Fox News Touts Christine O’Donnell as the New Sarah Palin

Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is learning that Fox News and all of its media outlets can be quite the fickle mistress as evidence by Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Fox News Radio appearance where she basically touted Christine O’Donnell as the new Sarah Palin, “She is really becoming an engaging compelling figure. I think she definitely got a little bit of Sarah Palin appeal to her.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

While hyping O’Donnell on Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade and Friends, Guilfoyle said, “Really exciting. Did you see the interview with Sean Hannity as well? You know, I think that she is really becoming an engaging, compelling figure…She came off I think very likable, and people have tried to take their hits and criticisms of her, but I think she’s definitely got a little bit of like Sarah Palin appeal to her. Coming off as someone you can relate to, approachable, with kind of some common sense you know, ideas about government, and actually listening to the people. It’s a great message.”

I don’t know if Sarah Palin has seen the Hollywood classic All About Eve, but she might be wise to check it out, and here’s a hint for Palin, she isn’t Eve. Could it be that Fox News is positioning Christine O’Donnell to be their new it girl, and if so, how will becoming yesterday’s news resonate with the former governor whose ego is the size of Alaska? Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we should remember that Fox News is in the business of helping Republican candidates, and there is no greater lost cause, charity case for the Right than Christine O’Donnell.

Christine O’Donnell’s common sense ideas about government include a blanket opposition to abortion, with no exceptions, opposition to stem cell research, opposition to the financing of AIDS programs, and a claim that evolution is soft science. She is yet another in the long line of 2010 Republican candidates who wants to oxymoronically both extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and cut the federal deficit. (Of course, she has bought into the right wing fairy tale that tax cuts pay for themselves, and the lore first spun by St. Ronnie of Jellybean that tax cuts lower the deficit).

With the positions that she holds, Christine O’Donnell is virtually unelectable in Delaware, but this has not stopped the Fox News Machine from turning her into the new Joe Miller, who used to be Scott Brown, who originally was Sarah Palin. The difference is that now we have a younger female Palin clone, who sells the whole right wing clueless cutie, warrior of God gimmick harder than Palin ever has been able to. Christine O’Donnell really is Christian Evangelical Jihad Barbie, and while she is likely heading for a double digit defeat in Delaware, O’Donnell is already being positioned as the new Sarah Palin. It will be interesting to see how the lead “mama grizzly” deals with this, but keep in mind that sometimes mama grizzlies eat their young.

23 Replies to “Fox News Touts Christine O’Donnell as the New Sarah Palin”

  1. Ouchy ouch. Christine O’Donnell also doesn’t have drug addicted criminals for children or pregnant out of wedlock children sullying up her image as the new Jesus — but then, there’s nothing an evangelical likes better than someone who is reborn. And by reborn, they mean not repentant, but saying the right words.

    I so see O’Donnell as Eve here….and not the biblical Eve. Palin may have met her match in unbridled ambition and ability to lie and grift. Only time will tell.

    Down the rabbit hole we go.

  2. Oy. SPaylin isn’t going to stand for all the attention going to her mini-me much longer. That was not supposed to happen, dammit!

  3. Fox News Machine from turning her into the new Joe Miller, who used to be Scott Brown, who originally was Sarah Palin. Love that sentence.

  4. And the funny part is once Christine is demolished in debates for her past inabilities and looniness, Fox will just move on to the next “new”

  5. These silly women don’t realize that they are pawns in a devious game, and that FOX is always looking for the next “Palin,” once the current one’s novelty wears off. The fact that they always seem to be looking for the next “hottie,” as well as emphasizing that they think Democratic women are unattractive, shows exactly how they view women.

  6. Kinda funny you say that, since she claims to have dabbled in “witch craft”. I can’t stop laughing. I mean, it’s one thing to watch someone crash and burn. It’s another to willing strap on the Saturn Rocket boosters and aim straight for the center of the earth. I’m actually waiting to see how bad this can get. I REALLY want to see if she can make more problems than palin. And in case your wondering, yes that is glee. I don’t care what political association you have, you deserve what you get if you can’t vet your leaders.

  7. “I don’t care what political association you have, you deserve what you get if you can’t vet your leaders.”

    you couldn’t be more right. That is an absolutely basic truth

  8. She may not have children with weird names but she does have a broomstick and a black pointy cap in her closet. Not a reason to burn her at the stake of course but it is hard to take someone like that seriously.

  9. Yeah I see Sarah getting pushed aside in Fox’s stable of wingnut commentators and ‘Mama Grizzly’ ain’t gonna like her Biblically annointed path to power cut off. The funniest thing about O’Donnell is that every time she opens her mouth weirder stuff comes out than ever came out of the combined mouths of Palin, Dubya and Dan Quayle combined!
    What a waste it is to lose your mind (an old quote of Quayles, for those too young to remember him making it)…..but you first must HAVE a mind to LOSE.
    I don’t think that if the right wingnuts HAD a mind they’d know what to do with it. That’s the really scary part….
    I can just see O’Connell dealing with congressional protocol details like quorum calls and making an amendment to the bill being debated…..she’d be completely lost. Wait a second, she’s lost already, she just hasn’t realized it yet….

  10. I agree, 100%. Even with all the batshit crazy stuff O’Donnell’s said, she’s actually able to form entire sentences that then form coherent thoughts, even on the spot–unlike the Tea Party Queen herself. It’s like English is her first language or something.

  11. Wow. Look at all these jealous progressive whores cackle about Christine. She is very cute, like Sarah. Imagine, a cute, smart conservative Republican female.

    The leftists heads are exploding! Haw!

  12. O’Donnell has goofy, Jerry Lewis-type eyes that are definitely the window to her soul. At least, with Lewis, it was just an act but with O’Donnell, it’s the real deal.

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