Orange Crushed: John Boehner Melts Down After President Obama Vetoes Keystone XL


Speaker of the House John Boehner could only react with inept rage after President Obama vetoed Keystone XL.

In a statement, Boehner raged:

The president’s veto of the Keystone jobs bill is a national embarrassment. It’s embarrassing when Russia and China are plowing ahead on two massive pipelines and we can’t get this one no-brainer of a project off the ground. The president is just too close to environmental extremists to stand up for America’s workers. He’s too invested in left-fringe politics to do what presidents are called on to do, and that’s put the national interest first.

For the president, Keystone may just be today’s politics, but there are workers and unions who have spent years counting on the 42,000 jobs this project will support. There are small business owners counting on the promise and opportunities this project will bring to their towns. There are governors in both parties counting on the revenue and growth this project will bring to their states. There are manufacturers clamoring for the development of North America’s resources. And there’s an overwhelming majority of Americans who want us to put politics aside and get this done.

Everyone who pays attention to politics understood that the Republican obsession with Keystone XL was a total waste of time. It is interesting that Boehner considers the veto of the pipeline a national embarrassment when he doesn’t feel the same way about the government shutdown that he spearheaded, the various debt ceiling debacles, the invasion of Iraq based on a lie that he supported, and House of Representatives that spends more time on vacation than passing laws.

The national embarrassment is John Boehner. Speaker Boehner is so beholden to special interests that he wastes the time of the People’s House passing legislation that benefits a foreign oil company. A national embarrassment is the lie that Keystone XL would create 42,000 jobs. The real number of jobs that Keystone would create amounts to a few thousand temporary construction jobs.

Republicans thought Keystone XL was going to be the showdown with Obama that would signal their arrival. Instead, the pipeline is another defeat that left Boehner fuming while ignoring his own ineptitude.

77 Replies to “Orange Crushed: John Boehner Melts Down After President Obama Vetoes Keystone XL”

  1. Excuse me Speaker Boehner but the actions of the TP/GOP that at the very least scream of Domestic Terrorism and at the most down right TREASON! Now that is the true EMBARRASSMENT of the USA to the world.

  2. Boehner is a wuss! He does not lead his caucus, the GOP caucus leads him. He’s a punk! Excuse my French, but Boehner couldn’t lead a turf to water!

  3. I’m looking forward to the collective RW meltdown over this veto at CPAC. “Energy expert” Sarah Palin is scheduled to speak, so is sure to rant about Obama’s veto, using her best word salad. Boehner’s melt down is just the beginning. Pass the popcorn!

  4. Speaker Boehner says he this pipeline as a job creator. What he don’t tell you is how many millions of dollars he tends to make when they build the pipeline. He says it’s for the people. He’s pushing his own agenda. And other Republican lawmakers who are involved.

  5. He’s right. This is a no-brainer…The people who keep pushing it have no brain. However, President Obama has a brain. Hence the veto.

  6. Kind of ironic how he accuses President Obama of being too invested in left-fringe politics when his entire caucus is extremist right wing.

  7. The liar cant help himself
    The pipeline he is talking about is a natural gas pipeline which would the Chinese people.
    Gazprom Makes a New Gas Deal With China

    But one thing the orange liar wont tell you is that China is leading the way in renewables

    In race for solar power, China is winning

    csmonitor icon

    China is cutting its dependence on carbon-heavy coal and replacing it with solar power at a breakneck pace, Topf writes. The world’s top energy consumer added 3.3 gigawatts of solar power capacity between January and June.

  8. they have the attention span of a NAT
    you know those flying bugs you swat away and they keep coming back?

  9. Do you think that know that the pipeline is out of the way the GOP/TP will support a Infrastructure Bill that the people of this USA and the President would support and sign??? We will see!!!

  10. it will create oil gunk clean up jobs but since we won’t be able to grow food for us or export because Ogallala aquifir will be polluted.

