Jesse Ventura Slams Sarah Palin For Screwing Alaska

Former pro wrestler, actor, governor of Minnesota, and current television host Jesse Ventura held nothing back in an interview with Fancast when asked about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Ventura said he would never support the Tea Party because of Palin, and added, “She saw greener pastures, said, Screw the people of Alaska, and went on to collect.”

When the Fancast interview turned away from plugging his TV show Conspiracy Theory, and turned to politics, things got interesting. When asked about the Tea Party, Ventura said, “I’ll put it to you this way about the Tea Party: Anybody that would put Sarah Palin to the top of their list will never get me. She’s a quitter.” When asked if he was not a fan of Palin, because she quit, he answered, “You’re damn right. She quit in the middle of her term. That’s the contract you have with the voters.” (Ventura has blasted Palin many times in the past for being a quitter).

Oh, but Jesse The Body, was just getting warmed up. When asked if he thought she was qualified to be president, he said, “Well, I felt she was completely unqualified. I had more qualifications than she did. I had served as a mayor of a town [Brooklyn Park, Minn.] of 60,000 – hers [Wasilla, Alaska] was 10,000. I had served as governor for two years when everybody wanted me to run for president in 2000, and I said I’m not prepared to be the president. I haven’t even completed office as a governor yet. Now, she never completed her office as governor. She didn’t even get two years in hardly! And she quit to get money. Jesus, how do people not see that! She saw greener pastures, said, Screw the people of Alaska, and went on to collect.”

When asked if he would do an episode of show on her, he bluntly stated, “I wouldn’t waste my time.” Ouch. Ventura is everything is that Palin pretends to be. He is a true independent. He was elected to office as a legitimate third party candidate, and he is an outsider. Ventura even has real fame that isn’t limited to Fox News, Facebook, and Twitter, and he didn’t hesitate to offer quite the comprehensive destruction of the myth of Sarah Palin.

Ventura hit on all the reasons why Palin will never be elected president. Compared to someone like Jesse Ventura, who himself does not have a vast political resume, she is woefully unqualified, but the elephant in the room, as always with Palin is her quitting. Ventura is one of the few public figures with the stones to come out and say what most people inside and outside politics are thinking. She basically told the people of Alaska to screw off, packed up her traveling circus, and went to get paid.
This makes her undependable, untrustworthy, and unelectable.

Contrary to what he said in the interview, Ventura himself has made statements that indicate that he is a bit of a conspiracy buff and he has questions about 9/11 a.k.a truther stuff, and the man does host a show about conspiracy theories, but his comments about Palin were dead on accurate. It must annoy somebody like Ventura, who did work his way up from mayor to governor that Palin is pretending to be something that she isn’t.

She is not qualified. In fact, quitting on Alaska less than halfway through one term should disqualify her from serious consideration. More people need to be like Ventura, and not be afraid to take on the media creation that is Sarah Palin. Sarah actually has very little power. What’s she going to do to Ventura? Send out a few nasty tweets? Have her ghost writer post something to her Facebook page? It is a pretty safe bet that we won’t get through the weekend without Palin replying, because when your fame is built on feuding with celebrities, as Palin’s is, she can’t let an opportunity to stir something up with Ventura pass by, but this one celebrity feud that she should not be wanting to have. Ventura will eat her alive.

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  1. You have to respect Jesse for not being afraid to speak up; he calls it like he sees it and in this he is spot on.

  2. We got a lot of grief over Jesse as Governor in MN (I didn’t personally vote for him) but he was in fact a fine governor and if he’d been a major party candidate nobody would have blinked at hardly anything he’d done except signing (essentially toothless) hemp legislation and a couple of his more outrageous public comments. He wasn’t really suited to play the political game and the legislative obstruction severely limited his effectiveness (and honestly he shares a fair portion of the blame for that) but his tenure was certainly not without accomplishments and he made significant gestures as well, such as his trade mission to Cuba. His judicial appointments are widely acknowledged to have been exemplary for having not been politically motivated. He was honest and adhered to his principles. I don’t think Jesse would be an effective president but he certainly has ten times the qualifications of Palin, who is the definition of no substance.

