Las Vegas Shooting Spree – A Product of Tea Party ‘Ideology’

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Emerging facts about the couple responsible for the Las Vegas shooting spree not only confirm the reality of domestic terrorism, but the fact that there is a large network of money and media enablers behind it.

Despite the Alex Jones’ propaganda machine’s wild claims that this is another false flag, facts show that right wing nut jobs who listen to Jones (along with Fox, Limbaugh and the standard right wing propaganda sources) were responsible for the Las Vegas shooting spree that left two police officers and an innocent bystander dead.  Perhaps most interesting as we enter the propaganda phase of whose to blame for this week’s mass shooting, lies in the fact that a fellow right winger, Richard Mack, destroy’s Jones’ conspiracy theory. The combination of facts include Facebook posts, rants at right wing websites like Info wars and years before the Millers went on their shooting spree. The Raw Story published screen shots of those posts.


The Millers’ stated their support for Cliven Bundy (who “conservatives” branded as their folk hero before he told America what he “knows” about black people”) on Facebook. Gawker got the screenshots of Miller’s expressed support for Cliven Bundy on April 9, 2014.

The Millers spent years of frequenting right wing websites, posting support for right wing terrorists and spouting right wing propaganda.  They were white supremacists and bought everything else the Tea Party is putting out there. They also spouted the propaganda to neighbors in the apartment complex they lived in, according to the Las Vegas Sun.  Richard Mack,  another right wing nut job who shares Cliven Bundy’s denial of U.S. legitimacy, confirmed that the Millers were Bundy supporters. MSNBC reports that Bundy’s son acknowledged that the Millers were at the ranch but, for reasons he didn’t state, were asked to leave.

According to Hatewatch, here is Mack’s reaction to the news about the Miller’s involvement in the Las Vegas shooting spree. “Oh, no,” he said. “I was afraid that he might have been at the Bundy ranch. As soon as I heard about it, I was afraid of that.” There is video of Jerad Miller repeating the same rhetoric that Teabagger politicians use on a daily basis. Once again, aside from the anti-government sentiments, the Millers believed in white supremacist ideology and, in tribute to it, put swastikaon the dead police officers’ bodies. This was confirmed by law enforcement at a briefing.  Though, there are also reports that the murderers draped the police officers bodies in the Teabagger “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.

Law enforcement also pointed out that the Millers were anti-police.  After shooting the police officers execution style, Jerad and Amanda Miller did exactly as they said they would do.  They fantasized about suicide by cop. They hated everyone and everything the right wing propaganda branch of the Republican Party told them to.

As a direct result, 41-year-old Alyn Beck and 31 year old Igor Soldo were killed execution style by a couple of right wing fruit loops.  Jerad Miller shot Soldo in the back of the head.  When Beck reacted, the couple shot him dead.  At the risk of sounding redundant, a witness said the two good guys with guns (not to mention the training that goes with being police officers) “didn’t stand a chance”  against the bad couple with guns. It doesn’t take rocket science to recognize who is responsible the violence caused by gun crazed “conservatives.”

Obviously, Jared and Amanda Miller are most directly responsible for their actions.  They got a lot of help from Teabagger politicians who legitimized Teabagger ideology and called Cliven Bundy a “hero”.

Of course, the NRA and right wing media played a role in developing the twisted and deadly combination of gun culture and fascist ideology.  Let’s not forget the Koch brothers and other financial supporters of the Tea Party who prey on ignorance and hatred.

In the aftermath, not one Republican or Tea Party politican has condemned this act of terror or the fascist and neo-Nazi ideologies from which it stems. As I’ve said before, we can lay blame for the increasing domestic terrorism by Tea Party “patriots” and point fingers at the Koch Brothers. But blame in and of itself won’t solve the problem.  It means cleaning our House of fascists and those unable or unwilling to stand up to them.

Image Bob Cesca, The Daily Bantor

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  1. What’s ironic is they used nazi symbols which was a strong centralized government but they wail against the Federal government. Must have miss that part of summer school.

    Of course the teabaggers are racist. Watermelon emails, birther nonsense, bone in the nose, photoshopping the President family on monkey bodies and the list goes on. But that’s the least of their crimes. When you hear they want Senators to be appointed instead of elected they know their total grip on power is fading so take away the right to vote for the candidate of your choice. They want to intimidate people on their right to vote if they didn’t suppress it.

