I were a betting person, I’d say she was on her Blackberry during the service.

    On a related matter, she didn’t look comfortable sitting in a large group of people who were not allowing her to be the center of attention. Curiously, when the funeral attendees were asked to sing some very familiar hymns, the Palins declined to do so.

    One more thing, the Palins attempted to sneak out of the sanctuary by a side/back door, rather than walk out with the “regular folks”, but security disallowed it. She looked disappointed that she was being treated like everybody else.

  14. I believe the only ones who can take her IGNORANCE that seriously are the very idiotic 15% of our population that voted for her and mcsanity! Thank God there are way more intelligent people in this country. A whole whopping 275+ million intelligent folks voted for PRESIDENT OBAMA– and rightly so! I don’t even want to imagine a country with palin as their leader. Notice how alaska is scared shtlss of her???..they will not divulge her evil doings and dictatorship while the loser govnr of alaska. why I wonder? I truly wish all the KATHLEEN’s of ALASKA would step up and warn the country!

  15. Another entitled white person heard from. (rolls eyes)

    Look, Blacks use that word the way they do in an effort to “own” it. To take possession of a term that was used by WHITES to hurt, humiliate and dehumanize them.

    When they say it, it is because it is part of their history and their healing process. When YOU or Dr. Shithead say it, it’s just a continuation of the abuse.

    it’s pretty simple math to anyone with a soul or a conscience to speak of.

    I find it a typically disgusting example of the “hey, slavery is over, get over yourselves” brand of “racial equality and tolerance” that Rush Limbaugh and the Newt practice. It’s the whole “hey, I took the chains off so now you should thank me. I can’t believe you’re so ungrateful after all I’ve done for you” kind of idiocy.

  16. God bless Palin and Dr.Laura.Seems like the black woman had a chip on her shoulder and the Dr. call her on it….meanwhile blacks don’t have a problem calling whites racist,crackers,rednecks,and last time I checked the constitution doesn’t give blacks the right to use certain words and forbid whites from using the same word(s)…I think most minorities are overly sensitive…but if you make a joke or negative comment about whites,it’s ok…sounds like a double standard to me…just sayin

  17. Shiva, I’ve seen your comments on here so I know that you are not a “troll”. In this instance I must tell you that the use of the N-Word was not what the caller called “Dr”. Laura to talk about. So please don’t get distracted by the diversion of “Dr” Laura defense about “blacks using the N-word so why can’t whites”. I think you know exactly why. You said the following:

    don’t rack me up as a bigot because I have no problems with black people. But it’s just a plain fact that white people cannot say the N-word and black people can say it constantly. and I understand the context in which black people say it.

    No one said white people couldn’t use the word….you may use it as much as you want….but be prepared for the consequences. “Dr” Laura used the N-word and now she is facing the consequences.

  18. Uh The Executioner….did you listen to the entire conversation or read the transcript? I’m not sure where you got this from:

    Seems like the black woman had a chip on her shoulder and the Dr. call her on it.

    Projecting much?

  19. Well let’s see EXECUTIONER

    I am black. I don’t use the N word, no one in my family uses it and I don’t want to hear another black person use it–so you know I don’t want to hear a white person say it. And the last time I checked, calling someone a racist isn’t something exclusive to black people. If you are one– you are one–no matter what color you are.

    Us black people are too “sensitive” huh? I’ve heard that a lot—mostly by people who are trying to tell a racist joke that they think I should laugh at.

    Let’s try an experiment. Shall we. Let’s turn our histories around and say up until about 50 years ago white people had to sit in the back of the bus, go to substandard schools, were not allowed to eat in restaurants or use certain bathrooms. If you were in some towns in the south (where my family is from) you might not want to be there after dark—lynching isn’t pretty. All you want to do is sit anywhere on the bus and be allowed to sit at a counter and eat. Meanwhile you are hosed and dogs are allowed to attack you. If someone called you a racist name–like the N word–you had to decide if you wanted to die or walk away.