  3. I’d vote for Ventura over Palin any day. He’s honest, smart, and has the ability to finish what he starts. All of these are missing in Palin. I’m with Jesse. I wouldn’t waste my time on anything having to do with Palin. Some of us don’t call her the Wasilla Grifter for nothing. I’m interested in seeing whether she’ll respond to Ventura, or not. I’ve noticed that Palin only responds negatively to those who are somewhat handicapped in their ability to respond back. President Obama makes an easy target because she knows that, as POTUS, if he responds to her, he has to choose his words carefully. So far, I like the fact that he ignores her. That has got to be humiliating to Palin who seems to think the world revolves around her.

  4. She’s been stalking Obama since she lost to him. She’s pathetic trying to get his attention like a street whore and he just regally ignores her. LOL.

  5. I wish more men had the cajones to say just exactly what Palin is. A lying, sleezy grifter. Thanks for the op-ed, Jason. I shared.

  6. Ventura is right about Sarah Palin. MSNBC covered Sarah this morning making remarks against the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Sarah lives off of getting people stirred up. She is worthless. She just raises emotions.

    Idiots that are angry can only create more trouble and incite more idiots like some kind of virus. Media should give the facts, then allow the audience to make the conclusions. Instead they are driving these stories, creating the hype, stirring the emotions of our nation, and steering our politics.

  7. When I talked to my children about life at different times in their growing up I once mentioned taking measure of a man–or woman. I told them to start measuring at the mouth and to measure very carefully. What they measure there will tell how big, or little they really are. Mr. Ventura appears to match his size.

  8. I love Jesse. He speaks his mind and most of the time he’s a common sense kind of guy. He should take on some of the rumors floating around about silly little sarah. The only way she’s going to get off the national stage is for someone to expose her lies and less than ethical actions. I think Jesse is the one to take it on. He will become a national hero for saving America from this self absorbed, know-nothing, grifting skank.

  9. Where’s our buddy Smarg on this? Can’t bring himself to say something snarky about Ventura when he calls Palin out for what she is? LOL!

  10. While I was delivering a trip of fish to Homer AK about a month ago, Palin was at the dock doing a phony segment of her reality show about halibut fishing. A friend with a business next to the dock put up a sign “Palin, Worst Governor Ever”. I guess it didn’t look good on camera so they sent some of her thugs onto my friend’s property and tore it down. Then her angelic daughter Bristol came over and called my friend a “f***ing A**hole. I guess they were both using their 1st amendment rights. Another friend involved in the fishing segment said she could not answer simple conversational questions without referring to her “coach”. Numb as a hammered thumb. It is beyond me to imagine why anyone would fall for that idiot’s scripted spiel.

  11. Palin isn’t fit to lick Michelle Obama’s shoes. Michelle is a class act and Palin is a celebrity wannabe, with children that should have been raised with some manners and respect. They are all a bunch of grifters who are looking for the most profit and the least amount of work. I would love to see her children get an education but I guess the school of grifting 101 is all they get. Perhaps their is still hope for the little ones. I think little Trig is the best of the bunch.

  12. Michelle Obama is the exemplary wife and mother that the Palinbots only WISH Palin actually was. Both women are 46 years old, but years apart in maturity and worlds apart in class and grace. Michelle Obama has too much class to sink to the level of middle-school mean girl that Sarah Palin occupies. I’m glad that Ventura summed her up exactly for what she is, because the media has been too accommodating to her in all her juvenile silliness and ignorance as well as her hate-mongering. As I’ve said before, the more she talks the more she digs a hole for herself, and it frustrates her that President Obama doesn’t acknowledge her. That’s probably why she badmouthed our First Lady.

  13. I apoligize for the typo in my last post. I typed “their” instead of “there”. Ooops. I agree with JayinDallas, smarg is usually defending his princess with all his might.

    Ventura just gained my respect for having the guts to speak out against Palin. He speaks only the truth about her bailing on Alaskan’s. I tend to think Alaskan’s are better off without the pea-brain, but it speaks to a person’s ethics and strength of spirit to finish what you start.

