Clergy Members Lead March To St. Louis County Courthouse Seeking Justice For Mike Brown

Photos by Justin Baragona
Photos by Justin Baragona


PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona was on the scene and captured images from a protest march led by clergy members of all religions and denominations Wednesday evening. The clergy, most from the St. Louis area but some from other parts of the country, marched through the city of Clayton, where the St. Louis County courthouse sits.

After making their way to the courthouse, a statement was read demanding justice for Mike Brown. Clergy also insisted that St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch recuse himself from the Brown case and request a special prosecutor to handle it. The protest led by the clergy was peaceful and with purpose. Roughly 300 people were at the rally. Once the clergy made their point, they announced that they’d be heading to St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church near Ferguson, and then to the protests in Ferguson.

Below are images from the event:



2 Replies to “Clergy Members Lead March To St. Louis County Courthouse Seeking Justice For Mike Brown”

  1. …with everything else that’s happened, Gov. Jay Nixon is doing the Anal Ostrich, {Shoving thier head up their own ass to avoid notice} instead of appointing a special prosecutor to replace known racist McCullough…precisely WHY??? Even Bob McCullough is daring the Gov to replace him!!! Because Nixon refuses to take strong action for Justice, he is doing severe damage to Missouri…and his own legacy.
    He’ll be known as one o’ the weakest Governors Missouri has ever had…
    Jay, do everybody a favor…grow a pair o’ balls and LEAD!!!

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