Jesse Ventura Slams Sarah Palin For Screwing Alaska

Former pro wrestler, actor, governor of Minnesota, and current television host Jesse Ventura held nothing back in an interview with Fancast when asked about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Ventura said he would never support the Tea Party because of Palin, and added, "She saw greener pastures, said, Screw the people of Alaska, and went on to collect."

The Sleazy German Past of Qur’an Hating Pastor Terry Jones

The Pastor of the church in Florida that is planning to burn the Quran has a sleazy past in Germany involving both allegations of financial wrong-doing and being convicted for using a false PhD. This is the man the far Right are defending. This is their base, their audience, and the sort of people who are clearly easily seduced by the regular shots of GOP inspired crazy into doing horrific things.

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Politicizes Border Violence in Arizona

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is using drug related border violence to justify a draconian and perhaps unconstitutional law, but the two have nothing to do with one another. In fact, in the video the reporter says, "he (Officer Pinal) was tracking the five suspects as they transported marijuana and other drugs..." So if Brewer wanted to deal with this issue, she should have written a law dealing with drug trafficking and undocumented fire arms, not people who "look undocumented". Hey, I'm just assuming she'd want to narrow the field down to the dangerous folks if her argument is the threat of violence.

Glenn Beck Loses it and Claims to be Carrying out God’s Plan

Theocrat Glenn Beck Claims to be Carrying out God’s Plan

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck finally seems to have gone off the cliff as he not only claimed that God has given him a plan, but also he is carrying out God's will and anger. Beck told his listeners that they it is God's will that they get behind him and follow him. He said, "When we were starting the TV show there are things that I did that I wouldn't do now because I had to be more of an entertainer."

Sarah Palin’s Approval Rating Hits a New All Time Low

Sarah Palin’s Approval Rating Hits a New All Time Low

As Sarah Palin basks in both the cash of and the love from the Tea Party, a new Washington Post poll reveals that her political popularity among the nation as a whole has never been lower. Conservative Republicans give her a 71% approval rating and tea partiers put her at 60%, but the nation as a whole gives her only a 37% approval rating, and a 55% disapproval rating.

5 Reasons Why Ronald Reagan Should Never Be on the $50 Bill

For years Republicans have been trying to get former president Ronald Reagan's face on United States currency. The latest effort is being spearheaded by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who has proposed legislation that would replace Grant with Reagan on the $50 bill, but here are five reasons why Ronald Reagan should never be on the fifty or any other United States currency.