  14. Palin is envious of both President Obama and our First Lady. They’re breaking the American stereotype that all African Americans are “lesser children of God” based on the amount of melanin in our skin. Intelligent, well-educated, well-spoken, cultured African Americans are not something Palin and many others are used to seeing as a symbol of America. Palin has difficulty with understanding that people are individuals, not stereotypes. In Palin World, an African American President and his sharp, intelligent, fashionable First Lady is an insult to America, and only people who look like her are “reel” Americans. Balderdash! Palin’s main problem is that she very rarely comes into intimate contact with those who are different than she.

  15. Sorry hraf, but Jesse is a certified nut case. Seems that Minnesotans elect nut cases and angry clowns for public offices as a joke on the American people.

    How about “Count ’em til you win” Franken?? The guy is a complete fool.

  16. Did you just read Smarg’s above post? Like so many other Palin “defenders,” he can only defend her by attacking people who speak or write unflattering and equally accurate criticisms of her. Every time she opens her mouth to say something stupid, or to launch a gratuitous attack on someone, she hammers a nail in the coffin of her already moribund credibility.

  17. Right! That bill Franken proposed to withhold defense contracts from companies who restrict their employees from taking them to court when they have been raped or assaulted – yea, that was an amendment written by a true loony.

  18. I’m right here, America-hating fools.

    Next month when your Kenyan Teleprompter Reader is crippled, conservatives will laugh. Haw!

  19. Its ok, smarg only makes his party appear more irrelevant with his total inability to be intelligent.

    You guys really need to ignore him, you cant win. All he does is make statements and laugh at you for responding.

  20. I live about eight miles from Palin here in the Alaskan MatSu. The woman is attention whore and little else, Ventura is spot on. We refer to her nowadays as a political ‘fluffer.’ A fluffer for those of you who don’t know, is the well paid girl porn movie productions use off screen to get the male actors “ready” for their scene – that seems to be her role in conservative politics.

  21. I really really hope she takes on Ventura because she can never win against him. He’s got a big following and it’s warranted; he sticks to facts and reality and people can’t defeat him because his weaknesses are tiny as he’s not tied to a political party and hates them both! He doesn’t work for corporate interests and defends the constitution at every turn. There’s alot to be admired about Jesse.
    I wish I got truetv because Jesse is having someone on to blow the whistle on the JFK assassination. Evidently it’s going to be huge and the person is well known and made a death bed promise to tell America.
    I don’t like when people lump all conspiracy theorists together as nuts. Jesse has doubts about 911 as do most people that research it. He doesn’t have any crazy answers and all he wants is a proper, in depth independent investigation with a large budget. He points out that the initial investigation was biased and only given several million dollars to complete it. We all just want answers.
    The government has admitted that in the 1940’s they deliberately infected a population with syphllis. True story. The govenment has admitted they fabricated the gulf of Tomkin story to enter Vietnam, killing likely over a million. Is it such a far stretch that JFK, 911 could be too?

  22. “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” -John Kenneth Galbraith

  23. Sounds like you need to get off your knees, ‘freeta’… read up on Erich Rohm, your ‘party’ has a similar end in store for you.


  24. nice straw-chick, Douche…like screeching ‘anti-Semite’ when someone has the guts to tell it like it is re Israel.

    Your ‘arguments’ go nowhere, your beliefs are invalid. In short, you are a tool- go fluff the Teabaggers someplace else.

  25. In a word, no. But a lot of people are getting rich and powerful off the status quo…so we’re stuck with the ‘official’ versions for a long time…

  26. I don’t agree with Mr. Ventura’s endorsement of conspiracy thinking but I have immense respect for his plain spoken, cut to the chase, emperor has no clothes, criticism of Sarah Palin.

  27. I’ll start by saying I’m a Minnesotan and voted for Jesse when he ran for governer.

    Jesse is a helluva guy. He may have some crazy ideas but he will always call it like he sees it. He doesn’t beat around the bush with political tripe. He is one of the few people I’ve seen in politics that is willing to call a skunk a skunk and then stand by his statements. He may look like a derranged hobo at times but don’t mistake that for incompetence, the guy is as sharp as they come. I really wish there were more people like him in politics, maybe with a little less of the crazy.

