How Sarah Palin Lost the Senate for the Republicans

The finger pointing has already begun in the Republican Party due to their failure to win the US Senate last night. Republicans had a golden opportunity to take control of Congress, but they failed, and the blame for this failure should fall squarely on the shoulders of one person. Sarah Palin’s meddling in the races in Nevada, Delaware, West Virginia, and Alaska likely cost the GOP the United States Senate.

Palin’s grand plan was to use 2010 to flex her political muscle, not to help the GOP take back Congress but to position herself as her party’s front runner for 2012. Palin wanted to show that she is the only person who can unite the Tea Party and GOP, but while pursuing her selfish goals, she all but destroyed her party’s chances of retaking the Senate.

She began her quest to undermine her own party, with a Tea Party Express rally where she campaigned against Harry Reid in his hometown of Searchlight, NV. In August, Palin endorsed Sharron Angle, but the Republican took Palin’s strategy of running from the media a bit too literally and was doomed from the start. Palin’s high profile meddling in the race did help Angle or the GOP in their attempt to unseat Reid.

Here is Palin campaigning against Reid in Searchlight:

Palin played a more direct role in Delaware. Christine O’Donnell herself credited Sarah Palin with her primary victory over Rep. Mike Castle. O’Donnell said, “You betcha! There’s another woman I’ve gotta thank, you betcha! Thank you governor Palin for your endorsement. Because she got behind us war-weary folks, and gave us a boost of encouragement when we needed it. And she was a vote against the politics of personal destruction.” Without Palin sticking her nose in the primary, Mike Castle wins, and according to polling would have gone on to an easy double digit victory over Chris Coons. Instead, Republicans were treated to the race being called for Coons within minutes of the state’s polls closing.

The most personal case of Palin interference came in Alaska, where she looked to settle an old feud with Sen. Lisa Murkowski with a last second blitzkrieg of Tea Party cash and support for her primary opponent Joe Miller. Palin support powered Miller to victory in the primary, but Murkowski roared back with what looks to have been a successful Independent write in campaign to defeat Palin’s proxy Joe Miller. It goes without saying that Lisa Murkowski would still be a Republican today, if Sarah Palin hadn’t tried her power play.

Those three Senate seats would have moved the Republican Party into no worse than a tie in the US Senate. Carly Fiorina used Palin’s endorsement to win her primary, and distancing herself from Palin in the general election felt compelled to make Palin an issue again by going on CNN and letting the world know that she thought Palin was qualified to be president. This did not help her Senate campaign.

Then there is the case of John Raese in West Virginia. Palin campaign for Raese, along with Ted Nugent, just days before the election, and Raese went on to get crushed by Joe Manchin. These were critical Senate races that the GOP in some cases should have won, and in others might have won, if not for Sarah Palin.

Of course, Palin dodged any responsibility for the mess she created,”There’s that premise, that argument that’s made, well, geez a Tea Party, real conservative candidate, kind of blew it for Republican chances in either of those states [Nevada or Delaware]. But I argue against that. I would argue the premise that it was going to be safer with any other GOP primary winner other than Sharron Angle in there that the seat would have gone to a Republican, specifically with that argument we can apply that to Christine O’Donnell.”

What we learned on Election Night 2010 is that GOP’s Palin problem continues to haunt them. She single handedly ensured that they would not win the Senate, and even worse for them, she probably feels emboldened by the overall Republican victory last night, and is ready to go full steam ahead towards 2012. Sarah Palin cost her party the Senate in 2010, and she is going to continue to lead them down the path to an embarrassing defeat to Obama in 2012. Sarah Palin isn’t a power player or a king maker. She is a reality television star with delusions of the presidency, and her delusions may very well spell the end for Grand Old Party.

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14 Replies to “How Sarah Palin Lost the Senate for the Republicans”

  1. She has delusions of grandeur, and the Senate candidates she endorsed were even wackier than she is, if that’s possible. Fortunately, most of these particular candidates failed to be elected. It has been obvious for a long time that she has primarily been endorsing people in order to boost her own chances when running for president in 2012. The GOP has only itself to blame for feeding her delusional belief in her viability as a presidential candidate, not to mention actually being a president. They have used her for her star power within the party in order to help them garner votes. However, they have to be painfully aware that she has failed horribly to expand her appeal beyond the core of likely voters who already find her appealing. If she runs, I expect her to be eviscerated in the GOP primary by an opponent who doesn’t mind playing hardball, not to mention what she would face with Obama. In his smooth, non-confrontational way, he would show her up.

