The Dirty 100: Meet the Companies and Institutions You Should Avoid After Hobby Lobby


It’s not just Hobby Lobby. There are one hundred cases that have been filed for the right to discriminate against women’s healthcare. NOW calls them the “Dirty 100”.

Here they are in all of their infamy: The following is a list of plaintiffs in the 100 cases that have been filed in opposition to the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act, as provided by the National Organization for Women.

American Family Association
American MFG Co
American Pulverizer Co
Annex Medical
Autocam Corp
Ave Maria School of Law
Ave Maria University
Barron Industries
Beckwith Electric Co
Belmont Abbey College
Bick Holdings, Inc.
Cherry Creek Mortgage Co
CNS Ministries
Colorado Christian University
Conestoga Wood Specialities Corp
Continuum Health Partnership/Management
Criswell College
Doboszenski & Sons
Dordt College
Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk
East Texas Baptist University
Eden Foods
Encompass, Develop, Design & Construct LLC
Eternal Word Television Network Inc.
Fellowship of Catholic University
Feltl & Co., Inc.
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Freshway Foods
Grace College and Seminary
Grote Industries
Hart electric LLC
Hastings Automotive
Hercules Industries Inc.
Hobby Lobby
Holland Chevrolet
Infrastructure Alternatives
Johnson Welded Products
Korte & Luitjohan Contractors
Liberty University
Lindsay Rappaport and Postel LLC
Little Sisters of the Poor
Louisiana College
M&N Plastics
Mersino Management Company
Michigan Catholic Conference
MK Chambers Company
O’Brien Industrial Holdings
Paul Wieland
Priests for Life
QC Group Inc.
Randy Reed Automotives
Reaching Souls International
Right to Life Michigan
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis
Roman Catholic Diocese of Beaumont
Roman Catholic Diocese of Biloxi
Roman Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne
Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas
Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie
Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth
Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort-Wayne – South Bend
Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville
Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
School of the Ozarks
Seneca Hardwood
Sharpe Holdings, Inc.
Sioux Chief MFG Co
Southern Nazarene University
The Most Reverend Thomas Wenski
Tonn and Blank Construction
Trijicon, Inc. (AKA Bindon)
Triune Health Group
Tyndale House
University of Notre Dame
Weingartz Supply Co
Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL)
Willis & Willis PLC
WLH Enterprises

NOW detailed prior to the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision that they view this as sex discrimination and a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause:

The more than 100 lawsuits seeking an exemption from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) (P.L. 111-148) mandate for insurance coverage of contraception in employee health plans are the products of a well-organized, professionally -orchestrated and heavily-financed campaign that uses religion as an excuse for discrimination and for placing business practices beyond the reach of governmental laws and regulations. A decision in favor of the plaintiffs could pave the way for certain corporations to deny thousands of employees the same kind of health coverage that employees in most other companies receive. In our view, this is straightforward sex discrimination as well as a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

On Monday, I wrote that this would impact a lot of women. Sure enough, on Tuesday, the AP wrote that the court clarified its position – the ruling will apply broadly. Here it is, via Talking Points Memo, “The Supreme Court on Tuesday confirmed that its decision a day earlier extending religious rights to closely held corporations applies broadly to the contraceptive coverage requirement in the new health care law, not just the handful of methods the justices considered in their ruling.”

The National Advocates for Pregnant Women noted in a statement sent to PoliticusUSA that the silver lining in the ruling is the suggestion of full government funding for contraception, “If there is a silver lining to Justice Alito’s opinion, it is this suggested solution to the problem: full government funding for contraception. Putting aside the current political situation in Congress that makes such funding improbable, the decision does suggest the real solution demanded not by RFRA but by human rights: a system of universal health care that includes everyone and covers all women and all of their health care needs.”

Oh, that’s justice. Definitely. But until we have a Congress that will do a solid for the people, we still have the power of our wallets.