    As for Smarg’s comment about Senator Franken, you should hope for more senators like him. He is shining example of the type of person we should be electing to office in this country. He’s intelligent, principled and understands his job is to represent the poeple that elected him not the special interest groups. If everyone was represented by someone like Senator Franken, whether they be Republican or Democrat, this would be a much better country.

  28. You are so right about their breaking the stereotype. They are also the most visible example of the many intelligent, polished, and classy African-Americans who rarely receive as much attention as poor urban African-
    Americans, who are usually portrayed in a negative light. In Palin’s alternate universe, blacks like the Obamas are not supposed to exist because they turn all her preconceived notions upside down. And keep in mind that she lost the Miss Alaska title in 1984 to a black woman named Maryline Blackburn.

  29. So I just broke into the basement, I mean my lil’ brother’s bedroom, and after kicking all the empty cheetos bags, crushed orange soda cans and the big piles of wadded up tissue paper with, um…DNA… in them, out of the way, I discovered his Apple IIe in the corner under the stairs. Yeah, it’s pretty low in that area so you know, only my Quasimodo lil’ bro who’s hunched so badly b/c of all that um…masturbation he does, can fit in there.

    Apparently, he’s been “blogging his great American Treatise” (his words, not mine) again. I’ll take this chance to apologize to all the readers of PoliticusUSA for his ignorant, incoherent, ridiculously dipshitty rantings.

    I do have to say, however, I am surprised by some of the comments as the words are actually spelled right! I’m stunned (and also a little proud) that he managed to work through his 43.36666666 IQ and actually spelled many of the words right.

    Anyway, my deepest apologies once again, kind readers.

    My parents and I promise to try harder to contain him and not loose him on the good people of this earth the way John McCain wrought Sarah Palin upon the people of America.

  30. Although I only agree with about half of his political views, I have nothing but respect for the man. Someone who speaks his mind, and damn the consequences. That type of brutal honesty is good for the country.

  31. I’m so glad Jesse Ventura is being honest about what Sarah Palin cares about: her bank account. Hopefully, his shock at Palin’s audacity will embolden others to share what they really know about the Grifter from Wasilla.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  32. Just Palin.

    How’s that strawman for you? Oh and Palin is not a woman. She’s the old white man’s agenda with a wig. Try to keep up.

  33. oh she is jealous of Obama and she has a deep seated resentment against black people- imagine, her being the racist she is and twice she has lost what she feels entitled to (she is mentally ill after all) to a black person.

  34. Are there still any Alaskans who believe a word that comes out of Palin’s mouth? What she did to the citizens of that great state is beyond belief. She is flat out a quitter and not only did she quit on Alaska, she did it to line her own pockets and for the power and control she hoped to gain. As far as her running for president in 2012…I will eat my hat if she is the republican candidate. I don’t think even the party of the wealthy and powerful want to be associated with that wing nut. Unless they feel they can increase the bottom line of how much more they can rape this country. It could happen then.

    I am not saying I go along with all of Jesse’s opinions but on this issue he is spot on. Palin is a wanna be but can’t be, because not enough people are fooled by her blatant ignorance to give her the $ or the vote.

  35. I agree with the article except for one unnecessary comment ” Ventura himself has made statements that indicate that he is a bit of a conspiracy buff …”

    Jesse is a person who draws conclusions based on the evidence. I wish more people would do so. Evidence such as the “molten metal” in the WTC rubble is barely or not mentioned in the MSM.

    Jesse does not ask people to agree with him because he is Jesse. He asks people to “look at the evidence”. If that makes a person a “Conspiracy Theorist” then so am I.

  36. Count them till they win ? Isnt that how Bush made it into office?
    Palin is a one liner bitch and lacks the abiltity to run this country. We had eight years of stupid and look where we are today!

