If a Person of Color Was Committing Clive Bundy’s Crimes, the GOP Would Be Demanding Action

Nevada Militia 2

The phrase law of the land is a legal term that refers to all of the laws in force within a country, including both statute law and common law, and being as such requires that all citizens of that country to obey the laws of a land regardless they agree with them. The majority of Americans adhere to the laws of the land whether they agree with them or not, and it is why there is not anarchy in the streets and why society is relatively well-ordered and safe from frequent armed confrontation  with law enforcement. Since the American people first elected an African American man as their President, Republicans have shown a predilection for violating federal laws whether it is passing outright nullification legislation over non-existent gun safety measures, or passing unconstitutional legislation to get an audience before the conservative Supreme Court for authority to violate the law with judicial support. Since President Obama’s election, Republicans encouraged their teabagger and conservative supporters to violate federal laws with gun violence and, over the past two weeks, conservatives and Republicans rallied behind an un-American man who refuses to acknowledge federal government or judicial authority to enforce the law of the land.

It is without doubt that if a person of color openly violated a law in front of law enforcement and summoned assistance from gun-wielding supporters, law enforcement would gun them down with extreme prejudice and justify their actions as necessary to maintain order and bring a criminal to justice; no Republican would even consider condemning law enforcement. Republicans maintain a different stance when a white man violates federal law and court orders, and instead of condemning the man’s lawlessness and threat of violence from armed supporters, rushed to rally support for the law-breaker and defend his actions as an important stand for the right to violate federal law.

The recent events, still ongoing, in Nevada where a white rancher claims his Mormon ancestry gives him authority to violate several court judgments against him and the federal government is the result of conservative’s belief that threats of violence against federal authorities are a necessarily important first step in their five-year assertion that federal authorities violate conservative’s belief the federal government has no authority to make, or enforce, laws. In fact, one reason Republicans reject gun safety measures is because they claim citizens need to be well-armed to wage war against “federal government oppression and tyranny;” their interpretation of federal authorities enforcing federal law.

The issue Republicans and armed militias are rallying to defend is Mormon rancher, Clive Bundy, who refused to pay grazing fees for 20 years and ignored multiple court orders to remove his animals from federal land where his grazing rights were revoked. Bundy claims that as a descendant of Mormon pioneers, his ancestral rights to the land his family settled in the 19th century (1800s) and his animals have grazed on for years give him authority over federal laws and court orders. Following his logic, Native Americans claiming real ancestral rights can take possession of the entire continental United States. However, because they are not white Mormons disobeying federal laws and court orders, they would be summarily gunned down and most likely by white conservative armed militias.

On Saturday, anti-government protesters, many of them armed, marched to support Bundy’s standoff against federal agents and shut down I-15 southbound in Nevada. It is no surprise that the armed standoff against federal agents is a cause célèbre for conservatives who have sought a reason to wage war on the federal government and incite other Republican insurrectionists to join them in what they have wanted for five years; a revolutionary war against the federal government. One Nevada Republican state assemblywoman, Michele Fiore, articulated what conservative armed militias have claimed is their raison d’être since Americans first elected an African American as President; standing up for their rights with an armed conflict against the federal government. It is something they never threatened when a white Republican was president.

