A Democratic Congress Could Undo The Hobby Lobby Ruling and Protect Women

protect all women

The Guttmacher Institute issued a press release today that should frighten Republicans, as it clearly lays out the future going forward after Monday’s egregious SCOTUS ruling giving corporations the right to deny contraception healthcare insurance coverage to women. Guttmacher points out that the administration could take actions but also, Congress could act through new legislation.

“The Obama administration has not yet indicated what specific actions it might take in response to the Court’s ruling, but it has stated that it “will work with Congress to make sure that any women affected by this decision will still have the same coverage of vital health services as everyone else.” The administration could take the Court’s suggestion and expand the existing accommodation to closely held for-profit corporations that assert a religious objection to some or all contraceptive services and methods.”

They continue, “Congress, too, could act through new legislation to protect employees and their family members from their employers’ objections.”

Yes, all is not lost. As I pointed out yesterday, this is a huge platform to hand to Democrats in an election year. Republicans are now going to be running against birth control, and as Guttmacher notes, “More than 99% of women aged 15-44 who have ever had sexual intercourse have used at least one contraceptive method.”

Discriminating against contraception because it might be used as an abortifacient is a fail. Furthermore, Hobby Lobby objected to at least one form of birth control that regulates a woman’s eggs even before they are fertilized. But taking this a step further, contraceptives are often prescribed for medical reasons. Take the IUD as an example. Before Obamacare, insurance could and did refuse to cover an IUD ordered by a doctor for medical reasons because it could be used as contraception. IUDs are often ordered for women suffering from hemorrhaging. The only other option is endometrial ablation surgery, which usually means she can never have children.

Let that sink in for the family values.

The Guttmacher Institute also made it clear that the government has a strong case for its contraceptive policy, “Indeed, in an impassioned dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—citing the Guttmacher Institute’s amicus brief —made it clear that the government’s case for the contraceptive coverage policy is very strong. Decades of scientific evidence and the life experiences of millions of women show that contraception enables women to prevent unintended pregnancies and to plan and space wanted pregnancies. That, in turn, has numerous health benefits for mothers and babies and promotes women’s educational, economic and social advancement.”

There are 100 entities that sued over the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act, so the conservative (and hypocritical) Hobby Lobby is not alone. Given Hobby Lobby’s history and other business dealings, it’s obvious that they don’t really object to birth control, but rather to this president and the ACA. However, this is the position Republicans find themselves in given President Obama’s relentlessly sound judgement and willingness to entertain ideas from the opposition.

As Republicans chase themselves off a right wing cliff, not only their 2012 platform embraced the liberty killing personhood amendment, but when parsed out, it was looking like they wanted to abolish contraception all together. And here we have Hobby Lobby making that argument.

The thing is, a real Congress could change this. A Congress that was willing to put people first could change this. Democrats and Independents can run on something that almost everyone agrees upon, and that is that women’s healthcare should not be something an employer can opt out of, and birth control is part of a woman’s healthcare.

The worst hypocrisy of this whole debacle is the fact that birth control is the single best way to reduce abortions, and yet Hobby Lobby and the GOP are against it for “religious” reasons, which they tie to being “pro-life”. This is not even the usual GOP position of being pro-fetus, but rather, this is being pro-abortion. They are actually causing more abortions on purpose, because they know that empirical evidence shows that access to birth control reduces the number of abortions.

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  1. I will have very little patience with people on the left who whine that it makes no difference who is in office and President Obama is just as bad as Bush, etc.

    Do Democratic politicians cater to corporations and lobbyists and donors? Sure. But they are also willing to act on behalf of ordinary citizens.

    Look at the long list of legislation signed by President Obama, and there are many bills that would never have passed a republican/’bagger congress.

    Vote as if your life depended on it because it might.

  2. Just wondering, has anyone here sent a letter to Hobby Lobby telling them they are hypocrites for selling 100% chinese junk, made by women who have forced abortions.

    I have, no answer yet, but has anyone here heard a peep from them?

  3. Why is the GOP so consumed with how many children a woman has? With no access to contraception & abortion women & men will be forced to have children they don’t want. Children born that were not wanted will not properly bond with their mothers, be emotionally neglected & worse, be difficult for their families, cause problems in school, won’t be able to get along with other people, be difficult to educate, will likely get involved in criminal activity & drugs, won’t be employable, will likely become a danger to society & they certainly won’t become good Christians (eye roll) just to name a few.

    It’s getting to the point where sperm have more rights than anyone.

    I thought we had settled this stuff decades ago; why must the GOP undo everything? Haven’t we got more pressing issues to contend to than having the GOP meddle in people’s personal lives.

    When will the GOP learn that their efforts to hurt Obama are hurting every person in this country?

  4. The official policy of the GOP regarding women’s health and education:

    Barefoot and pregnant is God’s will.

  5. ALL women? Could be that this is also about protecting our ELDERS too, even though they don’t take contraceptives nor need to decide about abortions.

    Consider long-term and assisted living situations run by churches or religious corporations; what if a nurse objects to the too frequent use of MORPHINE for, say, an old woman who has COPD? What if a family of an elder resident wants occupational and activity therapy that includes something more specifically appropriate to their loved one than a string of ministers and priests coming in to do services and then that family receives a letter from the facility stating that it can no longer provide for granny’s care?

  6. If families have so many children they cannot afford, they become slaves to the corporate bosses,and live on fear of being unemployed! That is their plan for ruling the masses plain and simple.
    When survival is a person’s main objective they do not think about politics, education or how they got in that position. It worked with Hitler,
    And all of the other oppressive governments since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

  7. Great comments!
    We need to FIRE-UP all Woman & Men would follow! Any Brilliant Ideas?

    Everywhere it says we’re going to lose the Senate! The Reason: Gerrymandering! This is also how they think they’ll win 2016 and take it all!