    But now it’s 2010 and everything has changed (but you really know it hasn’t. You get pulled over in all black neighborhoods for nothing. And when you walk past black women they clutch their purses. You also get blamed for crimes by black people who are trying to cover up their own crimes–you know ” A BIG WHITE MAN DID IT”.)

    So the first white president is elected—and you’d have thought it was the end of the world. Suddenly–things people only thought fifty years ago are coming out of their mouths. All of a sudden some black people are saying the worst kind of racist bilge towards white people. Black radio entertainers are calling the President an albino monkey and white people are being called names they haven’t been called in fifty years (believe me I’ve been called the N word about ten times in the last two years). Only once before President Obama was elected and I’m over forty.

    Now–armed black people march on DC because they think the white president is gonna take their 2nd amendment rights away. Actually they are expanded (you can have weapons in national parks now) tea baggers
    hate the president and paint him in black face. Radio people make fun of his children, call him a nazi, socialist, terrorist. And he probably was born in England– they taunt.

    So you call into a radio personality and ask what you should do when your black spouse’s friends and family say hurtful racist things to you—then you get lambasted by an ugly racist word 11 times. And you get treated to vitriol about the president and other things you did not call in for on a national broadcast.

    Are you too sensitive now? Where’s your sense of humor?

    (And by the way Dr. Laura did another interview and apologized profusely to the woman who called in. She said not only did she not help her,but she was inappropriate about everything. The caller did NOTHING wrong.)

    But I have a feeling EXECUTIONER in your book–if a minority is involved they must be guilty in some way or other—or are just too SENSITIVE.

  20. She didn’t use it in a context that was abusive is my point. She certainly used it way too many times, but she was making the point that black people say it all the time. Now whether or not that context was wrong, she was not using it to be abusive to the woman caller. She was simply making a point. Blacks can say it in derogatory terms and if whites do they are racists.

    The N-word was a racist term used heavily in the 1960’s and back as we know. If this term has such a horrible stigma attached to it(and it does), why dont people of color set down with their kids and tell them, if I ever hear that word again I will send you to reform school(punishment can be filled in out of your own imagination.). In my mind its wrong for both to use it. Let that word die a unnatural death.

    I am not sure I care just what the caller called in for, that’s the way the conversation went. I saw the Lady on CNN this am and according to her she felt it was wrong for both races to use it. Dr Laura didnt stick to the topic, she grabbed the racist thing as soon as the lady said she was tired of racist epitaths. Bad on her, but still, thats the way the convo went

  21. …because her sponsors dropped her like a hot potato.

    Sorta like how Palin quit her governor’s job before HER sponsors — the voters in Alaska — got rid of her.

  22. Some of us who object strenuously to Palin’s constant barrage of Tweet and Facebook lies have also discovered the benefits of using Twitter and Facebook to push back.

    Just hunt up #palin, @sarahpalinusa, #WGE for example, and check out the flood of Tweets right-back-atcha to Palin.

  23. It was as insensitive to the woman caller to repeatedly use the word in an “if they use it on HBO why can’t I?” context as it was for Rush Limbaugh to yammer “retard retard retard retard” over and over again a few months ago.

    Interesting that Sarah Palin, that guardian of all things politically correct when IOKIYAR, supports both Dr. Laura and Limbaugh — but vilifies The Left (hello, Rahm) if they speak their mind about either their own party or The Right.

  24. Hate to burst your bubble. Dr. Laura was asked to resign. The Radio Station Management allowed her to leave with a modicum of dignity. Watch for story in next few weeks.

  25. It’s been suggested that she Tweeted the 2 Dr. Laura messages on her Blackberry once she got out of the church.

    I’m speculating what you saw during the service might have been Palin tweeting Rebecca Mansour, her Twitter/Facebook sometimes-ghostwriter, to write the text of the tweet for her, and get it ready for Palin to send out on her Blackberry.

    If you look an hour or so earlier, there’s another couple of Tweet messages purportedly from Palin, but they’re sent from “the web” — Mansour probably was the one who sent those out:

    Proud to Support More Women Leaders on the 90th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage
    11:56 AM Aug 18th via web
    Please watch this video
    about 24 hours ago via web

  26. Actually, the word nigger is never used by the African American/Black community. They used the word nigga. Big difference since the word nigger was a word used to denigrate blacks from the days of slavery and the Jim Crow laws.

