Twisted Fox News Freaks Demonize Women With Fake War on Gendercide

Malkin making things up
Malkin making things up

This may be one of the most surreal few minutes in Fox News’ history, so bear with me. It involves Michelle Malkin saying Lila Rose should be given an award for her journalism while blaming the President for gendercide courtesy of Planned Parenthood.

Here you go, courtesy of Media Matters, from the May 31 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

Upset that Planned Parenthood (PP) wised up to Mitt Romney’s plan to get rid of it (because he SAID he would) and therefore backed Obama (funny thing about survival instincts), Fox News is outraged that PP has purchased a “big ad buy” to endorse Obama.

Sneering, Steve Doocy said, “The ad said if you vote for Mitt Romney he’s going to be bad for women’s health.” This is actually true, given Romney’s agenda to defund Planned Parenthood and given PP’s main work as health provider to impoverished women.

In order to make PP pay for having the temerity to put their money in the game (the game is reserved only for big corporations who do not have a humanist agenda), Fox commenced Operation Demonization and Smear.

“It’s no surprise that Planned Parenthood has marched in lock step with Obama…” Michelle Malkin begins. Lockstep must be the new agreeing on the policy that women should be able to make their own medical decisions and have access to healthcare.

Malkin warns that it is bad timing for the President to be associated with such a smeared group as Planned Parenthood, and what is the reason for this? A “bone-chilling expose” from Lila Rose, of James O’Keefe pimp and prostitute scam. The Lila Rose who is beneath Breitbart’s memory when it comes to accuracy and sanity. That Lila Rose.

The lower third beneath Malkin as she winds up reads: “The Gender Blitz Is On”. I kid you not.

Malkin goes pure projection, saying that PP has been exposed for so much “outrageous” behavior, including now sex selection abortion. “And you never hear from this current Commander In Chief (one wonders why she is referring to Obama’s role as head of the military while discussing women’s issues, and why she can’t say his name, but whatev) any acknowledgment of the excesses, the wretched excesses, and the ideological zealotry that Planned Parenthood stands for. It’s embedded in their DNA!”

Fox then rolls the clip of Lila Rose’s deceptively and selectively edited caca where a woman asks for an ultra sound in order to determine the sex of her baby prior to getting an abortion. This is it. This is the bomb.

For “Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America,” Lila Rose had to go all over the country to set Planned Parenthoods up and all she got was this lousy proof that Planned Parenthood will give you an abortion without lecturing you about your choice. Apparently, Lila Rose feels Planned Parenthood should be the morality police and deny abortions to women who want them because of the sex of the baby.

This doesn’t actually happen a lot in America. Guttmacher found that if there is any evidence of women seeking gender-based abortions, it is among the Asian community. “Among the widening panoply of strategies being deployed to restrict U.S. abortion rights—ostensibly in the interest of protecting women—is the relatively recent push to prohibit the performance of abortions for the purpose of sex selection. Sex-selective abortion is widespread in certain countries, especially those in East and South Asia, where an inordinately high social value is placed on having male over female children. There is some evidence—although limited and inconclusive—to suggest that the practice may also occur among Asian communities in the United States.”

Even Lila’s own efforts demonstrate that the PP staff don’t appear to have a lot of training dealing with cold blooded gendercide-driven women, because, you know, that’s not usually why women get abortions in America.

Women in America usually get abortions because they come from uber-conservative, right wing, religious fundamentalists homes where birth control is not allowed and they are terrified that they will be ruined for life by an out of wedlock pregnancy (okay for a Palin, but still not okay here on the ground). So they call up one of their liberal relations and beg her to take them to the clinic for an abortion … Oh, forgive me. I thought we were doing that thing where we brand an entire movement with the actions of a few.

Paddling her way to higher waters, Rose claims “Planned Parenthood and their ruthless abortion-first mentality is the real ‘war on women’!” Nice try, Lila. But we know what the war on women is, and it’s not other women seeking abortions. It’s THIS.

Malkin then says Rose needs a journalism award and appears visibly shaken to her feminist core by the attacks on girl babies that don’t exist in this country. Conservatives had to move from eugenics (so 2008, 2009, 2010!) to gendercide, because even Fact Check got wise to the eugenics crack, but that didn’t stop Malkin from reminding people what racists PP are and recycling the Margaret Sanger bit from the Glenn Beck libraries. Conservatives’ inability to contextualize has already been debunked.

We noted then that Guttmacher organization found that one in 10 of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics are located in predominantly African-American neighborhoods. Of course, the killing of minority children is best left to the Republican Party, who through various bills have done all they can to starve, freeze, and impoverish certain segments of the population.

But Fox News, home to plastic Barbie women and wind up patriarchs, wants us to believe that they are really on the side of women. Just because they back policies that take rights away from women doesn’t mean they don’t love us. After all, they want to fight imaginary wars in our honor! The war against imaginary American gendercide is finally being addressed.

What this is really all about is more demonizing of any support for the Democratic Party. Fox’ demonization of Planned Parenthood is the same as their demonization of union members, and that is the same as the deliberate conservative strategy of driving a wedge between gays and African Americans. Republicans know that there are more registered Democrats than there are registered Republicans.