Fiore said, “I’m seeing a lot of passionate Americans willing to stand up for important rights,” even though the so-called “important rights” include violating the law, ignoring court orders, and bilking the federal government out of $1.1 million. On Friday Fiore said she has been making the 80-mile drive from Las Vegas to support and encourage militia members in a tent city that resembles a Confederate army staging area planning their next assault on federal government forces. Bundy claimed his family and armed militias confronted BLM’s effort to remove his cattle from federal land as a constitutional stand based on his personal Mormon view that the federal government has no authority over its own land; what Republicans claim is “passionate Americans willing to stand up for important rights.”Nevada Militia 3Nevada’s Republican governor, Brian Sandoval, said “The safety of all individuals involved in this matter has been my highest priority. Given the circumstances, today’s outcome is the best we could have hoped for. I appreciate that the Department of the Interior and the BLM were willing to listen to the concerns of the people of Nevada.” Apparently, according to Sandoval the people of Nevada believe the federal government is oppressive and out of line for enforcing federal law they do not agree with. Sandoval is as much a part of the problem as Bundy, other insurgent Republicans, and armed militia members rushing to confront federal authorities doing their jobs according to court orders and federal law; a law conservatives contend does not apply to them. According to the director of the BLM, Neil Kornze, “Based on information about conditions on the ground and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of our employees and members of the public.” Republican-controlled Nevada law enforcement did not even attempt to arrest Bundy or armed militia members for confronting federal agents and interfering with their constitutionally protected duty, and it is likely they support armed militia members obstructing federal agents attempting to enforce the law. Republicans, and their gun-wielding supporters, have lusted for an opportunity to confront federal agents since 2010 when they began passing legislation mandating local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to enforce federal laws; first for enforcing the Affordable Care Act, and then agents enforcing non-existent gun safety measures they claim President Obama is executing. The simple fact that Nevada law enforcement did not assist federal Bureau of Land Management agents attempting to do their jobs, strongly suggests they are in league with Bundy and militia members confronting federal agents under threat of armed violence. That Republican governor Brian Sandoval thanked the Interior Department and BLM officials for not fulfilling their duty and taking orders from “the people of Nevada” supporting Bundy’s violations of federal laws and several court orders makes him an accomplice for not directing Nevada law enforcement to assist federal authorities and arresting Bundy for obstructing federal agents during the commission of their duties.

One cannot comprehend why BLM officials did not summon federal assistance to protect their agents, or why they stopped enforcing federal law and court orders. Their reticence emboldened men like Mormon Bundy, and more importantly, armed militias who will threaten the federal government with armed resistance and summon other anti-government militias to aid their cause to prevail in the wanton violation of federal laws they reject as unconstitutional. Republicans and their conservative militias are disheartened BLM and Interior Department did not fulfill their duty and enforce the law of the land, because now they will have to find another opportunity to do what they have planned for five years and start a war against the federal government to repeat what their ilk started over one-hundred-and-fifty years ago; an armed rebellion against the federal government they hope will start America’s next civil war.


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  1. Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes for Wingnut pundits to spin this as ” Obama deciding which Federal laws he chooses to enforce ” ?

  2. Well I think it’s high time we build those camps and take the life taking toys from these ignorant children. We need to give this kind of escalating mindless faux patriotism the serious action it deserves. Once and for all we need to stand up to these Criminals YES criminals and take away the freedom that they take wholly for granted. They have never had to live with the suppressive dictatorship that they stupidly claim exists today. Perhaps if they had to live under armed guard with no freedoms and NO Damned GUNS! Then they may come to appreciate the freedom that they have and that NO one is trying to take. All that these knuckle draggers understand is the GUN! I say we use those guns on them! Let them know what it’s REALLY like to live under the threat of a gun like the American public does every single day.It’s time to take the second amendment and shove it up their asses and pull the trigger til’ it clicks!!!

  3. Remember they went crazy when one black man was holding the door so that elderly white women could vote and they were screaming for federal action?

    Remember what happen to Move in Philadelphia?

    Remember Ronnie raygun changed California gun laws when the black panthers were executing their 2nd amendment rights?

    I think this is a trick question. What would happen if this was a POC

  4. The events that took place will not go away with these gun toting criminals, due to the fact the US government used mature judgement against domestic terrorist, from this time on, there will be no federal intervention without confrontation, in Navada and possibly any State. These people violated the law when they took up arms against the US Government and politicians in Navada should be held just as responsible for condoning their behavior, by admission and (guilt by association) visiting the camp, and not upholding their sworn oath to the constitution, this is just what the 1% have been hoping would happen, so they could march into Washington with no blood on their hands and become KOCH KINGS. You cant have a government with no laws.!

  5. In their warped minds–it is ONLY leeching in this country IF you are poor and/or a minority. If you aren’t either of those, then your FREEDOM is being taken away by an oppressive government. I hate these guys. I truly do. I’m sick of the “I’ll only obey laws I agree with” mentality. We are headed toward something really, really bad in this country. And these whack jobs are going to start it.

  6. If these weren’t white people behaving badly they would be dead by now, or you would have every conservative politician and pundit screaming for action. This is the monster that they created and sooner or later the monster will come for them.

