Republican Hypocrites Launch A Hateful Attack On President Obama’s Daughters

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During the presidential turkey pardon, the 6 and 13-year-old Obama daughters rolled their eyes and crossed their arms in the way that teenage girls do. You know. Parents are so lame. The Republican attack dogs pounced on the kids, because children are only off limits when they aren’t the daughters of President Obama.

Elizabeth Lauten, the communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN.) — you might recall Fincher, he was endorsed by family values Queen Sarah Palin in 2010 –    attacked Sasha and Malia Obama on Facebook Friday because unlike the pristine role models on the right, conservatives do not put up with teenagers rolling their eyes.

Get pregnant, okay. Get drunk in public, that’s cool. Get into a fight in public. Okay again. But don’t you dare roll your eyes.

Lauten freaked out after reading a conservative site Mad World News, in which the author frothed with hatred, “As obnoxious as the visual lack of respect the Obama girls showed at the event that’s been a long-standing tradition in the country their father represents, I can’t help but feel the same way their facial gestures portrayed — but for different reasons…  I don’t think you would have ever seen the Bush daughters in dresses that short. Class is completely absent from this White House.”

Apparently, in conservative circles, pointing out the skirt length on a 13-year-old girl is the epitome of class.  Also, this “long standing tradition” that the Obamas are ruining by existing isn’t so long-standing. George H.W. Bush started the “tradition”.  But MUST HATE ON THE OBAMAS FOR BREATHING WRONG.

So it wasn’t a surprise when Lauten went crazy. Because, you know. The Obamas exist.

Here’s a screen capture from   at The Root of conservative “values”:



Yes. The way you show that you have had good role models is to attack children on Facebook and accuse the sitting President of hating America just because you don’t know how to vet information coming your way. That is real patriotism.

Believing every lie told to them about this first family is the new American exceptionalism, the Republican way! After all,  there’s just something SUSPICIOUS about people who let their daughters act like real kids in front of the cameras instead of running on their perfect kids and hiding the shame like a good conservative. Lauten apologized, but then removed her apology.

This  was quite the reversal from how Republicans back Sarah Palin and claim that children are off limits.

In 2009, Sarah Palin chastised the media for examining the very family she was running on as a family values candidate. She said of reports that her daughter, an unwed teenage mother, hadn’t finished high school, “I’m not whining about the treatment of the press, but I am calling reporters on the family aspect of this. I think it’s unprecedented in some respects what I have seen with my children.”

Guys. Kids are off limits UNLESS they are eye-rolling. Okay?

Remember then Governor Sarah Palin’s bloodfest?  SO MUCH BETTER. (Warning: The gory bits are blurred, but the idea might be enough to make you sick.)

This Republican hate fest is made all the worse when we recall that it was President Barack Obama who scolded the media when interest over a pregnant, unwed Bristol Palin (Sarah Palin’s daughter)  took off during the 2008 campaign. The then Senator told the media “Palin’s family is off limits.”

Too bad so many conservatives and Republicans have no decency.



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  1. and of course their justification is we commie libtards called out palin for faking her pregnancy, and the way she used her downs kid as a prop. or when the clampetts of wasila, had elly may palin causing trouble. but then regressives NEVER do anything wrong. then they say, well i prayed so then its ok.

    more proof the gop,tp,kochs,fox,rw msm, are the real enemy of the usa. and you.

  2. If they want to throw crap at his daughters. we ought to be able to throw the same crap at Palin’s kids.

    Remember, conservatives: You better be sure that you can defend yourselves if you keep dishing it out.

  3. How old is she that she needs to “pray for hours” and talk to her parents to realize it’s not cool to cyberbully (or any kind of bullying) teen girls (or anybody)?

    But knowing her boss (who probably agrees with her), I doubt she’ll lose her job-we’ll get hit with the “we all make mistakes, she’s learned her lesson, lets move on” or she’ll take a “leave of absence” to focus on family-better known as work from home, so people think you don’t work here anymore…

  4. Don’t people have anything better to do than micro dissect everything. This is me rolling my eyes at you Elizabeth Lauten. O.o

  5. Did you see how well her kids behaved in her thanksgiving message? Oh and the dogs were so well behaved too. the whole group needs to go to obedience school, cause they sure don’t behave well or follow commands. Plus they acted like they didn’t even know who she was.

