Pastor Charged with Rape Blames Young Victims: ‘These are not really kids’


A 61-year-old Minnesota “pastor” with “One Accord Ministries” charged for the rape of two young girls blamed the girls for his predicament. “These are not really kids,” Jacoby Kindred said according to reporter Emily Gurnon of Pioneer Press. “They have the mind of the adult.”

However, he is the father of their mother’s former boyfriend, according to KARE 11. As a sort of grandfather figure, the girls used to spend the night at his house.

Kindred was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly raping two young girls for years, starting when they were approximately six and seven years old. They are now 14 and 16.

“I never did anything like that. Anyone can make up anything when you sit there long enough and you rehearse it,” Kindred said according to Pioneer Press. “All a woman has to do (in Minnesota) is make an accusation, true or false, and the man’s going to be in trouble.”

Kindred claims that the children’s mother’s new boyfriend doesn’t like him, and that’s why she is making these allegations.

The charges resulted from a woman finding a letter in which the youngest girl referred to the sexual acts with the preacher. The older girl told a nurse in a separate interview that he forced her to perform sexual acts on him, including oral sex and intercourse.

The girls said the preacher told them the “devil was inside them” and he would remove the demons with sex.

There is a warrant out for “Jacoby Preacherman”. If he is convicted, he could serve up to 30 years in prison for each count.

A tip for grandfather figures charged with rape: It’s probably best not to hinge your defense on “these are not really kids”, especially if the allegations relate to a six-year-old.

Photo: Facebook/Jacoby Kindred

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