    Check out the news feed from Las Vegas channel 5 CBS and it shows activists who don’t want militias in their town and saying Bundy is a thief.

    Compare it to Las Vegas channel 8 FOX, and the reporter is interviewing the Bundys saying what a great victory it has been. How they are standing up for their rights.

    Some more of that fair and balanced news.

  7. It appears like some truly insane, crazy people, want too have martial law, military road blocks, house to house searches and curfews happening on a daily basis across the entire U.S.A.. Its time now for the Homeland Security and DOD people to get to work and put an end to this ugly-shit really quick. Before someone actually gets hurt or killed and this becomes a “personal-thing” for people. In my opinion. Arrest all of the leaders behind this operation and put them on trial for crimes against our Govt. and the people of the U.S.A..

  8. The man tried to pay his taxes. The state of Nevada didn’t have a code specific to Bundy’s situation. That does not give the government the right to show up and destroy this mans life. I agree with you all…. we are heading for something big. If we continue to allow the government to break its own laws and target American citizens, the true Americans, the ones who care about our freedoms, will defend themselves. Make note though…. not a single shot was fired. Many citizens practicing their Constitutional rights were manhandled, tazed and illegally detained for standing in support of this family though…. Bet you don’t have a single thing to say about that part do you? Keep standing on the sidelines and eventually you just become a spectator. Instead of making this about political parties, make it about the rights of the American people. You may be comfortable with having yours taken away, one at a time, but some people in this country still have spines. Good luck spectat…

  9. “If a person of color was committing Clive Bundy’s crimes …” they’d be in jail or dead by now.

  10. Try to keep up. It has nothing to do with taxes but fees you pay to use public land. Many people tazed, illegally detained? In order to prevent serious injury, please make sure you are smarter than the equipment you are about to use………

  11. You can safely bet that had this have happened during former Democratic or Republican administrations the U.S. Attorney would have given this group of criminals and anarchists the same treatment they gave David Koresh, holding their fire and responding with deadly force if their lawful orders were not complied with. These people are not patriots, they are criminals engaged in acts or sedition and treason.

  12. Thank you for your comment. Tax? Fee? Whatever…. they still attempted to pay the FEE annually. This isn’t as much about the armed citizens to me as it is about right and wrong. I see our country falling apart, our way of life being slowly destroyed and it pains my soul. It is time for the American people to come together regardless of political party. Its the politicians that are creating the divide. As Americans, we depend on our elected officials to do the right thing. I do not believe the government took the appropriate steps with this family and I do not believe that beating up on the local farmer should be viewed as an acceptable path for any entity. Taking away grazing land from farmers in order to make room for Japanese Solar Panels? I realize I am speaking to the wrong people on the wrong site but at the end of the day, why does this particular piece of land have to be the one chosen for this purpose? There is so much un-used government owned land they could have used.

  13. You have to stop this. You have to start thinking on your own. Reid was not going to make millions. The solar panels, which are supposedly CHINESE not Japanese were not going on Bundys farm. No one was throwing him off his farm. He broke the law. He refused to accept the federal government as having domain over the land in question. Playing the I hate the gubberment tact is old and silly

    You have got to start looking things up for yourself. Free republic, WND, Breitbart and the others are making a horrible fool out of you

  14. First off this was not about taxes, it was about grazing fees so of course Nevada has no law for that. The BLM showed up with a LEGAL court order and were within the scope of the law. This man has been flouting the law for 20 years. At this point he is clearly in contempt of court.

    The armed thugs you speak of were NOT excersizing Constitutional rights. They were an armed mob who should have been charged with obstruction at the very least.

    I assure you sir I have not lost my spine. I served my country honorably (USMC) for four years. I just choose to be governed by law rather than by a band of children wanting to play war.

  15. http://www.britannica.com/EBch
    Mexico ceded to the United States nearly all the territory now included in the states of New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, and western Colorado for $15 million and U.S. assumption of its citizens’ claims against Mexico.