Citizens will have to speak with their wallets and at the ballot box until we get a Congress that will do its job.

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  1. I wrote to Eden Foods yesterday telling them, that as a life-long costumer, I would be exercising MY religious freedom and would no longer be using their products. Here is their astoundingly, arrogant reply (please follow their link):

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for contacting us and sharing. There have been no new developments regarding our federal filing against the Affordable Care Act, Heath and Human Services, and the Justice Department. Our case has never been part of the Hobby Lobby lawsuit. We are grateful for the Hobby Lobby decision and look forward to further developments. Attached is our letter provided in response to inquiries of us about Eden Foods’ action related to the illegal Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate.

    A link to the attached letter is also available on our website:

    You can forward or refer questions to:

  2. It is time we stop giving our hard earned money to businesses who are “faith” based or attempt to make or require applicants to be “of faith” before employment. Remember “Faith based is FAKE based” Stop funding these theocrats! Put them out of business!

  3. They can have all the religious freedom they want, as long as it doesnt effect others lives.

    This opens a can of worms bigger then a breadbox for sure. And it will work against them

  4. I never did any business with any of these crazies anyway. But thanks for the list. Now where’s the list of Koch owned companies? I just learned that Samuel Adams Brewery is owned by Koch Industries. Scra
    tch that off the list too.

  5. Me too Roger. there is only one based in Mn that I know for sure and I don’t live even close. As for the Koch’s I do know they are involved in many paper products, I would like a list for sure of all, there products. Another one I found was a hearing aide. When I got a return call, I told them I would rather go deaf then buy a Koch product.

  6. The Little Sisters of the Poor are dirty, do you know the work that they do? Do you care? They follow the teachings that contraception is akin to abortion, now, I don’t agree, but a group of nuns is dirty??

    Do you hate all Catholics who happen to hold ideas that, yes, even I do not follow? well????

  7. We all should be very concerned about Hobby Lobbys religious beliefs so anyone that uses birth control, is gay, has had sex outside of marriage or masturbates should stay out of Hobby Lobbys stores so they don’t have to serve or take money from sinners. I believe this is the right thing to do so that they don’t comprise their religious beliefs and they will thank us for it and for all of us I say, Your welcome.

  8. Yep time to show them the power of the purse. Time to show them the power of a vote. Time to ban together against the theocracy and put them in check once and for all.

  9. Just went to the KOch Block it site. It is almost unbelievable how much these men own and how much they influence our daily lives. All I can do is not buy their product if I know what that product is. My best bet is the grocery store. That, I can manage.

  10. What the “poverty is gift from god” group? Yes they ARE dirty keeping women and children poor by denying the mothers the ability to STOP having kids and concentrate on the ones they already birthed.
    “Mother” Teresa was a funding and PR boondoggle for the Vatican, dumb ass. She brought in BILLIONS for that shady group of kid fuckers and kept her own nuns in filth and disease as well as making sure to spot light her own saintliness. A place in hell is definitely where she is now.

  11. Part of Justice Ginsburg dissent
    Approving some religious claims while deeming others unworthy of accommodation could be ‘perceived as favoring one religion over another,’ the very ‘risk the [Constitution’s] Establishment Clause was designed to preclude.”

    Now the immoral catholic mafia has overrode the 1st amendment because of their religion. In effect this ruling has establish catholic doctrine as the law of the land.

    You can buy into the bait and switch all you want but the facts are the facts and just today they with no warning the immoral catholic mafia said nevermind this is just not limited to what we said yesterday everyone can join in the fun.

    This court will go down like the Roger Tanny court as one who instead of following the constitution took a chainsaw to it to take away rights. And before you whine that canard about contraceptives is not a right, equal protection under the law is. Read your 14th amendment. As of this ruling women are second class citizens

  12. Glad to know about Samuel Adams. I always wondered why it had a bitter taste. I’ll be sticking to Bass or Newcastle Brown.