  27. the constitution doesn’t give blacks the right to use certain words and forbid whites from using the same word(s)

    That’s correct!

    But it’s a free market and the constitution doesn’t have any provisions in it to force folks to LIKE what you have to say.

    Free speech has social consequences.

    Look at what happened to Imus….

    IMUS: That’s some nappy-headed hos. I’m gonna tell you that now, man, that’s some—whew. And the girls from Tennessee, they all look cute, you know, so, like—kinda like—I don’t know.

    Imus was suspended,and after some years he works for far less $ now

    Look at what happened to Michael Richards….when is the last time you saw HIM on a comedy show, he remains unemployable.

    Look at what happened to Mel Gibson after he let off a barrage of Jewish slurs during a traffic stop, he has barely worked since and he has been even worse lately, NOW his career is over.

    Glen Becks sponsors have dropped like flies since he said “Obama is a racist with a deep seated hatred of white people”
    FOX keeps him on to their financial determent.

    Remember what $arah TRIED to do to David Letterman?

    She didn’t like his JOKE so she TRIED her damnedest to have him fired from CBS.

    In that case it did not work because her indignant outrage was a joke in itself and her charges against Letterman were bogus.

    Words matter…..say whatever you like, but “free speech” DOES have social and economic consequences.

    “Dr.” Laura, in her own foolish words on CNN:

    Defending indefensible statements wasn’t all Dr. Laura did on CNN.

    Roberts opened the interview by repeatedly challenging Schlessinger’s contention that her First Amendment rights had been violated:

    ROBERTS: You said that you’re leaving your radio show to regain your First Amendment rights. How did you lose them?

    SCHLESSINGER: Well, I think everybody in the media risks that. I’m not the only one. I don’t see myself as a victim in particular. It’s the atmosphere in America today where there is very little debate and just the attempt to silence voices that somebody disagrees with.

    ROBERSTS: But does this go beyond being disagreed with? You said something that was very offensive.

    SCHLESSINGER: Well, yes. And I was trying to make a point about the hypersensitivity of racial issues. And I made it the wrong way. I instantly realized I had blown it.

    ROBERTS: But you seem to be, and correct me if I’m wrong, Dr. Schlessinger, saying that you’ve taken yourself off your radio show because other people are not allowing you your First Amendment rights even though you were wrong to have said what you said.

    During the interview, John Roberts pointed out that while much of the media attention devoted to Schlessinger’s comments has revolved around her repeated use of a racial slur, “there were some other things that you said during that broadcast that other people found even more troubling than the n-word.” Rather than apologize for those comments, Schlessinger kept digging:

    Roberts brought up her comment that “I really thought that once we had a black president, the attempt to demonize whites hating blacks would stop, but it seems to have grown, and I don’t get it,” and noted that “some people thought that was really a racist point of view.” Schlessinger replied, “I don’t. I think that was an observation.”

    Roberts then raised Schlessinger’s remark that “without giving much thought, a lot of blacks voted for Obama simply ’cause he was half-black… it was a black thing.” Roberts raised a Columbia University professor’s statement that Obama did not receive a substantially larger portion of the black vote than John Kerry got in 2004.

    Schlessinger did not respond to Roberts, instead attacking her original caller for her purportedly “racist statement that whites are afraid of the black man taking over America,”

    She then attacked Roberts for not having played the caller’s statement.

    Incidentally, the exchange Schlessinger was describing came on the other end of the commercial from the one that Roberts brought up.

  28. Um…we don’t even have that many registered voters in the USA, LX03.

    The census bureau estimated as of July 2008 the US total population was at 303,824,640.

    Obama McCain 3rd Party candidates

    Electoral vote 365 173
    Popular vote 69,456,897 59,934,814 ~1,600,000
    Percentage 52.9% 45.7% 1.4%

    During the 2008 presidential election, there were ~131,000,000 total voters out of an eligible voting age population of 212,702,354, which gives you a 61.6% participation rate.