  6. She judges the President, his wife, their daughters, women in bars who dress in a certain manner, teenagers, respect for “tradition”, but most of all their African American heritage. She all but calls them “uppity”, doesn’t she? Apparently she hasn’t seen the photo of the Bush twins wrassling on the ground with alcohol and cigarettes. We don’t even need to revisit the Palin Brawl 2014, though isn’t that a little schadenfreude?

    I don’t expect her to be fired, or even chastised. This is the kind of red meat, dog whistle political game they love. The politics of personal destruction. However, what the right fails to realize is that they show their asses every time they do this kind of thing. Can anyone say “Backfire”? I knew that you could.

    Thank goodness the SCOTUS declared that racism no longer existed in America, or I would be convinced this attack was racially tinged. *snark*

  7. They have none. Nor show none. To anyone. But dam well expect it. This, after Bristol said “fu_k” how many times to the police ..while drunk..after punching a guy in the face 5 times…class there right? Oh but of course. They are not black. Tramps that they all are including their coke addled mother who had an affair as all repubs know. But that’s class in RW circles. Two innocent young black girls..roll eyes..are now considered bar stool broads. Let me tell you who failed ms lauten your mother did. She raised an igorant racist bigoted shallow moronic piece of crap daughter. That’s who EVERYONE will you remember you know. Except of course the GOP who probably calls what you said..class too. You people on the right..I just wish you could be on our side listening to you. You are vile people. So dam ignorant and disrespectful when it comes to people of color. Your hate flows in your every remark against this innocent decent well educated humble family. Something you will never be. ST…

  8. Well we all know who has more class on His little finger than the entire GOP has. I see those girls and they remind me of my daughters when they were attending something that really was not all that interesting to them. This is typical of young children. Also as for their dress they are very beautiful. So to the GOP that seem to find something if not everything wrong with this Family really need to stop pointing a finger at them as there are three fingers pointing back at you. Other words Grow-up already and stop living in the stone ages of this country. As those were very dark times. We do not need or should we be going down that road.

  9. We should all email her boss dam disgusting these people on the right and all their RW propaganda machines i.e. FOX and their base ready to do their hate work for the GOP ..a very dedicated people to the RW PREJUDICE RIP OFF ARTISTS CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES!!! that’s all you’ve on the right..hate and cheap labor. THAT IS ALL!

  10. Lauten, along with the rest of the GOP, needs an enema to get rid of the toxins inside of them. They wouldn’t know class if it bit them in the ass.

    Sasha and Malia are excellent role models for today’s youth. We are proud to have them as our 1st family.

  11. Yeah Christian..Bristol wore a see through skirt ..that was class? They never said one word about her. See how they are on the right? They never admit what they are but try to make others appear as bad as them. They had to attack Obama’s girls to make them look as bad as the palin girls. In their little feeble lying minds that was worse..rolling eyes. No it wasn’t. The palins are a very un sophisticated non educated seriously lucky trashy bigoted bullies with money. That’s all. Embarassing on all levels. Its shocking how GOP justify palin trash but can’t appreciate Obama decency AT ALL. You can have your trash on the right I’m just glad my daughter and grand-daughter are not GOP trashy like them and palins. Even more glad they’re democratic and open minded educated and caring. Unlike these people on the right. You have to hate quite a bit to be a republican. You have to hate education too. And just about everyone and anything good. I dont ever want to be like that or associated…

  12. It was one woman who did this. Apparently after hours of prayer determined herself to be a twat. Get over it.

  13. And, there is sure more of it to throw. Like drinking and destroying another home, having more then one child out of wedlock from more then one Daughter.. But them conservatives all believe the bull crap handed out by the leaders of this party. Because (THEY) never lie?

  14. 2 phrases come to mind:

    1) Republicans in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.

    2) The Palin Family: Brass but no class. ( Brass= money)

    Oh! and

    3) What a Christian attitude towards others!!