    “For a combination of reasons and circumstances—scandals, economic downturns, fragile political coalitions—history does not favor the party of the president during his sixth year in office. Only President Bill Clinton in 1998 managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible, breaking even in the Senate and gaining five seats in the House.

    How can we make 2016 happen in our favor?
    Any brilliant ideas?

  8. Hobby Lobby is not telling its employees it can’t engage in this type of contraception, it says it won’t pay for it.

    Everyone who says that HL sells Chinese goods… Well, that’s because consumers demand low prices. To be competitive, you get the cheapest goods to be sold at the highest profit margin- that’s Capitalism, and that’s what our economy is built upon.

    If you feel that it’s hypocritical to sell these Chinese goods they buy from a nation whose beliefs they don’t believe in, I would say it’s hypocritical for you to buy gas and drive your car, since oil is from areas of the world that practice Sharia law.

  9. So you support Sharia law? I thought so. But then again I bet you are a religious person who has no problem with chinese abortions

  10. This is too rich. A American Taliban comparing his belief to Sharia law because of capitalism. You cant make this shit up

  11. Republicans are hell-bent on alienating as many constituents as possible, and I firmly believe that many if not all women won’t forget this sad day. If enough of us vote accordingly, with the support of men who actually respect and care about us, we can send these Neanderthals packing or keep others from being elected. This year, we need to vote as if our lives depend on voting against them, because they do.

  12. This never remotely was about religious freedom. Rather, it’s always been about the sexual pathology of conservatives.

    As hard as they work to ensure that no unwanted child goes unborn, they work equally hard to ensure that no unwanted child gets prenatal care or is fed, housed, clothed, educated, or cured of disease on their dimes. In fact, their only — and I mean ONLY — interest in these zygotes, embryos, and non-viable fetuses they call “innocent babies” is in inflicting them as punishment on “sluts” who dare “open their legs” for non-procreational sex as though those children were modern day scarlet letters.

    Their war against abortion — and against the ACA mandate here — is born of the same sexual pathology as are their wars on sex education, contraception, “sodomy,” and gay marriage and represents nothing more than their consuming hatred of sexual pleasure, yours or theirs, in marriage or outside of it.

    They need therapy and NOT to influence public policy.

  13. Much more hypocritical,Joan, according to some articles I have read, the Greens ( owners of hobby lobby ) hold extensive stock in the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drugs they are supposedly opposed to. So the reality is not that they object to these products…as long as they are making a profit.

  14. If the Teapublicans stay at home and stop being merchants of the hoods, there’d be no whores, the pimps would go out of buisiness along with the narcotics sales people. They so nasty.

  15. Not only does Hobby Lobby invest heavily in companies that manufacturer the drugs in question and in companies that incinerate aborted “innocent babies”,and buy their goods from a country that forces women to have abortions, the hypocritical pricks covered the very same drugs they sued the Dept of HHS over once they found out a black Democrat in the Oval Office was mandating it! Can you believe that? They claim they weren’t aware of it!

  16. Joan: I sent Hobby Lobby an email, asking if they were denying Viagra to SINGLE men, since they are so big on “traditional, Christian” marriage. I got no meaningful reply.

  17. RW and religious philosophy demands a never-ending supply of military fodder and service-industry workers. It is necessary to keep the poor reproducing.
    It’s that simple.

  18. Clinton was able to increase his margins in the House and hold the Senate because the Republicans spent the entirety of his term in office obstructing and overreaching. They’ve been worse with Obama. It’s going to bite them squarely in the ass, gerrymandering be damned.

  19. It is true that HL is still covering 16 of the 20 forms of b.c. However, they claim the 4 that they are not covering are abortifacients. Regardless that science says they are not, doctors say they are not, and in some cases they are the most appropriate form of b.c. for a specific woman’s health needs, because they believe something that is not true, the SCOTUS is allowing them to get away with this travesty. As for the argument that says so what if they invest in pharmaceutical companies that make b.c. and as an investor you don’t get to pick what is in a particular stock fund, B.S. There are plenty of funds available that allow you, the investor, to pick and choose according to your conscience. Which all goes to prove that the only thing HL is interested in is their bottom line. It certainly isn’t Christian, or the health and well-being of fellow human beings.

  20. The Greens also speak with forked tongues. Never,ever shop there. Profits are all that matter to the greedy religious right. It shows in their stores,businesses,and their chosen preachers. I refuse to call them anything but preachers because they only preach to isolate,and keep people ignorant of the truth while having the ill informed support them lavishly. Still can’t find anywhere in the Bible where it states that they must be supported with luxurious lifestyles,helicopters and private jets. Something sure is smelly in America and it starts with the so called Religious Right.

  21. Hobby Lobby doesn’t care. The only voice they hear, is their own. To hell will everyone else. Submissive women and slaves in the field is their idea of utopia…..

  22. Technically, if this was “undone” by some congressional action, such as overturning the RFRA (upon which the ruling was based), or by funding any employer-excluded contraception either through insurance company mandates or directly through the government (like they already do for religious non-profits), then they would not really be “undoing” the ruling, but following it, since the majority, basically wrote in their opinions that this is what should be done, since they simply had to follow the existing law, the RFRA (which ironically was passed by a Democratic Congress, and signed into law by President Clinton).

  23. So what. If they dont want to have to provide birth control so be it. Its your choice as a person to have sex not theres.

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