Donald Trump Blames President Obama For Baltimore Riots In A Vile Racist Tweet


Donald Trump took his racism to a new low by blaming President Obama for the violence and riots in Baltimore.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is opening offices in early primary states, so the usual calls for him to be completely ignored might not apply. Donald Trump appears to be basing his possible presidential platform on overt racism. Trump has formed an exploratory committee, and he has hired staff and operatives in early Republican primary states. Trump’s comments could be the ramblings of a candidate for the 2016 Republican nomination.

The fact that Trump’s Obama racism was favorited by more than 3,500 people speaks volumes about a segment of the Republican Party. The idea that Obama is responsible for making racism go away has been a favorite of both racists and the mainstream media. CNN immediately tried to turn the events in Baltimore into President Obama’s new challenge on race.

No president can make racism go away. The events in Baltimore were ignited by issues that have been decades and centuries in the making. Blaming President Obama for the riot in Baltimore because he is the country’s first African-American president is the height of racism.

Donald Trump is not going to be elected president, but the fact that he is capable of getting any support demonstrates that racism in the Republican Party isn’t just a line of attack used against the President Of The United States. For some Republicans, racism is a political belief and a way of life.

46 Replies to “Donald Trump Blames President Obama For Baltimore Riots In A Vile Racist Tweet”

  1. He is just lashing out because POTUS used him as a prop on Saturday evening. Donald will never ever come close to becoming nominated for the presidency. This is so laughable. The Donald is a joke. LMAO

  2. Look for his type of bovine excrement to escalate on the right and by the clown car.

    Remember in 68 Nixon ran on that law and order spiel because of the anti war protest and white America elected him.

    How to get the so called independents to vote for you? Just keep saying I know how to handle those type of people

  3. I would like to offer that Trump is an example of the type whose politics support the agenda and policies that created and sustain racial and economic divide and tension in this country. The conversation about the true underlying problems has not reached the Republican contingent.

  4. trump is a vile useless piece of excrement who should cease to exist. Other than that, please proceed. I would love to just slap him across his disgusting smary face and watch him start to cry and then pull his filthy wig off of his bobble head.

  5. if the President could actually make racism go away then Trump, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, the ‘R’ Pauls, Pinhead Mitch and others too numerous to list would’ve keeled over and made the world a better place…

  6. The human like orangutan; “orange is the new black”; proving again you don’t have to be smart to be rich ; his father left him billions and he turned into millions.

  7. I’m almost positive the President is not worried about this reject piece of crap. Trump is so jealous of President Obama he’s about ready to kill himself. President Obama has something Trump will never get (being President) and smarter the Trump could ever be.

  8. you are not stupid Donald, so you must be arrogant and ignorant of common manners. I agree, what you say doesn’t matter

  9. Donald trump will never make it to the whitehouse. I blame racism on the republicans since the day president Obama was elected. they are the ones who were against him from day one and I don’t think it was about a democrat making it into the whitehouse.

  10. I know it’s an overused cliche, but “legend in his own
    mind” just seems to fit him better than his custom tailor.

  11. Trump is part of what is WRONG with our country. This ongoing vile racism.
    NO it was NOT Obama’s “chore” to get rid of racism – this was a chance our country had, to get over racism, but the racist bigots calling themselves Christian Republicans couldn’t see past the color of the president’s skin, and fertilized a slowly dying plant of racism into grand bloom again. Had they worked WITH this president, instead of obstructing him any chance they got (or took) this nation would be in a totally different state, both economically and socially!!!

  12. “Trump is opening offices in early primary states, so the usual calls for him to be completely ignored might not apply.” Oh, but they do,… even more than ever.

  13. Oh, dear, his ratings must be in the dumps again. So now we have to put up with his posturing until next fall.

  14. Anyone really believe it is possible to embarrass rethugs? If so… that is an every day occurrence, Or should be.. These days, there are so few true republican’s, that think, that in it’s self is embarrassing. The DAYS OF THE GRAND OLD PARTY IS LONG GONE.

  15. There’s money and publicity if you join the circus. The person that will actually run has been decided long ago. Follow the money and see where the majority of it goes. The rest is greed and profit.

  16. well there are something that go together: peanut butter and Jelly, Mutt and Jeff, and ignorant racist remark and Donald Trump! Hey Donald Dump, still mad that Obama shows you up as bigoted buffoon that you surely are!

  17. Thugs?! What a terrible thing to call the Baltimore Police!

    Even if Obama managed to end Racism in America, Republicans would still complain…

    About the only way sTrump would make it to the White House would be when he takes the standard tour.

  18. Only, I mean ONLY!! in the usa can someone this utterly worthless and disgusting could get ANY exposure! the GOP having this low level filth just shows you where the GOP REALLY is!! trump, in a civilized SANE country would have to go underground and conduct his john birch society rants! The GOP has always had it elements of RACIST since the mid 1960’s but Eisenhower beat them back and didn’t allow them to speak! but since reagan’s KKK tour in philadelphia mississippi where he french kissed the KLAN with STATES RIGHTS dog whistle talk, it’s just keeps growing! and now with americas first black president, it’s full blown RACISM!! BTW if the GOP didn’t rely on the ANGRY WHITE RACIST vote, they’d be a non existent party!! PERIOD! just like FUX!

  19. —-“For some Republicans, racism is a political belief and a way of life.”—-

    It’s in their DNA. Who else in the media do you see making statements and playing the nasty race card? 99.9% republicans! Overtly or covertly, we know that’s where they are at.

  20. Darn It , I had some Vile and Filthy Things to say about Mr. Comb Over , but everyone beat me to them , RATS !! Now I`ll have to come up with my own Words !! Let me see , how about A TRAITOR TO AMERICA ?? Or how about A Pile Of Dog DODO ?? Or how about An Ignorant A–HOLE ??? Those aught to do the trick !! Anyone else have more descriptive words ??

  21. Geeeeeze Donald, I
    thought that you were sure he was Kenyan. I see you have finally seen that he is American!

  22. A bunch of unhappy people on here. A bunch of complainer’s who aren’t happy unless they are putting someone down

  23. Donald trump is the ultimate publicity hound. He says many things,and sits back and enjoys reactions. also his biggest publicity is letting people believe he may run for president. I wish I had his knowledge for making money.

  24. If Trump wants to be treated with respect he needs to learn what respect means and treat others with it. As long as he continues to be an ignorant, arrogant, racist, sexist, spiteful, immature, whining, ginormous tool, he will be treated accordingly.

  25. Donald Trump should erect a monument to the First Black President since Obama’s policies during his administration helped Trump almost reach that magic goal of achieving billionaire status.

  26. Why are you downing the GOP as a whole for one mans comments? There are idiots on both sides and all have rights to their own opinion. Im not even sure it was meant to be racist. I think it was more a jab at those who believed the historical relevance of having the first black president was more important than political experience, still blindly support him, point fingers and throw the race card at any who disagree. Truth is he had little to no experience in politics, foreign policy, economics, military, or running of a gov at any level not to mention a shady past. Just accept and move forward. Putting color and party aside, Sheriff D Clarke, is a black Dem from Milwaukee says, “He’s built a career off of dividing people. Creating divisions, stoking animosity, the rich versus the poor, the one percent, tax the rich, the war on women…It’s been very destructive for America.”
    USA will have both good and bad leaders in its future and color or party will have nothing to do with i…

  27. You are a fuking idiot and you would get some house negro to back up your racist views. Damn coward

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