Speaker John Boehner Declares Himself Anti-Establishment Rebel And Not A Squish


Just two days after orchestrating the removal of two disloyal Florida GOP Congressmen (Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent), from the House Rules Committee, John Boehner is continuing his fight against recalcitrant Republicans. Today, Boehner tried to make the case that he was not “spineless or a squish”. In a press conference, he told NBC News that he was the “most anti-Establishment Speaker we have ever had” in the U.S. House.

The irony of Boehner declaring himself “anti-Establishment” two days after pulling committee assignments from other anti-Establishment Congressmen was probably not lost on his Republican critics. The fact that he exacted revenge on some of the House members who voted against him, might burnish his anti-squish credentials a tiny bit however. Still, the often cautious Speaker’s tenure in the U.S. House has hardly been marked by courage or risk-taking. While he may try to convince himself otherwise, John Boehner is the embodiment of the Republican establishment.

Boehner’s understanding of American History also seems rather limited.  The current Speaker is hardly near the top of the list for most anti-establishment speaker in the U.S. House. That honor should instead be bestowed upon Nathaniel Banks , who was elected to the House in 1852 as an abolitionist in the then pro-slavery Democratic Party of his day.

In Congress, Banks bucked the party establishment on the crucial Kansas-Nebraska Act vote. Then in 1856, he cobbled together a coalition of anti-slavery Democrats, Free Soilers, Whigs, and Know Nothings to make a bid for the Speaker’s position, representing the newly formed Republican Party. He was chosen as Speaker of the House on the 133rd ballot after almost two months of bitter fighting.

That improbable victory is widely regarded at the first national victory for the Republican Party. Four years later, Abraham Lincoln was elected the first Republican president. While the Republican Party has strayed far from its early roots, there can be little question that Banks was a much greater threat to establishment politics in his day than “business as usual” John Boehner is to the political establishment today.

Boehner’s relatively mundane political career hardly qualifies as anything but a footnote in history. He is about as predictable and uninspiring as a political leader can be, overshadowed in dullness only by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. To Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike he still comes a cross as pretty squishy.


15 Replies to “Speaker John Boehner Declares Himself Anti-Establishment Rebel And Not A Squish”

  1. Anti-establishment? HA! He, along with every other Republican and Conservative out there, are more like anti-American.

  2. The only parts of his body that is`t squish is his liver and brain. They are turning to stone from the booze.

  3. Boehner IS the establishment, so that means he is against himself. We need Sigmund Freud to tell us what it is called when you are ant yourself. Whatever it is, it won’t be pretty.
    And if Boehner is anti-Establishment, why is he doing the work of the Koch Brothers

  4. Well, let’s see here, Orangeman: you’re the weakest, most feckless, Speaker in the history of the House. Yeah, I’d say that makes you a squish.

  5. He’s a Republican, a conservative, and a loyal tool for the corporate powers that currently rule behind the scene. He is the establishment in every way, shape and form.

  6. Boehner has sided with the Obama administration and funded AHC against the will of his party and American people. Folks look at him as a traitor to what the Republican Party stood for. I would not voted for him as speaker or congressman. Kissing Pelosi shows me that he has no True Grit. Boehner threatens those who voted against him shows me how much of a dictator he is! If the Republican Party allows him to do so it is time to dissolve the Party and establish a new party.

  7. No, boehner did what he is supposed to do. The fact that you got your wish that the 1% can now spend as much money as they wish, RWNJ organizations cannot be investigated and quite a few other little tidbits you arnt told about makes you one of the most informed 1% slaves in history

  8. The Republican Party was effectively dissolved and replaced starting several decades ago. Eisenhower wouldn’t recognize it. You’re either too young or too stupid to realize it.

  9. John Boehner claims he’s an “anti- establishment rebel”?

    No way! Boehner is a chameleon… who changes with the climate of each situation.

  10. Performing a routine social maneuver with a Senate colleague, and your hair is on fire?

    An air-kiss is just an air-kiss. And she probably got a buzz from his breath.

    Advanced nit-picking like yours is why we struggle to talk beyond the obvious.

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