  2. Not to forget the failed McCain/Palin ticket that lost the White house in 2008. That embarrassing defeat took a team effort, but she certainly deserves a fair share of the credit for it. It’s piling up for her.

  3. Palin’s brand of nasty, foul-mouth, devisive mean-girl, high-school antics are not what makes a great president. It is the making of a no-talent, second rate reality TV show personality, who is an utter fraud. Her jealousy of Obama is so apparent to everyone except her P-bots, that she seems pretty close to a melt down. How can she reconcile her nasty remarks about Levi being Ricky Hollywood and Obama being a celebrity, when she is chasing it balls to the wall? Time to re-evaluate her meds and up the dosage.

    It really does seem that everything she touches turns to crap. She could be considered a “cooler” here in Vegas, but we don’t want her sniffing around our state.

    Thank goodness Reid won. When my hubby and I went to vote early for Reid, the people were so happy and upbeat; it was a really surreal moment of comaradarie, whereas here in Vegas, you don’t always see that. My faith in Nevada has been restored and guess I can upack and settle in now.

  4. She and beck are two of a kind. They were loved when they were fresh and “mavricky” but they fold under scrutiny.
    They get crazier and crazier and since they went in with the premise that the rules were for others, not them, they are hard to control.
    I wonder how they will be gotten rid of when they are too toxic for common sense.
    I don’t think we have seen the worst of their antics and they will take anybody associated with them down when they go.

  5. This is great to see how the liberals are trying to spin the asswhooping that they took last night. The american people spoke and will speak again in 2012.
    Obama better move to the center if wants to have a glimmer of hope getting re elected.
    Finally Nancy Pelosi has been FIRED.
    Jason how come there has only been 2 blogs today. I am waiting to see how Ms Sarah puts her spin on the outcome.

  6. anyone who thought that Angle & O’Connell were viable candidates needs to seek medical attention. while I totally agree that Sarah Palen is the kiss of death to anyone running for office, the two ladies noted above were so wack that whoever voted for them should immediately fall on their sword.

    You know what really scares me? Sharron Angle was a radical with nutcase ideas and yet by the end of the campaign she had went back on every single one of them. Everything that the parties supported her for she had denounced by election night. And they still voted for her.

    Don’t forget about Ken Buck, he was a endorsee from the Sarah Palin endorsement agency. I’m thinking that that agency, while bankrupt of all morality is probably running out of favorability as well. And the defeat of Joe Miller in Alaska is truly something we can all take to heart even though Sen. Murkowski is certainly no winner on her own

  7. last night was not an asswhopping but a predicted event. Everyone knew it was going to happen. but something you may wish to think about is the polling at the voting centers indicates that no one expects anything to get any better.

    it matters for a little. If the very few tea party members that got elected anhd the GOP cannot work on jobs and the economy than they will certainly not be in favor in 2012.

  8. For the People

    Don’t you loose when your candidate looses?
    Sara Palin probably didn’t loose because she probably wasn’t running for office!

    When does a stalemate in congress serve the people?

    The newly elected and re-elected representatives and senators in congress all face a daunting task of being relevant in terms of any victory for the people of our nation.

    Obama didn’t want to stay in congress and fight in congress to resolve issues.
    He voted on controversial issues that came to a vote as “present”.
    It was like saying:
    “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might influence voters against me in the future”.
    He has played his hand and is our President of the United States!
    Over the last 2 years he has achieved many important parts of his politicized agenda because the Democrats had control of the Congress.

    The last time this great of a turnover of congress was because the creation of
    Social Security, which is soon to be bankrupt.
    My money that went into social security has been spent by an out of control congress.

    Many Republicans did not want to believe that a second term of Bush II would turn out to be a Lame Duck Second Term President, but he clearly was. Almost all second term Presidents along with the Congress at the time can’t get much if anything done, and if they get something done it is often out of desperation to get re-elected. Usually passing pork bills that spend money to get votes.

    Republicans have been stupid.
    It took a Republican controlled Congress and a Republican President to spend over 80 BILLION bailing out most of the same group of people who caused the financial problem.

    Democrats have been stupid.
    It took a Democrat controlled Congress and a Democrat President to finalize the spending of over 80 BILLION bailing out most of the same group of people who caused the financial problem.

    Congress must be stopped from doing things that are harmful to the American People!

    We the People must stop Congress from spending our future incomes and stop the selling off the United States of America to people who are not Citizens of the United States!
    We must demand that laws be enacted that will bring equity to all Citizens (not outsiders who have no vested interest in the good of our nation) when it comes to taxation there must be willing to put taxes on products that come into the USA from other nations and bring balance to our economy. Currently the wages and jobs Of the People are going overseas. Many of the “well paying jobs” are gone, and many of the other jobs are being done by illegal immigrants!

