Eric Holder Shuts Out Fox News As Attorney General Appears On Every Other Sunday Show But Fox

Attorney General Eric Holder taped interviews from Paris for every Sunday show, but did not tape an interview for Fox News Sunday.

Fox News has been THE source for race based attacks against the Attorney General. Fox News has spent years demonizing Holder. In just the last few months, Fox News has claimed that Holder is anti-police, Fox News edited Holder’s remarks about Ferguson in an attempt to heighten racial tensions, and claimed that Holder ran the DOJ,”like it is the Black Panther Party.”

Attorney General Holder has been a vocal critic of the sort of subtle racism that Fox News deals in every day. While delivering the 2014 commencement speech at Morgan State University, Holder said, “These outbursts of bigotry, while deplorable, are not the true markers of the struggle that still must be waged, or the work that still needs to be done — because the greatest threats do not announce themselves in screaming headlines. They are more subtle. They cut deeper. And their terrible impact endures long after the headlines have faded and obvious, ignorant expressions of hatred have been marginalized.”

Eric Holder was referring to Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, but his remarks apply especially to the tactics that Fox News has used all through the Obama years. The right will use Holder’s freezing out of Fox News to claim that the Obama administration is afraid of Fox. The reality of the situation is likely closer to the truth that Attorney General Holder and the president both understand that the media needs access to high profile political figures. By denying Fox News Sunday an interview, Holder was making it clear that he was not going to give Fox News what they need most.

Fox News Sunday did get an interview with Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, but their competitors could all promote an appearance by the Attorney General, who is in Paris for a counterterrorism meeting.

The Obama administration appears to have finally figured out how to handle Fox News. The White House isn’t going to pander to Fox News, or try to play nice with them. Attorney General Holder was not going to help Fox News divide the country by spreading their racially divisive propaganda. There is no big drama associated with their behavior, but it is clear that this administration is done playing games with Fox News.

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  1. Holder’s a smart man. He knows that Fox News would basically use whatever he said in that interview to further push their agenda.

  2. Woooohooo! This is what I’m talkin’ about! Don’t give Fox “News” Channel any credibility as a news show when it’s nothing but a Republican propaganda outlet.

    Thank YOU, AG Holder!

  3. If you really think about it, since faux controls the minds of the masses, they are the United States of America’s #1 enemy. Since the news does not call out their lies, a social media campaign really needs to be developed to call them out on every lie they tell. This would require a full time large staff. Also, the largest web sites promoting lies, fear and hatred need to be called out as well on social media.

  4. or scream over him, only to cut and paste his answers to misinform their propagandized audience into believing their made up lies. Our leaders should only do interviews with REPUTABLE news organizations.

  5. Dish Network, or is it Direct TV, is also tired of FN. They have been dropped by the Satellite Company. I never understood why Obama was giving interviews to O’Reilly, allowing their entertainers to ask questions, and just mentioning FN.
    It’s a propaganda station, so just exclude them, and get on with it

  6. If you truly believe that your viewpoints are correct why shy away from a platform…especially the biggest platform on cable tv? I’m not a Fox fan but I definitely think it makes A Holder look petty, and insecure by not taking on a major cable TV network to get the major issues out there.

  7. Fox New is reporting there is no one from the Obama Administration in Paris for the Unity Rally !
    Who’s Eric Holder? Chop Liver?

  8. Laughter is the best medicine!!! And I’m smiling, roaring..JUST pee’d in my pants with laughter…[WINK]

  9. Though I see your point, what Fox practices isn’t even bad journalism. It’s malicious fiction. They have been caught cutting and pasting in such a way as to make it appear that people have said something entirely different from what they said, with a view to inflaming the basest instincts of their (largely cretinous) audience. Under the circumstances, it is within anyone’s sound discretion to turn down an interview with them.

  10. The tea bags children were complaining that President Obama wasn’t there, but if he was there they’d complain about that.

    Damed if he does, damed is he doesn’t

    President Obama just can’t appease these children.

  11. You’re “not a fan of Fox News” and think that Holder should go on it as “a major cable TV network to get the major issues out there”.

    You can not believe both of those statements AND expect anyone to take you seriously.

    Fox would cut and paste his words to twist them into falsehoods. Fox would yell at him. Fox would call him undermining names and then use the footage to call him visceral names with the footage they got.

    Go back to Sarah Pac and sell your pablum there. They’re dim enough to think you’re being reasonable there.

  12. It amazes me how there are multitudes of channels that promote the Democrats’ ideas and one channel that is conservative and the liberals have a fit. They want to wipe out that one channel. Are the others not enough? Are they afraid of debate on ideas or of people thinking for themselves?

  13. Drew, Just how many attacks from FOX is Holder supposed to take in your opinion? Fox has proved they will never be fair with any topic concerning Holder, Obama or any Democrat for that matter. I say the hell with FOX, let them make up their biased attacks without any direct contact. It’s the only smart thing to do. Fox has proven time and time again they have no shame. Lies are their stock and trade. Facts mean nothing to them. They are not journalists.

