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Republican Representative Joe Barton Needs to be Censured Now

Joe Barton, the ranking House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican, is circulating a slideshow via email in which he pledges to do for the Obama administration what Gen. Patton and company did for Germany, including “put anything in my scope and I will shoot it.” A party of integrity would call for a public reprimand via a censure of such behavior, but you can bet the Republicans will roll with this kind of reprehensible behavior so long as it continues to be politically advantageous among their base.


150,000 March in Dublin to Protest IMF/ECB Bailout and Austerity Budget

This week saw what has been described as the largest demonstration in the history of the Irish state, as an estimated 150,000 people marched through Dublin city centre to protest the Irish government’s draconian new austerity budget and the arrival of the IMF. They came from all over the country and from all walks of life, united in the belief that there is a better way to deal with Ireland’s economic woes. The march had been arranged by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Palin in Scarborough's Crosshairs

Joe Scarborough Exposes Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s Fake Palin Support

It turns out that Joe Scarborough’s criticism of Sarah Palin in a column for Politico today was just the tip of the iceberg. On his MSNBC program Morning Joe, Scarborough exposed the truth about the right and Sarah Palin. Talk radio hosts and Republican leaders privately say they don’t want her, but they are afraid to take her on. Scarborough basically accused the talk show hosts, who defend Palin for 3 hours a day on the air but don’t really support her, of lying.


Christine O’Donnell Tries to Revive Clinton V Obama Narrative for 2012

Christine O’Donnell showed up this morning on Good Morning America to talk about how weak our President has been on the current Wikileaks cable dump. She managed to be a good puppet Grizzly for her Mama Bear, suggesting that President Obama was incompetent and that she would vote for Hillary Clinton in 2012 primaries because “anybody is better than Obama.”


Wikileaks Docs Prove America Can’t Be The Hitman For the World

The recent release of secret documents exposes an alarming aspect of Iran gaining a nuclear weapon, and it hints at America’s willingness to do the bidding of foreign countries that are capable of defending themselves. The underlying argument is that a nuclear Iran is a danger to the region, and no one disputes that fact. But the people who are asking America to strike Iran are working both sides of the street in claiming to be our ally at the same time they covertly support Al Qaeda.

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