    So in other words, for more than 100 years, the government of the United States was stealing property from sovereign people and nations. I guess we need to give the land back to the MEXICANS

  16. There is so much wrong with your stance on this that I wouldn’t have time to reply to each faux pas on your part. The fact that you actually think this guy is a hero among us is enough to see what you are made of – nothing. Bundy had been paying the fees for many years and then just decided to stop when he found it inconvenient. You failed to mention that part of the story. If you feel these idiots who showed up at his ranch weilding guns are such wonderful people, then please, can you tell me WHY they lined their women up in front of the crowd when they thought shooting was going to happen? They claim it’s because they wanted the world to see the government agency gunning down women. You and I both know it was because they didn’t want to be shot but they were willing to sacrifice their lowly women. How long do you think it will take for Bundy to get these leeches off his land? They are rabid for a fight and this is the only show in town for them right now so I’d say a LONG t…

  17. If these asses think they are living under a dictatorship, then maybe they should move to Russia or North Korea to see if they could live better. These little militias actually think they can take on the United States Arm Forces. They will be wiped out in a matter of minutes. I would love to see that happen.

  18. They attempted to pay the fee? For 20 years this welfare cheat refuse to pay it. and by the way the solar plant that you idiots keep referring to is in Laughlin which is no where near the moochers ranch.

  19. I expect the Feds have attached liens on everything Mr Bundy owns. And they should use the courts to take everything he owns. Just another TEA BAG trying to get something for nothing.

  20. Violationyadayada…Yeah bud you have it all wrong! The government is not violating any thing! You go right ahead and spin it the way you see fit and we will take it for what it is. A criminal act by a bunch of paranoid fake patriots with more rounds of ammunition than functioning brain cells.

  21. While I wholeheartedly agree that Bundy is breaking the law and his cattle should be removed, I am confused about one thing. If he had been paying the fees and then stopped paying them 20 years ago, why did they wait so long to enforce the law. I can see waiting a little while if it was just that he didn’t have the money to pay it, but why did they wait so long? Is there any kind of statute of limitations that would apply here?

  22. What they really want to do is see how far can they push that black man in the white house an saying to themselves that black man is not going to tell me what to do. Dumb, stupid, alive but dumb stupid dead in the head. These people think they are hurting the president and thinking if we start a war they will win, not realizing that they have a very small army and once they find out out they are outnumbered will either killed themselves out of shame, turned everyone else in or make a run for it to Canada or Russia or some other country that would take them. Then they would want to come back to the states with their head in their butts. After innocents people get hurt and killed because they have no clue why they are so filled with hate for the black man except for their foreparents told them from long ago and that was a made up lie because they were mad with the slaves for being set free and they hated that. Fear of the unknown is dangerous and so is hate and racism.

  23. Just so you get it right next time here is an article on the Chinese solar panels:


    Updated Friday, June 14, 2013 | 5:55 p.m.

    “A Chinese-backed company is pulling the plug on a multibillion-dollar solar project near Laughlin after it was unable to find customers for the power that would have been generated there, a Clark County spokesman said Friday.”
    Laughlin is 175 miles from Bundy’s ranch, btw. You need to research everything you read before you take it as the gospel.

  24. Let me give you some advice, from the eruopean perspetive and mainly from the european experience with extreme wing parties, specially right wing extremist parties: 1st please do fight for your rights, by the legal ways; 2nd do not let yourselves to be deceived by some “power thirsty” people, that are not interested at all in your well being, but only on how they can pave the way to get to washington; 3rd trust me, a dictatorship is something that u do not want to live in, ask any european he will tell you what extemist parties are capable of, they are never for the people, but instead against it. Everytime extremists got to power in european countries, only destruction has happened, both socially and economicaly speaking. There are lots of terrible examples of this: Franco in spain, Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany (started the 2 World Wars, based on nationalism claims, what do they all have in common? They used the exact same strategy, “defending peoples interests”.

  25. Yep… Let’s just demonize the GOP even though the claim is completely false…. The truth is that conservatives are against big government and land grabs regardless of race. So go ahead and spin your crap and ignore the facts

  26. Andrew, the Conservatives are ONLY against what is called “big government” when they do not control the government. When the GOP controls the government they ALWAYS grow it larger and more powerful than anyone.