  13. I would like to address all of the fathers of America, please prepare yourselves to have to hold down 2 or more jobs because your wives will be home (barefoot and pregnant) taking care of all those babies you will have to cloth, educate, and hopefully send to college

    No time to have a beer with good-o’l boys, and there certainly will be no money to but the latest and more powerful guns you love to carry around. Just think about it, if she has too many children you wife may flee the coop and leave all the kids with you to raise alone. These repub. are not your friends.

    I’m 65 y.o but if I were younger my husband would not have another night with me until he mend the broken fences.

  14. Just earlier today I was watching a clip of Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly and Kelly was going on about how Democrats were blowing things all out of proportion because the ruling only affected contraceptives classified as abortifacients were restricted, I wonder what she is saying now.

  15. I just Tweeted Eden Foods, too (they’re the only corporation that produces products I use) and pointed out that their statement from last year (at the link in this Tweet: ) is wrong.

    They claim contraceptives are a “lifestyle drug”, and of course, BC pills aren’t just contraceptives, they treat a number of gynecological conditions.

    Laws shouldn’t be made based on what people BELIEVE, nor should they be upheld by the courts based on what people BELIEVE. Facts should be the basis for our laws and the judgments confirming them. Our current SCOTUS is corrupt.

  16. And those contraceptives she (and too damn many others in the media) claim to be abortifacients are nothing of the sort. You need a fetus to do an abortion, and those contraceptives prevent the development of a fetus.
    Just another lie to add to the many that the reichwing spew every day.

  17. I have never done business with Hobby Lobby and now I never will. The only thing these regressives understand is the power of money. If enough people boycott them, while letting them know why, they will hemorrhage revenue. I was on Facebook today, and it’s amazing how many brainwashed women agree with this toxic nonsense. People like that have to learn the hard way, in the form of suffering a female ailment that birth control pills were designed to help, or finding themselves stretched to the breaking point with children they can’t afford.

  18. If you want a list of all the Koch’s products, do a search and enter Koch’s products and you will see what they manufacture.

  19. What will be very interesting is all the married GOP men having affairs that culminate in a pregnancy because their girl friend couldn’t afford birth control. These guys will have to confess to the wife and cut her household money because he is going to have to pay child support. We have to get as many Democrats elected so they GOP Taliban don’t take over control of the Senate. The GOP is very scary in their beliefs and how they want to force them on everyone. The Supremely stupid court made a decision that will cause many problems in this country. Women and men need to remember this when they vote in November.

  20. I looked at Barren Industries –

    Nice to see they fabricate many different parts for the military. Striker Tanks and Apache Helicopters

    A military contractor suing to deny birth control. Wonder what religion they are claiming….. oh right, the one that supports the ALMIGHTY dollar!

    Interesting …. will have to look into some of the others.

  21. WHAT exactly do they do? Enlighten us? With the exception of discriminating against women of course…
    Oh and WHAT WILL THEY DO? To handle all the “new babies” that issue forth from #Hobbylobby ruling?
    Tell us… please?

  22. Is there a class action lawsuit that we can sign against paying taxes to wage wars and kill people, that is against my religion
    therefore I should not fund it.

  23. Good Wednesday morning, Regina.

    Thanks for the URL in your post. I clicked on it and got quite a surprise. I’ll now share this information with friends and as many people as possible.

    BTW, when I signed a petition to Hobby Lobby yesterday, I was sure to tell HL that I’ve never bought anything from them, nor will I ever buy from them. The HL family are CINO — Christian in name only.

    Blessings…and thanks again.

    Have a great day!

  24. The Catholics have always been super obsessed with sex! I find it quite twisted to first vow to be celibate, and then to attempt to impose their personal feelings of guilt, on people who are normal.

