Dick Cheney Says Senate Torture Report That He Hasn’t Even Read Is “Full Of Crap”

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Former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on Fox News Wednesday night to defend the Bush Administration’s use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” and dispute the findings of a Senate panel’s report regarding torture. Bret Baier sat down with Cheney for an exclusive interview (because Cheney wasn’t going to go to another network) to discuss the recent report and allow Cheney to bash its findings. There was just one problem — the former Veep admitted that he hadn’t actually read the report. Of course, this did not stop him from criticizing it.

The interview began with Cheney constantly defending the use of the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques that the Department of Justice signed off on to use against detainees. Early on, Cheney told Baier that former President George W. Bush was well aware of the entire program conducted by the CIA, essentially throwing Bush under the bus and making sure everyone knows Bush knew just as much as Cheney and others during that time. After that, Cheney then straddled a very careful line, claiming that the CIA did what was necessary to protect Americans and get vital information while stating that they did not “legally” commit torture.

Baier brought up specific instances of torture from the report, such as “rectal rehydration,” and asked Cheney to comment on them. Cheney frustratingly blurted out that the “report’s full of crap” and then eventually admitted that he hadn’t even read it. He claimed that he wasn’t going to sit down and read 6,000 pages. However, when Baier pointed out that the summary report released by the Senate is roughly 500 pages, Cheney acknowledged he hadn’t read that either, but had read “some summaries.”

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of Fox News:



It takes a lot of chutzpah to go on primetime television and do an interview on a devastating and newsworthy report without even bothering to read it. Of course, this is Cheney we’re talking about. And, to be frank, if there is one man who is intimately aware of the CIA’s use of torture and will defend it to the death regardless what a report says, it is Cheney. The whole point on having him on is to provide a full-throated defense of the Bush Administration’s tactics during the ‘War on Terror.’

One part of the interview was extremely revealing and, in my mind, shows Cheney confessing that they did torture detainees. He pointed out that the “terrorists were not covered by the Geneva Convention. They were not entitled to the normal courtesies.” That to me sounds like someone who is saying, “Yep, we tortured people, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.” You could tell throughout the interview that Cheney wanted to just say outright that torture is perfectly acceptable and that they used it unapologetically. While that was his tone, he was very careful with his words.

One thing about some the apologists and defenders of that era, such as Cheney, is that they are saying that they made sure to have the CIA ‘techniques’ legally vetted by lawyers, therefore what happened wasn’t torture. I would just ask these defenders one question. How would you feel if American soldiers or political prisoners were subjected to these actions? My feeling is you would call it torture, and rightly so. We tortured people and got no real intelligence from our horrendous activities. While Cheney can live with himself, a lot of Americans are sickened by these revelations.

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  1. He didn’t need to read it, HELL, he helped write what the CIA did and what’s this everything was legally vetted? I wonder who said “rectal rehydration” is legal? Lets cut the bullshit. Rectal rehydration is RAPE. So now rape is legal when done by the state? SMDH

  2. Why, knowing that Cheney is a liar and that he designed much if not all of the “enhanced interrogation” program, do the networks allow him to continue to lie blatantly to the American public. His braying about the intelligence committee’s report is just that: ignorant bloviation based on no knowledge of what was in the report, just his continued lies and obfuscations. It was a nice touch that he contradicted the titular head of the country about his knowledge of the practices, but he turns out to be disloyal as well as a craven teller of untruths. Fox is welcome to him. The atmosphere there is so polluted that Cheney is just another voice. Thanks for nothing, Cheney.

  3. Dick Cheney knows how to read? Okay, done with my childishness! But we do all know he’s a liar, draft-dodging, war mongering criminal, torture lover, shooter of friends in the face MFer.
    Oh I and forgot, war profiteer, which doesn’t sound as bad as it truly is. Treasonous lying bastiage.
    One more thing, he knows about being full of crap. He’s full of crap himself! Doodoo head.