  15. Now here’s a coincidence, this morning I was just thinking, when I saw the two girls with Michelle Obama receiving the christmas tree – what a nice looking and well mannered
    family, I was contrasting them withe picture of the Bush girls being driven somewhere, they were looking out of the car window and sticking out their tongues at people. Also I seem to remember they spent a lot of time clubbing somewhere -in South America? clubbing, with secret service agents in tow.
    They really were a disrespectful couple of girls.

  16. Just for the heck of it I googled ‘Bush Daughters sticking out tongues’ and what do you know, the pictures are on line, wish I knew how to send pics to the Obama girls

  17. You can say what you want about the President or even the First Lady, but when it comes to the kids….in my opinion, they are off limits. The kids did not run for office. They have no say in what is happening around them. So back off!

  18. Her FB has some poster ( Elizabeth Pough ) saying “she should apologize”. Then, another poster, ( Laurence Socci ) says “NO, she should not apologize, you people only want her to so it will make you feel better…stop being so selfish! ” He sounds like a nice person….” Yikes”. You are welcome to message/post her and pray for this lost soul, because obviously no Christian would speak like this about children with such hatred…..

  19. Such hurtful and hypocritical attitudes towards President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. It pains me even more that the Republicans have no boundaries and attacking Sasha & Malia is so cruel and inaccurate. Lauten and all the rest of those who believe all the Republican untruths and whose hearts are so full of hate need to pray for enlightenment and may the Holy Spirit cleanse their hearts and souls of such rascism and hatred. As so-called Christians, their vitreous words and actions are no different from the Taliban or ISIS claiming to be Islamists.

  20. Sadly, some take Mad World – with a total of 179 email subscribers to their site seriously. Try to Google their contributors – when you can actually find their backgrounds…You’ll find mostly – Islamaphobes with Obama Derangement Syndrome. PS many of their contributors use an alias and are not searchable.

  21. Ms Lauten foolishly overstepped her boundaries. She needs some time-out. She ignorantly rationalized that her position provided the license to openly and dramatically make a spectacle of herself to the world while throwing fiery darts against children who neither need nor solicit her hype. If you think of her when you pray, ask the Lord to forgive her because she is too spiritually dead to know what she was doing. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless Sasha and Malia and give them the Grace to pray for her and others who exalt themselves as both judge and jury in matters that are none of their business.

  22. We will not get over it. This is the latest in 6 yrs of blatant attacks, so no, this is not just one woman! Republican “leaders” around the country have sent emails that had the President and First Lady as a pimp/whore; the White House lawn as a watermelon patch; the President’s face on a “food stamp” with pics of fried chicken, watermelon and other stereotypes; the President as an African witch doctor; calling the First Lady ‘moo-chelle’ because, you know, she’s somehow a fat cow; the daughters being called future ghetto whores; the President’s mother being called a slut because she slept with a Black man; an escaped gorilla from a zoo was called “one of Michelle’s relatives.” And these are just SOME of what’s been said/written.

    And when these “leaders” are caught, they say “it was just a joke” or “I’m sorry IF anyone was offended” or “people are just too sensitive.”

    And NO ONE on the Right calls out these people! So, should we STILL get over it?

  23. Such hurtful and hypocritical attitudes towards President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. It pains me even more that the Republicans have no boundaries and attacking Sasha & Malia is so cruel and inaccurate. Lauten and all the rest of those who believe all the Republican untruths and whose hearts are so full of hate need to pray for enlightenment and may the Holy Spirit cleanse their hearts and souls of such rascism and hatred. As so-called Christians, their vitreous words and actions are no different from the Taliban or ISIS claiming to be good Islamists and terrorize the world by preaching lies and slaughtering innocent people.

  24. Guess they’d rather see Malia and Sasha in camo thong dresses with puddles of urine between their legs? Oh, I forgot. That’s fine and dandy, and underage Willow was drunk too, but let the Obama girls dress their age and act their ages, and not be involved in anything illegal, be straight A students, and have loving parents, and holy cow, the horror! The GOP is so out of their minds that by 2016, no one will even be paying attention to them any longer.