    It’s Crazy to Think Keystone XLWon’t Leak

    When the XL pipeline leaks, it will poison the Ogallala aquifir

  11. are you kidding, congress will be busy wasting time and $$ on voting to overturn the veto countless times.

    I’m betting at least 20 times, who’s in?

  12. Good, good and great! for President Obama.

    The right wing will survive..but Boehner probably had plans for all the big bucks he promised to Koch and for himself.

    Oh well Mr. Boehner, there is a lot of unhappiness in this world, and not getting your way on the pipeline is just a smidgeon of it in life.

  13. Do Canucks like ‘Orange Assholes’ ? Since Bonehead works for Canadian Oil, ship his lame ass up there to tar pit central.

  14. Damn a rough day in Wingnutistan, after all that posturing in front of the TV cameras and all the buster:
    1) Total Obamacare signup-32 Million
    2) Obamacare saved $15 Billion on prescription drugs
    3) McConnell offer deal on DHS bill aka he caved
    4) Repubs. concede, F.C.C. is expected to enforced Net Neutrality
    5) Solar business is now employs more people than the coal mines
    6) Nasdaq Comp rose .1% > 4,968
    7) Veto KXL pipeline
    8) Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) announced he will not be attending Netanyahu/Boehner dog and pony show.
    PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT. Thank you, Mr. President

  15. They may as well try, look at how many times they tried to get rid of “OBAMA CARE” and failed wasting the tax payers hard earned money and time. They will do anything to keep the REAL people down.

  16. Thank you President Obama! The entire argument of the pipeline creating a lot of jobs is malarkey! I am sick of seeing our beautiful nation turned into a sewer by rich politicians and Big Oil.

  17. American jobs? You mean when we have to clean up the mess it will cause? Not using American materials other than the oil for Canada consumption. Running through our states to them. Seems like a no brainer to me. Disappointed Americans? Congressman and Senators with hopes of filling their pockets. Excuse me, they don’t qualify. No disappointed Americans.

  18. China and Russia are plowing ahead because they’re not fighting in the Middle East and are spending their tax dollars at home. It has Jack Squat to do with the Keystone Pipeline.

  19. Good thing for him we have Constitutional protections. In China, they just execute you and charge your family the cost of the bullet.

  20. At 600,000 barrels a day and $15.00 profit on each barrel,the Koch brothers stand to make $9 MILLION a day.That’s $3.3 BILLION a year for as long as the Tar sands oil exists.That’s why they’re willing to give the republicans $900 MILLION for 2016. There’ll only be 35 permanent workers.Even if they pay them $100k each that’s only $3.5 Million in payroll costs. (

  21. Yeah!!! What the Republicans should do is NOT fund any amnesty or obamacare and use the money to improve the medical care for the vets and help Americans that work not the ones that sit around all day and collect off the backs of others!

  22. You don’t get it. Once veterans are disabled, they are counted as those who “sit around all day and collect off the backs of others”.

    Edit: I don’t know if you are a veteran, but you do appear to be in need of an emergency cephalic exculation.

  23. I’m in Andy but I want the over
    20 is way to conservative, hell 50 was the number of times to blackball ACA, this is money in Boners pocket. This bastard owns stock shares in this company that wants the pipeline. Even 50 is a low number, so what are we talking about here, $5.00 or $10.00 bet? Unfortunately
    I’m middle class and can’t afford more of a bet.

  24. Swear that Boehner’s brain has absorbed so much alcohol that he cannot face the truth or reality — no shock that the President was going to veto Keystone — anyone who could read or listen to the President knew that some time ago.

    What a sorry person to be Speaker — Newt was the worst IMHO until Boehner came along. He comes from my home district in OH (live in OK) and has managed to turn my whole extended family Democrat. They cannot stand being represented by him in the gerrymandered district that runs from Cincy to the west around Dayton and over 100 miles north. Lowlife GOP redistricting is a farce to gain power and keep it and now finding the Senate Dems/President Obama have no intention of playing ball with a bunch of backstabbing GOP! Love it!

