Jeb Bush Tells Poor People To Stop Mooching and Get Married

Jeb Bush Guiliani NY donors/AP Photo/John Minchillo

Yahoo ran with “Bush, Ryan focus on poverty while courting donors,” but even they were dubious.

It’s getting tough for conservatives to keep selling the people the lies that tax cuts for the rich will trickle down one happy fine day. So Monday night, as Former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush played Mix and Mingle with the GOP New York elites and Wall Street’s big donors, he put on his best Compassionate Con salesman act.

Buried under Bush’s sweet talk about immigration reform and the importance of education (oh, a reasonable Republican, the country will squeal with delight and relief!), was this, according to Politico:

He (Bush) praised Ryan, who was the evening’s first speaker, saying, “When it comes to the American family, Paul Ryan has it right.”

“A loving family taking care of their children in a traditional marriage will create the chance to break out of poverty far better, far better than any of the government programs that we can create,” Bush said.

This is hardly the first time in history the elites have preyed upon the religious “values” they instill in the masses in order to keep them under control. Somehow Republicans always have a divine right to speak for God, and lucky for them, God wants the rich to get all of the government resources.

Thus, same sex marriage is bad and you single moms and your kids must suffer because you are morally not entitled to government subsidies like the oil companies are. If only GOP God loved people like he does money. Jesus loved the money changers, y’all!

I hope you lazy people get it. Marry a person of the opposite sex and your poverty will go away. Also, no divorce ladies, even after that forced birth, post being raped. Traditional marriage solves everything in fairy land. Bottom line message: “So sorry about your poverty, but not! LOL, Love, GOP.”

What did Ryan get “right” about the American family? Yahoo reported:

Having toured the country in recent months focusing on the nation’s poor, Ryan declared that “the best way to turn from a vicious cycle of despair and learned hopelessness to a virtuous cycle of hope and flourishing is by embracing the attributes of friendship, accountability and love.”

“That’s how you fight poverty,” Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman and 2012 vice presidential nominee, told a crowd of roughly 750 dressed in tuxedos and gowns.

Oh, yes. Friendship has long cured poverty, y’all. That and marrying someone of the opposite sex.

No one ever said you had to be smart to get rich, or that the black ties imparted some sort of wisdom or character that would enable those wearing them to overcome their own egos and ravenous greed. These attributes are exactly why Republicans can’t get it right. They are too far removed from the people, too far gone, and selling outdated, moldy spam deliberately mislabeled as caviar.

And then there was this bit, which makes me weep for all of the lovely caring of the black tie crowd – if only Bush hadn’t ruined it all by explaining that the best way to elevate people out of poverty is through being nice to them and having them marry the right sex; not with opportunity or emergency help or say, food.

Both Bush and Ryan emphasized messages before the black-tie crowd at Cipriani in Midtown of elevating people out of poverty. But even though Ryan is still believed to be considering running for president, he got relatively little attention compared with Bush.

Translation: Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan emphasized how they would con the people into supporting policies that would put the poor into further jeopardy. Bush and Ryan helped the elite explain why it’s okay to let your neighbor’s kids starve; you’re just being kind, after all, poverty is best helped with moral judgment and condemnation made by mere mortals who claim divine authority (just like our founders intended).

Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani, who used to love disgraced bully Chris Christie (R-NJ), was breathless with hope. Jeb would make a “heck of a leader”, he sighed to Politico, saying he hoped we’d find out. Yes, the country is so ready for another Bush. By 2016 we may have just pulled ourselves out of the bottomless pit partially brought on by the very policies Jeb Bush is championing for the rich.

Republicans are always in search of pretty, charismatic, Big Daddy or a kind face willing to sell their message of trickle down economics. Bush won the fight for most favored con artist last night, since Ryan was busted by those nuns for his austerity budget in a most public manner as he ran for Vice President in 2012.

