Convicted Felon Dinesh D’Souza Fails Miserably With Attempted Ebola Joke At Obama’s Expense

Dinesh DSouza

Professional right-wing conspiracy theorist and convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza took to Twitter on Monday and tried to push an Ebola joke at President Obama’s expense. His first attempt was poorly executed and made no sense. The second attempt was nearly as incomprehensible. However, at least with the second attempt he got his supposed ‘punchline’ in the tweet. He also provided a link to a Facebook picture that apparently helped illustrate his point.

Here is D’Souza’s first tweet:


  A few hours later, he sent out the other one since nobody really understood the first one:


That D’Souza sure is a singular wit, isn’t he? Only a GENIUS can come up with Obola and then turn it into some kind of slam on POTUS and his father’s African roots. Or something like that. In the end, it just seemed like a ham-fisted attempt to somehow make another kind of negative play on President Obama’s name, much like Obummer or Nobama. Mediate’s Eric McMurray felt that was the case when he posted about D’Souza’s tweets and claimed that the conservative author wasn’t even trying anymore. He also said that with Obola, you can “[a]dd it to O’Bummer, Owebama, O-BOW-ma, Obamadinejad, Obamandias, Obamanocchio, and all the rest.”

D’Souza, for some reason, claimed victory after McMurray’s post went up.


It wasn’t just McMurray that ripped D’Souza for his attempted joke. Brendan James at Talking Points Memo stated that D’Souza’s tweets were “incomprehensible.” Gawker’s Max Read posted D’Zouza’s ‘OBOLA’ tweet with a title that simply said ‘What.’ On Twitter, D’Souza took his lumps, not for bashing the president, but for just being an idiot.


Currently, the author of The Roots of Obama’s Rage is serving five years probation and eight months in a community confinement center after pleading guilty to campaign finance law violations. Rather than ask for leniency in his sentencing, his ex-wife wrote a letter to the court telling the judge that D’Souza was abusive and a compulsive liar. It looks like he is now reduced to making nonsensical jokes on Twitter with the hopes of getting a few guffaws from the wingnut crowd.

11 Replies to “Convicted Felon Dinesh D’Souza Fails Miserably With Attempted Ebola Joke At Obama’s Expense”

  1. He’s not in prison. The federal judge declined to sentence D’Souza to jail time, opting for probation, time in a community confinement center, a fine, and community service.

  2. This is true but since the idiot has shown contempt for the ruling all he has to do is f*ck up. Then he will know

  3. With the way the right wing is freaking out over Ebola, you’d think even this moron would know not to joke about it.

    Besides, people are DYING of this and it shows no signs of slowing down.

    That is not a laughing matter, nor should it be used to try and score some political points.

  4. There is a rabid disregard for truth and reverence for life in the Media. Dinesh D’Souza is fighting against that on it’s own level down here in the mire. Which although looks messy and incomprehensible is the only way left to release the strangle hold. This is a smart idea and he is teflon about it. Dixie Brubaker D’Souza is the one who is lying she left her marriage in order to hijack mine in April 2010, because she was uncontrollably lusty about “my adorable sexy man” her words not mine, no one has ever injured this spoiled pathological liar, leaving a wake of destruction in her path. No Media should talk about things that have not been fact checked. Politics is a fight between two sinners, not a righteous man and a sinner. Thank you Dinesh for climbing down into the sewer in order to save America.

  5. He’s a natural f#up so he will f#up. Oh yes. and f#in liar just like the GOP he will live and die for. Go for it AH.

  6. He used to date Coulter,their you have it.According to other right wingers who are familiar with Dinesh way back when,his nickname was Distort Denewsa.

  7. I am really sick of the right wing freak out over ebola, when will someone in the media ask them why they cut the funding for
    research into ebola and also the CDC.
    Everything they cut funding for – eg Bengahzi, Secret Service, VA is not working as they should, the repugs must look in the mirror.

  8. You sad, sad person.

    Dinesh D’Souza willingly, knowingly, broke the law.

    And you’re happy about it, it seems.

    Foxies are somehow CONVINCED that their radical right wing network is telling the truth, and all the other networks are “Liberal”.

    I don’t suppose it’s occurred to you that the Networks are run by Corporations driven by Profit?

    And that maybe Fox News is the outlier?

    Get it? Out-Liar ?


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