  25. No, not again. This has been going on for too long, and their fake apologies are stupid. They believe every word they tweet, and they are horrible hateful people who should not be forgiven easily. The right is ignorant, racist, and cruel, and the sooner the rest of America calls them out for it, the sooner we can return to being a nation accepting of all, instead of only accepting RW white males, and covering for mean girl white females like her and Palin.

  26. Sasha and Mailia are two loving, respectful young ladies..To denegrade this fine family is tantamount to slander. What rational, non-self serving individuals wouldn’t want them as their daughters? Their parents have every reason to be proud of them both. These radicals are what constitiutes”DIRTY POLITICS.” Let’s hear more about their kin!

  27. Weren’t there pictures of the Bush girls drunk on the floor? Seems to me it was Jenna, whose now the Madonna mother of the morning show. Of course the saintly Bush girls never would’ve worn short skirts while rolling on the floor. Too much class for that!

  28. The children did not ask to live in the White House, they are off limits. Everyone making remarks need to look at their own families before they start throwing mud.

  29. My mouth dropped open when I read the horrible things Elizabeth Lauten spewed out of her guts on this decent, respectable family/the President of the United States.

    What is this grown-ass woman doing? She disrespects the children then their parents.

    This is a hateful creature.

  30. …hmmm, communications director. Sooo, is this rant a type of “trickle-down” form of communicating?

    Did Lauten apologize to the First Family?
    We, the public, read herr “sorry-a$$, triflin, piss-po excuse of an apology,” but did she apologize to the PRESIDENT & First Lady for herr degrading & disrespectful comments AIMED towards their children?

    Did ahe?
    Did her Mommy & Daddy tell jer, to?
    Did they tell her, “you know better!”
    Did they tell her, “we raised you better than that!”
    Are her parents embarrassed by HER BEHAVIOR?

    49 states have anti-bullying legislation in place for their education system; 12 states include a criminal sanction for bullies, ranging from school suspension to jail time…

    SHE is not a school-aged child.
    SHE is supposed to be an adult.

    …if she has a job come Monday…

  31. I remember the Bush girls – no one was to say anything – even when one of them stuck her tongue out at a photographer. But the Repubs raked Chelsea Clinton over the coals every change they got – and look at this accomplished woman!
    Obama calls the press off of Palin’s kids and look how his family is treated. Nothing this Elizabeth Lauten said was worth embarrassing herself over – and that is what she did. Her comments define her much more than they do these girls.

    While I’m at it I saw the most disgusting pictures of Michelle Obama and copy filled with hateful suggestions and theories. She has more class that the entire Republican party – but that isn’t too hard to do since they persist on their hate mongering. No wonder we haven’t heard much about “Family Values” from the right lately….

  32. How DARE this shitbag even so much as MENTION the Obama girls! Absolutely DISGUSTING. There really is no bottom for these right-wing moral degenerates. Just pathetic.

  33. Dresses that short? That’s funny. I guess he forgot about the photos of the drunken Bush girls unable to sit upright in the backseat of a car with their dresses hiked up to Maine. And let’s not forget the time the blonde Bush daughter showed up in court on a public drunkenness charge wearing shorts and flip flops.

  34. When Bristol Palin was Malia’s age she had at least one illigitimate child and possible two. Has the hateful woman who said nasty things about the Obama girls read ANYTHING about the Palin family at all? Law breaking was covered up by the Alaskan PD. No education, no class, no respectful upbringing. Why do republicans despise INYELLIGENT, accomplished people just because their skin is not white? White is supeior? What a joke, look at McCain, Palin, Guilliani, Perry, Hucklebee, Santorum. All racist vile republican family values pretenders. Maybe is President Obama had married a cousin (like Rudy did) he would be considered a fine,upstanding pundit?