  25. This is why Obamacare should have been made “single payer”. If the insurance is separate from the employer, then the individual is freed from having to stay with that employer solely for the benefits. Sen. Max Baucus would not go for it, but it should have passed under “single payer” and I think we would have a better chance at seeing this passed. All they need to do is pass this under Medicare Part E (for everyone). Same as Medicare coverage, but for working individuals paying premiums.

  26. Keep dreaming your BS progressive “knight in shining armor” dreams.

    In the meanwhile, the rest of us will deal with our “shared reality” accordingly.

  27. I believe the women that are affected by this probably know going in what the company’s that they work for do or don’t provide.

  28. At the end of the day, those baggers will also become victims of those corporations because they don’t want to just control some, they want to control all…….

  29. Right on. Hobby Lobby Black Friday 2014 boycott. Protest in front of the stores. Block access the way these anti-choice fanatics do. Put religion in its rightful place – the shitcan of history.

  30. You are right. Most who work and shop there probably agree with the Greens. However, this ruling is about much more, especially a corporation’s standing as a person, which existed before,but now outrageously expanded. Right to discriminate against LBGT already asserted. Who’s next? Many evangelicals believe their freedom of religion includes forcing you to believe everything they do, including denial of all science. Notice the attitude toward science here.Belief trumps it. If this doesn’t make you uneasy re our democracy, I don’t know what will.

  31. Hobby Lobby Black Friday Boycott? I say 24/7 boycott. I refuse to support in any way, shape, or form Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A or any other entity or individual which/who promotes/funds Tea Party religious Dominionism:

    2007: “Dominionism’s “parallel economy”, Pt. 2: Dominionism’s Corporate Sponsors”

    Tea Party promoting religious dominionism (via People for the American Way):

    General News Sources covering Tea Party affiliation with Dominionist “Christians”:

    Saw Hobby Lobby decision coming from a mile away:

    Liberals have been and remain asleep at the wheel.

  32. Oh and here we have the Catholic Church fighting for their religious rights just like they did for all those dead babies and children in the mass grave, did I say grave, I meant sewage tank. Or maybe for those women in the Magdalene Laundries. And then fighting to keep their religious rights when they cover up sexual abuse of children in the U. S.

  33. Thanks for sharing this list! I’ll WILL BE DOING business with as many of these companies as I can!! And I know there are millions of others who will specifically do business with these companies also.

  34. We hope you do. And when the time comes that say a medical company decides you shouldn’t have certain meds, we will be right there to laugh at you for being dumb enough to think this is about religion

  35. I too got the same crap answer from them;all smoke and mirrors.I suspect that the letter was written before the decision was rendered and they do not know it.

  36. FYI and you can fact check this one;Jim Koch owner and founder of Sam Adams is not related to the Koch Bros.

  37. Thank you, I believe I will fully support each of these companies in any way I can. I appreciate the integrity they have in following their faith despite media bullying.

  38. Sam Adams was begun by Jim Koch, a sixth-generation brewer. He is not one of the Koch brothers.

  39. What about organizations like PETA who require their employees to be vegetarian or vegan? Would you also agree that they can’t force their ideals, morals and ethics on their employees? Or are you a typical liberal hypocrite?

  40. I’m really glad this list was compiled. I’m concerned about which colleges to consider sending my children and if the school is on your “dirty” list, then I can be assured that it’s a quality faith-filled university. Cheers!

  41. I already supported most of these companies, but now I have a more extensive list. Thank you so much, Sarah Jones, for writing this article.

  42. You are so easy to yell for rights for abortion, birth control, LGBT, and yet consider religious beliefs and rights obsolete. No one is saying a woman can’t have birth control, but why should a company pay for something against their faith? You can scream it all you want, but birth control and abortion are NOT health care. It is in fact a person’s own belief system. Thank you for the list so we can know who to support.

  43. I understand that several medications that act as contraceptives also treat certain ailments and medical issues. What I don’t understand is why someone who isn’t ready to have children is having sex…the purpose of sex is children. Period. Anything other positive result is purely a side benefit not an end goal.