  29. One thing about your comment about blacks saying racist things. THEY ARE NOT ON PUBLIC AIRWAVES saying them. just sayin’ as you put it.

  30. Even fewer people voted for George W Bush. I wonder if this how Palin is deluding herself into running in 2012? Hmmm……

    Suddenly it makes sense. She’s convinced her people didn’t show up at the polls.



    HOST: Is the news media doing a good job—are you getting a fair shake, are the Republicans getting a fair shake this year?

    PALIN: I don’t think they’re doing their job when they suggest that calling a candidate out on their record, their plans for this country, and their associations is mean-spirited or negative campaigning. If they convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations, then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.


    It’s OK for Palin to suggest it’s fine to ask for Obama’s birth certificate (as she has done because the poor thing can’t read, apparently) but it’s NOT ok for citizens to ask Sarah Palin what she did with all of the energy money her administration “lost” and wouldn’t give access for an accounting of just whom those checks went to. It’s also not OK to say you don’t think Palin is a feminist. It’s also not OK to ask Palin to pay taxes on per diem like the rest of us have to. It’s also not fair to ask Palin to pay taxes on the vehicle the state is providing for her. Its also not OK for Alaskans to question Palin’s ethics. It’s not OK for Letterman to make a joke about Palin’s older daughter.

    But if YOU or anyone else dares to speak out against her or someone she supports, she will say her first amendment rights are being “shackled”.

    See how this is working out? Just take everything Sarah says as the word, and there won’t be any problems.

  32. For those shorn lambs still wandering the wilderness who think of Mrs. Palin as the stalwart defender of the 1st Amendment, take a look at two previous times this year that she weighed in (opened her big mouth) on 1st Amendment rights:

    1) On the occasion of taking Rahm Emanuel to task for using the “R” word, Mrs. Palin said:

    “I would ask the president to show decency in this process by eliminating one member of [his] inner circle, Mr. Rahm Emanuel,” ….. Just as we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the “N-word” or other such inappropriate language”

    2) On the occasion of former press reporter Helen Thomas’s controversial comments on the Mideast conflict, Palin said:

    “Helen Thomas press pals condone racist rant? Heaven forbid “esteemed” press corps represent society’s enlightened elit; Rest of us choose truth” (5:32 PM Jun 5th via Twitter)


    Palin could give a hoot about the true application of 1st Amendment rights. She’s ideologically and morally shallow, with an acute opportunistic sense on how to remain in the public spotlight. She wouldn’t “choose the truth” if it were handed to her on a golden platter (well, maybe if the price of gold was soaring).

  33. What’s the difference between what Don Imus said and Dr. Laura? Imus is still on the air, and many democrats incredulously defended not what he said, but his right to stay on the air! I guess, because he defended some dem causes? IMO they should both be off the air, but it’s clear, especially from this article, that Laura is getting more heat because she’s a conservative, not a liberal. Look, I hate her, but let’s call it for what it is.

    I think that is Nutty, Evangelical, Wolf-shooting Sarah Palin’s point, that she shouldn’t be run off the air because she’s right wing. I didn’t see anywhere that Palin wanted her to stay because they both put on suntan lotion at the beach. It’s clear to me that Palin grooves on Laura’s hateful neocon views, not for any other reason. Remember, Palin endorsed Star Parker as a mama grizzly, and Star is a right wing hateful black woman. This scenario is exactly like the black community pushing back on criticism of Farrakhan, because Farrakhan made racist and anti-semetic comments. Their point at the time was that it did not negate Farrakhan’s relevance to the black community and they could embrace him while at the same time disagreeing with his public comments. They maintained they had a right to hear what Farrakhan said, no matter how politically incorrect he was, and they would then make up their own mind. That is exactly what is going on here, there are yes, white conservatives who want the right to hear these people speak, because of common ideals (pro-bible, anti-evolution, pro-gun, anti-environment, pro-corporation, anti-feminist, anti-abortion, pro-war, etc, etc). I think when you try to oversimplify it to ok, this white chick is supporting this other white chick because she said the N word and therefore they both must wear Klan hoods on weekends…’re doing a serious diservice to the truth.

