The White House Labels SOPA Censorship And Refuses To Support It

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  1. You may be certain that if that legislation ever passes, especially under a Republican administration, sites like this one will disappear.

  2. There’s a fine line between security and openness. As technological progress escalates, so must the frequency of adjustments to the scales of balance. There is a reciprocal relationship between security vs convenience. When this relationship get too far out of kilter, strange things happen. Implementing a technology just because you can is not always wise – and may even be destructive. The reverse is also true.
    So, SOPA is NOT dead based on the administration’s current public stance. SOPA will survive in some form. Even if it’s stopped now, it will come back. Maybe under a different title. The idea should be to implement a common sense policies that do not abuse the free speech rights of Americans, eliminate autonomy or destroy innovation. Also, the power that comes from “owning” innovation should always be challenged.

  3. Too little too late. This is just one of Obama’s ways of saving face. The only thing fitting for this president is impeachment. Obama is the definition of two faced. He will tell you what you want to hear, and then stab you in the back on your way out. Ron Paul NOW! Freedom NOW!

  4. Perhaps you might want to google Ron Paul and repeal of the 14th. If he is elected and successful, your next kid will not be a citizen of the US.

    Your work place will be an environmental disaster

    Its too bad you believe everything your told

  5. This reminds me of something that happened a few years ago. Between graduation (B.A.) and returning for grad school, my wife and I took our most recent vacation – a week camping in the Georgia mountains. During that week, I took a video of a bear walking through our campsite and eating fruit from a tree in another.

    I downloaded the pictures from my camera including the short videos. Some time later, I decided to do something with Windows Media Player (the latest version at the time – note, I no longer use Windows except in a virtual machine). I think I was trying to use Media Player to put a backup of my pictures and videos on a CD. Anyway, suddenly a big message pops up in a window that I don’t have the rights to the video and Windows Media player erased every copy of the videos from my hard drive – total loss.

    Yeah, I should have copied them immediately (using other software) to a backup CD… I realize that (so please no jumping on me about it). The point is, they were publicly experimenting and talking about DRM back then and because of DRM, some videos that were important to both of us vanished.

    DRM is part of the core of the new Windows operating systems, so I flat-out refuse to touch them. I don’t trust Microsoft a single second because of that and other real problems I had with them.

  6. I am glad to hear this! I am not an Obama fan, but I am glad that he isn’t in support of this ridiculous bashing of the Constitution! If anything, we should all be boycotting the Entertainment Industry for this nonsense! They are the ones behind it.

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