Morning Joe Wants Obama To Send More Troops To Fight ISIL Than Were Used In Vietnam War

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During Thursday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough whined about the Authorization for the Use of Military Force that President Obama put forth on Wednesday in regards to the ongoing situation with ISIL in the Middle East. The former Republican Congressman stated during a panel discussion that he feels the President has no strategy and that this measure is “half-assed.” Scarborough said that America needs to go in to “win the war” and not take an incremental approach. He then used the wars in Korea and Vietnam as examples of the United States not utilizing a ‘win the war’ approach, obviously ignoring the fact that hundreds of thousands of troops were sent in both cases.

Per the President’s AUMF that is to go before Congress for debate, the United States will not send any additional combat troops to fight on the ground. The 2,600 troops that are already in Iraq will continue to serve in a training capacity. Also, airstrikes against ISIL will continue. Local forces from Iraq and surrounding countries will be used to combat ISIL on the ground. For Scarborough and others on the right, this is unacceptable, as America needs to go big or not at all.

Scarborough unleashed one of his typical smug rants where he pointed out all the important people he knows and talks to who agree with him, because as we all know, Joe knows best. He also continually said this was a “half-assed” action by President Obama due to the fact that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

“The mistake that Americans have made time and time and time again is they have gone into war half-assed. A little bit here, a little bit there, we’ll see what happens. They end up using American men and women as targets for enemies, for suicide bombers, for snipers to blow their brains out. If you are going to war, go to war to win war. If you’re not going to go to war to win war, then keep our men and women home. This right now continues to seem, to me at least, to make more of a halfway approach.”

He also pointed out to panel member Harold Ford, Jr. that he would not vote for the AUMF if he were currently in Congress. This led to further discussion about not going all-in when it comes to war, with Scarborough complaining that the United States made the same mistakes in Korea and Vietnam by taking incremental approaches. Finally, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, who was also sitting on the panel, stopped him dead in his tracks and let Joe know he was way off base.

“What led us into Vietnam was the military claiming we could do all of these things and we couldn’t. We had half a million troops in Vietnam, twice as many in Iraq. No comparison.”

Dean not only highlighted how inaccurate Scarborough’s comparison was, but also pointed out just how far many on the right want to go with this military action against ISIL. Heck, if half a million troops wasn’t enough in Vietnam and represented America being half-assed, how many do they want to be sent to Iraq and Syria now? A million? More? When is the endgame? Is there one?

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


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  1. Morning Joe was also ranting that Ebola would become a major epidemic in the US. He never recalls when his daily rants are wrong, which is usually the case.

    He is becoming the worst person on cable.

  2. Joe Scarborough is always happy to to put someone else’s child in harms way. You know neither he nor any of his children are going to stand up. So Joke Scarborough, STFU!!!!

  3. Diane I agree, when Bo Bergdahl was released
    he went on a hate filled rant saying that someone should tell Bergdahl to go back and do his duty, he then said ‘that’s what I would tell my son’
    Someone should ask him if he has said to his son – you should go and do your duty for the country.

  4. If someone says that MSNBC is Fox “News” Channel for Liberals, smile, and then go smack them upside their head.

    NOWHERE on Fox “News” Channel do they give a Democrat, much less a Liberal, a THREE HOUR SHOW as MSNBC execs have given Scarborough.

    Unless and until that happens (don’t hold your breath!), we can safely say that MSNBC is NOT the Liberal version of Fox “News” Channel.

  5. Sorry Joe ISIL is a Middle East problem that resulted from the US invading Iraq. All that the US does is destabilize the area and get our people killed. It is way past time that the US pull out all American forces and citizens from the Middle East and let them solve this problem themselves.
    By the way stop selling arms in the Middle East and watch the area regain stability. No bullets,bombs,vehicles and military supplies of any kind.

  6. I love it when someone on the panel get’s into Scarborough ass. Gov. Dean did just that. He rants and raves about things he’s ignorant to. When he says college is no longer important to todays youth using that Gov Scott as an example was totally ridicules He defending Scott not having a college education and how being President college is not necessary. Oh yeah, Scarborough was in rare form today.

  7. Simple – reinstate the draft with no exemptions for college or parents unless that parent is married to living with and a contributing member of the household his or her wife or husband and child(ren) are living in.

    That’ll get us out of the Mid-East last week.

  8. Again Mourning Joey has claimed a non-reality as a fact! Once more he has exhibited his total lack of history. He even, now get this!..claimed that “Democratic presidents over the last 50 years have “muddled” us into war. That on it’s face is untrue while being close to Palin territory as a word salad. So he completely forgets that a conservative Mr. Dick Cheney got us into the Iraq war and it wasn’t muddling it was a direct action around “muddled” non facts. But blames Democratic presidents of being inept war mongers…IDIOT!!!

