Bombshell Emails Reveal Scott Walker Illegally Coordinated With Wisconsin Super PAC


Not to be outdone by Rick Perry in the Republican race to the bottom, new documents released by prosecutors in Wisconsin revealed illegal coordination between the campaign of Gov. Scott Walker and a Super PAC.

The new documents are loaded with examples of Scott Walker’s recall campaign telling big money donors to donate to the Wisconsin Club For Growth. The problem is that it is illegal for the campaign and the Super PAC to coordinate, but Gov. Walker tried to get around campaign finance laws by telling his donors to donate to the state Club For Growth.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

“The Governor is encouraging all to invest in the Wisconsin Club for Growth,” said an April 28, 2011, email from Kate Doner, a Walker campaign consultant, to R.J. Johnson, an adviser to Walker’s campaign and the advocacy group. “Wisconsin Club for Growth can accept corporate and personal donations without limitations and no donors disclosure.”

In the email, Doner wrote to Johnson that Walker wanted Wisconsin Club for Growth exclusively to coordinate campaign themes. “As the Governor discussed … he wants all the issue advocacy efforts run thru one group to ensure correct messaging,” she wrote.

The behavior described above is illegal. The emails reveal that Scott Walker continued to engage in a criminal pattern of behavior that goes back to his time in college. In an email seven months after the prank Koch phone call, Walker’s fundraiser wrote, “Take Koch’s money,” she also wrote, adding: “Corporations. Go heavy after them to give.” The money that Scott Walker’s fundraiser demanded didn’t go to her candidate’s campaign. It went to the Wisconsin Club For Growth.

The latest batch of Walker emails are useful from a broader perspective because they provide a window into how Republicans get around campaign finance laws. Republicans in Congress are using their bogus IRS scandal as a weapon to get the IRS to back off of so-called non-political 501 4(c)s like the Club For Growth. The outside groups are critical to the Republican money operation. If the IRS were to start denying them tax exempt status, it would be blow to the secrecy behind the scam.

As far as Walker is concerned, these documents couldn’t have hit the public at a worse time. Gov. Walker is deadlocked with Democrat Mary Burke in tough reelection contest. Walker could easily lose in November. Just like Mitch McConnell, Rick Perry, and Chris Christie, Walker is claiming that his scandal is a political attack coming from Democrats, but the evidence is mounting that there is a deep culture of corruption within the Republican Party. The dark money that is flowing into Republican campaigns is making things worse.

The one sure way to clean up our politics is to remove the dirty Republicans this November.

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  1. So will this be enough for SCOTUS to finally throw out Citizens United ruling, since it shows a quid pro quo

  2. Really gotta watch them folks with the ‘Mericun flag lapel pins … they be a-fergettin’ where they are at and what the flag represents. The issue is not being a patriot but the externalisation of their core beliefs, kind of like a purging of what should be instilled and inside every one of these crooked morons. We saw a LOT of this after the Fall of 2011, all those characters proudly displaying their ornamentation but quite reluctant to contribute personally to the flag’s defense!

  3. The IRS scandal was very smart on the gop’s part. Now if thE IRS makes a move the gop can scream bloody murder.

    Until everyone is aware of what they have done.

    That Walker is dirty is common knowledge. This latest info is just more nails in his coffin

    And the IRS needs to hit the 501’s hard

  4. The teathugs think they are an exception to the rules or they try to re-write history while aiming to destroy the whole concept of government and we must vote to rid our country of this garbage that has piled too hate and it’s time to DUMP THE TGOP!VOTE!!!

  5. I think that the only reason Walker hasn’t been prosecuted before now and isn’t behind bars is because he has friends sitting on WI court benches who abuse their powers and break the law to help him avoid being prosecuted. This type of behavior from those who scream, “We are a Christian nation!” the loudest is what pisses me off. No way are they real Christians when they help a known liar to lie and do what is wrong in order to protect him/her. I feel the same way about the alleged Christians who are running everywhere on the internet to declare that Perry is being persecuted by those darn “libtards.” Uh, huh. They will never permit themselves to read the charges or to study the timeline of events enough to learn that democrats in Travis CO recused themselves, and this means that this whole case proceeded because the GOPTPers who handled it saw no reason to stop it.

  6. The article suggests that Walker is not to be outdone by Rick Perry in the Republican race to the bottom. The GOP doesn’t care anymore about being indicted for crimes. They’re camera-ready when they arrive for their bookings and mugshots! This is no race to the bottom because the people who vote for them are morally bankrupt.

  7. Grateful that this turd didn’t actually graduate from Marquette. Otherwise he’d be a fellow alum. Uggh! Joe McCarthy was bad enough.

  8. Everyone in every corner of Wisconsin needs to step it up and make sure this scoundrel is ousted in November. Polls are dead even right now, but we need to beat him by 4 points just to be sure. Fight hard #WIunion!

  9. Perhaps it is time for my husband and I to contribute more to Burkes campaign? I’ll have to ask him when I speak to him on the phone. He travels a lot on business.

  10. @Shiva, I think you just hit the nail on the head here with the comment on the GOP’s take on the IRS. What if that is the case? What if the goal was to discredit the IRS before it got to start the investigations into these Campaign groups? So they can scream that it is political bias against the GOP.

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