  44. So, you’re calling for a “boycott” of an order of hospice nuns–who, last I checked, are women–for being anti-contraception? Or EWTN, the world’s largest religious cable network (depending upon how one measures such things), which was also founded by a nun? And you accuse us of being anti-women? Anyway, how exactly do you boycott charities and colleges that you weren’t supporting to begin with?

  45. That’s a terrible analogy. PETA’s purpose, as it says in their name, is to promote the ethical treatment of animals. Their ethics is in their name and their mission statement, so of course they would expect people who work with them to live a lifestyle which aligns with that. However, Hobby Lobby is a craft store. Please tell me how the ethics of working for a craft store should affect one’s decision to use birth control.

  46. Really? Like I or anyone else is going to answer a question you frame as typical liberal hypocrisy??


    I am not about reward you for being insulting. Try asking nicely, then I will consider.

  47. Tell that to the husband who’s not ready to have a baby, that he can’t have any sex. Sex is something that men absolutely have to have. You’ll never meet one who is willing to go without it, just not to make a baby that they do not want at that time. A wife who tells her husband he can’t have any sex because she’s not ready to be pregnant, runs the risk of him getting sex elsewhere. What is the religious belief about that?, not to mention the potential negative consequences of that action? Need I list them?

  48. I just did a bit of internet research. Jim Koch of Sam Adams Brewery is NOT related to the Koch brothers.

  49. Little Sisters of the Poor…really? These are nuns, doing charity and good works, mostly taking care of the elderly when nobody else wants to do it. Having these sisters in this list is shameful.

  50. Yep time to show them the power of the purse. Sending at least 10 checks to groups on the list. PS Thanks for the list.

  51. Not really, Karen. The point is made isn’t it? PF condemns abortion as the murder of a child. And how about those “dirty” Little Sister of the Poor. Yea, let’s make them pay for contraceptives and abortion against their religious beliefs.

  52. Those hypocrites were the crowd ready to stone the prostitute. As in …those among you without sin, caste the first stone… BUT He then turned to the prostitute and said… “go and SIN no more”. It goes both ways.

  53. There motivation, Robert, is not guilt. The motivation is “gift”. But I suppose Robert you have never given up something for someone that you love. The concept of sacrifice is void in you brain. Catholics are not obsessed by sex. You assume what you do not know.
    Classic liberal flawed logic.

  54. No, no, no, Silvana. Abortion was well grounded in the middle ages and quite routine. So if anything abortion rights takes up right back to the Middle Ages and in fact takes us way, way back to the Roman Empire where abortion was prevalent. It was Christianity that taught the truth about abortion and the lack of love that is represents. In fact, kill, kill, kill was the mantra of the Roman Empire. So in reality you all have joined in that mantra as you lie to yourselves that a person does not exist. So what completes you as a person, your birth or your death? Oh that’s right that issue doesn’t really matter because now you want your rights to include infanticide.

  55. Do you all denounce the Koch brothers because you have done actual research into their business practices and political activism or because Harry Reid said they are the boogey men? If you do a quick google search for the companies and individuals that have donated the most to political parties and races over the last 50 years you would realize that in the top 10 the Koch brothers combined only make it to about 7th on the list. The remainder are major donors to the democrats.

    This link provides a look at the top 2014 donors overall and individual levels. If you notice the Koch brothers do not land in any of the top spots. The truth of the matter is that they run a wildly successful partnership and thus must be villains because they are successful and disagree with the current administration.

  56. The koch run organizations such as ALEC who write laws for you to lose what you have. The koch donate through various major tea bag organizations. The koch want all regulations removed as libertarians and want to be able to do anything they want to you and your land. The koch donate through many organizations.

    The funny part is the koch are doing whatever they can to take away your rights through ALEC and you clap your hands over it. Maybe you need to dso some research.

