CNN Intentionally Avoids the Truth About the Tea Party and The GOP


Sometimes people take a trip to the dark side, recognize it for what it is and find their way back. In many respects they are our best educators because not only do they know the ins and outs of the dark side, they understand who it appeals to and why.

Frank Meeink is someone who has been to the dark side of neo-Nazism.  Recruited as a teenager, Meeink became one of the faces of the movement, appearing on programs like Nightline.  He found his way out of that world.

His experience is recounted in the book Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead, the Frank Meeink Story.

Following the Las Vegas shooting spree, CNN approached Meeink for an interview – as he put it because they reach out to him when something bad happens.

During an interview with David Pakman last week, Frank Meeink talked about the links between the Tea Party, Cliven Bundy, neo-Nazis, Fox  and the Las Vegas shooting spree.  The story of that interview was Meeink’s claim that CNN didn’t want him to talk about the connections between these factions of the right wing. Just keep it to a discussion about the far right’s belief that the Federal government is out to get white people, don’t mention the relationships among the fringe, Fox and the GOP.

Ultimately, CNN decided against the interview with Meeink for reasons that may or may not be related to the fact that he connected all the dots between the most extreme right wing factions in existence with the “mainstream” GOP and Fox news.  Moreover, he was willing to say so.  Maybe they didn’t want to risk Meeink breaking some of the taboos within corporate news and within our current political discourse.

Meeink claims that CNN didn’t want him to discuss links and overlaps between the GOP, Tea Party, Fox News, and elements of the Neo-Nazi movement.  Yet, Meeink because of his background is in a unique position to expose the ugly truth and he has the desire to do so. He begins talking about the Tea Party’s recruitment of people he knew in the Neo-Nazi movement during the first minute of David Pakman’s interview.

Here is the interview in its entirety.


Meeink points to the Tea Party’s willingness to back Neo-Nazis as long as they “tone down” the anti-Semitism.  He points to the people he knew while he was a Neo-Nazi who are now part of the Tea Party, posting pro Tea Party articles on their face book pages and in some cases, running for political office under the Tea Party banner.

This does not mean that Tea Party ideology is a full embrace of neo-Nazi ideology.  It does mean that there is enough within the Tea Party’s ideology to attract the skinhead crowd.

The ties are undeniable and they exist because there is an overlap between the Tea Party’s ideology and beliefs to which white nativists subscribe.  As Meeink explained during his interview with David Pakman, the “race war” that he once believed in is not of the classic white on any and all other races variety.  It’s about connecting the Federal government, allegedly controlled by Jews, with a desire to improve the lives of African-Americans and Hispanics at the expense of white people.  In application, this is why the Tea Party identified with Cliven Bundy.  They distanced themselves from Bundy when he expressed his views about black people because he was being too honest, just as CNN was uncomfortable with Meeink’s statements connecting the various far right factions with Fox and the “mainstream” GOP.

The common link between Neo-Nazis and the Tea Party lies in the belief that the Federal government is “evil” because it’s coming after your guns, your jobs, your economic opportunities. By logical extension, the Tea Party talks about an imaginary war on the right wing’s cherry picked version of Christianity.  As Meeink’s autobiography explains, the nexus between religion and right wing ideology was part of an indoctrination process he endured during his earliest days with the skinheads.

It’s also a common element in the Tea Party’s rhetoric which equates good Christianity with its ideology and a deliberate effort to demonize anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their ideology.

Again, while this is a common element and possibly a factor in what attracts skinheads to the Tea Party, this is not to say that Tea Party fascism is a full embrace of the skinhead variety.

Meink claimed that CNN went to lengths to convey that he shouldn’t comment on the overlap between the fringe right with the Republican Party and Fox news during an interview, for reasons that we can only speculate about.  Of course, they have that choice.  But the fact remains, the relationship between the fringe and the establishment right wing is a subject that, generally, the corporate media prefers to avoid discussing.  In the end this amounts to denying their viewers information about the ties between the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, Fox and people who have dangerous views about race and about the Federal government.

These people are also upping the anti with increasingly violent actions that occur more frequently with the rhetoric to match.  It’s too dangerous to close our eyes to these connections because they make us uncomfortable.

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  1. I wouldn’t go quite that far, but they both are Corporate News–where the wants of the corporation far outweighs its need to fairly inform its viewers. I’ve even seen MSNBC’s Liberal hosts skip over big news stories that their viewers would want to know about (yes, including Rachel) that would put their network and parent corporations in a less than flattering light

  2. I think part of it is CNN is becoming chicken. I said this in an earlier post but the radical right wing gun nuts have a terrible tendency to inflate their numbers on social media and in the comments section of every media outlet to make it look like their are huge numbers of these folks just looking to form their own country. The failure of the #March4Marriage & #OperationAmericanSpring and really just about every tea party rally post 2010 should tell everybody that this “movement” is a bunch of violent, but small number of radicals.

    I am not dismissing them as harmless, don’t get me wrong, but I think they are easier to contain if we put our minds to it and stand up to them.

    The US got Bin Laden, the US government can find the ringleaders of this bunch too.

  3. It doesn’t surprise me with CNN. They dwelled on that missing plane for so long their ratings went to crap. The teabaggers got everybody scared to confront them. Only because their all gun nuts. Sounds like Holder needs to start an investigation. Quietly.

