Obama White House Hammers Mitch McConnell For Lying About Loretta Lynch Vote


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for lying about why he is delaying the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be the next Attorney General.


Press Secretary Josh Earnest said:

Now, I’ve gotten asked a number of times since November about whether or not the president trusts Senator McConnell. Whether or not Sen. McConnell and other members of the Republican leadership, whether their word is good with the president. So, Sen. McConnell back in November was saying that her nomination should be considered in the new Congress. But yesterday when Sen. McConnell was asked on CNN about whether or not he was going to act quickly to confirm her, and to explain the delay, he said the nomination hasn’t taken that long when you consider when it was taken up which was this year. He went on to say, “The Democrat majority back in December had a chance to work on the nomination earlier, decided to delay it until this year.”

He failed to point out that, that delay was at his request, and now he’s in the position of delaying it even further. Despite the fact, and I’ll say it again, no legitimate question has been raised about her aptitude for this office. Despite the fact that submitted to more than eight hours of testimony, and despite the fact she’s answered more than six hundred written questions. So there is no question that Republicans are playing politics with the nomination of the nation’s top law enforcement officer, and it should come to an end.

Earnest’s answer about whether or not Obama trusts McConnell spoke volumes. Instead of saying yes or no, the White House Press Secretary gave the perfect example of why the White House can’t trust McConnell. McConnell has gone back on his word on the Lynch nomination, and has demonstrated that he is completely untrustworthy.

Sen. McConnell is holding the final vote on the Lynch nomination hostage, because Senate Democrats are blocking a human trafficking bill due to the Republican insertion of language about restriction abortion. Sen. McConnell is making his own problems worse by blocking a vote on Loretta Lynch.

Senate Republicans are desperate to prove that they can pass legislation over Democratic objections. The problem is that they can’t pass legislation without working with Democrats. By blocking a vote on Lynch, McConnell is compounding his problems by denying the Senate at least one accomplishment.

McConnell is denying the nation a new attorney general because he needs to pass a bill and get a “win.” Mitch McConnell is getting desperate, and the Obama White House is calling out the Senate Majority Leader’s lie on the Lynch nomination.

41 Replies to “Obama White House Hammers Mitch McConnell For Lying About Loretta Lynch Vote”

  1. It’s just Pure SPITE and petty gamesmanship he is demonstrating right now. (What else is new?)
    I thought they were going to respectable, fair and impartial (((cough)) after gaining the House and the Senate majorities. I guess even with that they still CAN’T GOVERN ! This is getting ridiculous day by day with the Republican wrecking crew. Party of NO. Party of cry babies and whiners. The Republican “brand” is sullied time after time after time. Their image is sickening, not only in this country, but I suspect through out the World. Even in Siberia they get the “chills” when they hear about the American “Reepublikans”. {{{Ugh!}}

  2. Yup. Wait for the hammer to fall McConnell, you are messing with the wrong president. I imagine a new ruling to come down on something from the much hated DOJ Holder.

  3. To expect ANYTHING but lies and hatred and doubling down on when questioned from Mitch and his ilk is stupidity in it’s self. Mitch has never told the public the truth and has nothing but pure contempt and hatred for our president.

  4. The tea bag/repubs can’t ever be trusted with anything, including a simple, simple YEA or NEA on an attorney general.

    What a bunch of spoiled 2 year olds, just FRIGGIN GOVERN already!!!!

    What the hell have the tea bag/repubs done in the last 6 years except whine and cry.

    The Senate’s 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than its 54 Republicans

  5. Well DUH!!! Since Jan 20, 2008 this turtle and his teabagging party has not only lied to the President but to this country.

    Remember he filibuster his own bill. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/mcconnell-filibusters-his-own-bill-to-lift-debt-ceiling What more proof do people need? But I don’t blame the lying sacks of shit. I blame the dummycrats with this my good friend bullshit for trusting them.

    Sometimes I think democrats are like battered women. Oh, he hit me but he promise he wont do it again and then the baggers will shoot you in the nuts and then say its the Democrats fault

  6. This is so insane. First, they’ve been trying to get rid of Holder. Holder said he’ll stay until confirmation. So do they want to have to continue to deal Holder?

