GOP Senate Candidate Doubles Down On Michelle Nunn ‘Terrorist’ Claim In New Campaign Ad

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David Perdue, the Republican candidate for Georgia’s open US Senate seat, released another ad on Wednesday doubling-down on his debunked claim that Democratic opponent Michelle Nunn funneled money to terrorist organizations through the Points of Light Foundation. The foundation was started by former President George H.W. Bush and is now run by his son, Neil Bush. Nunn served as CEO of the foundation prior to her running for office. Perdue initially targeted Nunn and the foundation with an attack ad last week. He released another ad Wednesday morning making many of the same claims.

Below is the first ad:



Below is the ad that was released on Wednesday:


On Tuesday, Neil Bush called on Perdue to take down and denounce the first ad. Bush said he found it “shameful” and “disrespectful.” Considering that his dad had just endorsed Perdue, even though Nunn had worked for his organization, you can see why Neil Bush would be highly upset that Perdue’s campaign would try to smear Nunn via the Points of Light Foundation. Neil Bush said the following to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding the first ad:

“That’s ridiculous. It really makes my blood boil to think that someone would make that kind of an allegation, whether it’s an independent political group or a candidate for office.”

Neil Bush also released a statement to the AJC formally asking Perdue to denounce the ad.

“Neither Points of Light nor Michelle Nunn have had anything to do with funneling money from our organization to terrorists organizations. Anyone who makes that claim needs to understand the facts and then they need to denounce those claims. To attack an organization founded by my father, whose integrity is unimpeachable, to smear our organization for political gain, is in my opinion shameful.

“It’s just wrong to suggest that Points of Light, or in the context of Points of Light, Michelle Nunn, had anything to do with funneling money to terrorists. If those allegations are being made, it’s symptomatic of what I consider to be one of our country’s growing problems. It really does upset me, honestly. Which is why I’m talking to you.

“To have a blemish on the great work that’s being done by Points of Light, to blow wind into the sails of a national service movement – it’s hurtful to our cause, and it’s disrespectful to our founder.”


Of course, since Perdue apparently has no moral compass, his campaign released the other ad the day after the younger Bush asked him to pull the first ad and repudiate it. Media outlets in the Atlanta area ripped Perdue for the dishonest ad. AJC’s Jay Bookman slammed the new ad as being 2014’s worst. After detailing the reasons why the ad is unbelievably dishonest, Bookman ended his article with the following statement:

Again, we’ve all grown too accustomed to dirty politics, and both sides indulge in it. But given our nation’s recent history and the threat posed by terror, this particular allegation borders on a charge of treason, not just against Nunn but against a non-partisan organization with a proud record of service. It also gives unintentional credence to the basic thrust of Nunn’s campaign against the stridently partisan, win-at-any-cost mentality that has afflicted our national discussion.

Frankly, the charge is also insulting to Georgia voters, treating them as extremely dumb and easily manipulated. We’re better than that, and those seeking to represent us ought to recognize that fact.

Meanwhile, 11Alive in Atlanta gave the ad a 7 (on a scale of 10) on its Bullmeter. The station pointed out that while Nunn’s campaign did claim that there could be distortions of her record, with opponents attempting to claim that she helped give money to inmates and terrorists, her campaign never actually claimed this was true. It just acknowledged that it was possible that an opportunistic candidate could try to make hay by connecting some dots that still didn’t lead to terrorism.

The claim that Points of Light funded organizations linked to terrorists is debatable. But the Nunn plan contains no admission of that. Instead, it refers to it only as a potential attack by Republicans –which they are doing now.

The whiff of bull is pretty strong here, according to our Bullmeter — giving this claim a pungent rating of seven out of ten possible Bull points.

It is apparent that Perdue is getting desperate. Despite Georgia being a solid red state, Perdue is unable to shake Nunn, and some recent polls actually show her with a lead. Due to that, Perdue is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator (i.e. the base) and frame Nunn as a terrorist funding, amnesty loving commie. The thing is, he is angering a number of allies and Republicans along the way. That doesn’t sound like a winning plan to me.