  25. Baggers getting bagged ; t when dealing with a foreign country or company to make a law it must always begin with the presidents approval; when inviting speaker leaders of a foreign country its on the presidents ok when congress and potential laws made and tax dollars are to be spent.

  26. Barry!
    You do realize that Republicans in the Senate and the House routinely vote against all Veterans Bills, GI bills, and the like. They even turned down a bill that would pay for the medical issues of the first responders at 9/11, that were and are dying. They have no shame.
    All you have to do is a google search asking ‘why do republicans vote against veterans benefits’.
    The list of links will go on forever. And BTW John McCain name is always the first one to say NO!!!!

  27. They claim to be conservative? How is building this potentially dangerous pipeline(not using US steel)being conservative? Doesn’t that mean not taking risky chances? We don’t even get to use
    the oil here in the US Who is going to protect the 5300+ mile long pipeline from terrorists and others? The people in Russia and China have no voice that’s why they are getting pipe lines. They aren’t America!

  28. Yeah, Boehner, we really want to emulate the progressive environmental policies of Russia and China. China’s cities have air people can’t breath and Russia has wide swaths of lands that are radioactive and unfit for any life.

  29. Boehner is the embarrassment to this country and to humanity itself. This fascist, anti-American TRAITOR scumbag should be treated as such. [deleted]

  30. Once more Mr. Boehner and the GOP send lies over the airwaves. Probably those in particular of Fox “News”.

    At last count there were expected to be permanent jobs supporting the pipeline that counted in the dozens. The revenue from the pipeline goes to a Canadian corporation. The oil that would have been carried would have gone overseas.

    Cui bono? For the US, essentially none.

  31. The real national embarrassment is the two most ineffective Congress sessions in American history. The last two sessions of Congress each sent fewer bills to the President’s desk than the so-called “Do-Nothing Congress” of 1947-8 under Truman. Why? Republican obstructionism.

  32. Why would we want to give eminent domain to a foreign company, Mr Boehner? You keep touting 42000 jobs even though that has been thoroughly debunked. Why don’t you put some effort on working on a truly needed infrastructure bill? Who is wagging your tail?

  33. Within days of Obama’s swearing in, the Repulshricans did their own swearing. They stated, through Boner) that they would deter any of Obama’s efforts to improve the country. They so resented ablack President, they should be charged with RACISM<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<They are a DO NOTHING CONGRESS and pride themselves on the low number of bills brought to the floor, no less voted on…..

  34. Why wouldn’t the drunk one give eminent domain to a foreign company? He want to give our National security to a foreign country

  35. I was about to post that, NoBoner has shares in XL and is now pissed he’s going to loose $$$. He could care less about the American people, but bet he’s scared that the Koch(Roach)Brothers are going to kick his ass for not getting the bill passed considering they own a large swath of the Tar Sands. Can’t wait to see the fall out.

  36. This Canadian thanks him too. Great to see PM Stevie Harper pissed that President Obama just killed his dream of getting the pipeline built. I’m loving it!!! What a great ‘cold’ day.

  37. Everyone who pays attention to politics understood that the Republican obsession with Keystone XL was a total waste of time.

    Everyone who pays attention to politics understand that the Neo-Confederates’ obsession with Keystone XL is all about personal enrichment, personal gain, and privatizing profits while socializing losses.

    That’s why this is NOT a good deal for the American people in any which way.

  38. The democrats in congress will revolt when it reaches 10.
    It will also prove the gop isn’t capable of governing and 2016 will be a landslide for the democrats.

    Madame President has a nice ring to it.

  39. Mr. Boehner should know all about “national embarrassment” since he and his cohorts have been the source of it for the past few years.