  37. Te most frightening part is the fact there are registered voters with the same twisted mentality as yours.

  38. jesse speaks the truth. how do people not see that palin is now making millions on book and getting checks from fox as a fox news employee now, just like newt n fuckabee

  39. and by fool you plausibly mean “one of the best things originating in minnesota that has happened to the legislature in quite a while”.
    he did more good in one instance (blackwater rape ‘arbitration’ issue) than bachman has done in her entire career.

  40. i love reading American political commentary.

    maybe its the economy of scale.. but you seem to have a LOT of stupid people in your country.. I mean.. a LOT.

    As long as you have people like Smarg and Freeta, you can enjoy your historical decline into obscurity!

  41. I pity anyone without the ability to think independently.

    I hate anyone who would take advantage of the pitiful.

    That’s why I pity people like YOU, and hate people like Sarah!

    I wouldn’t call Sarah a fluffer.. fluffer’s actually play an important part in the production of their craft.

    Sarah is more like a Snuki.

  42. jcinco wrote “The only way she’s going to get off the national stage is for someone to expose her lies and less than ethical actions.” Nice theory, the problem is that anyone who challenges her is then attacked as a “liberal”, fascist or some other TeaParty cliche, and the amazingly proudly ignorant members of the TP (which also stands for toilet paper) rise up in (ill-informed) self(serving)righteous indignation.
    Remember, this is the woman who got all her followers to actually believe that a legitimate journalistic question to a person aspiring after the most powerful position in the world, a question such as “What newspapers do you read?” was actually liberal “gotcha” journalism from her “lamestream” media. If she had any guts or credibility, and she truly believes that the American media (except FOX) is so far gone that she can’t get reasonable intervies, she would grant an interview to some foreign journalist from let’s say Canada, Australia, or England – oops, I forgot – they’re all overrun by socialists with their healthcare and their low gun-violence, and their inclusively communist approach to social issues like homosexuality, abortion, religious freedom to be something other than Christian – There, Sarah, there’s your “out” when they make a fool of you.

  43. You know – I once reported someone on a blog who made a personal threat to the President. I reported them to a Secret Service Agent – and yes they DID track that person down and have a little meeting with him. So, how do you plan to cripple Mr. Obama smarg?

  44. Bill, that would be Kathleen right? The teacher that Bristol and Palin tried to verbally assault that were standing on private property? It was covered on Palingates, right before the video taken at Valdez Airport by Hawk where TOAD turned into a motorcycle thug?
    Palin is stalking Mr. Obama. But she has what (in her pea brain) is a legitimate reason. She lost the Miss Alaska pageant to an African American woman. She has never recovered. Then she lost the McCain campaign to an African American man, Mr. Obama.
    So she wants his attention. She jumps up and down daily – screaming and ranting (never saying anything new) – trying to get his attention.
    He must find her hilarious…she is so sad and pathetic … she never grew up mentally or emotionally.
    Must’ve been having Chuckles for a “daddy”.

    And Jesse Venture is probably right. But then again, Palin also screwed Curtis Menard Jr (believed to be Track’s father), and also Brad Hanson, Todd’s ex-best friend and business partner.

    She’s a hard drinker and known as “easy” in Wasilla. She’s not JUST a media whore.

  45. Oh please don’t blame all of us for Freta and Smart. “it’s probably the same person and obviously they share IQ points.

  46. smarg believes that IF Palin is elected, Palin will thank the smarg.

    Talk about the mentally ill.

    But take note people, smarg seriously would harm someone – and has wished violence on our President. smarg is a typical t-bigot. smarg is racist and a hater. And like most racist haters, smarg will find itself on the wrong end of things.

    And Palin will still not know that smarg exists.

  47. Thank you for speaking out. For far too long, Alaskans have held their tongues about Princess PoliticalFluffer. It’s been well understood that the political threads Palin put into place protected her, as well as strategic threats, some property stalking and a dog shot.
    It is well known that she and Todd are dangerous individuals.
    Please feel free to contact Palingates if you have information you wish to share on a confidential basis. If you haven’t seen it, There is also an email which will keep information confidential if you wish. All help is needed.
    Perhaps Alaska and our country will someday be free of Political Fluffer.

