Wendy Davis Wants to Know Which Equal Pay Law Texas Republican Greg Abbott Is Breaking


greg abbott which laws did you break
Greg Abbott. He knows how to condescend to the lady types. He’s been mansplaining to them that they don’t need any equal protection law because there are already four such laws! He said that there are “four laws that are already in place to protect women in Texas.” Greedy ladies.

But then it came out that Republican Greg Abbott, the current Attorney General of Texas, runs an office in which there were systemic disparities in pay for the same job, with the same experience, between men and women. The men were earning more.

Greg tried to deny this, and after his surrogates claimed women were too busy to care about getting totally screwed financially for no reason other than their gender, Abbott tried the tender “I”m a dad and a husband so naturally I care about the ladies” bit.


But still. FACTS. Abbott’s office is full of women being paid less than men for the same work.

So which of these four laws is Greg Abbott breaking? Inquiring minds like the savvy Wendy Davis campaign want to know. So they made a handy video of the facts, calling out Greg Abbott to explain himself.

He’s such a great mansplainer, surely he can explain this. He should tell us silly girls which four laws he’s breaking, or else someone’s going to have to investigate him.

Oopsie, looks like the Republican Party is already considering this path, as they begin to flee from the fail.

Jason Easley broke it down this morning for Politicus:

The Republican candidate to be the next governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has found himself in hot water after the Wendy Davis campaign pounced on him for his refusal to say whether or not he would veto the state’s equal pay bill . Texas Republicans managed to make things even worse by claiming that women earn less than men because they are, “bad negotiators.” Things got even worse for Abbott when a study found that his attorney general’s office pays women less than men. As the equal pay controversy was catching fire, a new poll was released that showed support for Wendy Davis surging.

Maybe Mr. Abbott needs to stop disrespecting the gender to which he owes his existence and start explaining which four laws he’s violating. Or perhaps he’s violating all four.

On the bright side, we finally have an explanation for why Republicans are against giving women the right to seek remedy further than 180 days past their first pay check. They call women bad negotiators but in truth, these Republicans are perpetuating egregious pay gaps even within a government office, where this is more difficult to pull off.


13 Replies to “Wendy Davis Wants to Know Which Equal Pay Law Texas Republican Greg Abbott Is Breaking”

  1. Well Rick Perry helped Abbot out this morning on MSNBC. He said that Wendy Davis discussing equal pay was “nonsense” and should be focused on creating jobs and deregulating business. So to translate that from republispeak to english. Would you shut up about equal pay because it’s getting embarrassing for my buddy Greg, and do like I did and bring in more of low wage jobs with no benefits like I did, and for gods sake let them employers crap on employees rights all they want.

  2. Don’t forget blowing up towns every now and then. Also who needs water? That water is more important to fracking than, I don’t know , drinking and for farms?

  3. In what poll is Davis surging?

    Seems that the trend is actually going the other way. Likely voter polls put Abbott up by double digits.

    Look, I absolutely hate Abbott, but would love to see citation for the claim that Davis is “surging”.

  4. Republican men want two things from women, and they both start with the letter V. One is a vote and the other is vagina. Now, I’m not really sure about the Vagina, do to all that anti gay, anti same sex marriage, anti homosexual. I think the republican male doth protest to much. I’m thinking the Democrat males of this country are stepping up to the plate, so to speak, to keep the population going. The more I think about it, the republican male, especially in Texas really only want a woman’s vote. What say you all.

  5. If Wendy Davis is so concerned about women getting equal pay, she should start right at the top. Barack Hussein Obama pays women 13% less than men.

    I propose we all stand with Wendy on this important issue. Wendy, you go girl! March right over to Washington DC and demand that Barack Obama end his war on women and start paying his women as much as he pays men!

    Poor Wendy Davis, let’s face it: she’s a grifter with no agenda. She’s trying to parlay a rant about how much she loves dead babies into a governorship. She’s a gaffee machine, a liar, and really has nothing to offer but this silliness of hers. I think it’s hilarious watching this desperation.

    So liberals, who’s with me? Let’s have Wendy Davis lead the charge and fix this horrible injustice- starting from the top down.

    Oh and before you people start in with your denials, Google it. Try something like “Obama pays women 13% less” rather than claim ignorance.

    That is all. Have a nice day, everyone.

  6. You are a idiot . Congress decides the budget now some get paid more depending on their roles but to say the President pays less to woman than men just shows how shallow your thinking is.

  7. While I disagree and detest a bit Mr. Abbott, I can tell you now the last thing you want to do is vote a liberal Democrat in. Wendy has flip flopped on issues like Guns, plus she fudged her biography. I can tell you now, Democrat flip flop and deception is far more dangerous than a GOP. If you don’t believe me, come to NY and see how its working here.

  8. Note: Feel free to disregard any and all political arguments made by someone who invokes the “Hussein.” Anyone that does so has automatically outed themselves as the bigot that they obviously are. “What? I’m just saying his name?” Right. Barack Obama goes by Barack Obama, not Barack Hussein Obama. Aside from being sworn into office at his 2 (count ’em, 2) inaugurations, have you ever heard him refer to himself as Barack Hussein Obama?

    Do you say Ronald Wilson Reagan in everyday conversation? How about George Herbert Walker Bush? Richard Milhous Nixon? Gerald Rudolph “Jerry” Ford, Jr.? How about William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton?

    You’re a bigot. More specifically, you’re a xenophobe (that’s a person who has an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners) and a racist.

    Now go watch some Fox news to get your empty tank of a soul filled up with more hate juice.

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