As Boycott Crushes Him Rush Limbaugh Claims He’s God’s Gift to Women

hate speech is not free speech

In a response to massive advertiser boycott due to his attacks on Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh proclaimed himself God’s gift to women.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

Folks, are you getting all of this? I run through this stuff pretty quickly. It’s easy for me because I’ve got it right here in front of me. I have been blessed with a nice, good memory. All of this will be up at You’ll be able to see all of this. I will tweet some of this stuff out, too, but are you getting this? This week has been incredible. It’s been profound. All-time low Obama approval in the New York Times. You people are “stupid,” John Harris at Politico said. “Stupid!” The polls are “broken.” The poll respondents are stupid. Obama is making it up about energy and oil, bombing out in every area of green energy. Wind, solar are bombing out.

He’s steadfastly opposed to progress, steadfastly committed to this silly notion that oil is somehow a poison when it’s as natural as sugar. It’s as natural as anything else that comes from the earth. Why is oil so bad? Why is oil such a filthy thing? There are a lot of things that are much worse — and oil has been, like me, a godsend. (interruption) Well, that’s what the feminazis said this week at their convention, that I was a “godsend.” I’m not saying that. They are. They said I was a godsend. That makes me God’s gift to women. Really, why does anybody even accept the notion that oil is a poison? What, oil spills now and then convince everybody it’s rotten to the core? Who dies? It’s just silly.

So we’re gonna look into alternatives that don’t exist? For what purpose?

Here is what Terry O’Neill of the National Organization For Women really said:

Notice that she never said Rush Limbaugh was God’s gift to women. What she did say was that Limbaugh’s sexist attacks were a godsend for women’s rights groups. I am assuming she felt this way because Limbaugh’s big mouth finally brought mainstream media attention to the Republican war on women and their reproductive rights. Limbaugh’s spin is nothing more than the next level of desperation for the right wing host as his future earnings and those of his partners and affiliates continue to evaporate under the weight of the boycott.

An amazing 142 companies have dropped Limbaugh, and things have gotten so bad for Rush that he was excited to announce on Wednesday that he had to do voice overs for four new commercials that will be starting next week, “During the top-of-the-hour break I just received four new commercials that I have to voice by Friday.” Notice Limbaugh didn’t say he had for new advertisers, but four new commercials.

Could he be doing four different spots for one advertiser? It’s possible, but what we are probably about to see is Limbaugh’s former Fortune 500 advertisers being replaced with a lower quality and cheaper batch of advertisers. Remember, after Beck’s advertisers departed, his ad slots were filled by gold pushers, News Corp properties, and small time right wingers.

Limbaugh can warp the words of NOW, but there is no denying that the he has become the face of, and the anchor around the necks of those who are spearheading the war on women. Limbaugh can host all the women callers that he wants and spin this any way that he can dream up, but the reality is that every time his show is broadcast, radio stations are losing money.

The advertisers aren’t coming back. The storm isn’t going to pass, and Rush Limbaugh may never be the same.

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20 Replies to “As Boycott Crushes Him Rush Limbaugh Claims He’s God’s Gift to Women”

  1. there is every possibility that Rush Limbaugh is exactly where mitt Romney gets his lies about Obama and oil.

    Rush is a godsend to women, and the Democratic Party. Most of his own party wants them to go away because he is such an idiot.

    There he is trying to be absurd again, and quite frankly deep down I think he understands that his absurdity is just absolutely stupid. Not to mention really old

  2. In the words of Arnold Horschack: “If you [Rush] were the last man on earth…I’d start dating trees.”

  3. What’s hilarious is Ann Coulter, the Queen of Shriek, calling Sandra Fluke a “hysterical drama queen.” These people simply have no clue or they would realize, as the GOP is about to learn, that they are their own worst enemies

  4. rush limbaugh is the demon’s gift to grifters like himself. And, I don’t even have to name the women. Mindless, rabid,
    greedy, f**ked up monsters.