  35. The Obama daughters are lovely young women. They are always poised and polite, well dressed and beautifully mannered. They come from a loving, intact family with strong personal values and good character. These girls have never been anything but delightful and we know growing up in the constant spotlight is not easy during these teen years. Still, they are excellent students and good kids. The racism that they have been exposed to is horrendous and unrelenting. I praise their parents and their grandmother for the solid family life that has been provided to these children. And I think this criticism is a reflection of nothing but ugly racism. This woman should be fired for attacking these children in such a nasty way.

  36. She knew her sorry ass was on the line that she tried to step over. Her apology was as hard and hollow as her heart. She has no honour hence no real apology.

  37. EVen for the Mafia, families are off limits. They might kill you for “business reasons” but families are not to be touched.

    Apparently, the Rethugnicans are a bit less ethical than organized crime.

  38. I totally agree with you. I have been on other websites and the hypocrites just keep slinging the racism towards this family.
    For one, there is another photo of Obama girls showing them smiling a and into the scene. Of course whomever posted the worst pics of girls just had to it to make the story in their favor. (Have saved the photo and as soon as I have my morn coffee, will post the link/pic which shows the girls in a more flattering light.)
    Would like to call attention to the Obama hater who blasted the O girls. What did she think about the Bush twins mainly the anointed one, Jenna, who was always drunk as a skunk. The twins were asked to leave country of Argentina because they raised such a ruckus on their 25th birthday and gave their security detail such hell some left Argentina and headed back home to USA. Jenna has a few arrests inder her belt but of course she at present has been rewarded (n e p o t I s m ) two nice gigs — one with Good Morning America, So Liv Mag/editor.

  39. I can’t believe this hateful woman elizbeth lauten (her name doesn’t qualify to be capitalized)is jealous of teenage girls. Jealousy and Racism go hand and Hand.This is Republican Racism at it’s lowest form. No one (Democrats) went after the DRUNK Bush and Palin daughters and they were grown women. This person needs to be ashamed of herself. Nor have the Obama girls had ILLEGITIMATE Babies.

  40. She may have “apologized” and “deleted” her statements, but her words remain out there.

    Every time I see this family I thank God that we have such a wonderful model leading and representing our country. I bless them and I pray that they may be kept safe.

  41. Seriously? I’m assuming that Elizabeth and her defenders were never teenagers. It’s a given that teenagers are going to roll their eyes or look embarrassed by something their parents say or do.

    If the Obama girls weren’t black, and daughters of the President, this wouldn’t be worthy of comment. That conservatives have to make a big deal of it, in a very hateful way, says more about their motives than anything else.

  42. Usually, when folks like the Lauten woman criticize others publicly, it’s because they themselves feel inferior and criticism is their only way of feeling superior. I’d say there’s a whole heckofalot of inferiority complexes with the GOP. Ms Lauten demonstrated more than she would have wished via her hateful and vituperative f/b posting. And as far as praying: hah, that was simply a “as a Christian, you can’t possibly think I’m so awful”. When folks start using the old prayer excuse, you know they’re guilty, and they know it too. No pardons for Lauten; she posted her hate on purpose.

  43. It will be the same ol’ same ol’ with the Nasties Party. Of course they always will get a free ride because the Rethugs practically own most of the air waves and will/can get away with anything.

    Remember when the Sarah “Palinites” (her followers) yelled so loudly about MSNBCs Martin Bashir to have him fired! And they did, it cost him HIS job. Why can’t we do the same!? I’m for it. Anyone else?

  44. It ain’t over till it’s over as they say.

    If Palin can get Martin Bashear fired from MSNBC and cry and wail till it is done, we have to do the exact same thing.

    Let’s all get her sorry ARSE fired and see how she likes it. Let her be on the other end for once. She needs to definitely get a taste of her own medicine. How can we all let this go by and do nothing!!

    I do not have a Facebook nor Twitter acts or I would raise some kind of hell with that woman.

    She needs to get some payback.

  45. And….the fact that Bristol was pregnant when Palin was running for Veep along w/McCain. They tried to hush hush that story. Big FAIL.

  46. Doesn’t anyone remember the Bush Twins and their 25 yrs birthday bash in Argentenia? I sure do.

    The country asked them to leave due their security detail plus more to the story. The twins gave the SS so much flack some men flew back home in disgust.