  14. What you said might apply if Fox wasn’t guilty of fostering lies daily for years on end. What other news channels have gone to court to fight for the right to lies to their viewers? None other than Fox!

    They have been caught editing footage of taped events, the most recent that I’m aware of was their claims that Rev. Sharpton was promoting a line that said, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” However, none of it was true. They were called on it but it took them almost a week to admit they were wrong and they certainly didn’t announce their admitted lies repeatedly throughout their shows. It was once and done!

    Fox can’t be compared to any relevant news source. They will lie about anything and everything and will never admit it until it becomes absolutely necessary. They are the least credible network I’ve ever seen and for anyone to appear on their shows gives them credibility that they definitely do not deserve!

  15. He should have contractually forced them to air it live & in entirety, and then tell them exactly what he thinks of them.

    I think ignoring them just gives them leverage that “he hates us for no reason” as opposed to “This is why you are part of the problem”

  16. Suppose you’re a dog and your owner kicks you every time you are near him/her, do you allow the behavior to continue or do you choose to either avoid him/her or bite the sh*t out of them? Most humans have a point where, after receiving a certain amount of abuse from others, they draw a line in the sand and refuse to take it anymore. Imo, only a simpleton or someone who believes in fairy tales would continue allowing someone who abuses, derides, misrepresents them, etc. to continue doing so, just for the sake of “optics.”

  17. This is truly a dumb post.

    This guy must have been vacationing on the planet Mars all of the times the Obama Admin were interviewed on Fox where they showed the most ignorant disrespect imaginable.

    But the again I think good ole’ Drew is aware of this and is just trying to earn the few pennies he makes by trolling.

  18. It is such a sad thing and a waste that liberals cannot think for themselves, they can not apply logic, are so in-tolerant of others who have a different view of things, can only curse others and resort to character assassination when confronted with the truth. I will pray for you so that God will open your heart and mind.

  19. Are you going to do all that while you support corporate welfare to the oil industry to the tune of billions of dollars? Or while you are searching for a rebuttal with content? Are taking classes to not use cliches? If so, pray for yourself. And in the meantime, do try to wean yourself off fox

  20. Its inconceivable that someone can profess to be a preacher and a conservative at the same time. It just doesnt gel.

    This means he is supporting all the hate speech that comes from the right on almost every subject.

  21. Rey….thank you! You always have the answers…I went to that site and found a women. I’m a stranger, but I will send her a connect request.
    I also found one, “Fox News lies” that’s current, but not a lot of followers yet. It’s all about fox but needs more people to like and share. Their face is Glenn Beck crying…lol! We need rebuttals to these crazy posts on conservative blogs. My company forbids me to use my real name on political posts. Thankful for you guys and disqus.

  22. Yeah, jane, I know that’s what they’re telling you, but it’s not the truth.

    The media is in the tank for corporations, and the political Party that works most favorably for corporations is, unequivocally, the Republican Party.

    Now, using common sense, which Party would pro-corporate media support and which Party would they downplay and/or misrepresent? THINK.

  23. After six years of assiduously tiptoeing around any threat of critique from the right, replete with incidents like throwing Shirley Sherrod under the bus, walking back Homeland Security reports on white domestic terrorists, and giving up key negotiating levers for nothing in return, now the administration is done playing games? Six years of reaching out and getting bitch slapped for it, and now that the Senate is lost also, now it’s newfound courage and standing against these bastards? Good luck.

  24. Actually, I’d bet he could have an intelligent discussion with Jon Stewart – and Stewart REALLY doesn’t like Fox “News”.

  25. Jane, promoting ideas is one thing. Telling blatant lies and intentionally misquoting people to misrepresent what they said is not promoting any ideas, it’s not journalism in the least. It’s propaganda. It’s tabloid and at worst, slander. Now, which stations are you referring to that are promoting Democrats ideas?

  26. They can’t be a legitimate news network and then say they can’t be held to the same standards of behavior as the rest of the “media”. They claim to be an entertainment network when they are caught lying and cheating. They should not be allowed to send one of their traitors to the news briefings. The Daily Show doesn’t have a reporter there.

  27. Pastor Al, while you are praying I can “open my mind” enough to believe you or the foxes are christian…do I have to send you money?

  28. The very fact that they have $arah Palin on is proof enough that it is NOT a serious news channel. The woman is fluff, just for comic relief. If there are numerous channels promoting democratic ideals, pleas tell us what they are. Our President was yelled at, interrupted and disrespected by that overblown clown O’Reilly.Too much of a gentleman to walk away. That was CLASS, something sadly lacking on Faux.

  29. re: shutting out Fox News–
    to say that it is about time this was done is ignoring the fact that way back in 2008 or there abouts, when Obama wanted to ignore Fox, the media had a hissy fit so the President back tracked.