  5. Old Humpty-Dumpty Limbaugh making words mean whatever he says they mean…again.

    “…”When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone. “It means just what I choose it to mean – neither more or less.”
    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master – that’s all.”…

    As I recall, old “HD” was quite rude and condescending to Alice and, he was very self assured that his security attachment (the kings men) could prevent anything from happening to him…poor old Rush doesn’t know he’s about to take that fall off the wall, does he…poor thing…

  6. You know that the FLUSH RUSH movement is working when some mook is setting up a boycott of the Boycott (?!!!!)
    Aparenltly this guy thinks that Rushbos free speech is impinged when the freemarket he touts so often tells him to jump in a lake.
    If this guy is such hot shit then it should be no problem for folks to PAY him directly to get their marching orders, rather than go thru the third person strategy of a sponsor. I think Rushbo knows that his ‘fanbase’ is miles wide, but a millimeter deep, and would support him in spirit and NOT financially

  7. is it possible?.. the “at long last sir have you no sense of decency” moment has arrived.. after nearly a quarter century of abuse

  8. Of course, Rush thinks he’s God’s gift to women, because, (a) he’s shaped like Santa Clause, and (b) he wishes he could get into their stockings.

  9. The only way rush would be a gift to women is if he chocked down a handful of his oxy’s and passed out.

  10. Please stop saying the GOP has no clue. You make them sound innocent. They know EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY AND DO and WHY! You should hear the women on FOX who are actually defending rush and their disrespectful little men who call themselves governors, legislatures, senators-men! None of them are leaders. Not one of them a gentleman! You have to have respect for human beings and your people to be a leader. They’ve shown absolutely no respect for none of us! It’s the most shocking thing that a woman does not see the wrong in what rush said about that innocent girl defending coverage for BC. They keep leaving out the most degrading parts that rush said that had no justification for his response. None. Then….like everything that Obama does OR says..they add spin and horror to it so they’re people start freaking out and blame the President for their vile. Its about freedom of religion! Lying sacks of dung! When has he tried to take away anyones religion! Liars all of them. But so sad that we have women who would defend these GOP who are trying to treat us like their sex slaves (like the civil war days Sarah!). They can have viagra and anything they want to have sex and even rape. Oh, and the GOP is making laws to lighten the laws against men who do get caught for rape too. How about that? They’ll probably charge us women for the rape kits like sarah did in Alaska. No joke. What woman in her right mind would vote GOP today? You have to be one pretty brainwashed fool to do it. And they truly do brainwash their people with ignorance..I give you rush as a prime example of proof. So please lets stop with ..they have no clue. They KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE TRYING TO DO TO ALL OF US IN THE NAME OF MONEY POWER CORPORATIONS AND GREED. ITS THEIR AGENDA..HAS BEEN SINCE DAY 1. DEFINITELY NOT COUNTRY!

  11. Like this article..rush twisted what they said about him..that he’s God’s gift to women! huh? I guess that’s supposed to be our que like the women on FOX to rush to his side. You know what? He may be right on this count. You are God’s gift to women–THIS YEAR! Because of you and what you said YOU ARE FINISHED! You will be replaced. Like the sponsors said..they will all be going away from people like you. We will no longer have to listen to your vile hate propoganda on the news ever again. See? There is a God. He ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS. Not the god you use to spew your hate to brainwash weak gullible christians–because that’s what they are if they can listen and believe anything you say. You are so contrary to God and everything our savior represents. Your followers wouldn’t know God if He stood before them. They blinded themselves with your hate. They’ve sold their soul to you and left their true God behind. I’ll never forget how you you referred to our starving children by calling them “DUMPSTER DIVERS” (you sorry SOB). I can’t wait to see you back at the bottom of the DUMBSTER WHERE YOU CLEARLY CAME FROM AND BELONG.

  12. No, Marlene, you are thinking of drilled canteloupe, which were reportedly a popular form of male autoerotism in Franco’s Spain. The seed cavities are quite slippery and ticklish. Date pit, on the other hand, are dry, hard, and sharp.

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