Mitt Romney Dodges Wifer Questions by Releasing Birth Certificate

In response to the burgeoning wifer movement founded by Bill Maher, Mitt Romney released his birth certificate, but still won’t tell us how many wives he has.

In coordination with Donald Trump’s numerous birther related media appearances today, the Romney campaign decided to get cute and release the Republican nominee’s birth certificate. But no one really doubts where Mitt Romney was born; the big question is how many wives does he have?

As wifer movement founder Bill Maher put it, “Mitt Romney comes from a Mormon background. I don’t know how many wives he has. I am not saying I believe in that. I am just saying he was born on a Mormon compound. I’m not a wifer, but for some reason he has never shown his original marriage certificate.”

None of the wifers are saying that Romney has multiple wives. We just haven’t seen the evidence that he doesn’t have multiple wives. We regular Americans a.k.a. Joe Twenty Four Packs who only have one wife want to know that Mitt Romney is just like us, so why won’t the Romney campaign release Mitt’s marriage certificate for the world to see?

It isn’t difficult, and these questions are lingering. If the Romney campaign wants the questions about whether or not Mitt has followed in his great-grandfather’s footsteps and had multiple wives, all they have to do is show us the proof. I am not saying that I believe Romney has multiple wives. Personally, I believe that the Republican nominee only has one wife, but there a lot of people out there asking, how many wives does Mitt Romney really have?

It is only right that voters be given all the information available about a candidate. The American people deserve to know just how many First Ladies will be occupying the White House if Mitt Romney wins in November.

In all seriousness, it is obvious what the Romney campaign is trying to do by pulling out the birther smokescreen. Every day that the media gives a second of oxygen to a moronic birther like Donald Trump, they aren’t exploring all of the things that might give voters pause for concern about Mitt Romney. Because Donald Trump is the shiny object that the media can’t take their eyes off of, his role in the Romney campaign is to serve as the ultimate distraction. This is why Romney will never sever ties with Trump. Donald Trump is literally following orders.

Romney wifers have just as much evidence that Mitt Romney has multiple wives as birthers have that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, so if the media wants to give legitimacy and airtime to birthers, the wifers must to demand the same thing.

Contact the media and demand that they give the same amount of airtime to Romney wifers as they have given to Obama birthers. America needs to know. How many wives does Mitt Romney have?

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  1. I don’t believe his birth looks like a forgery. Who’s to say he wasn’t born on one of the family trips to Canada? I think Mitt is Canadian. Come on Mitt, prove that your mother was in that hospital…where are the bills? Where is the checkin sheet from that day you say you were born? Where’s the doctor or some nurses who were there and remember your birth? I’m sending a crew at my own expense into Michigan to ferret out the truth. The media is not interested, but there are a LOT of questions, a lot of people questioning whether you are truly an American. This needs to be taken care of. Come on Mitt, where are those newspaper clippings your parents had forged, and where is your hospital bracelet? And by the way, no one at your elementary school has any recollection of you being there…did you attend school in CANADA? Is that why you mission was to Paris, because you already knew French? Ah, the picture is becoming clearer.

  2. Sally,

    Yes indeed. That birth certificate looks mighty fishy to me.
    Hard to believe that Romney sais it is REAL. I don’t believe it for one minute. My BC certainly doesn’t look like that! It has to be a fake. Really!

  3. His father was actually an illegal immigrant from Mexico. And his father was born in Mexico and STILL ran for president on the idea that his parents were citizens.

    So how in the world can he be touting Donald Trump’s crap?

  4. The Romney Wifer conspiracy was clearly spelled out in the third season of HBO’s “Big Love,” when Bill ran for state office while concealing his multiple marriages, then revealed them after he was elected. Wake up, people. The truth is right in front of us.

  5. yeah, I don’t give shite where Willard was “born”..the real question is if he was born or spawned?

    That wifer thing is a legitimate question, too. And a way to bring out willard’s background that the Obama Campaign, taking the high road, won’t bring up. But, since willard is all about hanging out with idiots who question PObama’s birth certificate that has been shown way before stupid showed his today, then all bets are off with the rest of us, who will get in the mud with the psycho, to save our country from kochroaches.

  6. I think it’s sad that the media gives Donald so much time and energy. That’s a media fail if I’ve ever seen one. Whatever happened to true journalism? Oh that’s right . . . Roger Ailes/Ronald Reagan deregulation of the FCC/broadcasting/cable industry. Fox happened. That’s what happened to true journalism.

  7. Wait just a minute. That says Cert Of Live Birth. Ha! That doesn’t meet birther standards. We’re gonna need the long form, Mitt.

  8. That certificate looks phony to me. It’s not a form from a hospital, it’s a form letter.
    Did trump give this his blessing as legit? And, I am now depressed seeing that this pea-brained moron has the same birthday as me, March 12. This could be a bad omen. -snark-

  9. I wish Current TV still aired Supernews. A Romney White House themed “First Wives Club” satirical cartoon would be hilarious.

  10. Demand equal air time!!! “Contact the media and demand that they give the same amount of airtime to Romney wifers as they have given to Obama birthers.”
    The Platzner Post Facebook, and Twitter

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