Washington Post/ABC Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Crushing Every Potential GOP Candidate

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A Washington Post/ABC News poll released on Thursday shows Hillary Clinton crushing the entire GOP field. The poll, drawn from a representative sample of 843 registered voters, conducted January 12-15, finds Clinton leading five prominent Republicans by double digits. The survey found Clinton with the largest lead over Mike Huckabee. She leads the former Arkansas Governor, turned pop music critic, by an immense 56-39 margin. She posts a similarly large lead (55-40) over 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush are just slightly more competitive than Romney and Huckabee. Rand Paul and Jeb Bush each trail Clinton 54-41, while Chris Christie is down 53-40.

Women voters give Clinton a 20-point margin or greater, against each of the Republican candidates. Male voters also prefer Clinton, but by a considerably smaller gap. Clinton also performs exceptionally well with minorities, young people, and low-income voters. Many GOP hopefuls will be spending their Saturday afternoon courting House Republican extremist Steve King at his Iowa Freedom Summit. While this may improve their visibility with socially conservative Iowans who dominate GOP caucus events, it is not likely to help them achieve the mainstream appeal needed to defeat a formidable candidate like Hillary Clinton in a general election.

If Clinton were to maintain her double-digit lead, she would be in position to win in the largest presidential landslide since Republican Ronald Reagan’s 1984 drubbing of Democratic nominee Walter Mondale. A double-digit popular vote advantage would project out to approximately 400 electoral votes, potentially putting a number of reliably red states into play. For example, Arizona, Georgia, and Missouri would become clear pickup opportunities in such a blowout.

In our current hyper-partisan political environment, such a landslide seems improbable. As the 2016 election draws nearer, Republicans, with help from talk radio and FOX News, will do everything they can to smear Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee. Her popularity would probably drop some in the midst of a polarized political campaign. However, she currently is in an unusually strong position to become the Democratic nominee, and to convincingly defeat whichever Republican candidate is chosen to run against her.

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  1. Just like her most famous quote: “What difference does it make?” Her party will just push her out of the way like they did last time.

  2. The problem with you baggers is you cant understand basic English or have comprehension abilities. But since you watch fox I understand your limited ass

  3. Tim, after reading a couple of your posts I thought I had inadvertently wandered onto a Breitbart or Red State site. Go do some homework and check the context of Hillary’s “what difference does it make” statement and see if that helps enlighten you.

  4. If Hillary runs– maybe she will choose Elizabeth Warren as her VP running mate.

    That will get the base out to vote big time: Moderates and Progressives alike.

    This will also give Warren the name recognition she needs to run as president after HRC.

    Do you agree?

  5. Why do Baggers even show up here? I don’t go to Rethuglicant sites and try to spew nonsense. This is a Progressive site that expresses Progressive views. While everyone is welcome, trying to stir up trouble at a site where you are out of your zone is, well, stupid. Tim is actually mild, I saw some yesterday from another poster that were Really bizarre.

  6. I can’t say that I am all that crazy about Hillary, would prefer Bernie Saunders , a man of integrity & compassion for his fellow citizens but if it is going to be Hillary, I am all in!Besides, it is like getting a twofer with Bill in the White House!

  7. I also hope that Hillary appoints Pres. Obama to the Supreme Court! Wouldn’t that be busting some chops!

  8. As I wrote several times last year:

    I’m having a difficult time understanding why the GOP are trying to attack Hillary Clinton NOW instead of waiting until early 2016 or at least until she announces that she’s running…

    Those of us who think that Hillary Clinton as President is a good idea have already debunked all of the Fascist propaganda and BS the GOP have thrown at her so far…BEFORE she’s announced! LMAO

    Goes to show you that one of the 10 Tenets of the GOP is incompetence….and another is insanity!

  9. Hillary’s ability to look the other way during tough times makes her my choice in 2016.

    As a woman of color (Native American) Elizabeth Warren would make a suitable VP.

  10. I’ve been think that too Patricia Weidl. Since he hasn’t yet been able to add the “5th” progressive to the Court, it would be a great opportunity to see real constitutional law in action without bias. This is what the Court is supposed to be doing but, with the Koch monies driving their agenda, it isn’t “supreme” anymore.

  11. While she may have some baggage and scars, she is far better than any of the Republican hopefuls. I’m thinking Julian Castro, secretary of HUD, as a strong possible running mate. That appeals to a younger and Hispanic demographic. And Pres. Obama on the Supreme Court – we can only hope! I can hear the Republican heads exploding at the thought!

  12. In our current hyper-partisan political environment, Barack Obama became the 1st President since Eisenhower to win 51% of the vote in two Presidential elections.

    If a black man running in a bad economy can win against two well placed GOP candidates, Clinton can certainly equal or better that in a strong economy against these clowns.

  13. I agree 100% with everything you said. I have been thinking the same thing. Obama on the Court would help so much.

  14. GOP owns the voting machines so don’t get too excited. They know they can’t win legitimately, so they will continue to cheat their way to power.

  15. Top Obama campaign advisers have already joined a pro-Hillary PAC and are already preparing her campaign. John Podesta, President Obama’s Counselor, will join as well.

    That tells me she’s going to be very difficult to beat in the primaries. Although I’m not all that excited to have her win the primaries, if she does, she’ll have my vote, guaranteed. My main concern is the U.S. Supreme Court and Bader-Ginsberg’s failing health. We cannot allow a Republican in the WH now that there’s a possibility that three SCOTUS seats will be up, that of Bader-Ginsberg, Scalia, and Kennedy. We need to neuter Roberts and Alito before they completely take apart women’s right to choose, civil rights, voting rights, and LGBT rights bit by bit. We need Progressives on the Court who will overturn the gutting of the VRA.

  16. Julian Castro would be IDEAL as her running mate. I hope she’ll consider it strongly. It would immediately win her the Latino vote in overwhelming numbers because it would give the Latino community the trust they need that immigration reform won’t be forgotten.

  17. Once the elections come around people will see this piece of crap for what she is. And then there is her rapist husband that she has stood behind for all these years. Two pieces of crap.

  18. I just dumped your other screed in the trash. Your language is unacceptable. When you are an uninvited guest in someone else’s house, first you wipe your feet.

  19. Americans are dumb, blind and stupid so she will probably win. If you think things are bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  20. Anyone who prefers Hillary must be suffering from Cranial-Rectalosis which if not corrected can morph into SFB’s. One has to wonder what group is constantly surveyed to keep getting these results. One has to wonder if those asked are truely Americans at heart.

  21. Hillary suffers from a fatal flaw…she is shrill and unlikeable…not a good combination for a politician. She will be trounced as her lies are revealed in the campaign. She has no morals and no core values!!!

    Shrillary Clunton…a total loser…ABC Poll…All Butt Clowns network…

  22. She has nearly the same accent I do, since we went to elementary school in the same town at the same time, and, as all you had to do to get to Chicago was follow Vine south, zig zag on Avondale, and cross the railroad tracks on Belle Plain, it’s pretty much the same accent as Chicago. “Shrill”, as everyone knows, is code for “uppity woman who doesn’t shut up and let the mens speak”. And the rest of your screed speaks for itself.

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