    Calling Palin lily white and racist is a broad enough stroke as it is, but to suggest that her feelings on ground zero is proof of racism is beyond the pale. Does that mean Harry Reid is a racist too? It just falls flat. Some indication of your disingenuousness is your re phrasing of the Cordoba mosque as Park51, with no mention of why that is. Yes, that is the new name of the building, but let’s not sideset why the name was changed to begin with.

    It’s clear that Dr Laura doesn’t get why her comments on air were wrong. It’s it so ignorant it’s almost funny. But if we’re going to have a national conversation on race, which seems to be foisted upon us lately, then let’s have an honest one. Obama too, was forced to respond to heated feelings on race when the controvery came up on his pastor, and he did a great job with his speech on race. Then again he moderated between the white cop and black homeowner. Maybe we can take a page from that. Because the direction we’re sliding in doesn’t seem to be helpful at all. It’s plain lazy thought, partisan thought, and it is of no benefit at all.

  34. And what’s with the “reload”? A Palin trademark? A former vice-presidential candidate with many supporters. How sad for this country.

  35. What really needs to happen here is for people to turn a deaf ear to this nutcase. She is the center of attention because we make her the center of attention. If she didn’t have an audience, she’d probably STFU and go away, which would be a huge relief. The same can be said for Glen Beck. They’re like kids that thrive on negative attention.

  36. Dr. Laura apologized for her rant. She said it was wrong.
    She also admitted that she decided to leave her show, that she still had a contract and that she made the decision.
    So which is it?
    Did she lie when she apologized? It appears she did.
    If she thinks she is being targeted and her first amendment rights were violated, then she obviously thinks what she said was right.

    She is a therapist who is supposedly giving advise via phone on a radio show.
    She let her personal animosity get in the way of her ‘therapy’ .
    He show should have fired her for that alone.
    Since they did not, then we should just consider her a radio shock jock.

  37. That’s idiotic. They’re the same word, one is just the spelling that matches the way it’s pronounced in a “Southern” dialect.

    That said, it’s all about context – and white people CAN say “nigger” to their black friends – because their friends know they’re not racists. It’s just stupid old racist white broads can’t get away with using it without being criticized.

  38. Get a life. Love it how you only go after conservative women with too easy targets like hillary and pelosi. Just because someone uses the word “nigger” does not make them a racist.

  39. To start – the caller never raised the ‘N’ word in her call, that was Laura’s doing so therefore her comparison to use on HBO etc. – she took the conversation to a different place and not a good one.

    IMO Laura elevated the issue of racism by including her comment of ‘Don’t NAACP me’ together with the other comments such as advising the caller not to marry outside her race. Why not – it’s been legal for years.

    I see it as you have to weigh the full text of the comments together with her need to say the “n” word 11 times. She could have got her point across if that was truly her intent by letting it slip 1 time and possibly gotten away with it but she should dug in the gutter and said it 11 times and she should have said it as many do as the ‘n’ word. The fact still remains, the caller had not brought into the coversation the ‘n’ word. That was Laura’s choice to include & elevate the issue as she IMO verbally attacked the caller. I see some similarities in this as the Imus issue. Shows you how some of the ‘radio celebs’ have no desire to educate themselves.

    Please don’t assume that all blacks “don’t” educate their children as to use and meaning of words. Because a word was certainly more common in the ’60’s’, my calendar says it’s 2010. Really the only thing from the 60’s that I do now is sing the old 60’s songs.

    Palin made a point to include in her response, the ‘shackled’ word. That was intentional and further confirmation of her racism, bigotry and utmost stupdity. She’s trying to grab the media attention as she lost her face time together with an August 0 for 5. Even some ‘celebs’ have come out on this one.