  7. They keep governing by their 5 G mantra


    these must the only words in the tea bag/repub language

  8. This too shall fail. Every time the GOP try to blackmail, error, ummm, work with Obama, he makes a fool out of them and he blocks them in. You would think they would learn by now not to do this, but they continue to use the same rouge repeatey

  9. Mitch Mcconnells mind is so warped and sick with racism he doesn’t think of anything else and its so obvious in his possureing when he signed the letter with the other 46 traitorous senators, knowing it was wrong he just had to do it, due to his deep racism toward our President, his sick racist mind leads him around in all of his decisions.

  10. I do agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments, but the thing is that Senate elections aren’t affected by Gerrymandering. It’s a statewide office so there aren’t any districts to draw.


  11. Of course, McConnell are barred from telling the truth because his Koch masters forbid him from doing so.

  12. Add this to the last embarrassing, ignorant, gesture of the 47 others in his group that McConnell had to know about and did nothing and hope this willtake you down fast. The Karma has begun to hit the fan. McConnell is and has been a loser. Time to go and take your non-working, destructive group with you. You do nothing for the American people so just drop out of sight.

  13. Ok so they hate Holder, but they won;t go with Loretta……………… Well then Holder needs to stick it to them and do everything he should to make their lives a living hell

  14. First black female AG nominee and the GOP is delaying her confirmation vote.

    Weren’t they saying they were going to do more minority outreach? Hmmm…minority outreach…I don’t think it means what they think it means.


  15. What they mean is, we’ll reach out alright. We just won’t ever grab on. This way we can kinda sorta spin it in any direction we want. Two years from now, the’ll still be reaching out. We’ll bing it to the floor next week…………maybe………..?????

  16. AG. Holder Announced today he will file charges against 47 Republican Senators. Mitch holds Vote for New AG.

  17. So McConnell has gone back on his word……
    Oops! Guess Obama has forgotten how many times he has done that!!!!!

  18. They can, but they won’t. All those words are hiding the fact that he’s not answering the question. TV hosts are guilty of getting lost in the verbiage. Classic grifter tactic. Keep talking. A proper interviewer would listen, then continue to press for details.
    These dummies read the question, pause. Read the next question, pause. Rinse and repeat. An empty chair and a speaker on it is the next step. When someone tells you they are the ‘toughest’ or ‘on your side’ or ‘no-spin’ – they are blowing smoke up your ass. Actions speak louder than words. One ‘eyeroll’ wipes out a hundred ‘hoo-ah!s’. They are a product, no less than your toilet paper and boy bands. They are being sold to you the same way, with a hearty helping of sports rivalry to divide and conquer.

  19. Ever tried to talk reason to a child in the middle of a temper tantrum? Same thing with the Neo-Confederates in both House and Senate. They get punished again and again, yet they continue to ignore their massive failures and plod onward like the dumbbells they are.

    Well, it beats doing the hard work of governing, doesn’t it?

  20. Well, Sharron, your Neo-Confederate leaders in the Senate and House have LIED to you and your gullible ilk – not that that’s hard to do, mind you.

    Their actions prove that they LOVE AG Eric Holder, and want to keep him right where he is. They only tell you they don’t so you’ll get your racist kicks in and vote for them in 2016 like the uninformed lemming and fellow traitor to these United States you are. You and your Neo-Confederate brethren are just useful fools to these people, but they’ve somehow persuaded you that you’re better than those minorities, you dolt.

  21. “McConnell failed to point out that, that delay was at his request…”

    “A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies.” ~ Alfred Tennyson

  22. The way McConnell sees it is, you didn’t see the poison powder in the wine at first glance, so even though you eventually noticed, it’s too late. You have to drink the poisoned wine or we won’t allow a vote on the new AG. Democrats found the poison pill in the trafficking bill and want it out before agreeing to bring it up for a vote. Republicans are taking the position that since the Democrats didn’t catch it sooner, they have to let it through with the poison pill (abortion language of course) still in it. What a slimy bunch of miscreants.

  23. Please. Neo-cons stands for Neo-conservatism..not confederates.

    Let’s at least TRY to look more intelligent than the GOP!

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