  57. I never said that the Koch brothers are not politically active. I merely said that they are not the most politically active people in the country. Yet they are the most vilified. Why is that? That is what people should be asking. Who really cares about what they are lobbying for. The fact that they are being crucified by politicians that disagree with them is completely anit-American as you claim their beliefs are.

    So because they believe in things you do not agree with, their speech should be censored. By that standard all speech should be illegal because someone somewhere disagrees with anything that will ever be said.

    Not to mention that George Soros, who happens to be a currency predator, does at least as much political activism if not more than the Koch brothers do should be a wake up call to everyone. No one really cares about you or your future other than you.

  58. Wrong. The koch donates far more money through their proxies. You can try to Soros routine but it doesnt fly.

    I find it so hilarious you take the “censor their speech” crap. I also find it hilarious you defend 2 people who want all your rights taken away. Perhaps a little less time on political donations and more time on content would serve you well

  59. Thanks for making a list of companies and organizations that I should support! These people should not have to spend their money on something that they believe is sinful. Birth control is not that expensive! Go buy it yourself! If you want an employer to pay for your abortion, work for one who provides it!

  60. And HL will pay for most of them. There are only four methods of BC they won’t pay for and 16 that they will. And about the 4 they don’t pay for, they aren’t stopping their employees from usung them, just rewuiring them to find another way to payfor them.

  61. Hobby Lobby doesnt pay for these. They are required to offer them in their insurance policy. And the court says they can stop offering all of them in their insurance if they want to.

  62. No company has banned birth control. These are first world problems. The contraceptives not covered by HL are still very easily accessible. I enjoy being in control of my reproductive freedom by using Fertility Awareness by knowing when I am and am not fertile. I do not want to be blindly lead by a pharmaceutical company that has major injury lawsuits against them, where they publish skewed research. I do not want to increase my consumption of carcinogens, risk developing liver disease, nor increasing my risk of throwing a blood clot (stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism) through a hormonal contraceptive; nor do I care to risk an abdominal injury from a migrating IUD.

    I will be using this list to support these companies and their right to follow their well formed consciences through their religion.

  63. You all realize that Hobby Lobby literally covered 16 of the 20 forms of birth control, right? Also, for those that accuse the Little Sisters of increasing poverty, do you really think that children living in poverty are better off dead? Really? Just because someone lives in poverty does not mean their live is worthless.

  64. Do you really believe this is all about birth control? Do you think that hobby Lobby now has to cover any type of birth control? No they dont. Do you have any idea what the court has done with this decision? Do you know how it effects you?

  65. And you are supporting the right of corporations to do whatever they want under religious beliefs. This has nothing to do with conscience, this effects everything about you. This is hilarious, the rhythm method and a direct lack of knowledge about this decision

  66. Thanks for the list; I’ll be sure to support these groups. Your animus toward religious freedom is so transparent.
    “Liberalism: Ideas so great they have to be mandatory.”
    Keep the government OUT of my healthcare!

  67. If “Citizens will have to speak with their wallets,” then they can certainly spend their own money for their BC of choice. The U.S. Constitution puts restraint on what the government can do to the people. It does not give them a mandate to force citizens to donate to objectionable practices, like killing unborn babies. This article totally misses the point. The Supreme Court upheld the Constitution.

  68. No it didnt. The Supreme court in the past said Incorporated companys and their owners were separate. This decision makes them one and the same. Didnt you read the article? Or have done any research? This now means incorporated owners who had protection in the past can now be sued till their little turnips run dry.

    There was no abortion here. None of the 4 drugs were abortion producing drugs. You seem to have no idea how thew court screwed their own previous decisions and will now have to return to it to fix it. Nor do you have any idea of what the constitution says

  69. The decision wasn’t about hiring. It was about forcing a private company to provide drugs that go beyond BC (Hobby Lobby already provides 16 out of the 20 mandated by HHS), implicated in abortion. In other words, this private family-owned business objects to providing the means to kill unborn babies. Those protesting this decision are teetering on the edge of tyranny.