  27. What part of Bundy broke FEDERAL law don’t you grasp? How can some of you on the right even think that Bundy is not a moocher when honest ranchers are paying the FEDERAL Gernment for use of FEDERAL lands. Paying taxes to Nevada has zero to do with this — these are fees to the FEDERAL Government so they can maintain the FEDERAL lands the ranchers graze their cattle. Nevada doesn’t own the lands the FEDERAL Government does.

    This is why I left the GOP as people on the right cannot seem to understand what laws are all about and believe they should not pertain to conservatives as they are above the law.

  28. Trying to pay the state of Nevada for federal land use fees is like trying to pay your power bill to the phone company. Of course they “didn’t have a code specific” to it. People have tried doing exactly that, and they generally get their power turned off.

    As has been pointed out by others, you really should try to do your own thinking some time – the people you’re letting do it for you right now are making you look like an idiot.

  29. That is complete bullshit Andy. There is nothing but bigotry, racism, hatred and stupidity coming out of the Evangelibagging Repigs.

    You are not talking to one of the imbecilic right-wing commenters here and you will be busted.

    Govt so big it can stick its nose in EVERY WOMAN’S WOMB is what you imbeciles want so stop the GARBAGE of small government and fiscally sound because REPIGS RUIN THE ECONOMY WHEN THEY ARE IN POWER, WE ARE LIVING PROOF.

  30. …”{Monday} Richard Mack, identified as a former Arizona sheriff who had joined more than 1,000 other protesters alongside Cliven Bundy, who has been feuding with BLM over his use of federal land to graze his cattle.

    “We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front,” Mack said in a Fox News clip pulled by The Blaze. “If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”

    Explain to me how these are not domestic terrorist?

  31. I let the teabaggers explain how they were willing to sacrifice the women to save their cowardly asses

  32. “If a Person of Color Was Committing Clive Bundy’s Crimes, the GOP Would Be Demanding Action”

    And self-styled “progressives” would have been wetting themselves over the “militarized, heavy-handed police state response” and counting the number of black cops vs. white cops on the scene, Al Sharpton would have burned through thirty-seven sets of bullhorn batteries, and Obama would go on national TEEVEE to proclaim how if he had a son, he would look like Cliven Bundy.

    The alleged amount of money owed for grazing fees would have been pooh-poohed away with comparisons to “the billions looted by the Banksters”, “public property” would have been transformed to mean freedom to occupy it and ruin it at will (a la the OWS encampments in public parks), and a dozen left wing blogs would be calling for million-person-marches on Washington to protest the “racist old white guys” at the BLM.

    That about cover it?

  33. “Remember they went crazy when one black man was holding the door so that elderly white women could vote and they were screaming for federal action?”

    You mean the guy in the militant-looking uniform wielding a club? Just there to hold the door open for elderly white women. Yup. Did the big bad conservatives make the widdle Cub Scout cry? Awwwww.

    If it had been some white guy in an Aryan Nation uniform there “holding the door”, what do you think the administration’s action would have been?

  34. “These little militias actually think they can take on the United States Arm Forces. They will be wiped out in a matter of minutes. I would love to see that happen.”

    Of course you would. Leftists love to see their political opponents lined up and shot by the military. That only applies to other U.S. citizens, of course. When it comes to our enemies overseas though, they tend to get all weepy and support the Freedom Fighters™, call our military “criminals” and demand that they all be tried at the Hague.

  35. Really? What an imagination! Red state? Free republic? I know, breitbarts brain?

    We dont call the solders that you hate criminals, but we do call Bush and Cheney criminals and they should be at the Hague.

    Shouldnt you be out making sure other women have no rights and convincing them they are only good as baby machines? Or maybe restricting someones right to vote? Maybe spitting on a veteran like your representatives do?

  36. @Cheryl: They did take him to court in the 80’s under Ronny and in the 90’s under Clinton. The guy has a history of lying and evading money he owed. The Shrubs let him skate the whole time they were in office, makes you wonder what the GOP actually stands for. And for the rest of you morons defending this POS, it is YOUR money he is skating on, idiots.

  37. You’re saying that if Clive Bundy was a “man of color,” Republicans would be against him, which suggests they are racist.

    But your use of the term “Mormon” as a pejorative is every bit as distasteful as that you abhor.