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  1. this country has had it with the conservatives and the GOP. every one should know that dems have just set back to back record breaking campaign fundraising for both july and august. the most ever in both months. folks, the dems are outraising the republicans by 4 to 1, this is very bad news for the GOP. the Koch bros are spending tens of millions of dollars all over the country with negative ads. it is clearly not working and is actually having the opposite affect. enough is enough of this rightwing bullsh*t. dems are a bout to have a very successful midterm election in November. this is the just the third midterm I will be voting in and im an old man. it is extremely important we turnout and vote for democrats on November 4th. we must stop the republicans and conservatives from obstructing and sabotaging this nation beyond repair, and must stop the radical Christian and evangelical absolutist invasion that has perverted our beautiful democracy and democratic processes. VOTE!!!

  2. This is no different than the new ad Mcconnell has out attacking Grimes deceased grandfather. It’s called desperation. My husband and I donated to Nunn’s campaign, and others, to get Conservatives out of office. If need be, we’ll donate more.

  3. The GOP is so used to talking shit about anyone who isn’t just like they are & always getting away with it they’ve forgotten that people outside of their cognitive dissonance bubble don’t like being blatantly lied to. A senate candidate who doesn’t understand his audience has no business running for office.

    Neil Bush’s dad who just endorsed Perdue should rescind his endorsement & denounce Perdue. Of course, that won’t happen.

    I’m SO SICK of the both sides do it meme; both sides don’t do it. The Democrats don’t have governors all over the country who have been indicted on charges of corruption & fraud as well as in risk of losing the election for destroying the economies of the states they were elected to govern.

  4. Hey SCOTUS has ruled that it is ok to lie your face off if you are running for office. If it weren’t a campaign ad she could probably sue him for libel.

    Desperate people do desperate things even to the point of trying to drown others in mud.

  5. “It isn’t conservatives that are making policy.”

    Yes, that’s true – conservatives/Republicans refuse to cooperate in the process called governing, where there has to be an element of something called “compromise”. They are not making policy because of their refusal to cooperate and compromise, it’s just that simple, and so we need not look anywhere else, we see it every day.

  6. I look at it this way,
    if someone will Lie, Cheat &
    use every Dirty Trick in the
    book BEFORE they win, what will
    they do when they get some actual
    It’s just not worth the risk,
    ya think?

  7. The same thing in every state, anti-immigration talking points. From Dan Patrick in Texas to David Perdue in Georgia, and so forth. I’m not going to boo to the commercials, I will vote Democratic and help them win the election. Yes We Can!

  8. Historically I have voted 10 to 1 in favor of Democrats but I am voting for David Perdue. He has pledged to vigorously work for Fairtax. please read about it. Our country needs this now. The articles I have read do not deny that some money went to bad places, just that the honest org Points of Light doesn’t deserve this dirt. As Perdue well knows, if you head a business you take the heat for its failures (ala Pillotex). Michelle does not like the heat in this kitchen. Leaders should be able to get through these times. The technical facts bear out the claim although the words may be too harsh, but it is politics.

  9. Jamie Dupree, One of the most informed and honest people in Washington,has stated it was on paperwork that came out of Nunn’s office about this claim. So obviously it wasn’t just pulled out of the air. And I’ve seen the democrats running on troubles which are all results of a democratic Congress, Senate and the
    White house. Nunn needs to practice what she preaches. Just an observation if you look deeper into what she says and does!!!

  10. Here’s a link that explodes the careful frame she tried to build:

    An AM radio flack, he’s way partisan. Every reference to a democratic candidate or policy is termed “democrat,” not “democratic.” And the obvious partisan tone of his reporting leaves little doubt. I’m sure right wingers trust him implicitly, but no one else should.

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