  48. Way to project there, Freeta. I don’t hate women, not even Palin. I do, however, detest what she and her ilk have done to the political process here in the US. Our problems will not be solved by division but by working together. The enemy is not democrat or republican, liberal or conservative. The enemy is not your neighbor – as Palin and the TEA party would have you believe. Palin speaks of patriotism and America, but she deliberately creates division and seeds hate for her own personal gain. The woman is a whore. The term, while perhaps offensive to you, is accurate. She sells herself for money. The term fluffer is also an accurate analogy in this context.

    I fought in this war, and I fought in the last one. I’ve seen the enemy. Now is the time to pull together as a people and a nation and as allies. As a SEAL, Jesse Ventura, would be the first one to tell you that.

  49. No, Bush made it into office with “don’t count ’em until the other guy loses”. And he had the SCOTUS back him up!

  50. Jesse has always been called a nut for just telling the truth…..I agree with him…The only nut in this equation is sara Palin…….I’ve made a rspons video where I also tell the truth on you tube under the name Michael Gourdine. Please watch.

  51. I’m no fan of Obama, but I have to wonder if he isn’t provided with video and soundbytes of Sarah Palin’s rants to watch and listen to for comedy relief while out at Camp David for a weekend…

  52. I’m quite sure that the spectacle of this middle-school girl in a middle-aged body ranting and raving incoherently about him and anyone else she disagrees with would be “comic relief” for anyone. Add Todd to the mix chastising Joe Miller, and I’m sure there would be a lot more free entertainment.

  53. Smarg may be a fool, but he is clearly speaking of the upcoming November elections. No need to jump to alarmist conclusions.

  54. Bash, trent, straighten up and read the morons post. He was referring to politically crippled.

    For gods sake, stop responding to him, you are making fools of yourselves.

  55. I voted for Palin, not for McCain, and was excited to do so. But instead of giving reasons why I think she was smart to step down or trying to justify her actions for her or providing examples why it was the best course, I will speak in your language. After all, you wouldn’t have read anything I wrote with anything approaching honesty or understanding or compassion.

    To wit: You people are insane with hatred and ready to twist everything into frothing bile. You do not want reality and your minds have been warped by sensationalism. Hysterics and hyperbole are the coin of the realm here and the cost is your soul, bound slavishly to abusive masters. Useful idiots; your shrill shilling is only shrieking to the choir and potential converts are sprayed with halitosis and semen-cum-saliva. Bark, dogs! You are exactly the type of religious zealots that would enable the terrible tyrannies of old and spring the wind-up for the jackboots of the future. Hollow-headed bobble heads gobbling knobs.

    The burning bush demands your obedience and complete loyalty. Please, continue to defend Obama and all those ivy league silver spooners. Please, continue to march and pillage for Franken. Please, continue to burn crosses and bridges for Ventura. And please, please continue to vent your five minutes hate on the approved pinatas like Palin and Pawlenty. Comeuppance soon come, lemmings.

    “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  56. Thomas Jefferson rolls in his grave when people like you quote him. You are a fool. You say you want to write so we can understand and then you insult all of us. The thing is, when someone like you insults people, you only make yourself look like the low level, knuckles dragging on the ground sub-literate corporate whore you are. Have a great day.

  57. You are projecting, and you sound exactly like one of the lemmings that the loud-mouthed ignoramus has been bilking ever since she bailed out on the good people of Alaska. Your insults will do nothing to alter the truth of what Ventura and other critics have rightly pointed out about the arctic version of Christine O’Donnell. One thing most of us take heart from is that she has not been able to attract nearly enough people to vote her even as dog catcher.
    All of us, even you, should be thankful that she will never reach the White House.

  58. Thank you for your service and for taking a stand for this country even now. It breaks my heart the way Palin divides this country when we need to pull together.

  59. I like Jesse Ventura, but he is completely wrong about one thing here: The Tea Party did not put Sarah Palin at the top of our list. Sarah Palin did that, and the retard-media did that. Palin is just one among several who are attempting to hijack the Tea Party, and have apparently done so with some success. Too back Ventura is not quite sharp enough to see over that.

