Donald Trump Blames President Obama For Baltimore Riots In A Vile Racist Tweet

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:06 pm


Donald Trump took his racism to a new low by blaming President Obama for the violence and riots in Baltimore.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is opening offices in early primary states, so the usual calls for him to be completely ignored might not apply. Donald Trump appears to be basing his possible presidential platform on overt racism. Trump has formed an exploratory committee, and he has hired staff and operatives in early Republican primary states. Trump’s comments could be the ramblings of a candidate for the 2016 Republican nomination.

The fact that Trump’s Obama racism was favorited by more than 3,500 people speaks volumes about a segment of the Republican Party. The idea that Obama is responsible for making racism go away has been a favorite of both racists and the mainstream media. CNN immediately tried to turn the events in Baltimore into President Obama’s new challenge on race.

No president can make racism go away. The events in Baltimore were ignited by issues that have been decades and centuries in the making. Blaming President Obama for the riot in Baltimore because he is the country’s first African-American president is the height of racism.

Donald Trump is not going to be elected president, but the fact that he is capable of getting any support demonstrates that racism in the Republican Party isn’t just a line of attack used against the President Of The United States. For some Republicans, racism is a political belief and a way of life.

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