  70. LOL, no it isnt. None of the drugs produced abortion. And you shoukld really read the results of this decision

    Drop the tyranny bs. We know you are told to say it.

    Read “The Supreme Court Has Given All Corporations a Gift That They May Live To Regret”

    and “Did The Supreme Court Rip The Corporate Veil? Does It Even Care?”

    Find out what you are supporting. It will sicken you if you are intelligent

  71. Shiva, believe what you please. I do know and stand by what I wrote. Perhaps earlier decisions have muddied the water. I’m just grateful to see that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is still recognized and upheld.

  72. Hobby lobby is not causing the amoral actions of child bearing women .Women chose badly sometimes..I do not think it is the stores place to pay for those bad choices….but then what would some people know concerning having morals, integrity, or principles. Some people want to always want someone else to save them from their stupidity.

  73. Surely you jest? You blame this on amoral women? Are you kidding me? Where are you coming from? Do you think this is about abortions? Can you read? My god man

  74. Womens’ movement is lame…and will damage many MORE women than it will help…if you succeed in destroying or damaging these institutions (and the thousands like them).

    * * *

    Remembering late 60s and 1970s – when the womens’ rights fight was for…equal pay for equal work, and access to fields/careers formerly denied to women…And it was AGAINST abuse of women (for instance, porn/prostitution was called what it is…treating women / girls as objects).

    More women/girls with access to job training means…they are TRULY more empowered.

    Seems the extreme left part of the womens’ movement WANTS lotsa girls/women “in distress”. Seems they WANT to cause hatred between men/women…and gender confusion. Seems the extreme left THRIVES on spreading hatred and division…wherever they go…

    And meantime, as I write this, betcha more women are being aided, cared for, trained, etc. by religious orgs…than by NOW and their death machines.

  75. Shiva, the companies MUST pay for the employee’s insurance. ANY thing which cost the company WILL be passed on through higher prices. Economics 101.

  76. Not true. They dont have to. They can charge the employee 100% of the cost.
    Where were you when insurance companys were raising rates 2-3 times a year?

  77. Shiva, for as much as you spout knowledge you are sorely lacking! If a fertilized egg is not a “fetus”, what is it? It is no longer just egg, definitely not sperm, and undeniably, scientifically both alive and human. Using a form of bc that prevents it from continuing to develop is not abortion then? What is it? It is significant, it is a wanted effect of the method, not a fluke. As far as this not being about religion, that is your opinion. Those of us without the means to advertise our beliefs widely do not agree. Criticizing the Little Sisters of the Poor is ludicrous. They are selfless women who care for the old and dying. They have a right to object to what they see as government intrusion.

  78. The idea that there will be unwanted children as a result of the HL decision speaks highly of women. Rather than shelling out a few dollars to buy the contraceptives themselves would have a baby they don’t want? “If nobody buys me my morning after pill I’ll just the little bastard.”

  79. I would suggest you read up on the ramifications of this court decision. If you want to think this is just about religion, go for it. This is not just about 4 little pills and Hobby Lobby. Read a little further

    A person has been given the right of choice by the Supreme Court.

  80. Thanks for the list. As a pro-life Catholic conservative, I’m grateful to you for letting me know what businesses to patronize. I’ll be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. Have a nice day. :)

  81. I bet your grateful, until you find out what this court decision really means

    But I am also betting you wife used birth control

  82. Actually, HBC does NOT “TREAT” any conditions. It shuts down the reproductive system with harmful (yes, it’s a class A carcinogen, same as cigarettes) artificial hormones. In doing so it only masks or prevents a woman’s body from cycling. TREATMENT would include finding out what the problem is (Thyroid, pituitary, low progesterone)and actually treating the condition. I’m all for women getting the care and coverage they need but HBC is not a “treatment”. It is a lifestyle choice.

