Republican Candidate for Sheriff Will Use Deadly Force to Stop Abortions

Republicans have officially jumped the sanity shark.

A Republican candidate for Hillsborough County, New Hampshire Sheriff won’t rule out the use of deadly force to stop “elective” legal abortions. Yes, you heard that right. Republican Frank Szabo also said he would arrest any doctor performing elective or late-term abortions because they need to be stopped. Who cares if they are legal? Mr. Szabo does not agree, and he is the law of this land.

He explained his worldview to WMUR New Hampshire, “There is a difference between legal and lawful.” Indeed! Szabo then compared abortion to slavery, legal but not lawful in his mind.
What’s a vigilante to do when faced with “unlawful” legal behavior? Well, doh, they should stand their ground with deadly force. “I would respond specifically by saying that if someone is under threat, a full-grown human being, if they’re under threat, what should the sheriff do? Everything in their power to prevent them from being harmed,” he said.

And see, the beautiful thing is that like many Republicans, Szabo recognizes no authority over him. He explained, “The county sheriff doesn’t have a superior officer. They are the chief law enforcement officer of the county. If a public official tells them to do something, they need to ask why and not just automatically do it.” See? It works how Szabo says it works. He knows this because he is in the right morally, at least according to his divine judgment.

If you’re wondering what kind of legal expert Mr. Szabo is, you need to remember that he’s a Republican. Republicans don’t really put a lot of stake in knowledge. So no, according to WMUR, he has no background in the law or law enforcement. He’s a businessman.

But like a good Republican, he’s a businessman and that makes it all okay, because once you’ve been a “businessman” you can do anything, including running the country just like a private equity guy would – with no authority over you, no laws you must follow if they rub you the wrong way, and no need to learn about pesky things like the American justice system. You can be in charge and not know a thing!


Liberty candidate Mr. Szabo says he is running for office so he can “reign in out of control ‘representatives’.” Cough. Will that involve deadly force as well?

The New Hampshire Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America are the supreme authorities of the land. They are the blueprint which keeps government in check. Our elected representatives swear a solemn oath to uphold and defend them both. Why then is legislation passed which, even to a non-lawyer, is obviously unconstitutional? Lack of understanding and responsiveness have become the norm with our elected officials. A Constitutional Sheriff can reign in out of control “representatives”. Frank will be that Sheriff.

Republicans are none too pleased with Mr. Szabo, and they’ve called for him to step down. The businessman who says out loud things he should keep secret (just like Todd Akin, when will the GOP rein them in?) had this to say, “I’ve seen some chatter going on because of interview I did this morning with WMUR … but one comment I’ve seen is Kevin Smith calling for me to step down because of my belief that the use of deadly force is appropriate to prevent an abortion. I don’t think anybody would have trouble with preventing a full-grown human being from being murdered, so why would anyone object to the use of deadly force to prevent the murder of an unborn human?”

Kindly, Mr. Szabo, who knows nothing of the law or medicine (clearly), deems that he will make exceptions if the life of the mother is on the line (he’s God, doctor, judge and jury in one!), but not for all you scum who use abortions as birth control. “That’s a medical issue. But as far as elective abortions, and abortions being used as birth control and late-term abortions, absolutely, I stand by my belief.”

How will he know the difference? He’s a businessman!

Mr. Szabo is a “constitutionalist”. You know, the kind who don’t need to actually read the constitution to know that it agrees with their guts on matters that finer folks debated for years. What’s not to like?

Video (must see) is available at WMUR.

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  1. Republican Candidate for Sheriff Will Use Deadly Force to Stop Abortions

    Gives new meaning to the term “pro-life” . . .


  2. Szabo – I will use my First and Second Amendment rights to make sure a woman can use her Constitutional Rights.

  3. Obviously, this dude’s egg salad has slid off his cracker. Unfortunately, I think he’s voicing what a whole bunch of whacko Repubs actually think, but would never say publicly, because this is EXACTLY how they ACT. Presumptuous, insufferable, antagonistic, misogynistic, blowhard baboons with a bad case of babbling bulls..t ballast blowout syndrome. I am thoroughly sick and tired of this crap…

  4. Szabo needs to be very careful. He most likely loves guns and feels that everyone should have one. This means that he could reasonably expect the woman, or one of her loved ones, to shoot back if he draws his gun on her. He should also remember that New Hampshire is a “Stand Your Ground,” state, and that if the woman he targets feels threatened, she can shoot without worrying about going to prison. Some laws work both ways.

  5. I would greatly anticipate his first such action and then watch him get the “juice table” for premeditated and deliberate murder.

  6. I am very embarrassed about the fact that this guy is running for sheriff in the county where we live. I really hope all my neighbors realize that this is more than about abortion, it is about ALL of our rights. He could decide to arrest anyone for ANYTHING that he doesn’t agree with. I could be sitting on my porch, drinking a beer, and if he drives by and sees it, is offended by it, he could try to arrest me, even though I am drinking on MY OWN PROPERTY. Or maybe he will decide he doesn’t like the color green, and order me to paint my house blue, or get arrested. The point is, abortion is 100% legal in NH, and no one has any business arresting or otherwise threatening people who are doing something that is legal. This guy is…

  7. he’s the type to do something stupid, and cry and weep about how he didn’t mean it and he deserves mercy.
    And then start a PAC and rake in the money a la palin.

  8. Fuck you you fucking cunt. Only one-sided comments allowed that agree with your agenda. This site is a joke, just like you.

  9. I am speechless. Another insane Republicnut seeking public office. The amazing thing though is I am sure this jackass has supporters.

  10. Another sorry sick bully who joins the rest of the haters, who actually believe they are not accountable to anyone.

  11. If this clown gets elected, will be a sad day in America. The voters in his district need to send a strong message, that normal people don’t think like that and we will not tolerate such ignorance, especially from law enforcement.

  12. These people have twisted minds and cannot think and act ratinally. They have given themselves God given rights and have thus become judge, jury and executionier all in the name of their twisted religion that does not acknowledge, comprehend or promote God’s (Jesus Christ) teachings.
    ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’ is not a part of their vocabulary and their every day lives because they are right and everyone else is wrong.
    They are a pox on humanity.

  13. Better a C-word than right wing coward who tries to intimidate women, but is too scared to leave comments under his own name. What do you think, Joe?

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