  40. According to Dr. Laura, black comedians use the n-word, so therefore it is okay for anyone to use it. Since when do we use the comedic stage to set our social standards of appropriate behavior. Comedians have used some derogatory terms to describe Jews also, like kike. Dr. Laura is Jewish and I doubt very much that she would think it okay that people address her as a kike. That term conjures for me images of german concentration camps and genecides of WWll. It is a term meant to be just as degrading and hurtful as the n-word. The n-word is a term of disrespect which invokes feelings of hatred and images of bondage and lynchings. I’m sure Palin would object to being called “white trash” even though black and white comedians have used the term. We all know Palin is ignorant and therefore we expect to here something like that coming from her mouth. Remember her campaign rallies? But Dr. Laura, a radio psycho therapist, who is Jewish and highly educated? She just revealed to the American public and world that she is a quack ,’who has a deep seeded hatred of black people’ and does not want them to marry out of their race.

  41. Imus was within a week suspended and days later his contract cancelled with I believe CBS. His simulcast show was dropped immediately from some markets. Imus and his wife met with the basketball team, not going on a media romp to ‘justify’ his comment like Laura is doing. The more she talks, the deeper she is digging herself as she tries to justify it and the typical response that her First Amendment rights have been lost. Radio personalities should be educated as to the First Amendment as I still have not heard the Government involvement or any attempt of silencing her and Imus for that matter. Laura, Palin and others have yet to learn – if you toss it out, be prepared for the backlash. Those Glass Houses shatter very quickly.

  42. HowHow sad to see our country once again raging over one simple word; a once very common word used derogatorily to describe both races as it’s meaning is ‘white trash’. The double standard, or reverse discrimination is a fact as displayed by our presidents’ audio reading of “Whitey” with no shock and gnashing of teeth. It was how angry races labeled each other, and unfortunately are still using to stay angry. I don’t know of anyone who is not sick and tired of tiptoeing around this word. After so many years we call Yanks ‘Yank’ and Crackers ‘Cracker’, Hillbillies ‘Oakeys’, Chinese ‘Chink’, French ‘Frogs’, Norwegians “Toe Head” and Old Farts ‘Old Fart’, etc., etc. How about Blonde, Retard and even “Girlie Boy”? ALL of these are NOW used as either insults or terms of endearment with no stipulation that you can only be a Yank, Cracker, Oakey, Chinese ‘, French, Norwegians or Old Fart, etc to use them.
    The WHOLE world is tired of coddling ‘Aftrican-Black-Colored-People-of-Color-Nigger-Nigga-Nigra Americans. Slavery was repulsive, but teach yourself and your children to read other races’ repulsive histories. Learn how many hundreds of thousands of Orientals died building this Country’s railroads or how the Irish were virtual slaves (yes men, women and children whipped, raped, sold and treated as less than livestock) only they had to pay for their livelihood as well. The Native Indians surely have a case against constant reminders of Washington ‘Redskins’, many names, and most car models.
    Many of our grandparents, and theirs, put blood into this soil to make this Nation. My ancestors fought and died to free slaves. For what? So the children of slaves could ‘shackle’ themselves in the past instead of growing and prospering? For the love of all who have sacrificed to give us all the freedom to seek happiness here in the great land, please forgive each other and use the word ‘Nigger’ or loose the word until it no longer has this power to destroy us. If Dr. Laura had said these things in Christ, in Love rather than in repetition to make her point, perhaps her message would have come through. It’s a word. It only has power to offend if one chooses to be offended.
    We made this Country by judging men of all color on ‘merit’. Let that be the word of today’s discussion. Using our ‘merit’, our talents, to re-energize this Nation to be the beacon on the hill it has always been. Let’s use THIS crisis to take back control for OUR people and remember the courage it took our families, in each instance of time and despair, to keep believing we can rise above it. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the men I elect pouncing on an easy kill (stirring up racism is pretty easy) so they can ‘take charge’ of the unrest. We made our laws, we want our laws enforced not bent beyond recognition, and we want it done without a mud fight. This is our politicians (red and blue) favorite distraction. It really doesn’t matter when our enemies are waiting for signs of our weakness. Remember 9/11 when we all walked out of the dust one color…one mind…one pride…and one desire…that we would NEVER allow ourselves to be weakened and distracted again. Rise above it America! Amen.