If they want to win elections, they have to attack on several fronts; disenfranchising voters, killing morale (they get help on this one from some of the alleged liberals), and dividing the base. When they get into power, they then use their power to attack and destroy any Democratic political machines (see Wisconsin). This would be akin to President Obama swearing in, and while ignoring the jobs problems, using the budget deficit left to him by his predecessor to defund the Churches and start collecting taxes from them.

Yes, exactly like that.

We have Republicans on tape admitting that their union killing agenda is purely political – attempts to destroy the one small source of financial funding Democrats reliably have. Planned Parenthood is no different.

Instead of trying to actually get behind women’s rights, Republicans attack women’s rights with an unprecedented slew of anti-women legislation, and then when predictably, a feminist organization like Planned Parenthood backs the Democrat, Republicans attack the organization.

Republicans want to make every election about rhetoric instead of policy. They can’t win on policy. They pretend there is no war on women, but the policy tells the truth. Now they want to pretend that Planned Parenthood is selectively killing babies and somehow, if this were true (and it’s not), it would mean that Republicans were magically suddenly for birth control.

Republicans want to make this about abortion, but women and PP are not supporting Democrats just because they are pro-choice. Oh, no It’s gotten so archaic over at the Grand Old Party that any woman who uses birth control is now leaning Democratic.

That’s a whole lotta women, and that is why Republicans will do anything they can, including bringing discredited Lila Rose back from the James O’Keefe criminal coloring book.

If things go according to plan, soon the entire mainstream media will be asking Democrats to explain their support for the selective killing of girl babies instead of discussing the proven legislative push to block women’s access to birth control.

Planned Parenthood has already fired the woman who got set up and selectively edited, and this pisses me off. Stop cow towing to these nut jobs who are entrapping targets with deliberately manufactured set ups and then selectively editing them! This is akin to rewarding the bully on the playground. Do you really think they’re going to stop doing this because you fired someone? No, they’re going to do it MORE now.

If Lila Rose is a journalist, then she needs to be accountable for her tactics and deceptions like any other journalist.

I picture Fox News conservatives in their Lazy Boy recliner, one fist curled in rage against an imaginary enemy as the Fox horror show puts them to sleep. It’s almost as if they’re regressing to childhood, quaking in fear from the monsters under the bed. But now, all these years later, it’s Fox News’s bedtimes stories of imaginary and gruesome gendercide that haunt them… Tick tock. Tick tock.

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15 Replies to “Twisted Fox News Freaks Demonize Women With Fake War on Gendercide”

  1. Michelle Malkin is a dissimulating succubus, who literally sucks the living truth out of any subject she broaches…

  2. Outlawing gender-selective abortions is feeblewitted because

    1. A good many sex-linked defects are likely to express themselves in MALE infants. Color-blindness is easy to deal with. Hemophilia isn’t.

    2. If a family hates girls so much they’d rather have an abortion than raise a normal, healthy daughter, no girl should be cursed with such parents.

  3. I get this image of Michelle Malkin as 10 pounds of lipstick with a small speaker behind her mouth much like one of those little statues that take your order at a fast food restaurant in the drive-through lane.

    Republicans are attacking everything about women using women to do it. That tells me one of two things. Either conservative women are stupid beyond reason, or they know that they are doing it just for the money they make. They probably also think nothing will come of it. In that case they are still stupid because they do not understand that what the Republicans have in mind is pointed at them and their daughters.

  4. It won’t happen to meeeeee!

    (I can hear it now! The same thing you hear from stupid kids who pull really dumb stunts and get hurt.)

    They need to grow up and realize that YES, it CAN happen to them!

  5. And also, in other related news, the boogeyman under Republicans’ beds turned out to be their own reflections … :-)

  6. Some Republicans are waking up to the fact that this is not 2010, and Democrats are NOT sleeping through another election. The GOP has doing nothing positive since 2010, not a damn thing. If anyone wanted to counter Fox’s anti-Obama commercial from yesterday, all they would need is clips from the GOP candidates promising “JOBS!!!” over and over again, and then after the election, the clips of them vetoing every single real jobs bill, and instead, focusing on eliminating womens’ rights. It would be true, and might make some independents stop and think.

  7. The sub-headline says, “Fox News has increased it’s attacks…” It should be “its” not “it’s.” There is only an apostrophe in its if you mean, “it is.” No apostrophe if you mean the possessive form of it because it’s (it is) a pronoun. I expect to see that mistake in a blog because many Americans never learned proper English, however, when written by an actual journalist, it’s pitiful. Plus, doesn’t anyone proofread anymore? You can’t rely on spell-check, it doesn’t catch everything.

  8. You are obviously out if your depth. Go back to the kiddie pool where someone will be impressed.

    Michele Mallkin is so full of hate get head spins. GOP lost on this one today. Pull fox license they aren’t fit!

  9. Malkin is a disgrace to all women like palin and any and all women on fox and many rw politically active women on the right. Not one has stood up for their daughters, sisters, mother, aunt, girl friend. PATHETIC AS ALL HELL ANY OF THEM ALL OF THEM

  10. Isn’t it like how poor and working class whites in red states keep voting Republican, leading to even more hardships for them?

    Back on the topic of conservative women like Malkin, they remind me of the Commander’s wife in A Handmaid’s Tale. She had been a staunch anti-feminist preacher before the formation of the Republic of Gilead, and her reward afterwards was to be reduced to second-class citizenship.

    As they say, be careful for what you wish for….

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