Sarah Palin Hijacks 9/11 to Bash Obama

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Sarah Palin put her brand of patriotism on full display on 9/11. Apparently to Palin patriotism means betraying America’s basic constitutional rights, while betraying our commander in chief, and holding a benefit for Sarah Palin Inc., not the victims or families of 9/11. Could it be any more obvious why Palin is a danger to our freedoms?

Here is video of Palin addressing the Wasilla 9/11 rally via the Alaska Dispatch:

Palin started off the day by saying, “We must commit to never allowing it to happen again, and it does matter to those families who lost loved ones to know that even up here in Alaska, we will take the time to honor the sacrifices that were made that day, and of course to always honor and appreciate our military.”

At the Wasilla event Palin remembered the dead of 9/11 by attacking the media and the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, “”The mainstream media has obviously a biased agenda against common-sense conservatives. That’s no secret. And we just happen to represent a lot of common-sense conservatives. And they just don’t like it. So they make things up.” Please keep in mind that this is a woman who draws a check from Fox News complaining about media bias, and, “making things up.”

Palin continued her self serving and completely unrelated to 9/11 attack on the media, which she is also a member of later that night by saying, “Let me tell you, folks, it’s a brutal, leftist-dominated lamestream media world out there.” By leftist dominated, Palin is obviously referring to the fact that the top cable news, network and top 3 radio talk shows are all conservative.

Lest you think that the Palin/Beck kegger had nothing to do with 9/11, Palin took the time to put her patriotism on full display by attacking President Barack Obama with the insinuation that Obama is making America less safe by being less vigilant on terrorism, “It starts from the top,” she said. “Those who kind of set the tone in our country that would lead us towards a complacency that is very, very, very dangerous. I fear that is why we are seeing the patterns we’re seeing right now, especially over the last 20 months.”

To be fair, Palin and Beck did talk about what they felt on September 11, 2001, but Palin spent most of her time being coy about 2012, and rambling about American exceptionalism and warning about socialism, “This Statue of Liberty was gifted to us by foreign leaders, really as a warning to us, it was a warning to us to stay unique and to stay exceptional from other countries. Certainly not to go down the path of other countries that adopted socialist policies.” For his part, Beck did his usual the fate of this country is on the line, the end is near shtick that has made him a very, very wealthy man.

To an authoritarian theocrat like Sarah Palin 9/11 is nothing more than a chance to attack our constitutional freedoms, and bash the man who is leading this nation in the war on terror. We all knew that Sarah Palin hates America, but she loves capitalism. She mouthed the talking point about remembering the victims of 9/11, but she wouldn’t do anything for the victims or their families. If Palin really was a patriot, she would have not only not attacked Obama on 9/11, but made sure that all of the proceeds from her 9/11 house party went to the victims or 9/11 families. The fact that Palin kept the cash, and Beck donated his to a non-9/11 charity demonstrated just how little these two hucksters really care.

The anniversary of September 11 should not be about anything other than remembering the terrible events of that day, and contrary to what Palin thinks, 9/11 is not about the military. We already have a holiday for that. It is called Memorial Day. By trying to tie the military into 9/11, Palin engaged in a revisionist bit of history that justifies the notion of preemptive war by linking it to 9/11. Sarah Palin presents a bigger danger to our freedoms than Osama Bin Laden ever could. Bin Laden can only spread fear. It is the reaction to that fear, as embodied in people like Palin, which places our very freedoms in danger. This is one lesson that we should never forget.

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  1. I KNEW that anything involving Palin was going to be partisan, as well as being clueless enough to attack the “elite” media she and Beck are a part of. As always, her lack of class and dignity was on full display as shown in her attacks on the president. Unlike Michelle Obama or Laura Bush, she showed her immaturity, intellectual shallowness, and her ignorance about the significance of 9-11. It is supposed to be a day of national unity as a tribute to 9-11 victims, as well as one of comfort and support to living victims and survivors of victims. Palin is too dishonest, immature, and self-centered to refrain from disrespecting this administration, and she has also shown her willingness to inject herself into affairs that don’ t concern her. This was shown by helping to foment anti-Muslim hatred by putting her two cents in about the proposed NYC mosque. She is dangerous because she shows and encourages disrespect to those who disagree with her, and she has to have attention at any cost. Anyone who still sees her as presidential material or belonging in any position of national power is delusional.

