Fox: Saying Michael Brown was Unarmed Is Misleading Because He Was An Adult Male


While Michael Brown’s family and friends gathered for his funeral on Monday, Fox continued down the Reich wing brick road of blaming Michael Brown for his own death.

Linda Chavez was on Fox and Friends to talk about an op-ed she wrote to complain about Eric Holder going to Ferguson. During her appearance, Chavez stretched the parameters of sanity by claiming that Michael Brown was armed because he was an adult male. She also talk about his height (6’4″) and weight (nearly 300 pounds) Then pointed to the convenience store video in which Brown allegedly stole some cigars.

We’re talking about an 18-year-old man who is six foot four and weighs almost three hundred pounds, who is videotaped just moments before the confrontation with a police officer strong arming an employee and robbing a convenience store.

Basically, Chavez was trying to get around the role that race played in Michael Brown’s death and the deaths of numerous other young black men by claiming adult males are armed by virtue of being adult males, and especially if they are big and tall. She pointed to the video to justify that Darren Wilson shot Brown at least six times and left his body on the street for four hours.

Fox and Chavez hoped people won’t remember Fox’s coverage of the Bundy ranch.  They hope we won’t remember the video of showing adult men with automatic weapons.

Unlike Michael Brown, members of the Bundy ranch militia terrorized several communities for a prolonged period, with their armed checkpoints. If one is going to accept that video is enough to “prove” that Michael Brown was dangerous by virtue of being an adult male, certainly video of militia types with their automatic weapons and at armed checkpoints is proof that they are dangerous.

However, Fox wants us to believe it is different because Brown was a black “thug” who “stole” some cigars. They want us to believe the Bundy Ranch militia members were “patriots” standing up for Bundy’s freedom to welsh on a million dollars in grazing fees he owed to taxpayers of America.

One of Bundy’s defenders shot a BLM agent and highway patrol officer in California  and two other Bundy defenders shot and killed 3 people (two of them police officers.)

Even then, no one at Fox suggested that law enforcement should use deadly force against the Bundy militia.  Everyone at Fox continued to cheer the Bundy ranch on – at least until Cliven Bundy went on record with the NYT as a racist and defender of slavery.  Even when Bundy’s views were revealed, Fox did not suggest that the BLM or anyone in law enforcement should use deadly force nor did they describe the Bundy militia as “dangerous” or “thugs”.

With the exception for two factors, the Bundy ranch militia fit Chavez’s criteria for law enforcement to use deadly force.   Cliven Bundy and his militia were adult males.  I’ll speculate that at least some of them were big, tall or both again like Michael Brown.  Fox hopes you will forget that its commentators described the white adult males at the Bundy ranch militia as “patriots“ while portraying the black adult male Michael Brown, as a “thug“.

The reality is Fox continues to stoke fear about young black men among their predominantly old, white and racist audience.  Obviously, they don’t believe that being an adult male is reason enough for a police officer to use deadly force.  Otherwise, Fox commentators would have made that case when the adult males in question were white “patriots” who terrorized communities.

h/t Media Matters

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40 Replies to “Fox: Saying Michael Brown was Unarmed Is Misleading Because He Was An Adult Male”

  1. must have been the cigars…And what about the guy armed with a bag of skittles Another right wing idea of WMD’s

  2. I feel like an old pinko lady living in the last days of Weimar Germany, knowing damned well what was coming and unable to turn it aside.

  3. It makes me sick what the right wing is doing to this country. And you can bet that if Bundy and his thugs had been black they would be dead. In fact right wing news sources who applaud this kind of behavior ought to be sued when someone gets killed because of it. Of course that will never happen but I wish it could.

  4. This is just what people have been looking forward to! “The Dark AGE!” This is Wonderful? I’ll answer it for you! No it isn’t! When the right’s of others or being stepped on and destroyed, it is not something wonderful. It is not something to laugh about. The dark age is danger for everyone. The only ones who are at peace during this time are those who started this war on the people. In this case, The Republicans. Stop this ugly war on our land.

  5. I saw the video of Brown robbing that store and he sure looked like a thug to me. A few minutes later he was dead. I certainly have no sympathy for the guy. Maybe he got what he deserved because I am sure that was not the first instance of his thuggish behavior.

  6. If you saw the video, you saw him pay for the cigars.

    So you think murder is payment for what you call thuggish behavior?

  7. We don’t kill people for stealing in this country. And even if he DID steal (which he didn’t) the police officer who murdered him didn’t know that. You are full of hate and just plain despicable. I’ll bet you call yourself a Christian, too.

  8. They only show part of the video. They don’t show the part where he placed the merchandise on the counter and paid the cashier. Fake as a $6.27 bill and, very, very deceptive to the viewing public. All of the MSM doesn’t mention or show where he paid for them. Thank you Rachel, you got it right.

  9. It’s amazing how you can have 10 eye witnesses to an accident & have just as many opposite & opposing scenarios given as sworn statements. Don’t know if it’s truly what a person’s eyes & brain sees, or if their perception of what they actually witnessed is SO skewed by their past experiences, or their present
    lives, or their future fears! It’s like having fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland where nothing is as it is supposed to be anymore;…Up is Down & Down is Up! The Truth was always easiest to remember, so it was told more often than not, & a lie was usually only told to keep from hurting someone else’s feelings. Now, people lie as easily as opening their mouths & never even think twice about it, even though everyone usually knows it, but never calls them out on it, because when guilty people are approached about something they thought they got away with, they become very defensive and start lashing out at other people! Such is the ca…

  10. Is there actual video proof that he paid for those cigars? If so, that would really shed a bad light on the police dept. who showed the short clip. Either way, that does not excuse the killing of an unarmed person.