    The one thing that needs to change about immigration law is that “If anyone is here illegally and they have a child, the child is not automatically a citizen of the USA.

    It takes guts to make laws and get them passed.
    It takes more guts to see to it that the laws that have been passed efficiently Serve the People or the law should be changed.
    It takes even more guts to require and enable law enforcement agencies to do what has been deemed a Federal responsibility of immigration law without abusing people!
    If someone is here illegally they are either our guests which we can invite in or our neighbors which we can assist them to leave or give a number of them an opportunity for a path to citizenship which could be earned by obeying the laws, legal employment, taxation as a prospective citizen (should not be excessive), and requirements to learn the English language for the benefit of all.

    We have immigration laws now in place which Congress refuses to enforce by the legal means at their disposal!

    We are a broken nation if we do not have laws that can be and are enforced !

    In our country, neighbors are not allowed to come onto our property or into our homes without being asked.

    A stalemate in the Senate is not usually desirable for the “American People”.

    Our President ran on a call for change, and change is an ongoing process of progress.
    Change will be necessary and is often a painful process.

    What will it take and how long will it take for jobs in a thriving economy to return?
    We the People first have to take back the purse strings from our out of control overspending government.
    Our economy will not thrive until diverse private enterprises thrive!

    What it will take:
    The government is not your benefactor!
    Stop relying on the government to do things for you.

    Charities are created as business entities that exist and thrive when they are seen helping people in need. If you need one, seek them out!
    Encourage them to become revelent to your needs or start a charity that will be revelent to needs such as yours!

    Not taking the control of money back from the government will cost your nation’s future!

    Social Security has proven to be financial insecurity for many who have needed the promised services when they have become temporarily disabled. I would have been much better off buying insurance and investing the difference for retirement.

    The same is true with Medicare (can you say medical insecurity?) and will most likely prove to be so for what has been called “Obamacare”. Any dependency upon a government agency to do what I should be receiving or doing for through private enterprise is a drain on the tax money that should be used to pay off our loan from China!
    Do you know how many Billions of dollars our USA government now owes China?

    I can sue a private enterprise business for not performing the clauses of a contract by law.
    I can not sue the government or government agency for non performance!

    Once again, the American People are the Loosers!

    Why do people who retire from Congress retire with full wages for life?
    Because they voted it into law!

  9. All those words with so little meaning but a lot of spite.

    BTW — it’s “losers” and “lose.”

  10. Shiva typical liberal with their head in the sand… have you heard about the results.
    Let me guess you are the type of person whose child or grandchild (7-8 yrs) plays basketball but you don’t believe in keeping score. Wake up not everybody wins.

    This was the biggest turn of power House, Senate, Governors, State officials, etc in 60+ yrs….. my friend where I come from thats call an ASSWHOOPING!!!

    Look you have to realize the american people are not stupid…yeah there has to be job creation but keep in mind the republicans only have control of the House. Heres a news flash for you Shiva the Dems control the Senate and the Presidency.
    Without compromise and team work then nothing will get done.

    1st thing that needs to get done is the Bush tax cuts need to be extended in some shape of fashion (noticed I didn’t say permantly)
    That’s compromise

  11. As much as I don’t care for Lisa Murkowski, it looks like she is posed to hand Joe Miller a stinging defeat. That would be a referendum on Palin’s influence in her own state, and would serve her right for endorsing one of the worst candidates because of her dislike for Lisa Murkowski. It also serves the GOP right for getting behind this loon.

  12. Lot of these far out candidates are part of a scheme to see how far they can go, allows for analysis of how far SP thinks she could get by what those candidates did in these harsh times , I am amazed at how far some of them got and the feeling of different combinations of voter response , mostly the pissed off, the disenchanted, the strong belief that a small govt.(in this very different world of the early times of our country) is what we still need, religious intrusion between the church and the state, influences of corporate America and the unlimited funds for political advertising disguised by patriotic names of groups protecting our freedoms, and last, but not least, the Pro Life connection. All these factors gives her backers data to compute how they can run her for POTUS using her “talent” and come out on top if the economy remains near what we have now, which the Repugs will try to maintain. This scenario could happen, that is why her background needs to be brought out well before the 4 months prior to the actual election. She has hidden behind our system of personal history not being allowed public without the individual’s release, payoff’s, intimidation, a population that are to a large extent “edgers” ie who cares as long as it does not seem to affect me, so what if you get by with something, we all do, it helps our economy etc.

    Your site does a great job, please keep up the very good work.

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