  4. I turn on TV news at 18 min past the hr–thats when the weather comes on. Once I see the forecast the TV is either off or channel turned. I dont know how anyone can sit and listen to that propaganda for hrs on end. This is why the old people vote Republican. Sad for America.

  5. I’ve been saying for months that CNN is closely following the Fox News model, hoping to become the new, upscale Fox News. They got rid of all the unwilling participants, i.e., Roland Martin, Soledad O’Brien. And any thinking person connects the dots between the Tea Party and the Republican party; Meeink is spot on and he should know. The initial intent was for the Tea Party to act as a corral of the right wing extremists through 2010, in order to 1) maintain that voting block by occasionally tossing them the red meat they craved, no matter that they were lies 2)use them as the proxy for their ideologies that would not sit well with more moderate Republicans 3)Maintain their moderate conservatives by appearing to be separate from the Tea Party — until it was prudent to be joined with the Tea Party. Post-2010 the GOP thought they could throw the Tea Party under the bus, but didn’t anticipate it believing its own faux hype.

  6. The question should be, how many of the producers, editors and whoever else are involved in making the decisions share those beliefs?

    When they book someone to talk about religion they never call the Frank Scaefer’s or Jim Wallis they always invite the bigot and hateful people like Tony Perkins and the monster AKA Franklin Graham.

    How many people have you heard speak out against going to war with Iraq? We get the usual suspects who are always wrong. Goebbels would be proud.

    And don’t even get started on the Sunday reacharounds. Even though the Dems CONTROL 2/3 of Government its the same old white republican males that get booked.

  7. Actually I get about 80% of my news from the internet, and just get local on TV. It’s less stressing.

  8. A few weeks ago, Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department will start investigating these far-right groups. He really needs to do that because these people, who thrive on willful ignorance, hate, violence, lies and propaganda, are genuinely determined to bring this country to it’s knees. That is why they’re armed to the teeth and why we’re witnessing the slaughter of men, women and children in this country, on a daily basis. The revolution, the new civil war, whatever they call it, has already begun. I’ve been warned by my own family, luckily in another State, that I could get gunned down for my beliefs and I should be very careful about what I post on blogs and Facebook. It is not a coincidence that they get their News from FOX and CNN. The sad part is, these people really believe that they’re good, patriotic Americans. They also believe that they’re good Christians. Eric Holder needs to speed these investigations up, right now.

  9. Jerry, they haven’t found the plane, but Jon Stewart is sending them a shiny, little model airplane, with a big bow on it. I think you can catch it at Huffington Post. It’s really quite amusing.

  10. We need to rattle CNN’s cage!

    This is not Hitler’s Germany…
    National reportage is crucial…or we’ll have another Civil War on our hands!

  11. To not discuss what is evident and obvious is truly #MediaFail. We’re not asking that they speculate, simply to report.

  12. I can’t say I’m surprised by much of what he has to say. Here in KY Rand Paul won his senate seat with the support of Stormfront, a white supremacist group. I believe they later fell out with him after he made some comments they felt were too liberal. But while he was campaigning for his seat some of the “muscle” he had for protection were also from supremacist groups.

  13. Thank you Adalia Woodbury for an extremely well-articulated and easy-to-understand article. Your thoughts and ideas need to be spread around for others to read and to hear.

    Much has changed in the world and in our country especially in the last thirty or forty decades. Corruption, love of power and greed — the love of money — has taken root in Congress with the “tea party”, corporate greed, welfare (which continues), and corporate media. Also, let’s not forget TGOP state governors, a so-called “conservative” SCOTUS, judges who do not serve the cause of justice while they condemn African-Americans and declare white favoritism in the courts.

    We must remain vigilant and continue to call them out before we lose our country to their sick ideology and moneys. They are sick, destructive, hateful, racist, treasonous, seditious and fearful of their own shadows – in two words: UNAMERICAN and INHUMAN. They need to be impeached, run out of office.

    They can leave if they don’t like…

  14. CNN and FOX are Failing and will Con to the END? Artie with MSNBC Is becoming a True Star along with Miss Meadows!

  15. Strange article claiming this connection between Tea Party, FOX, GOP and Neo Nazi. I`m Tea Party and there is no connection with any of the above. The Tea Party stands alone and invites all who believes sound Government and Constitutional Rights. We even ask Liberals to join if they feel that they can stand behind these goals. The GOP has tried to infiltrate and take advantage of the Tea Party as well as the likes of some Liberal Democrats and most are exposed early but some have gained entry only to be denounced at a later time. Neo-nazi …never. Who ever wrote this article is simply going through mental masturbation exercises.

  16. Constitutional rights my ass. When you try to take peoples right to vote away, when you try to take womens right away, when you walk around being led by the nose by corporate America and vote against your own economic interest you are in complete denial on what you are. The AMERICAN TALIBAN. YOU ARE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

  17. CNN, the Fox Hates & Lies TV station lite version. CNN, and embarrassment to truth, honor and honesty, just like the Fox Hates & Lies TV station.

  18. While I agree that the tea Party is largely more fringe than “mainstream political movement”, I dont think CNN is in cahoots with them as this piece suggests, I think it’s as simple as CNN was fearful of being sued by Fox for one, for libel for accusing them OF being in cahoots with the white power movement.I agree the tea party is NOT about “fiscal responsibility”, they’re angry white right wing paranoids mostly. Hannity should be off the air for his backing of Bundy who was on air encouraging sedition BUT CNN is losing to both Fox and MSNBC for NOT having a clear viewpoint. They feared a libel suit, end of story.

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