  4. Well, it is. S**t happens, and when Cheney s**ts on us, he doesn’t need to read the report about it to know what it is full of.

    HOLD Republicans for passing ALEC laws that have killed thousands of Americans.
    ALEC Killing Republican Policies, and the death toll just keeps increasing.
    Republican – The Pro-Death Party – policies that increase the suicide rate. 6-23-14 http://ourfuture.org/20140623/gop-the-pro-death-party?utm_source=pmupdate&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20140623
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    Republican anti-abortion policies are killing women! http://www.alternet.org/economy/robert-reich-how-right-literally-killing-women?akid=1180

  6. I can’t express enough how much I hate the republican party and their constant misguided lies to their base. They have a full base of moronic idiots who vote for this kind of barbaric crap. You yourselves are going to pay the price for voting for these pathetic sorry excuses of men into office. Thy have gone way beyond with fox pushing the lies! making $$millions! Our country– thanks to the CHEAP LABOR TORTURE LOVING REPUBLICANS is going down. You cannot say anything now about Syria Afghanastan China Iraq any of them..Thanks to the barbaric proud bush/cheney YOU are no better than any sick TERRORIST who have attacked us. You gave them the green light when you TORTURED! Even hate Americans so much THEY PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER!”There was shockingly little emphasis on the fact that torture is illegal and a war crime, banned by the Geneva Conventions, a U.N. Convention against torture ratified under a supportive Ronald Reagan, and by Title 18, Part I, Chapter 113C of the U.S Code”!

  7. Make that no-bid contracts because it was so important to get support to our soldiers that the bidding process would take too long.

  8. Cheney Throws Bush Under The Bus On Torture Program

    Dick Cheney discussed the newly released Senate torture report Wednesday on Fox News, and in particular challenged a finding that former President George W. Bush hadn’t been briefed on the CIA’s harsh interrogation methods until years after they’d already been in use.

    Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked the former vice president whether the agency deliberately kept Bush in the dark about its so-called enhanced interrogation techniques.

    “Not true. Didn’t happen,” Cheney responded. “Read his book, he talks about it extensively in his memoirs. He was in fact an integral part of the program, he had to approve it before we went forward with it.”

  9. It seems to me that Dick Cheney is one sadistic SOB on the inside. He seems to be happy to report that he mandated the tortures, thereby approving it. Not to mention that he talks about it with that smirk on his face. I wonder if he witnessed several tortures as VP? I wonder if he pulled some strings to anonymously see an actual “waterboarding” or worse? Hmmmmm. Guaranteed that Saddam Hussein was in attendance at many of HIS torture chambers in Iraq too. So, it is not hard to imagine Cheney at one of these things…..Hmmmm again.

  10. Thanks, Dick Cheney, for Incriminating George W. Bush (and Other Conservative Reactions) Let us now praise infamous men. The desiccated husk of a demi-human that is named Dick Cheney, former Vice President of these here United States, dragged his decaying body and scent of rot into his home away from home, Fox “news” studios, to discuss the Senate’s report on the CIA’s program of torturing suspected terrorists. He was speaking with Bret Baier, who obviously must worship mad Lovecraftian gods in order to be in the presence of such a barren soul with such black eyes and a mouth torn to shreds by the speaking of endless lies without vomiting endlessly. How many sacrifices have to be made at an altar covered in the blood of Iraqi children to keep Cheney alive? How many virgins, fresh for fucking and devouring, did Baier have to provide Cheney in order to secure the interview? – See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/?tw_p=twt#sthash.ehPNtKfb.dpuf

  11. Remember Jose Padilla? Yeah I didn’t think so. Lets take a trip down the yellow brick road


    Republicans have argued that torture was worthwhile in the aftermath of 9/11 because, among other things, it led to the capture of “dirty bomb” plotter Jose Padilla. (The just-released Senate report says torture “played no role” in Padilla’s capture; as FBI interrogator Ali Soufan has noted, Padilla was captured in 2002, before “enhanced interrogation” began. Republicans dispute this conclusion.)
    Read More

    From the Senate CIA torture report (pp. 251-252; boldface mine):
    The article instructed would-be bomb makers to enrich uranium by placing it “in a bucket, attaching it to a six foot rope, and swinging it around your head as fast as possible for 45 minutes….