  83. I’m so sorry that you people don’t believe in the consitution. I firmly do. We have the right to religious freedom including the government deciding who is religious and who is not. If you look mostofthese employers are Catholic Church related groups or religious convents. Of course they won’t agree with birth control. That doesn’t keen that they can’t get it. The Church just won’t pay for it. Chicken Little needs to settle down.

  84. LOL, the church was never expected or asked to pay for birth control. Why dont you ask Hobby Lobby why they provided ANY birth control prior to the ACA being passed?

    This has nothing to do with the constitution. Nor does the government decide who is religious and who isnt.

    I feel sorry for people like you who have no idea of what this is about

  85. Get real!! American women don’t want their bosses and corporations in their bedrooms and rightfully so! So why the hell should their bosses have to pay for their birth control and abortifacients. Pregnancy and abortion are not medical ailments except of course to the aborted fetus who is being annihilated in utero! Pay for your own damn birth control…it is not even that expensive! People spend more on drugs and alcohol and we all know how much abusing them can affect our health and healthcare system.

  86. Do not listen to Joanne and her blatant medical lies. Hormonal birth control directly treats many medical conditions, most notably endometriosis.

  87. Go for it! And while you are at it, research what this court decision really means for you and your daughters.

  88. Infanticide was indeed prevalent in the time before Christ. Infanticide, however, is the act of killing an infant. In order to be an infant, a fetus has to be mature enough to survive outside of a mother’s womb. Modern abortion in the United States does not involve fetuses meeting those requirements. And, again, as has been stated repeatedly, none of the birth control methods proscribed by the Greens (ie the ones the owners of Hobby Lobby can’t be bothered to allow their insurance plan to cover) cause abortion. Those forms of contraception either delay ovulation or inhibit implantation, which no one educated in even basic reproductive health would consider to be an abortion.

  89. Married people (as well as unmarried but we’re appealing to the conservative here) have sex a lot as a physical expression of their love. Sex is fun. Sex is a great stress reducer. We are not animals tethered exclusively to our biological imperative to reproduce. So, no, sex is not just for procreation with any other side-effects being a bonus. In my case I am married and have one child; one more than I should due to a genetic heart defect I have. Pregnancy is dangerous for me. My birth control protects my health, perhaps even my life. Medicare, for some reason, doesn’t have to pay for birth control, not even for other medical conditions, and that’s not okay. That’s already the government failing to cover birth control. Thankfully, I have dual coverage through my husband so every three months I’m able to get the Depo-Provera that helps keep me healthy. This whole ruling frightens me in so many ways because I’m personally aware of the costs of birth control and lack of it.

  90. Are you kidding? Birth control is expensive. Depo-provera, just the shot, is $87 every three months. Plus the injection fee. Plus the actual cost of the visit to the doctor’s office. That’s at the very least $50 a month. I don’t know about you, but that’s not small change for me and for someone working part time in a craft store it wouldn’t be small change, either.

  91. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Nothing has changed — contraception was readily available before the HL ruling, and it continues to be readily available after the HL ruling.

    16 forms of birth control were provided by HL’s plan with NO DEDUCTIBLE before the ruling, and the same is true after the ruling.

  92. Everything has changed and you have no idea what you are talking about.

    The ruling says that any religious outfit can deny ALL methods of contraception devices if that corporation wishes.
    That will be added on to other medical techniques in time. It also means corporations can deny services of any type if they wish, to anyone on the grounds of their religion.

  93. HL gladly covered 16 of 20 forms of birth control, with NO DEDUCTIBLE, prior to the ruling. They continue to do so after the ruling.

    Tell us, Shiva, why do liberals such as yourself insist that the “government stay out of the bedroom”, unless it involves paying for what goes on in the bedroom?

    The SCOTUS made the correct decision. You’re free to use birth control, but you need to pay for it yourself.

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