  2. I happened to run across a link on another blog to a Yahoo! post on Laura Bush and Michelle Obama’s visit to PA to commemorate 9/11, and I was appalled at the ugliness and hatred expressed toward our First Lady in the comments section. There were many references to her being an ape, her speech, and her intelligence. References were made to the FL being a Muslim in disguise, sharia law, and many negative comments about Muslim-Americans. We have Palin, Beck, the non-news network, and other rw personalities to thank for this and for the attacks on our Muslim-American citizens. I saved the page for future reference. I never want to hear ever again that there is no racism/bigotry among some members of the Republican Party. It hit me especially hard because of being forced to live part of my life in a segregated America. That these people have been led to display such hatred toward those whom they don’t agree with in regard to a 9/11 event is atrocious. I guess Palin, Beck, and the other whiners can say “Mission Accomplished” on their efforts to bring about a resurgence of racism and bigotry in 2010. It seems that some of us can no longer commemorate 9/11 without having to be subjected to this distasteful, vile behavior from some of our fellow citizens.

  3. I was wondering all these few days that she has been around the united states was what happened to Trigg. I thought she put her family first. Any good mother knows her children and family come first. I want to know how these so called “common sense” conservatives ever wonder where her children are? You know like the TV commericals would ask “its 10:00, do you know where your children are”. I am willing to bet if the Obama’s act like quitter Palin you would been hearing them ask the same questions. But we all know the answers to that question. The Palins are all show and shame and am willing to bet her children are embrassed of her.

  4. Regarding Palin’s vicious attack on President Obama:

    A common phrase I hear from right-wingers is “Obama is not MY President.” It’s truly stunning, but it does provide a glimpse on why the virulent criticism of PO is deemed acceptable to these folks, even in a speech given on the anniversary of 9/11 which should be ostensibly a day of national remembrance and unity.

    In my opinion, much of the rhetoric of Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, and other RW extremists approaches the level of sedition precisely because of this refusal to recognize PO as the legitimate, duly elected POTUS.

    As Rachel Maddow grimly pointed out last week, Sharron Angle and like-minded conservatives have stated they are prepared to use “Second Amendment Remedies” if they don’t get what they want from the ballot box in the future.

    Sedition? Armed rebellion? Fear-mongering about Muslim Americans which directly endangers our troops abroad and national security at home? — and these hypocrites call themselves “patriots who love America and the troops???” Only their ignorant, bigoted followers believe that hogwash.

  5. One day payme will go down in history as the aip loving secessionist traitor that she is. Her name will be as dirty ad McCarthy but with more shame.

    These idiots think the nation will forget this crap? We wont.

  6. We must notice that in her zeal to talk military, she never talks about the current military, the guys coming home and the ones wounded and mentally defraged. Sarah is pure Fox News, that in you always get the half story as Jason points out when the fact that she whines about the press, and the top shows are conservative.

    Lets make the analogy here about sacred or hollowed ground. Everything is sacred when you mention ground zero, but nothing is sacred about the day 9/11 to Sarah. Our president did not go on about conservatives on that day, he went on about hope and tolerance.

    Something that makes him a president and her a coulda shoulda almost coulda been.

    Utterly disgusting friends, utterly disgusting

  7. Do you remember the New York Post magazine had a picture of Barack Obama as a Muslim and his wife as an angry militant with a bush back in 2008? It’s amazing how stupid and racist people can be in spite of all of the facts about this couple that completely refute the stereotypes. I have also seen the references on many forums to the First Lady as a chimp, ape, etc., and those things only reflect poorly on the morons doing the name-calling. She is a well-spoken, attractive, and highly intelligent woman who is actually the stellar wife and mother that they only pretend Sarah Palin is. As a black woman myself, I find these insults highly offensive because that’s how these racists view us as a group. I watched her and former First Lady Laura Bush together, and they did us proud with their positive, uplifting speeches. Each woman represented a slice of America, one a black Democrat and the other a white Republican. They were in Shanksville, PA, to pay tribute to the Flight 93 passengers, and they were a class act. Both of them are head and shoulders above the hateful cretins who can’t see beyond the current First Lady’s race.

  8. can anyone tell why the top news network and radio shows are conservative….sounds to me like this open and shut. People want to get the facts…NBC and its affliates are distasteful and totally bias…just look at their ratings. Facts never lie. This amazes me how scared you liberals are of Palin…you all must feel threatened or I know your self esteem is very low. I love it that this site has a link dedicated to little ol’ Palin.
    As far as name calling the 1st lady MO that is not acceptable from any party…but let me guess it is OK when the far left liberals spread all the lies about Palin’s son Trig…saying that is acceptable I SUPPOSE just like saying that she is un American.

