Mitt Romney is Money Boo Boo: An Angry Child Full of Self Pity and Contempt

gop cry child

At the risk of piling on Romney, now that I’ve seen the whole video and had time to digest it, it’s hard to focus on one particular part. As a whole, it speaks to a man who at his core is much like Sarah Palin. This is someone who seems to feel put upon by Americans, resentful that anyone would think that he benefited from being born wealthy with all of the perks that entails, and angry that others get to exist and think things about him that he doesn’t get to approve.

Mitt Romney is a thin-skinned, petty, mean-spirited child kicking his feet about the losers who think they’re entitled to eat.

It’s not him, he assures himself. It’s everyone else. Behind the contempt is the porous ego that needs to see itself as the Only Point of View. To have anyone else’s view foisted upon him is an umbrage-worthy insult.

Sycophants surround him. He doesn’t look at Obama supporters and wonder why they vote for Obama; he assumes that they are lazy parasites who only do so because they “want free stuff”. Is this a person who could engage in even the simplest act of diplomacy? He has no idea how to read people and no interest in reading them. The point is, if you don’t like Mitt Romney, you’re a loser who’s not worthy of food.

Romney’s speech suggests that he thinks that if he were Hispanic, he would be winning this election, which implies that he feels sorry for himself as the privileged white guy. The minorities get all of the good stuff, and the only reason Obama is popular, again, is because of his ethnicity, not his character or policies.

Romney is deeply insulted that people are asking about his taxes, when meanwhile, in his view, all of these losers get off scot-free. Why should he have to show you his tax returns or even answer the press’ questions about them, when there are all of these losers who are jealous of him and supporting Obama because Obama is black?

It’s outrageous to Mitt. It’s self-pity. A rich, private equity elite is feeling sorry for himself because he’s not getting credit for being a self-made man (he’s not one), because this election isn’t easy for him as it would be if he were Hispanic and therefore could get votes from the parasites, and lastly he’s being insulted with questions about his tax returns when he sees a nation of leeches who don’t pay taxes.

How dare they? The problem with Mitt Romney is that he’s so ensconced in his prejudices and self-pity that he can’t see that he has been given much. He has no idea what that means; he’s only resentful that anyone thinks that might have made things easier for him.

Mitt Romney is a child, looking to a nation to reinforce his fragile ego, and reflect back to him what he needs to see instead of what they really see. If he doesn’t like what you see, he calls you a loser who isn’t entitled to food (regardless of whether or not you ever asked for food) and stomps out.

The wildness of his insults smacks of a bully, an abuser – someone who throws out a projection of their own inadequacy in order to create doubt and shame in their victim. Once again, his insults shoot first and aim later. He doesn’t care if they’re true, he only wants to demean and shame you into shutting up.

You People have been put on notice. You don’t like Mitt Romney and you’re going to pay for it. No, he’s not going to take you to coffee and get to know you in order to discover what makes you tick or what kind of policies you’d like to see; he’s going to punish you for your failure to see how entitled he is.

You are on the hit list now, America. You don’t like Money Boo Boo? You’re a loser and you’ll pay.

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