    Jenna Bush is the spit and image of her drunken father the president. She has more than one bad record on hand with the police dept.

    There are many articles still on the Internet re: their trip, but here is one for starters..

  47. Remember when Jenna Shrub stuck her tongue out at the press? They all are sick tickets on the right. They are the perverted right because so many of them committed every din they say everyone else does. They go by the saying “Christians aren’t perfect,just forgiven”. If I were them I wouldn’t keep committing the same sins over and over. God will tell them that if they can’t learn from past experiences right from wrong and use the intelligence he gave them than they are not worthy of continual forgiveness. Look at sleazy adulterer Newt Gingrich. If he really thinks he is the bastion of what is right and correct he better start to sweat. They judge everyone but themselves. They are the “Evil Doers” of this world.

  48. Elizabeth Lauten is a classless, witch. (you can switchout the “W” and replace it with a “B”, it fits also. ;) What possesed her to post those mean, despicable comments at the girls? Was she drunk? Sounds so to me, an irrational rant, tinted with veiled bigotry, if you ask me. The girls dresses were appropriate, WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT! Anyway, she deserves ALL the hate mail she is getting. Shame on her.

  49. We do not have to bring up all the negative things children of other presidents did to point out who the Obama girls are and what they represent. These girls have a loving family (parents and grandmother) who have spent a great deal of time raising them to be lovely young ladies.

    Malia and Sasha are beautiful, intelligent, well mannered, well behaved role models for young people everywhere. What was said about them is pure “racisim” as has been much of the racism shown to the entire Obama family. The racism and hate needs to stop. If people spent as much time trying to help this country be the best it can be, they would not have time to hate and try to destroy lives.

    I pray that God will continue to bless the Obama family and give them the strength they need to move foward in their work for the country. I pray that no hate or racism with stop this family.
    Just keep holding on to “God’s Unchanging Hands.”

  50. Republicans can not handle even the most insignificant of national problems, what should we expect them to do with even the least of our significant problems.

  51. As far back as I can remember, all Democratic Presidents with young children have set great examples and were respectful and well behaved while their father’s served their terms in the White House. The Kennedy children, Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, and Malia and Sasha.

  52. The comments were awful, plain and simple. However, stating that this person speaks for the Republicans is like saying that Anthony Weiner speaks for all Democrats. She was fired from her job, so she speaks only for herself. This is the problem with two party systems. Everyone wants to polarize people into extremes, when really most of us are sitting somewhere in the middle, or are a mix of ideas separate from either party.

  53. Ms. Jones in my Opinion you are at equal standing with Ms.Lauten. Professional women acting like children it is mutual ignorance. Both of you are an embarrassment she(Lauten) for being ignorant to style and her disrespect to young People, and you (Jones) for doing what all single minded political people do attack everyone even if they are not involved. both of you need to grow up and Get over yourself.

  54. Bptr….me in a Ford Pickup…lmao, any pickup for that matter! Bahahaha ……don’t be stupid!

  55. Fact is,if those kinds of attacks were leveled at the Bush twins,conservatives would be hollering,TRAITOR,UNAMERICAN,and wraping themselves in the flag.

    That is the main problem with conservatives. GROUP THINK! When everybody thinks alike,nobody THINKS at all.

  56. Not the only one you know. Laura Ingraham said only white protestant Republicans are real Americans. Look at all the wacko statements by Michele Bachmann. Nikki Haley,Jan Brewer, none of these foolish women could even get a job in a Nogales whorehouse.

  57. You know….This man of color becoming president has really awaken the racisim against Blacks in this country. What those girls had on wasn’t not that bad…and just because you put a hoe into a nice dress doesn’t make them classy. Need we speak of the Bush girls or Sarah dumb ass Palin daughter….White people get on my fuck’n nerve..all you can do for me is pay me…I would have beat the shit outta that fat racist bitch talking about my kids like that. I would have knock everyone of her teeth down her fuck’n throat. Michelle and Barack on that bullshit. Hell you crackers don’t like them anyway…so like I said I would have beat the brakes off that fat, ugly, lonely bitch!!!!!

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