    Which proves yet again, liberals think it’s okay to hate the people they don’t like, just not the people they agree with.

    Sheesh …..

  38. Instead of playing into their hands and start shooting, better just freeze his accounts, seize his assets, and garnish his income such that all payments to him are to be made instead to the federal government.

    The BLM should highlight what kinds of plans the demonstrators had, such as putting women in front of the men so they’d be the ones getting shot had the cowards been successful in provoking an exchange of gunfire.

    Proposed White House press conference: “Once it became known the group of hotheads were planning on lining up women in front of them to “take a bullet” for their cause, the BLM chose to de-escalate. Make no mistake, this man is a freeloader and criminal, and he has been so for 31 years. To make matters worse, local law enforcement, as well as some irresponsible politicians, were giving aid and comfort to this armed band. We think it important that the American people learn the truth about this dispute, and we will approach this another way.”

    Or something like …

  39. The man was grazing his cows on public land illegally. He stopped paying on his lease in 1996. The lease was bought by Clark County Nevada and retired. He owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid land usage fees. He and everyone involved need to be arrested and charged with Sedition and Treason.

  40. Sorry but that Chinese solar farm is 190 some odd miles away at another location. But if you support the free market then you should be perfectly okay with the Chinese taking land as the Keystone supporters are A okay with the Canadians taking land from folks to build their pipe line… or they are just hypocrites and support free market myths when it involves white people…

  41. I think that the Bush Administration would have done the same thing if a guy in an Aryan Nation uniform had been involved in the incident in Philadelphia—nothing. It was the Bush Administration that refused to press charges against the New Black Panthers, but it was the Obama Justice Dept that did, but don’t let facts get in the way of pushing a false narrative that fits a POV that has no basis in reality. Fox News mind-f*cked every republican in the country by making them believe that it was Pres. Obama and AG Holder who gave the NBPs a free pass when they didn’t.

  42. I beg to differ. The politicians are easy to point to because they are elected, albeit usually to a great extent with the help of special interest corporate money. The fault is squarely OURS. “We the people” allow special interests money to divide and conquer us by playing on our hate. To be clear, I’m speaking of special interest corporate money in politics known as The Koch Bros., Sheldon Adelson, Citizens United, etc. The ranchers have known for 18 years they needed to pay their bill. Anyone else would have been characterized as deadbeats. Grazing rights are not free. His is not a nonprofit ranch. We must all follow certain rules. Had a republican administration been in power, it would have been very different. The law authorizing collection of the $1 million owed by the rancher was authored by GOP Legislation. Libertarians be careful of what you wish for.

  43. As I understand it the penalty for treason in The United States is execution so why the hell won’t the government deal with Clive Bundy and His racist redneck scumbag buddies properly . Half a dozen drones could take out most of them and the rest of the treasonous filth could be shipped off to gitmo for the rest of their lives . Perhaps the goverment fears the reaction fom the Koch run media ? I don’t know why as this would be a godsend as it would expose them to charges of treason too and they could be dealt with . America is at war and the invader is already there hiding behind the constitution and white male privilige . When You’re at war a suspension of priviliges is expected and when the enemy is in Your cities it’s time to fight that war with every weapon availible , niceties like mercy , due process etc. should only apply when the enemy is outside the gates not when their ensconced within .

  44. Just as you just called Joseph out i am calling you out. You are nothing more than a arm chair champ, arm chair soldier a chicken hawk if you will. If any black, brown or asian person did what this white man did, you know and i know they would be dead or arrested. but your stupidity wont let you admit to that simple fact, so instead what do you do, you call out people on the net as if you would not pee your pants if some one was standing right in front of you.

  45. Actually there is one man our government is being fearful of, he is an ally of Koch brothers, his last name is Rothschild. He owns more than three quarters of news media across the nation. Rothschild also is an owner of Lockheed, Boeing, numerous of banks across the world, and owns Russian and European defense companies. As long as Rothschild is protecting Koch brothers, nobody can touch them.

  46. Those who seek violent solutions for every action do not show the true soul of liberalism which is always peace, and must be so. If you believe we must kill Bundy and his ilk, you should join the Republicans, because your purpose already has.