  11. Fox News proves yet again. they are White Racists only network.If U are not a racist you have no business watching fox news!

  12. Hmm. What if the Bundy armed bunch invaded Faux News in their studios? Would they be as “liberal” with their remarks?

    IMHO, their comments (not news) should not be allowed by the FCC to continue on the air. Their comments are NOT freedom of speech, but are irresponsible and inflammatory.

  13. Shiva, you should include the fact the video released by police was carefully edited, to show only the confrontation at the door. The items were paid for, and everyone should state that fact.
    Because people like Tiffiny love to believe only the bad or what fox says.

  14. …Michael Brown was no angel…nor was he a demon…he was a HUMAN BEING and shoulda been treated as such…but the town/ county officials decided to demonize him to protect a murderous thug with a badge…
    …looks like they’ve gotten away with this shit many times before…but they never counted on this becoming a Federal Case…
    I wouldn’t believe a word the local/county/state assholes say if every word came with a $10 bill…

  15. Well, if the items were paid for then why was there a confrontation between Brown and the store clerk. Apparently the clerk fully believed that the items were not paid for. The store clerk was so sure of this that he called police to report the theft. But, the Brown supporters have their blinders on and refuse to accept the obvious.

  16. For the last time to you pointy headed idiots. THE STORE CLERK OR ANY EMPLOYEES CALLED THE POLICE
    The surveillance tapes allegedly showing Michael Brown robbing a Ferguson market. Friday, for the first time, the owners are speaking out through an attorney about the surveillance video.

    The owner of the store dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911, saying a customer inside the store made the call. They also say St. Louis County issues the warrants for the hard drive of surveillance video Friday.
    Slow thinkers – keep right

  17. The store video actually shows Brown assaulting the store clerk. That is very clear. Brown was very clearly exhibiting thuggish behavior.

  18. Something for you racists to chew on
    Michael Brown had no police record. By all accounts, he had no history of violence. He had finished high school and was going to continue his education. All of this was hidden, apparently, by the color of his skin.

  19. Thanks for the link to the videos. It pretty much looks to me like he paid for the items, but the blurred individual thought he hadn’t when he picked the up from the floor. It looks like that same individual, not a store clerk, then attempts to keep them in the store (apparently after calling 911) and that is when the short confrontation ensued and the boys then left the store. Looks to me like the customer made a mistake and then caused the confrontation at the front door by trying to keep the boys there.

  20. They really aren’t at peace with it because half of them don’t remember the riots,the killing,the protesting,marches of the past,and the ones who do figure that it won’t happen again so they can do what they want to do. They don’t think, they react, then when something happen, they run and hide and let someone else clean up the mess they made except this time the mess will not get clean up. This is going to spread from town to town, state to state and it already has, with all the things on the agenda against the republicans party from the ACA, women rights, voter id, immigrants,not creating job, suing the president, the list get longer as the day goes by and it doesn’t look for the republicans at all. Oh they have their talking heads who keep trying to brighten up their day and say they are winning when they are actually losing because the polls they are counting are the same ones they were counting on for Romney to be their GREAT WHITE HOPE and we all know how that turn out.

  21. Faux News needs to stop fielding their own weapons with which they shoot bullets of lies, racism and hate every moment of every day and in every article which they are featured.

    They are exacerbating the problems we are having in the USA as they repeat lies without their being held to accountability for what emits from their mouths.

    BTW F.N., Michael Brown was a male teenager NOT an adult male.

  22. I apologize to the supporters of the executioner, I mean Officer Wilson are not racist

    At one point tonight, Michael Brown protesters chanted “hands up, don’t shoot!”
    Darren Wilson supporters responded: “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”
    — @WesleyLowery


    Saturday hate mail-a-palooza: The exact opposite of a post-racial society

  23. The female that made the racist comment that he was armed because of how he was born. You say because he was an adult black male that made him a thug and armed from birth. So does that mean that Obama is armed, Bishop Jakes armed,my grand sons are armed? Question just because you have a Pu..y does that mean you are a whore? No but your racist comments should cost you your job!

  24. @ Tiff.. Please from this point on put your brain in gear before trying to reason. If you forget, please ask any passing by adult. Since it is so very apparent that either you have vision defects when viewing tapes, or you are so racist that you truly have a real brain defect. One more request, when writing your responses to any thing please document that person(s) that aided you in putting your brain in the proper gear by witnessed signature.

  25. Robbery is a felony punishable by up to one year or more in jail. He didn’t even have a weapon. At the Bundy ranch you had grown white males with assault weapons aimed at the Federal agents. They were never even arrested. Now you seem like a smart girl. Do you think the 18 year old deserved to die? For cigars? How many stupid mistakes have you made in your life? Do you deserve to die? What if were your son? Would you say the same thing?

  26. fox got it right. Michael brown was not an amputee, therefore he was armed. he had two of them.

    by that logic we are all armed and dangerous.

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