    When Tea Partiers rant about things like ‘mob rule’ listen for the dog whistle that says– “Let’s change the institutions of government so the new majority can’t threaten the wealth of and influence of the minority which is you guess it, old white conservatives. But I have hope. The younger generation will not fall for the bovine excrement.

  2. A big thank you to all the asshat teaparty radical people with no brain or balls to speak up against what’s happening to this country. What the F is wrong with you people. And to anyone that thinks the POTUS is taking away your rights” GET HELP” mentally now, because you suffering from delusions brought on by lies.

  3. These right wing nut cases are convinced that if they can pull the government into a fight that they can win. That they will go down in history as patriots. They believe that the military and police will stand on their side. I don’t see that happening when you start killing innocent police while they’re eating lunch.

    The government needs to step up efforts to crack down on these paramilitary groups and their offspring. They also need to hold the Alex Joneses accountable for their actions. As well as the NRA.

    I expect for there to be more of these incidents before things come to a head. They’re spoiling for a fight and bullies don’t quit until they’re put in their place.

  4. “Head of needlework dept. at Hobby Lobby.”

    I’ll bet her paranoid delusions of government abuses of power fit well there.

  5. Damn, who would think that a guy wearing a Tapout shirt and camo pants would turn out to be an idiot.

  6. Remember when Harry Reid called the people at the Bundy ranch domestic terrorists. And the right freaked out. Harry Reid was right.

  7. Wheres the out rage from the likes of Bonner,Shara,Rush,etc. Not a peep from them assholes. They must be in a meeting some where to try to come up with a way to blame it on Obama

  8. Many news reports aren’t mentioning this, but a few have, and I don’t know if it’s true or not. But, it is reported that when these murderes entered the Walmart, a customer saw them and drew his own (legal) concealed gun and fired at them. But they fired back, and he was eventually the one who was killed.

    That’s three good guys with guns who could not stop these bad guys.

  9. These government-hating, gun-toting, faux patriotic nut jobs are little more than self-serving, tea-chugging anarchists.

  10. The republicans, the tea party, fox news and rush limbaugh are at fault. This right wing propaganda makes some people go crazy and they do crazy things, just like Timothy McVeigh.

  11. That is not true. Or better yet, it is not how it happened.

    The Millers shot and killed Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo in an ambush inside a local pizza shop. They then moved to a nearby Walmart, where Jerad Miller was confronted by 31-year-old Joseph Robert Wilcox, who was carrying a licensed concealed firearm.

    However, police said, Wilcox did not know Amanda Miller was involved, allowing her to kill him before he could fire on her husband.

  12. So because of ONE isolated incident…the rest of the THOUSANDS of people that supported Bundy are somehow guilty by association. Great logic!

  13. Yes. They had no business being there, they were sucked in by Bundys lies about his family rights to the land. There was no reason on earth for them to be there at all.

  14. So you are in favor of welfare cheat who take money from you, yes you because the grazing fees help maintain the land that people enjoy. Got you

  15. Do you seriously think this is going to be the last incident from these terrorists?
    One incident my ass.
    BTW are you discounting direct threats to law enforcement doing their jobs as not being an incident?

  16. Amanda’s aunt said she was a totally different person before she met Jared and attributed the change in Amanda to his influence over her. He was a strong influence in her becoming enamored of guns and becoming an anti-government nutcase who was willing to give her life for a fake “cause.” Jared also made her quit her job. It was the reason they took to portraying themselves as comic book characters to support themselves. There were so many signs that this couple was planning to do what they did, but no one who knew them truly believed it or reported it. Almost every one of their neighbors who was interviewed by LV Sun reporters said they were fringers with crazy notions about everything. Jones and others on the right can claim the Millers weren’t affiliated with the GOPTP, but their fascination with guns, their shooting spree, their fringer-type comments on RW websites, and leaving a Gadsen flag draped on the police officers’ bodies says they were GOPTP all the way.

  17. Didn’t Sharon Angle say to exercise your second amendment rights? Looks like someone took her up on it.

  18. Remember Dean Heller a republican from Nevada and the woman politician with the big mouth
    on TV, they called these tea party taliban
    people – patriots.

    I suppose they are also calling the freed soldier a traitor!

    With the starving of the VA for money etc, we now know who really hates the troops.