  43. Replying to Con:

    Something came to mind after reading that last part of your post. I remember hearing a poem on NPR performed (and written) by a black man living in New York. He spoke about how after 911, for the first time in his life he wasn’t a nigger. People passing him on the street, “nodding almost in reverence.”. “We are the survivors,” he commented. I imagine what it was like for him to feel that way, for that moment to exist. None of us can know what that is like unless we are african american. I wish Dr. Laura could understand that.

    Victims of hate and discrimination need to be able to reclaim the words used against them, so I maintain blacks have more leeway with the n-word than whites. Just as gays have a right to reclaims words like faggot and dyke. But if someone else uses those words, it’s just not right.

  44. Deb, I didn’t feel Imus was all that contrite. He regretted getting in trouble, was all. He’s on the air, somewhere. And as I recall, he even sued the station that fired him. In my view, this man should be off the air. But, if there’s a market, then I guess he stays. People of course can give feedback, to what they consider verbal abuse over the airwaves, and so there was blowback for Imus, and for Laura. (Laura, however, did not actually hurl insults at anyone). Still, she’s got a rotten track record and I hope she’s off the air permanantly. And yes, I agree, that those that dish it out should learn to take it. (Why does reloading instead of retreating, always seem to involve quitting?)

  45. I dunno. Saying the “N” word 11 times seems excessive no matter what… especially when a caller has explained that it’s hurtful to them. Besides, “rap stars do it” seems a pretty lame excuse even for Dr. Laura. Telling the woman not to marry out of her race (the human race?) also is pretty indefensible. But I’m sure you can spin it into some ridiculous direction…

  46. So, where is your condemnation of Jason Easley? Go back and read his posting on Dr. Laura. In it he uses the N word??? In his picture he looks like an old white guy? I’m guessing that the use of this offensive word is OK if its used by white liberals like Easley and the former Ku Klux Klan leader, Robert Byrd. I don’t know, but it sounds pretty hypocritical to me…

  47. You can not possibly be that stupid, but yeah, you busted me. I knew I should have never posted my real pic as my avatar, or ran for that 4th term.

  48. “Reload” is no doubt a reference to her gunslinging habits that she visits on Alaska’s wildlife. Given that in this context it references Schlessinger’s attack of a black woman and any black person offended by a barrage of the worst word, Palin is encouraging Schlessinger to reload her filthy mouth and let loose again.

    Despicable. And I am pretty sure Palin doesn’t really grasp the significance of what she says. She lacks empathy almost altogether, so how could she?

  49. Factually, you have it wrong. The called did mention the word first, and Dr. L. then wielded it like a club.

  50. You spell it out pretty clearly. I can only conclude that SP is not especially intelligent. She’s a bit above average, which if you remember that average is about 100, isn’t as smart as probably everybody posting here.

  51. Of course, the First Amendment says nothing about what happened. It says that the government may not interfere with people’s right to speech.

    Roberts did a terrible job of asking that question. Anyone can tell anyone to shut up and it has nothing to do with the First Amendment. Free speech doesn’t mean free pass.

    Has everybody completely lost the capacity for reading and logic?

  52. I think you forgot that the n-word was used against people enslaved. Last I heard, tow-head refers to hair color, which somehow just isn’t as oppressive as being a slave. I don’t think.

  53. I am so happy that the ugly (inside and out) crazy old gym teacher reaped what she had sowed. She could have gotten her argument across by saying “N word” and not using the word and by not saying “don’t NAACP me” but like Michael Richards AKA “Cosmo Kramer”,she ends up the the trash heap of history, a history of her own making. I am so happy that the free market AKA sponsors started to pull their ads and she finally realized that she was just another “run of the mill gabby” and her days were numbered. She realized that she was not as smart as she thought she was, finally!

    The problem with Palin is the same when she mistakenly referred to Ronald Reagan Eureka College, being in California and we all know its in Illinois, same thing, she does not fact check anything she is going to say. She is soooo Palin!

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