Keith Olbermann Mocks the Tanking of Sarah Palin’s America By Heart

On his MSNBC program Keith Olbermann mocked the bomb that is Sarah Palin’s latest book America By Heart. Olbermann said, “Even if the book as sold as many copies at Walmart as it has everywhere else combined, you’re looking at 70% of a print run sitting in warehouses waiting to be returned to the publisher.”

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Keith Olbermann was kind enough to update us all about just how badly Sarah Palin’s second book has bombed, “The already soggy sales of Sarah Palin’s “America By Heart” just got soggier. Publishing sources confirm that at a time when 43 of the 50 nonfiction best sellers saw sales jump on Nielsen book scan, what with Christmas looming, Palin sold 29% fewer copies than the week before. 36,000 compared to 51,000. One of the other titles to sell less “Kardashian Confidential.” Total sales through 3 weeks, 144,812. Total sales of “Going Rogue,” 811,491. Even if the book as sold as many copies at Wal-Mart as it has everywhere else combined, you’re looking at 70% of a print run sitting in warehouses waiting to be returned to the publisher. Oops.”

It is amazing how few books Palin managed to sell when she was not padding the sales numbers by buying the books herself. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, “$64,000 in books may not seem like much, but when you consider that she paid the wholesale not the retail price for each copy it adds up quickly. If we estimate that SarahPAC paid $ 5 per book, Palin padded her sales with an additional 13,600 books.”

When you subtract the books that Palin bought from her total, and if we knew the number, we could subtract the boatload of copies that Newsmax bought to give away to subscribers, and it is a pretty safe guess that Palin might have sold closer to 15% of her print run, not 30%. If you remember correctly, the sales numbers for “Going Rogue” were also grossly inflated by Newsmax and various conservative think tanks and organizations buying tens of thousands of copies of her book. Palin is a bestselling author only in the loosest sense of the term. She is neither an author, nor a best seller.

Sarah Palin is cult of personality built on a small, but loud and dedicated following. She is a failed governor, a failed vice presidential candidate, and now a failure as an author. The only thing Sarah Palin has been successful is convincing people to pay her for being Sarah Palin, which is a nice gig if you can get it. The sad thing is that the Republican Party is in such a poor state that Palin’s following is certain to make her a serious 2012 GOP presidential contender. Even if she should be successful in capturing her party’s nomination, Palin had better make space of her resume of fail for a new entry, failed presidential candidate.

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  1. Well… it couldn’t have happened to a ‘ nicer ‘ person.
    I suppose she could buy up some extra copies and burn them like firewood… to warm that CoooLD… CoooLD ( “brrrrr” ) heart of hers. just saying.

  2. Followed the link that Shiva provided, Palin’s book is #49. (It’s now 12:20 a.m.)A paperback set of Harry Potter is #24. Harry Potter was one of the books that Sarah (supposedly) wanted to ban from the Wasilla library many years ago. And one of those darned “blue bloods” still is hogging the #1 spot. That list has to be aggravating.

    When “Going Rogue” came out, I read several comments from her fans on Facebook saying things like “I love this book. It’s the first book I’ve ever read…”. In all fairness, “Going Rogue” came out just a year ago – who could expect them to read another book!

  3. Are you serious? They’re all old and that’s the first book they ever read? That’s sad but it explains a lot. No wonder they didn’t realize she plagiarized the entire thing except for some of the lamer parts that her ghostwriter wrote and should never work again for.

  4. When Palin’s book came out, it debuted in the Amazon Kindle eBook store at the top of the Best Seller list – can’t remember for sure but think it was #2 or #3. Just checked and “America by Heart” is no longer in the Top 100 Kindle eBooks Best Seller list – even at the cheaper price that eBooks are always offered at. And it’s not in the top 100 “Hot New Releases Available on Kindle” either. Palinbots don’t use Kindle? Or are the low eBook sales because sites like Newsmax or SarahPAC can’t buy wholesale and give them away if they are eBooks?

  5. Some of the “first books I’ve ever read” comments came from older people, some younger. It’s sad and scary.

  6. Republicans in general aren’t real good with technology. I’m surprised she didn’t inscribe her book on stone tablets.

  7. Another slam dunk from our own Sarah. Can you imagine the campaign slogans to come out of the next couple years: “Reality Star and Best-Selling Author Sarah Palin Flexes her Credentials for Office”!