Jeb Bush’s comments weren’t supposed to sound Romeny-esque and out of touch, after all, Jeb Bush is the latest Great White Hope To Sell the Con, and that is why Republicans are rediscovering him in spite of his last name.

Republicans can believe anything. Even, it seems, that poverty is best addressed with traditional marriage instead of government programs…

… So long as that message is accompanied with tax cuts and government subsidies for their fellow black ties.

Image: AP Photo/John Minchillo

15 Replies to “Jeb Bush Tells Poor People To Stop Mooching and Get Married”

  1. My memory is quite clear that you are at least as likely to be poor when married as when single. As for dragging babies into this mess…unconscionable.

  2. I know lots of married couples who are poor and barely scrape by.

    Marriage doesn’t make you prosperous in a monetary sense and for these people to suggest that it does demonstrates how out of touch they are.

    We all do better when we all succeed. I’d also like to mention that for people who consider themselves Christians, their views on the poor are very out of touch with Christ’s teachings.

    They need only read the New Testament to find that out. Do they just skip over those parts?

  3. Looks like Jeb doesn’t know who he’s hanging out with, Ole Assistance Boy Paul Ryan, what if the government had done Paul and his mother like he’d choose for the government to do to poor people. Talking about a low down human being that forgot where he came from.

  4. So basically, while these idiots are doing nothing to help create jobs they are not above beating up the poor who do not have the jobs. And somehow trying to get across the point that getting married and having kids will get you a job.

    These idiots are just like my friends in Michigan that I used to work with. They blame the poor for everything and it comes straight from the tea party. They hate the poor. And then you see them posting Christian quotes.

    The Republican Party has to be put down. They are doing nothing for this country except getting people to shill for the very rich. And I don’t think those people are ever going to be smart enough to figure it out

  5. Trickle down is the lie that the Repugs have been running for years. We do not need another Bush in the White House.

  6. Lyin’ Ryan should thank the taxpayers every day for he has lived on the government since he was a teen.

  7. Actually I’ve found that being single and childfree makes for a financially comfortable life. My parents found that having only one child and embarking on careers that paid well made for a financially comfortable life. What these people are advocating actually is Leave It To Beaver. Mom stays home and cooks in high heels while dad has a job that pays well and they have two kids. Unfortunately Leave It To Beaver never actually existed, definitely not on the scale of hundreds of millions of people. But the fantasy is nice isn’t it Jeb and Paul?

  8. Well, to be fair, the government didn’t really help Zombie-eyed Paul all that much. He came from a family of MILLIONAIRES. Actually, they made their millions through government road-building contracts. But I don’t think that is the kind of government help that Rethuglicans disdain…

  9. Whenever you hear it (and you’re going to hear it), please explain that Jeb’s “education “miracle” is a myth. The self-proclaimed educational governor (private academies his whole life — never darkened the door of a public school until he decided to run for governor) retained a bunch of third graders who couldn’t read well, and the fourth graders’ scores (without the lowest readers, who were retained) went up! Wow! Who could have guessed that?

    And his A-F grading system, charter schools, and (backdoor) vouchers to private schools is imploding. The stats are not good.

    Florida graduation rate 75.6 Alabama graduation rate 80%.
    Florida ACT score 19.8. Alabama ACT score 20.3.

    Alabama doesn’t grade schools or teachers. Where’s the Jeb “miracle”? In his imagination. His

  10. A Bush is a Bush is a Bush. They just change first names and a little different face. Two were more than enough. They give nothing to this country,they are major TAKERS first class. Think of how much they make off their connections. We do not need anymore Bush’s in the White House ever again. Even Barbara Bush knows this. We are still working our way out of Georgie Boys 8 years of residence there.

  11. It’s all about the money. Anything with a dollar sign attracts them. Get in at the start,make the big bucks,then deny you didn’t understand how bad it was. They are always being duped,ya all the way to the bank. Only this involves our children’s and grandchildren a education and futures. Of course they do not care. A few sweet words hooks the dummies to this program. Never,ever trust a Bush,or any Republican.

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