  47. dandi

    If the “patriots” keep pulling this illegal bullshit they will fulfill their own prophecy.
    If they keep pushing the right buttons they will get their asses kicked into the next world. A company — no a platoon of Marines could have solved the issue in ten minutes.

    Like the American English?

  48. …unless, of course more “investigation” shows he’s a polygamist (small potato…or not), related/does “business” w/the King Family Klan, also notorious Mormon rancher outlaws (NV’s western most boarder of has tons of slot machines owned and operated by the King’s)…I could go on and on how these people are nothing more than aberrant cults living in their own little pockets of totalitarianism. The militia morons that showed up are probably the “God Squad” used by Warren Jeffs to patrol/control his encampment. That entire area is infested with people who believe in “Bleeding the Beast” so naturally, he has no problem ripping of the feds; stealing, lying, cheating is their family crest as well as quest.

    But, Amr’ika don’t have no “cult” problem…nothing to look at, move along.

    I wonder how a boycott of his beef would work…

  49. I’m not surprised
    Every time something doesn’t go with your liberal ways, you automatically pull the race card. Thus, fueling a fire that is purely driven by your own party. All the sudden the Bundy’s and their supporters are all ‘redneck knuckle draggers” because some LIB throws a Hypothetical out there. Yes he broke the law, how does that make him racist? Here’s a hypothetical, say Dr. Ben Carson where president, is he racist, or just a race trader for being conservative?

  50. Reading is fundamental. No one said Bundy is racist. What the article stated which facts and US history bears out if this was a POC the outcome would have been their ass. Damn you cons are such big dummies

  51. Pacifists get murdered in times of war.

    I really wonder why it is that tea party protesters and people like this don’t get tazed and abused by police as the other protesters do, such as the 99 percenters.

    I’ll give you a hint, these idiots get better treatment because they are unstable and armed.

  52. It is interesting to me how any major news worthy event happens with a white person involved. That people love to throw the “race card” out there. Things would have gone down different if the guy would have been any other race than white. He and his friends would be dead. Such and such would have happened. Well guess what? It didn’t go down that way. There are more contributing factors than the “race card.” How about we just stick to the event and the facts and not worry about what didn’t happen. The “race card” is thrown around just to stir people up. It isn’t always the main issue nor is it always the contributing factor. Stick with the event, the people in the event, and the facts. Then people might actually have a decent discussion about what actually happened. Oh yeah and insulting others just because they share a differing opinion than you comes off as childish. (That goes to everyone who insults someone based off their opinion.)

  53. What happened? The welfare cheat didn’t pay his bills and put people lives at risk. For you to defend this moocher only proves the point of the article.

  54. Your calling him a mooch for not paying one fee? He paid taxes and paid for his property and all he owned. He didn’t pay one fee at least he is contributing to society. Welfare mooch? How about you talke that way about the real mooches. The ones who never get a job and expect the government to pay for everything and never get off their lazy butts. Then again our government has turned Welfare into a system where we pay more for those who don’t work than those who are actually working. Cause far be it for the govenment to actually care about the working class. Lets raise the cost of living and then suggest stupid programs like Obamacare that actually will make everything worse. And cost more instead of helping people. Lets raise the debt ceiling instead of lowering it because who really needs a budget. Does that make sense? No of course not but lets focus on a Nevada rancher instead of the real issues at hand. And you wonder why people are fed up with the government?

  55. Hey this shit aint rocket science but in you case I may have to go to first grade with you. IT WAS NOT HIS LAND. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  56. Very subtle deception… weave fiction in with fact and to the gullible the fiction becomes fact. There is no basis whatsoever for this author’s racist claims. It’s people like this author that are fanning the flames of race wars by making false claims and sucking in the uninformed.

  57. I guess your homeschooling never taught you about Wounded Knee, Fred Hampton , Move and so on. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” –M. L. King “

  58. Just like the author you start off with false claims that you try to use to instigate. It seems you are so full of hate and anger it spills into your every statement. Martin Luther King, Jr. chose to uplift, not belittle.

    Each of us could cite numerous examples that we claim support our position. But, in fact they have NOTHING to do with the current situation.

