President Obama Proves the Right Wrong By Spending the 4th Right Here in America

President Obama pulled a fast one on Karl Rove and the National Review, who claimed he was in Paris raising cash on July 4th, when he was, in fact, doing what he does every year — throwing a party for our troops on the South Lawn of the White House.

President Obama and the First Lady had their annual July 4th barbeque for our service members and Obama spoke a few words, ending on a consistent note of being there for our troops as they have been there for us, saying, “And as long as I have the honor of being your Commander-in-Chief, I want you all — our men and women in uniform, our veterans and their families — to know this: America will always remember. We will always be there for you, just as you’ve been there for us.”

Look, it’s even on video! Watch here:

THE PRESIDENT: How’s it going, everybody? (Applause.) Are you hot? It’s supposed to be hot. It’s the fourth of July. Happy Fourth of July, everybody! (Applause.) On behalf of the entire Obama family, welcome to the White House.

Now, the last thing anybody wants to do is to ruin a nice backyard barbecue with a long speech, so I’m going to be quick.

It is always such an honor for us to spend this holiday with members of our military and your extraordinary families. All of you represent what is best in America. You serve under our proud flag. You and your families sacrifice more than most of us can ever know — all in defense of those God-given rights that were first put to paper 236 years ago: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So as your Commander-in-Chief — but also as an American — I want to invite all of you over to say one thing: thank you.

Today, all across America, at schools, and beaches, and in town squares, Americans are celebrating the freedoms that all of you and your families defend. Like many of them, we’re grilling in the backyard. We’ve got some pretty good tunes for you. We’ve got the outstanding Marine Band. Give them a big round of applause. (Applause.) And we’ve got Brad Paisley and his band in the house for a little country. (Applause.)

We’ve also got all of you. We’ve got Army in the house. (Applause.) We’ve got Navy. (Applause.) We’ve got Air Force. (Applause.) You know we’ve got some Marines here. (Applause.) And we’ve got Coast Guard. (Applause.) Today, we salute all of you.

We salute our soldiers, like Sergeant Alan Ruehs, who, in the midst of an enemy ambush in Afghanistan, risked his own life to save the lives of four others.

We salute our sailors, like Petty Officer Taylor Morris, who suffered terrible wounds while serving in Afghanistan on an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team, but who inspires us all through his incredible recovery.

We salute an Airman — Colonel Charles Barnett, who led close to 200 combat missions in Afghanistan and still serves his country by volunteering to care for our fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery.

We salute a Marine — Corporal Alex Nguyen, who sustained serious injuries when his vehicle struck an IED in Afghanistan, but who carries on stronger than ever.

We salute a “Coastie” from my hometown of Chicago — Lieutenant Commander Michelle Watson, who was one of the first African American women to graduate from the Coast Guard Academy, and went on to perform exceptional service in Operation Enduring Freedom.

All the men and women who stand with us here this afternoon are an example of this generation of heroes — this 9/11 Generation that has earned its place in history alongside the greatest generations. Because of your service and sacrifice, all of our troops are now out of Iraq. (Applause.) Because of your service and sacrifice, we took the fight to al Qaeda and we brought Osama bin Laden to justice. (Applause.) Because of your service and sacrifice, we’re transitioning out of Afghanistan. We will remain ready for any threat. That is all because of you. (Applause.)

And as long as I have the honor of being your Commander-in-Chief, I want you all — our men and women in uniform, our veterans and their families — to know this: America will always remember. We will always be there for you, just as you’ve been there for us. That’s my promise. That is America’s promise. And that is one that we pledge to fulfill on this Independence Day.

So, Happy Fourth of July, everybody. Enjoy the fireworks. Get some hotdogs. God bless you. God bless your families. And God bless these United States of America.

And with that, let me turn it back over to the United States Marine Band. (Applause.)


Gosh, that man is amazing, isn’t he? He showed up right where his itinerary said he would be — on the South Lawn of the White House, giving a party for our troops – you know, sorta patriotic and all on Independence Day — or, as conservatives like to say, “spending July 4th in Paris.”

Gee, the South Lawn doesn’t look like Paris. I guess all of those troops don’t exist either…

Happy Independence Day, from all of us here at Evil Liberal Socialism Headquarters – aka, PoliticusUSA.

11 Replies to “President Obama Proves the Right Wrong By Spending the 4th Right Here in America”

  1. Yeah, but if they can fake the moon landing, surely they can fake Obama being in front of hundreds of people with video cameras!!!

    I’m being sarcastic, of course.

  2. And these same unpatriotic jackasses whining about him spending the Fourth in Paris smoking Gitanes with a bunch of surrender monkeys while pocketing foreign campaign donations pivoted instantly as soon as this news came out to whining about how he exploited the troops just for a campaign photo op.

  3. I’m shocked! Rove lies? Fox lies? Then when caught. tells another lie? This President is more than capable of making Rove look like the petulant child he is…he has beaten the GOP at their own game over and over, and without having to lie once! Go Mr; President. We have your back!

  4. Actually let’s not forget the debt we owe France for their invaluable assistance during the Revolutionary War. Without the help of their navy and financial assistance we likely would not have defeated the British and secured our independence. While I am glad the President and his family celebrated with our military heroes in Washington, DC, it is no shame to remember the contributions of the French to the freedoms we enjoy today.

  5. There is no end to the lies they tell. The sad thing is that the people who believed the lie in the first place won’t even say anything about the fact that they were lied to. They’ll still support the liars even though they KNOW they lie. Of course, Romney is the biggest liar of them all.

  6. The polls say Romney and President Obama are neck in neck polling, WHY? This truly amazes me ! Romney is such a dirtbag for everyone to see, he dosen’t even try to hide how out of touch he is. The President is doing a fairly good job considering the obstruction the Republicans have tried to crush him with, so I must asked, What is wrong with America, are people truly stupid or do the just don’t give a rat’s ass? If knowledge and facts and reality have anything to do with elections, the President should be commanding a 30-40 point lead. The President will answer questions clearly with knowledge, whereas, Romney has not answered any questions clearly, and goes out of his way to not say anything that he could be held too, this is a sign of a very shady and dishonest person. The only way Romney could be tied with the President is if People are purposefully ignoring Romney’s obvious dishonesty. Why? People better wake up, and use their heads, because if you think “Well Romney’s better than Obama, you are in for a big surprize, Romney wants to be President tooBadly, something is amiss, his quest for power is for the sake of him being powerful, not to help America, he wants it for some big design of idea, that he will not talk about right now, he must be stopped before it’s too late. Educate yourself and vote, it’s the only way to get good government.

  7. Those poll showing them in a tight race really sound suspicious. The media wants this to be a close race because it’s easier to report on. How many people with cell phones only were called?

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