  60. Why do you pay her to speak then? And why do tea partiers get so enraged when anyone criticizes her? And why do you back every candidate she picks, even when they don’t stand for anything you claim to stand for?

  61. The most amazing thing about Sarah Palin is her total lack of awareness of how catty, how stupid, and how reckless she really is. She appeals to the worst in all Americans who are angry that the world has changed since 1955. Sarah is not aware how utterly stupid and abrasive she is as she explains that the reason she and her husband are really in Alaska (viz. to make big bucks off the exploitation of natural resources) is not about “love of the land.” She keeps a straight face while she explains that “Gee, God gave us all these wonderful things under the earth and even on the earth so we could prosper, and He wouldn’t want us to ignore them” (paraphrase on one of her Fox Network op eds).

    What is alarming more than Palin is that there are Americans so under-educated and out of touch with what’s going on on the rest of the planet that they would listen to her or cheer her on. She makes me feel disgraced to be an American. Her ability to attack and abuse all but the rich and powerful she aspires to be part of is dangerous.

  62. Like it or not, of the four people running for POTUS and VP in 2008, Sarah was by far the most qualified. The least qualified of the four is in the White House now, and we’re seeing his ineptitude and lack of qualifications every day (e.g., where are those shovel-ready jobs?). Even Walter Mondale has chided him for being unable to talk without an “idiot board.”

    Meanwhile, I was told that if I voted for Sarah Palin, we’d get a fool for a Veep. Well, I did, and we did.

    As for her “deserting” the people of Alaska, when she resigned, she was able to turn the reins of power over to her running mate, then Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell. He is running for re-election this year, and polling a double-digit lead with over 50% of the likely vote as election day approaches.

    Ventura’s a fool. I’d be interested in his opinion, no matter how off-the-wall it may be, about the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut, though.

  63. That is by far the funniest thing I’ve read on this post. McCain had been a US Senator since 1987, while Biden had been one since 1973 when Palin was only 9. In addition, Obama was an Illinois Senator 1997-2005 and a US Senator 2005-2008. Regardless of whether you agree with their policies or not, this invalidates your argument concerning her having either more qualifications or experience. And she quit on Alaska in order to capitalize on her “celebrity,” which she has done quite well thanks to her grifting ability. What it all boils down to is that the “arguments” you bring up are straight out of 2008 as if Obama is exactly where he was at that point.

    In addition, like a lot of others who make fun of Obama for using a teleprompter, you apparently choose to overlook the fact that all presidents since Reagan have used teleprompters. Palin herself has been known to use one on occasion. Yet, on February 6, at a Tea Party Convention, she read from notes on her hand after again making fun of Obama for using a teleprompter. What she read from her hand were words she should have known by heart if they were about her principles. She got so much well-deserved flak that she went on the defensive by invoking the Bible to justify this stupidity.

    But worst of all, Palin has shown no political growth since 2008. She is just as ill-informed as ever on both national and international issues. She is still in the role of attack dog against this administration without offering any solutions of her own, and she has been extremely divisive. As far as I’m concerned, her role in the NYC “mosque” dispute was the very last straw. Unfortunately for you and others who think she would be a good president, she has been unable to extend her appeal beyond those who liked her in the first place, and even some of them don’t think much of her capabilities as president. She has a legacy in national politics, and it isn’t a good one. Now we have boneheads like
    Angle, Rand Paul, O’Donnell, and Miller who have adopted her tactic of not answering pertinent questions and blaming the “liberal” media when their flaky policies are justifiably questioned. Like her, they want power with no accountability.

    The economic crisis we are in took years and numerous bad policies to reach, and it will take time as well as everyone’s cooperation to get out of it. Obama early in his presidency sought the cooperation of the GOP, which has made no secret of its wish that he fail. They have offered nothing except the policies that caused the problems in the first place, and it’s clear they have learned nothing at all. In their zeal to thwart him, they have kicked people who are already down like the unemployed, especially the 99ers. Reelecting them, or electing any of the Teanuts named above, would be an unmitigated disaster. But Palin as president would be worst of all, and her ineptitude would be unprecedented. Then we would get the added “bonus” of Todd as shadow president.

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