Approval Of President Obama’s Handling Of Unemployment Jumps To 51% in New Poll


Approval of President Obama’s handling of unemployment has jumped since December to 51%, as nearly half of those surveyed in the AP/GfK poll now feel that the economy is in good shape.

According to the AP:

A slim majority now approves of the way Obama is handling unemployment, according to the poll, conducted before Friday’s release of a surprisingly strong jobs report.

Forty-seven percent of those surveyed approve of how Obama is doing his job, compared with 41 percent in December, and 51 percent approve of his handling of unemployment, compared with 44 percent before.

Nearly half say the economy is good now, while 41 percent thought that in December. In December 2013, only one-third called the economy good.

Approval of the way Obama is handling the economy improved slightly, 41 percent to 45 percent, over the past two months.

The AP poll has traditionally been not as favorable to the president, so the fact that the poll is showing Obama in positive territory is confirmation that his improving numbers are not a mirage based on a few polls, but that the Obama presidency is trending upwards.

The driver behind the continued improvement in President Obama’s numbers is the economy. The good news for Democrats is that the positive economic reports are translating into economic developments that the American people find encouraging. The economy has gone from a paper recovery to a recovery that people are feeling in their personal pocketbooks. The president’s aggressive actions on his agenda have revived the members of his party, and their more positive feelings are also reflected in the polling.

The AP is loaded with good news for Democrats and terrible news for Republicans. The president is gaining in popularity. The American people are giving the president credit for handling the unemployment and economic issues while they are also feeling better about the state of the economy.

Republicans had always planned to hold down economic growth to make President Obama look like a failure. Their plan has flopped as the economy has overcome their attempts to drag it down, and as the nation heads into 2016, the Democratic Party is poised to ride a potential wave of good economic news.

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  1. How many centuries wiil it be until the Public realizes that Liberal governance supports the 99%, while Reichwing governance supports the 1%, while destroying the Commons?

  2. I never have seen such a liar as Cruz, now he is saying Obama only cares about the 1% and the rethugs care about the middle class.
    Remember when he forced the government shutdown?
    Afterwards he said with a straight face that he did not want the shutdown.

    I really think he has a mental problem.

  3. That’s great news for the country and the Dems.

    Betcha this bit of news won’t be reported on Fox News or on Hate Radio any time soon.

    In anticipation of HRC of becoming the Democratic Presidential nominee next year, some talk radio stations are dropping their Right Wing talk shows because the station owners know what a huge backlash the RW talkers will cause and loss of advertisers when they go the anti-women hate route.

    These Republican/Libertarian lowlifes are so predictable– so much greed/hate/ego and so little humility.

    Do you agree?

  4. Great news! I just keep asking myself where were all these people in November? We really could have used them at the ballot box.

    Wow, those Republicans are really doing a bang-up job with governing now they’re fully in control of Congress. Let’s see…another vote to repeal the ACA, not quite clear on what they’d replace it with, more votes for abortion restrictions, difficulty in determining how to handle immigration reform, and jeopardizing Iran negotiations with the Netenyahu invite, just to name a few. Absolutely stellar work, guys.

  5. They touted the election results as a anti-Obama mandate knowing that the truth was staring them in the face. Now the poll numbers and other good economic news makes the GOP’s rhetoric seem out of touch with reality. These facts along with their inability to actually get anything done in Washington is punching holes in the GOP armor.

  6. The GOP live in an altered universe. They are still appearing on TV stating how bad the economy is, and that PBO’s economic plan has been a disaster.The very economy they tried to destroy is improving, with no help from them

  7. George Dubya’s Approval was 22% at this period of his Presidency. Remind People!

    How could we possibly vote for another BUSH?

  8. I am glad President Obama is starting to climb in his approval ratings. He deserves some kudos. Democrats need to double down on the nonsense that Cruz and other Republicans are saying about the economy. They brought us to the brink, if given another chance we will be there again.

  9. Raphael Cruz went one step further – he not only lied that he didn’t want the Gov’t shutdown – which is weird since he was the mastermind behind it – but he claimed, with a straight face, mind you, that it were the Democrats.

    And guess what? Those low-information voters believe him.

  10. The figures were nearly the same in November 2014 but the stories in the news were radically different. People are too lazy to read or listen to something other than the Talking Heads, and even the liberal press/media – what few there are – repeated the meme that the economy was rocky, etc. In two months things did not turn around. In two months people started hearing the truth. Had that occurred, we would not have the Congress we do. Anyone who believed the lies and did not vote? Thanks for nothing.

  11. So glad to see the numbers go up.
    In Michigan due to folks voting for the nerd again which brought more RWNJs to Lansing, the wages here have fallen. The strong middle class we once had is now making $10 an hour. There has always been those who are jealous of good union jobs and who hate that sometimes it does protect those who need to go. So these idiots support all the good of unions just because of a few. That is the repub message for most of what they support. No help for those in need because we don’t want the slackers and scammers to get the money. Of course these means they don’t give a damn about those they hurt.

  12. This poll came prior to a very strong January employment report which showed upward revisions back to November of 140’000 jobs.

    November job growth was a robust 400’000+ followed by a 300’000 + December marking the strongest 3 month average of employment since 1997.

    January wages rose 12 cents m/m over December marking the strongest m/m wage increase in years.

  13. Obama

    The Vox conversation

    President Obama sits down with the braintrust at Vox and gets into some wonkery over his policy positions. It’s actually a pretty good set of interviews,with footnotes, charts, and graphs that the Vox guys have worked in as sort of a running fact check, and it makes for some good reading. The president speaks first with Ezra Klein on domestic policy questions like income inequality:

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