  9. Oh WOW scared really, ah no. On one is scared of Walin we are happy to see her it reminds the people of America jsut how out of touch teabaggers and the GnOP are compared to the Democrats. Who is spread lies and what are the lies about the smartest Palin, Trig. Stop watch Fox and get some real news. Nut job troll!

  10. oldhag…I guess you don’t like anyone putting you in your place.
    you only wished your MSNBC could be in the same ballpark as the real news station

  11. Yep, especially most of them never served in the military. They are good at letting their mouths overload their asses. Yes let out the crap and stink on the rest of us.

  12. Honestly…how does a person get as stupid as Sarah Palin? Does she take lessons? Study? Is there something in the water she drinks that kills brain cells? And people cheer when she makes things up while accusing the conservative-controlled media of making things up? My head is spinning so badly I may have to go vomit.

  13. We believe MSNBC gives the truth. Who care if people like teabaggers come off as delusional. Funny how the liberal media holds the president accountable. Too bad that Fox News never held Bush accountable maybe we wouldn’t of gone to a fake war in Iraq killing innocent people and our soldiers. Bush and Fox News has blood on their hands for cooperating getting the war off the grown.

  14. Honestly…how does a person that’s suppposedly stupid make you liberals feel threatened??? Mr, Haraldsson can you answer why you in particular feel so threatened by a stupid person. As for being a conservative I will never feel threatened by anybody that I would classify as being stupid. I think I see a liberal deer in the headlights look.
    By the way there is only 1 conservative-controlled media out there and HELLO Palin works for it. There is no way in HELL you are considering any other news outlet of being conservative are you?

  15. She has earned every bit of disrespect and disdain that has been directed her way. What IS scary about her is that there are people foolish enough to give her an undeserved status in spite of her well-known and well-documented lack of mental intelligence and moral integrity. And for all the rhetoric about how “libs” don’t like her, there is also a sizeable number of self-identified conservatives who have an equally dim view of her.

  16. I think we’re supposed to cower on fear over her ability to hide behind her gender or her willingness to abuse her power neither say much. She’s an ignorant thug and no more. I’d say she was pretty but I base that on more than wigs and fake teeth so I don’t find her attractive
    Then there’s her voice. God save us all.
    I do get a kick out of how she talks about men’s balls all of the time.

  17. I think she must have ingested too much water from Lake Lucille, the dead lake behind her atrocious house that she described as the “family swimmin’ hole.”

  18. Jaime… we know you want to sniff Palin’s cooter, but, it just ain’t gonna happen. She would never be seen anywhere near the likes of you, unless you are prepared to drop some serious cashola on her, then she’ll probably let you touch her, and might even give you a happy ending.

    The point is, Sarah has you sheep on the right fooled. She doesn’t care about YOU or your cause. She just wants to ride the gravy train that all the publicity affords her. We see past her charade.

  19. Jaime… you’d better hurry and give all your worthless cash to goldline for some real gold. How nice of them to want to trade that worthless cash for gold.

  20. Jaime, dont you get tired of being hoisted by your own petard?

    I will just name a couple. You can finish it yourself


    All media

    Is this all you are ever going to have?

  21. Shroomy, I think you might have drinken too much tea before you spout off at the mouth. You need to do your research first. Here is some facts about your little ol’ party that is just so poor and middle class, at least that is what you try and percieve yourself as to get the less fortunates vote.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will host the event, along with DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and DSCC Chairman Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

    For $15,200, donors will be allowed to attend the dinner and a “presidential photo reception.”

    Democratic insiders declined to say how much the two party committees hoped to raise at the event, but the White House does not allow registered lobbyists to attend events with Obama or Vice President Joe Biden

    Read more:

    For some reason the main stream news outlet will not cover anything that is negative as this. $15200 to attend a dinner and get a photo op with Obama. Give me a fu$%ing break. This just go to show you that the Democratic party see real ASS whooping come Nov. Hell the Obama and Biden will be doing some serious fundraising for the Dems in the next few weeks.
    BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS WHY DON’T THE BORDERLINE DEMS ASKING BIDEN AND OBAMA TO CAMPAIGN DIRECTLY FOR THEM… this cause they are toxic assets. Obama and Biden are liabilities that even the dem congressmen/women are trying to distance themselves from.
    This is just like not having Bush campaign for Palin and Mccain.
    I put Obama/Biden popularity on the same scale as Bush/Cheney. The sad thing is that it took Bush 6 yrs to reach this level as it has taken Obama a pathetic 20 MONTHS

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