  59. The current situation is this deadbeat welfare cheat should pay his bills. Now if you support deadbeats then say so.

  60. I made no statement supporting or opposing Bundy et al’s position. My comment was directed towards the authors claims of racism.

    It’s telling how instigators must inject something that doesnt exist in order to attack the fictional position.

    You are doing your best to try to twist my statements into something I didnt say.

    Your false statements were:
    A. that I was home schooled
    B. that I was never taught about Wounded Knee, etc.

  61. I said you were homeschooled as a insult to peoples intelligence that you can sit there with a straight face and say if this deadbeat was a person of color it wouldn’t have been no backing down by the authorities. history bears that out and for you to poo poo it is a insult to my intelligence.

  62. If a bunch of 20 something progressives did this it would be called “Occupy BLM” and the GOP would be calling for their heads.

  63. Bunch of racist idiots again making up their own rules. Injustice is injustice and if one is to use MLK’s line of wisdom.. “injustice to one is truly an injustice to all” is truly applicable here. This man did not pay legally applied “user’s taxes” (one of the few constitutionally legal taxes we must pay) for 20 years. This criminal profited very well from the use of our land and and boldly rubbing it in our faces. There are so many applicable facts that if minorities were involved, even with children and women, the outcome would have been different. Lived down the street form the Move incident and most forgot that the mayor was Black and most the involved cops were White. With this being said, if one has not realize or want to realize at this stage of the game about these types then a mental evaluation is called for surely. These people types with their insane racist beliefs are the most dangerous threat to our way of life since the Civil War era.

  64. Ok, I’m back and after researching a lot further, I can admit wrongfully stating the case. At the end of the day though, there is no good spin on this story except for the lack of bloodshed. I don’t claim to have the answers but I can see where this all went wrong. Once you have been allowed to break the law for so long, why not!? This should have been snuffed out a long time ago when Bundy stopped paying fees. Its easy to jump to the wrong conclusion these days though. Everyone lies…. Part of me wanted to support the little guy being attacked by the big government. Thankfully, that does not appear to be the case this time around. Moment of foolishness followed by snap judgment. As for the militia, agendas only work when they are based on a platform of similarity. Standing ground in front of an innocent family being forced off their land might get you somewhere IF that were the case, but lining your women up on the front line of a potential bloodbath is a cowards’ play. Shamef…

  65. If the protesters were black, or hispanic, or God forbid a bunch of OWS hippies, the BLM would have opened fire, and the Bundy thugs would be cheering them on! This is the state of American politics today; its mean, its nasty, its going to get violent! The Koch brothers continue to gain ground in their push to over throw the people, and instal an oligarchy run by themselves and their minions. The rest of us would be tolerated as long as we toed the line, and did the bidding of our so called betters.

  66. What part of he broke the law you don’t understand? Or is it because he is a white Mormon he is immune to the laws of this country.

  67. There is a photo of a man on an overpass pointing his firearm in the direction of other people. Why is this man still alive? Was he arrested? If not, why?

    If someone else tried this on an overpass near you, what do you think would happen to them?

    We hear a lot about responsible gun ownership. This man is the epitome of NOT exercising responsible gun ownership. He and anyone else who were pointing weapons in people’s direction should be locked up.

    Go to any gun range, take a gun safety course. You will be to told to never point a gun at someone unless you intend to use it.

    Protest is one thing, protesting with a gun pointed at other people is a deadly threat and should have been dealt with as such.

  68. Can someone please translate the 3rd paragraph? Although I’m pretty sure I understand what it’s trying to say (and I agree with the overall thought behind the article), that paragraph is a mess! Sentence fragments run together without proper sentence structure – I didn’t know where to begin or end!!

    However, Bundy’s more recent rant about blacks is typical of old school Mormons who have never accepted the change to the church’s stance on black members. The KKK was once a thriving organization in Utah and Idaho (and Nevada and Arizona by extension), but not so much now, despite the popularity of the region with White Supremacist groups.

    Lest people forget, the Mormons moved west to LEAVE the United States because they were violating the laws with their plural wives. They went west to create their own country with its own laws under the leadership (yanked from Joseph Smith’s son and heir) of Brigham Young. They were secessionists – they FLED THE COUNTRY. Bundy still thinks lik…..

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