  9. Well, in the case of the intern found dead in his office, the military may have been a much safer choice of career!! He has not answered to THAT yet, and likely never will. Ol’ flat-faced Joe is a murderer.

  10. you forgot to add Chuckie Todd…Lukey Russert and the rest that follow Joe’s stupid path…they are the downfall of MSNBC…I like hearing both sides but I do not want either completely shoved down my throat…I can’t watch Al Sharpton for that reason…

  11. I assume that by his logic, we ‘win the war’ by wiping Islam off the map.

    To me, trying to recreate Vietnam would be a grand disaster. I think most of the people here who lived through that crap would agree with me.

  12. Joe: YOU put on your combat boots and get your useless @ $ $ over there. I’m sure you have lots of combat experience.

  13. Morning Joke’s idiotic rant is just more proof that wearing glasses and a suit
    does not make you smart.

  14. Boom Boom (Big MT Drum)Scarborough spends

    our airtime undermining our President.

    Boom Boom is a POTUS wannabe and at this time he is sucking up to right wing hoping for VP nomination…knowing the jig is almost up at MSNBC…he is mostly responsible for their ratings tanking..he gets away with bullying guests but Gov Dean is too smart for him (wink)

  15. I was so glad this morning that I was watching New Day on CNN instead of Morning Joeker on MSNBC.

    Chris Cuomo brilliantly slapped Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore, for almost thirty minutes.

    Joeker on MSNBC, alumna of U. Alabama like Roy Moore, simply whines and whines on TV.

    MSNBC, please get rid of Joeker and place the Cycle on the 3-hour spot!


  17. MSNBC’sJoeker is the equivalent of Fox’s Bill O. They both overtalk others — or should I say ‘over yell’ others. They both throw tantrums when you don’t agree with them, acting like schoolyard bullies. They both spew massive amounts of BS.
    Etc., Etc, Etc….. the list too long to post!!

  18. Wanna go to war? Okay! Let’s go to war! Let’s reinstitute the draft! The children of people who hold public office will be the first to go. After that, inductees will be chosen in decreasing order (from high to low) by family income. That way, people in power will have “skin in the game”.

  19. MJ is getting worst everyday and Mika just sits there like she is lost and afraid to speak up. Glad some of the guest sometimes have the nerve to speak up and tell the truth and put him in his place and not let him walk all over everyone. No wonder the rating is going down and they won’t go back up until they get rid of Joe he is taking the ship down before the campaign even get started.

  20. IMO, they should get rid of Willie Geist too. He’s Joey’s little puppet who carries Joey’s ‘water. I classify him in the category of ‘stunned and stupid’.

  21. SO, Joe, you want total war. Are you willing to pay a top tax rate of 90%, like world war II, to pay for it? I thought not.

  22. I was in college at the height of the Vietnam War, and there’s one number that remains in my brain at all times—48,000. That’s the approximate number of Americans who died there, far away from home and their loved ones. The Vietnam War left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to being willing to sacrifice our military members to fight other nations’ wars for them. My position on ISIS is that, if the nations they’re threatening are too sorry to defend themselves from them, we shouldn’t send even one member of our military to do it for them. It’s a sorry nation of people who see a threat and won’t lift a finger to eliminate it because some of the aggressors are of the same religion. There are millions of people in the nations ISIS is threatening and if they don’t get off their behinds and address the threat, if I were POTUS, they’d be SOL.

  23. Send your own relatives if you feel so strong about your convictions. I went to Vietnam for two tours and found out the rich and privelige don’t go!

  24. Exactly where does Scarborough propose getting all these troops he wants to send to fight ISIS? Does he want to leave no troops anywhere else in the world?

    At the peak of the war in Vietnam the US kept a corps and two full infantry divisions in Korea. I served with the corps in 1967. Today there is less than one full division in Korea. One brigade of the Second Division is at Ft. Lewis as the rapid response force for I Corps. It is the rapid reaction for all of East Asia.

    To send that many troops to fight ISIS Joe had better know he is talking about sending much of the National Guard. If anything breaks out anywhere else there may be no one to send.

  25. I think start with the ‘draft’ of the 1% and work down the financial pecking order. Being Scarborough makes mega bucks — let his kids be called up!! No excuses acceptible!! See how fast they backpeddle.

  26. Remember always that we are talking about Chickenhawk Joe. He’d love to send your kids or my kids but he was to busy being a rich kid to serve in the military.

    I always love these immoral asshats endorsing the killing of other peoples children.

  27. Funny how he never was investigated when this young athlete mysteriously died in his office.

    She fell and hit her head after becoming dizzy according to old Joe. Then he resigned from Congress.

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