  30. About damn time!

    Fox News has been just as dangerous for America as Hitler’s propaganda was to Germany and Europe.

    They have been instrumental in stirring shit up, keeping shit stirred up and holding this country back by keeping us divided as a people.

    We can either live together or perish together is how that goes.

  31. Now to think that Fox News needs any of the administration to be on their programs is laughable. They hold over 75% of total cable news viewers, and almost double its closest competitor.
    While every other channel is spouting how bad the white man is. Fox is about the only one with the guts to show the other side, which is just as dark and nasty as the white people.

  32. It doesn’t really matter whether AG Holder acknowledges FOX or not. They’ll spin it to their own ends regardless. Having said that, opting to not acknowledge would have been my choice, too. They are indeed a propaganda network, something I wouldn’t have said prior to the 2008 elections. I was actually stunned to see/hear the turn they took after that. It was so clear to me that I couldn’t believe more folks couldn’t see it.

  33. If you’re acknowledging that we’re ALL a bunch of hypocrites, regardless of skin color, then I agree with you 100%. Calling out Eric Holder for his racist views, however, is the correct thing to do and Fox News in no way claims that one race is any better than another. We’re all human and are broken from day one. People on this thread who call Fox bigoted and racist need to look in the mirror for a while. They’ll be shocked… if they’re honest with themselves.

  34. Hate to tell you this, but left-wing people are generally a lot better at seeing their own warts than right-wingers. Bob Altemeyer, The Authoritarians. You can download the free PDF at his University of Manitoba website.

  35. Hi Pastor Al,

    Go ahead and waste your time if you choose, praying for me, and us, but I ask when can humans expect a positive response from your “god”?

    I mean you religious nuts have been praying for thousands of years now and all you have is a 2000 year old parable as an answer.

    Pray all you want, I’ll continue to work with thinking people to try and solve our problems, many of which are caused by the religiously insane.

  36. Obama’s biggest fault is he has been too kind, too willing to appease the GOP and its main propaganda channel through the years. Too many mistakes sucking up to these bloodsuckers has only allowed them to garner more power. This country is doomed.

  37. When our children behave badly, we ignore them and put them in timeout. Fox News commentators behave like spoiled rotten, amateurish kids with shallow views and vacuous thoughts. The Attorney General has done what any responsible, mature parent should do with any out of control tantrum throwing toddler – put them in timeout. [WINK]

  38. It’s Dish Network, and I’m so happy about it I’m tempted to switch my carrier. Now if Cox and Direct TV would only follow suit…


  39. Faux News does not know what “reason” is. They have NO frame of reference. They don’t deserve the time of day, and they have no frame of reference for “fair” either.

  40. Obama Administration needs to treat fox news and the racist propaganda trash that it is meaning ignore them ostracize them!

  41. Holder did the right thing by NOT appearing on FOX. Why should he? They don’t deserve to have him; remember they vilify him constantly, NOTHING he does or says pleases them, so why bother with the a-holes. Plus, FOX is 99.999% Anti-Obama, Anti-Democrats, Anti-Fair and Balanced, although they claim that they are (Hypocrites). So, again I say: Bravo! But you know what’s going to happen now? They will cut him up into little pieces with nasty talk for not accepting their disingenuous invite, watch. He gave them his middle finger and they are bawling and whining now. Preparing to get their nastiest guests on to trash talk Holder and Obama, for the fun of it. What a station (Tsk, tsk, tsk. BTW Canada has banned them from broadcasting over there. Look it up. {{{Applaud}}}

  42. Faux is the most watched but not 75%
    So that’s why many in the U.S. are so stupid and misinformed.

    Faux Nooze won the right to LIE

    Faux is BANNED in Canada

    A Law Against Lying on the News
    Why Canada has one and the U.S. doesn’t.

    Survey: NPR’s listeners best-informed, Fox viewers worst-informed

    Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All viewers

    Watching Only Fox News Makes You Less Informed than Watching No News At All
    Read more:

  43. Holder should have given an interview to Fox News, because not doing so shows his blatant disregard for the 1st Amendment. He should have no problem being called to the table to account for his actions. If we are ever fortunate enough to get a conservative president, could you image the outrage if that administration snubbed the liberal news…
    Must be to nice to live in a world where the only ones allowed to speak or have opinion are those that agree with you.
    Of course it’s also AMAZING that you are all so busy slamming Fox News instead of questioning why are president would not go and show unity in fighting against the terrorist – but I guess this administration would have to admit that’s happening 1st

  44. To Sam h:
    I remember megan kelly announcing that both Jesus and Santa were white.And Im not even a faux viewer. You faux viewers sure have a short memory, which is what they count on..turn the channel to a non racist real news channel.BTW, Jesus was middle eastern. Faux also wins for the least informed viewers. Just watch a video of Palin supporters. Dumb as dirt.

  45. Fox is in the business of doing the devils bidding. They promote everything unGodly then claim to be Christian.

    God is about truth and love. Fox is about lies and hate……

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