  8. You obviously haven’t a clue as to how book sales are counted. Books bought in bulk such as Palin’s purchase of books for fundraising purposes, a common occurance among politicians, are bought directly from the publisher, and are not counted towards “bestseller” stats. Neither are books bought in bulk by NewsMax and others. Palin’s latest book is still on the bestseller list based on over the counter sales at over 3,000 bookstores. Going Rogue has sold approximately 2.7 million copies, that’s over the counter sales.

    Speaking of books, Going Rogue sold as many copies as both of 0bama’s books combined.

  9. Olbermann didn’t buy tens of thousands of copies of his own book, along with the tens of thousands that Newsmax bought either.

  10. That’s great, twist the argument back to the book that did sell well. Not going to fall for that one. The books bought for political activities DO count. You apparently have no idea how book sales are calculated. You are referring to charitable fund raising. Political fund raising is not charitable fund raising. This is why political contributions are not tax deductible. Since SarahPAC and Newsmax aren’t charities. Those book sales do, in fact, count.

  11. There is a pretty simple reason for this. Sarah Palin’s followers are, like Jim Demint, unable or unwilling to read. Maybe her next book should be in graphic novel form?

    I’m glad her star is fading though, what she brings to the table isn’t anything America needs and she’s just such a colossally fake person.

  12. I am not sure that these sales figures indicate a lessening of Palin’s political influence. And, while 145,000 copies does not qualify as blockbuster sales, for any other book selling so fast so quickly, a publisher today most likely would be giving the author a huge contract for future books. I wish my novels “Death in Hawaii” and “Mr. David Cooper’s Happy Suicide” had sold 145K copies each. Novels with lesser sales figures than that have been optioned for and turned into Hollywood films.

  13. Polling indicates that her political influence is limited to the GOP. She holds no sway with Independents or Democrats. In fact, there is a reverse effect with other groups when Palin advocates for an issue or candidate, it tends to lose support. I think that her first book came on the heels of the 2008 campaign, when there was still some curiosity as to what she might have to say.

    By 2010, everyone knows what Palin is about. There is no curiosity in the general public, hence the decline in sales. She is now preaching to the choir. If her base doesn’t broaden, she has no influence outside the GOP, which is where she stands today. That may be enough to get her the nomination in 2012, but it can’t win her a general election contest.

  14. Democrats in general don’t know what they are talking about with foolish statements like this!

  15. I have a Master’s in Education and have read Palin’s book, so please stop with stereotypes. It makes you sound unintelligent and not funny.

  16. So true. She’s just a brand now, slapped onto recycled pages. Of course, sadly, a national brand will sell more than the non-brand (hence is the state of our “arts”), but as brands go, Palin’s is failing compared to what it could be and should be right now. The publisher will be taking a lot of returns at this rate. However, the long term stake these folks have in perpetuating the image of a successful brand will cause them to trot her out to an unwilling public for years before they get the idea. See bad actresses hailed as the “next” Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, etc who tank at box office over and over again until slowly Hollywood faces the fact that even they can’t sell America a sh*t sandwich every day and make it taste good.

  17. Yeah, i wonder how many times she has to fail before she realizes that God’s plan for her is to learn humility?

  18. That isn’t true. I looked it up. President Obama’s books are some of the best-selling books by politicians. Sarah Palin’s are not.

  19. Ditto to Sarah Jones’ comments above and let me add that Americans of all backgrounds need to start working together to “right this ship” that we call the United States of America!!!

    As a society, we’ve become so distracted and fearful that it’s to the point that very little is actually getting done in terms of moving the nation forward.

  20. I have a master’s degree, and I read her first book. It was difficult to get through… not because of its brilliance, but for its lack of anything thought provoking. Just because you have a degree and read her book, it doesn’t mean it was worth reading.

  21. If you scratch the surface of Sarah Palin, you’ve gone as deep as it gets. She has no staying power because there’s nothing else there… nor will there be.

  22. Always nice to hear from a grammarian, particularly one who didn’t know to place a dash (or, at the very least, a comma) after “she has gone”. You must be one of the “academic elites” in the 3-person core audience Keith enjoys.
    Write us again (when you learn how to do it “proper{ly}.

  23. Surprised the stupid moron sold any books at all – of course with Fox now becoming sarah news – she probably will sell a couple dozen more. The more she opens her mouth the more stupid she looks. Her alaska show matches.

  24. I agree completely. She is so full of herself and the most snarky politician out there. She’s like a bad student faking her way through school by not taking any exams (ie. talk to any credible reporter). That’s why she turns me off more than anything!

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