  40. Why would a CONSERVATIVE be outraged that a FOREIGN corporation would be denied the RIGHT TO TAKE PROPERTY RIGHTS from US CITIZEN’S on US SOIL, thatis US SOIL?

    Since when are CONSERVATIVES jumping up and down to use EMINENT DOMAINE let alone for a PRIVATE USE? So rights to handgun ownership is more important than rights to fee simple FARM LAND ownership?

    And the bible thumpers in IOWA, the land where the tall corn grows and where the first in the nation caucus takes place, think that this is OK and WHY?

    So tell again what CONSERVATIVE means. I am confused. I am getting the impression that it is really radicalism (sounds leftist doesn’t it) veiled in a very self-serving myopic view, common to many if not all confused fundamentalists who never got the fundamentals translated right in the first place.

    And since when did we want to become more like Russia and China? Am I missing something? I MEAN REALLY!!!!!!

  41. I can sympathize with those “Unions” who lost those “42K jobs”; those small businesses who lost revenue; those “governors of those states” and ALL of those Mr. Boehner mentioned in his speech.
    As one of those “environmental activists” that he mentioned I will make THIS offer in compensation to ALL of those who feel they have lost ‘something’ here:
    If you believe that the “KXL” is such a fantastic AND VITAL project; then YOU owe it to your ARGUMENT TO BE WILLING TO PUT UP YOUR OWN FORTUNES/ASSETS/etc. as “security” —-to “insure the rest of us” that when tragedy strikes (and it is ABSOLUTELY INEVITABLE THAT TRAGEDY WILL STRIKE) those of YOU who support the “KXL” will be there to compensate those whose lives will be impacted by your “project”. Otherwise; YOU AND ALL OF THE OTHERS ARE SIMPLY SOCIAL PARASITES WHO ARE MAKING A LIVING AT THE EXPENSE OF ALL OF THE REST OF US——SO: “put up or shut up”…………..

  42. “Obama order coordinates federal oversight of ‘fracking,’ gas development”

    President Obama is no more going to outright ban fracking as outlawing oil drilling. What he’s doing instead is situating the U.S. for renewables:

    And his work behind the scenes with China and other nations, including business leaders, on climate change is paying off (they see the climate disaster written on the wall):

    The only one’s not on board are Republicans. Maybe you all could spend some time targeting them for a change.

  43. Obviously, his Koch addiction is wagging his tail:

    “Official records reveal Koch Oil Sands Operating ULC (KOSO) purchased 1.1 million acres of land that likely contain enough carbon-rich oil to profit the world’s two wealthiest men tens of billions of dollars. But without KXL, the Kochs’ remote carbon reserves could be too costly to develop and transport from the middle of the continent, saddling Koch with potentially billions of dollars in unexploited carbon they can’t get to market profitably if KXL is rejected.

    KOSO is incorporated as an Unlimited Liability Corporation, a vehicle popular with US investors aiming to avoid paying taxes in the US.”

    …”why they would want Tea Party leaders to tie instant approval of the pipeline to the country’s creditworthiness.”

  44. Mr. Boehner can’t wrap his head around the facts that the Keystone XL Pipeline ONLY REPRESENTS 35 PERMANENT JOBS. Maybe if he could learn the English language or get his head out of his liquid courage, he might figure out what’s really going on in the U.S. HE IS THE EMBARRASSMENT!

    He ain’t ‘gonna make no money! (personal) AND — The Koch Bros. expected him to get this thing passed so that they could reap the black gold profits, but now they lost their $$$$$$$$$ investment in the Republican Party and Boehner in particular with this expected windfall that is NOT going to materialize. Oh, oh…..

  46. The oil isn’t for Canada’s consumption, it’s being shipped out, mostly to China. Most of Canada doesn’t want this to be built either.

  47. If Boner were as concerned about American corporations sending jobs overseas I would care, but this “jobs bill” is nothing more than paying off the oil companies who pay his real salary.

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