    You cant make this shit up

  12. There is an interesting comment in this section. Cheney give himself away. He says that Mr. Bush was told what he NEEDED to know and wanted to be told. Guess who decided that?

  13. Rectal rehydration ? is that a “santorum”?
    The only one to profit from war,Dick Cheney.
    Now on to the EPA’s “Clean Water “exemption he has for Halliburton’s fracking.
    that’s right folks , Cheney’s Halliburton is exempt from the “clean water act” soo, drink up

  14. Hi Djchefron,

    I juat watched a must see interview by Christiane Amanpour with Ben Emerson of the UN. You have to see it. He is adamant UN agree this was torture and they have to be indicted by the US, UN or International Criminal Court for War Crimes. This is not going away. I now feel there may be a day of reckoning.

    He also said, which I did not know, that 22 CIA Officers have already been convicted and sentenced in abscentia for kidnapping and torture by Italy for crimes in Italy including a CIA Station Chief.

    Please tell everyone you know to watch this interview. I don’t have a big online following so I would be most grateful if you would oblige.

    Thank you


  15. Why oh why should this man be given three hearts. Where is the fairness and someone please tell me how someone gets them at his age and given the waiting list of deserving cases there in the country?.

  16. LOL. Of course he didn’t read it. It was more than one page. Remember when Bush told his staff that if he received a memo of more than one page it wasn’t going to be read, instead it would go in the trash? Now we know why he ignored all the 9/11 warnings.

  17. “Dick Cheney Says Senate Torture Report That He Hasn’t Even Read Is ‘Full Of Crap'”

    Yes, Cheney’s crap!

  18. Of course Cheney did not read the report. He knows full well what it says. Cheney was involved in everything the CIA did for 8 years. He probably knows better than Shrub what the CIA did.

  19. Witness torture? Hell, I am sure Cheney poured the water on at least a few of the detainees. Can’t you just see him wearing a black leather mask laughing maniacally pulling the switch to shock people. I am sure he got a kick out of rectal feeding people.

  20. On tactics identified as torture… “If I had to do it over again, I would do it.” – Cheney.

    And claiming that those who engaged in tactics that have long been identified as torture… “ought to be decorated, not criticized” – Cheney

    This is like something out of the show “Criminal Minds”.

  21. Before the Torture Report Disappears It’s already happening, no? The Senate Intelligence committee’s report on the CIA’s post-9/11 interrogation techniques, known colloquially as “torture,” is in the fast fade from our news cycle and from our outrage churner. It’s become like that hot fuck one torrid night on a Mexican vacation, when the tequila and ecstasy flowed and you went back to your timeshare with one of the local dudes and balled your brains out, in the rush, the hurlyburly and hustle of the three hours left between leaving the bar and the cruel light of dawn. Ah, that was something you did, you can say later, and then go on with your life. If it left you with a case of herpes, well, shit, people live with that all the time, don’t they? At least it ain’t the HIV. Where’s the beach? – See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2014/12/before-torture-report-disappears.html#sthash.KgX78izM.dpuf

  22. Dick Cheney Will Eat Chuck Todd For Breakfast Unless Todd Does Exactly What I Say

    Dick Cheney has always loved going on “Meet the Press.”

    It gives him the appearance of subjecting himself to scrutiny, while actually giving him a great platform to say whatever he wants.

    Cheney’s love for “Meet the Press” is not a matter of conjecture. The 2007 trial of Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby, revealed all sort of embarrassing facts about an elite Washington press corps that is more into enabling its sources than digging away at the truth – and one of the most delicious morsels was the testimony by Cathie Martin, Cheney’s former communications director, that Cheney’s office saw going on “Meet the Press” as “our best format.”
    Read More

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