  19. The ultimate responsibility for the murder of the two police officers and civilian lie with the two ghouls who shot them, the Millers’.
    The motivations for the killings are right wing all the way. The influence of all the right wing media is very evident in all of their postings.
    Just don’t expect any reaction other than what we see with Alex Jones (sic), where the real problem is the government who motivated these two to kill and forced them to post all their right wing trash to make it “look” like they were right wing, when in reality (very sic), they were hidden government agents.
    I need to go check under my bed for the FBI!!

  20. Their plans to stage a mass murder in the courthouse looks remarkably like the attempt made by the Georgia shooter, who was killed by a Swat team. I really think we’re looking at a carefully orchestrated campaign of stochastic terrorism.

  21. Guns everywhere does mean everywhere:

    Montgomery, Ala. Alabama officials have mere weeks to sort out whether gun-toting voters should be allowed in polling places under a new state law.
    Differing interpretations of the new law became a problem in Tuesday’s primary after men showed up with guns in at least two precincts near Birmingham. Also, an east Alabama county first banned guns from polling places only to change the policy.

    A law enforcement leader in Shelby County says someone needs to sort out the confusion before the runoff election on July 15. Two armed voters tried to cast ballots there.

  22. Garnetstar: You hit the nail on its head with that one. Yes, WHAT will the NRA have to say about that one? They may have to choose another meme. It sure did not work in this case.
    And I feel sorry for that man who was packing and sought to carry out the theory from the NRA: He was the good guy with a gun trying to stop the bad guys with guns. He lost! Saddly so.

  23. The NRA will say what it always says about any mass shooting “We need more guns!”

    Don’t expect these idiots to change…The one spokesperson that actually made sense critisizing Texas Open Carry on their blog got shot down(pun not intended but appropriate).

  24. Since this is in the South, I have NO DOUBT who those weapons will be pointing at. The people who don’t need to buy sunscreen.

  25. It’s not one isolated incident – it’s that you people can’t even understand simple facts, and then you threaten anyone who tries explaining them to you. That doesn’t make you anti-government, it makes you anti-American.

    Bundy didn’t pay fees all the other ranchers have to pay, to an agency that helped open up that entire region and enabled Bundy to even exist and work. Those fees help maintain the land for everyone to use, because it’s everyone’s land. That agency then sought to collect fees Bundy owed (which are, by the way, a fraction of what a private land management company would have charged), and free loading Bundy and all you Tea Party loons decided to turn the thing into a ridiculous mob. Period.

  26. That is really a silly and an ignorant assumption. The exercising of the 2nd Amendment does not mean to go on a shooting spree.

  27. During the 60s and 70s, it was the left who questioned authority. Now that the right questions authority, they are branded terrorists. The 60s and 70s had the Weather Underground, SDS, SLA and the Black Panther Party, all leftist groups. These groups had one thing in common, they hated the government and were willing to use violence to show their hate. The Tea Party does not condone violence. The Leftist OWS was about violence.

  28. The groups you mention did not follow political partys. They followed terror. That comparison is useless.
    The left protested a war. They protest war today.
    The right today seeks to subvert the law using religion in its place. The right is not questioning authority, They are trying to take that authority away from you. Havent you figured out yet that they want to take away everything you have at work and leave you whit no rights? Havent you come to the conclusion your wives and daughters are meaningless to them? And thats just starters.

    Dont try to pull the crap the right is doign what the left did in the 70’s, that doesnt fly

  29. Now you are showing ignorance. Please cite where the black panthers incited violence? I don’t expect an answer but I thought I ask anyway

  30. “The Leftist OWS was about violence.”

    Thats hilarious. First, it was not a leftist movement. Second, they tried to protest the banks from taking peoples retirement and homes. Something you approve of. The tea bags never had enough people to have a movement. When you get into the centers of huge cities you always pick up people that are undesirable.

    The tea bags today are little more then representatives for corporations under the guise of religion.

    Man, you have been had big time

  31. The SF author Robert Heinlein called these the ‘crazy years” in the late 50’s: when someone would take a gun and find a tall tower somewhere and start killing people. What followed this was the ‘Prophet Nemiah Scudder’ and the formation of a fundamentalist “christian” government in the US. Sadly it looks like he was 100% correct. Glad he didn’t live to see it. It took a send civil war to end it.

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